CORE Chiropractors the Life West Wave and Dynamic Essentials

Here are a few July and August chiropractic event updates for Los Angeles California, Oakland California, and Marietta Georgia. All of these notifications came via my e-mail. Personally, I find it’s important to hang out with other chiropractors regularly, as it keeps me reminded that I’m not in this by myself. There are local events (like CORE Pasadena and DCS Orange County), and large events (like The Wave and Dynamic Essentials), and I do my best to attend both kinds. By the way, the CCA conference in Reno this past June, was terrific.

Chiropractors CORE and FOCUS February and March

Fresh off the thunderous DCS chiropractic event in Orange County this past weekend, is news of two grassroots chiropractor meet ups, one in California and the other in Pennsylvania. The California Chiropractors on the Road to Excellence (CORE) is hosting an event on February 24, and FOCUS Chiropractic Philosophy is hosting its winter weekend on March 12th.

Bakersfield Chiropractor Scores with Kid Video

There’s something about excited and likable kids that gets our attention in advertising. They come across so innocent and often times just tell it like it is. I know one Bakersfield father that’s pretty impressed with the results of an online video, which features one of his three daughters talking about the benefits of chiropractic care, and how her dad is the greatest.