Month: August 2004

A Prayer to Claim Victory for Life Chiropractic University

From Selina Sigafoose-Jackson

Life Chiropractic University has given to many and continues to give with each and every laying on of hands each day in all our offices.

We ask God to bless our food, we thank God for beautiful days, and say “God bless you” when someone sneezes. It is time to say thank you and God bless Life University.

The following is a prayer that we pray you will pray with us each day, two times a day, with your family, your staff, and/or just yourself.

Most High God,

Thank you for all that you have given us, the abundance of life, love, finances, friends, laughter, tears, overall joy that has come because of our experience and relationship with Life University.

Today and everyday we claim complete healing within our profession and over Life. We thank you God for revealing your divine plan for Life with all who can see. If individuals can’t see, we pray that you lift the veil from their eyes and reveal to them the part they play in history for Chiropractic and Life University.

We thank you for all the abundance you have given to Life and all the abundance you continue to shower upon this blessed institution.

We pray for those individuals who are unsure of the future of Life, that they choose to act and join this glorious path that many have already stepped upon.

We know God that your word tells us to ask and we shall receive. Your word does not come back void. So we are asking for you to hover over this institution and open the eyes of all who need to be opened and shower upon Life all the riches and glories that it and all individuals involved deserve.

We all stand together now and thank you God for all that you have given, all that you have not given and all that you are about to give to Life University.

We accept it, we are thankful for it and we claim it now, in your name.

Above is a prayer to claim victory for Life University. Please read, print, pray and share with as many people as possible.
The deadline for Life to balance our budget is Sept 30. We need supernatural guidance.
Please join all who BELIEVE.
United we will claim our rightful inheritance as strong, motivated, enlightened, powerful, gracious hallow vessels. Life University has and will be the spearhead of chiropractic.
Help us with your continued thoughts, prayers and support and asking others to do the same.

With Love from the bottom of my heart,
Selina Sigafoose-Jackson @ 11:34 am | Article ID: 1093890861

Es La Quiropractica Un Arte, Una Ciencia O Una filosofia? (en Espanol)

Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero

Desde los comienzos de la Quiropractica en el 1895 la meta primordial de nuestro fundador el Dr. DD Palmer fue de convencer a la humanidad que el ser humano esta compuesto por tres identidades, la parte mental, espiritual y la parte Fisica. Cuando estas tres están funcionando en armonía sin interferencias se dice que el cuerpo interno esta balanceado y la persona esta disfrutando de salud optima. Por lo contrario, sin existiera un desbalance entre el sistema nervioso y el cuerpo por consecuencias de interferencias llamadas SUBLUXACIONES VERTEBRALES el cuerpo comienza a fallar y de repente la persona comienza a tener problemas con su salud.

La labor primordial del doctor en Quiropractica es de mantener este balance interno utilizando los ajustes Quiropracticos para remover estas SUBLUXACIONES. Cuando se logra esto la inteligencia innata de cada persona se manifiesta a su capacidad máxima y el cuerpo mantiene un nivel aumentado de salud. Por lo tanto, es sumamente importante que cada persona se haga una evaluación Quiropractica para determinar si existen SUBLUXACIONES en su columna. Todos en la familia se pueden beneficiar de la Quiropractica. Desde los ninos recién nacidos hasta los mas ancianos.

Los ajustes Quiropracticos no duelen, esto es unos de los mitos que existen en nuestra sociedad. Existen distintos métodos o técnicas para ajustar a la columna. Aquí es donde viene la parte del arte de nuestra profesión. Los Quiropracticos somos artistas en la manera que ajustamos a nuestros pacientes. Por que la Quiropractica esta indirectamente asociada con la medicina y trabajamos con el sistema más importante del cuerpo(sistema nervioso) y este sistema controla todos los órganos, tejidos, células, músculos, tendones y ligamentos, esto es considerado la parte de la ciencia de nuestra profesión. El ajuste Quiropractico afecta directamente al funcionamiento de nuestro cuerpo y todos sus sistemas.

Por fin la parte filosófica, esta es la más importante de las tres ya que sin una filosofia los Quiropracticos no podríamos ayudar a los pacientes a entender él Por Que de lo que estamos haciendo para normalizar internamente el sistema nervioso y todos los sistemas externos. La filosofia Quiropractica dice que existe una inteligencia interna llamada la inteligencia innata que controla y mantiene funcionando todos los sistemas a su capacidad optima manteniendo un nivel de salud aumentada. Cuando existe una o varias interferencias a esta inteligencia el cuerpo pierde la capacidad de funcionar normalmente y el cuerpo se enferma. Por tal razón es sumamente importante de que usted reciba ajustes Quiropracticos para restablecer la armonía interna que permitirá su salud a permanecer constantemente.

Es tiempo que usted tome responsabilidad de su salud y de la salud de sus seres queridos y busque a un Quiropractico filosófico para hacerse una evaluación Quiropractica y comenzar a recibir sus ajustes Quiropracticos. Esto asegurara que usted pueda disfrutar de una calidad de vida aumentada. No dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy. Usted no tiene nada que perder y sin embargo tiene mucho que ganar. Que Dios los bendiga a todos. Preguntas o comentarios pueden ser enviadas a mi correo electrónico. [email protected] @ 9:53 pm | Article ID: 1091768029

Everything Happens for a Reason

By Super CA Lynne

Greetings Super CA’s:

Everything happens for a reason… everything happens for a reason… everything happens for a reason… everything happens for a reason… do you think if we keep saying it enough to our patients they will ever truly believe it?

When a new patient comes to our offices they are there for a reason. Pain; someone told them to come; inquisitiveness; looking for a renewed quality of life (don’t you just love these kinds of patients). There is always a deeper reason that they come to us and they don’t even know it until much later.

How do I know everything happens for a reason? I am a Super CA because everything happens for a reason!

In December of 1991 I hurt my back at work. I was devastated. I had been working at that particular place since 1980. I loved my job and thought I would be there forever. I had been a chiropractic patient since 1988 when I had a neck injury from a baseball accident and I couldn’t believe that I was injured again. But as I now know there was a life changing reason for it. It brought me to where I am today.

That injury cleared up a lot of things for me. I was home for almost 3 years, due to the injury, with a small child living in an unhappy marriage. The time off work made me realize that I wanted more out of life. I can remember back to my first chiropractic adjustment in 1988 when I knew something in my life had changed and that I wanted to be more than a chiropractic patient, I wanted to be a bigger part. My back injury provided me with the chance to do that. I was unable to return to my job and went to school for administrative training. When I look back now everything I learned in my course really has nothing to do with what I do now but it got me the interview in my chiropractic office.

I can still remember when I got the phone call asking me if I would like the job. You would have thought I had just found the 30 million dollar lottery ticket that was just turned in yesterday after almost a year.

The funny thing was that I didn’t even care that I would be making over $5.00 less an hour than the job I had previously. I was so excited to be a part of Chiropractic that I would have taken the job for no pay and still would to this day. The biggest reward I receive everyday is knowing that my life has changed because of a Chiropractic adjustment and knowing that I am taking part, just as you are Super CA, in changing the lives of so many. Yes, everything does happen for a reason… and next time your patient’s question how this could have happened to them be sure to let them know not to question why but just to sit back and see the amazing life that will be set before them once they get reconnected.

I love you because you love what I love…loving…serving…giving
Chiropractic is Life!!!
Hugzzzzz Super CA Lynne @ 9:52 pm | Article ID: 1091767926

Chiropractic Website Design

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Tips for developing a successful chiropractors web space

Can you help me design my chiropractic Website? I’ve been asked that question so many times that it has me wondering whether there are more chiropractors in this world than we previously thought.

I’ve answered the question a thousand different ways and to cut back on the e-mails I receive I figured it was best to address some of the basics here.

Many of the design ideas and fundamentals going into the creation of a chiropractic website will be similar to many other service industry types of website design. There are standards to consider like types of HTML, PHP coding, mysql, hosting, selecting proper domains, and a really wide array of different things that you honestly don’t need much information about. As a chiropractor, (or any small business owner setting up a web site) you may choose to know some basic information to make sure your web site is doing what it was meant to do, the rest of the details are optional.

Listen, I wasn’t the first person to build a chiropractic web site. I’ve been at this since 1995 and I’ve amassed more details and information about web sites than I care to put online. All that information is out there anyway, if you only go seeking it out.

So let’s hit some basics which will be followed by some resources where you can get more granular information. By far the most common question I get asked is “can you build my chiropractic web site?” The answer is no.

Who can I get to build my chiropractic website?

If you’re in chiropractic practice, you’ve received the phone calls, the faxes, the e-mails, have seen advertisements online, and have visited those web site design booths at conferences and seminars. I’m going to suggest very strongly that if you want to build a web site that is successful, you go outside the circle. There are great people out there that will build your site but here are my tips.

Go local, go basic, be unique
When I say go local I mean hire a local web designer in your community. Why? Number one, you can sit down face-to-face and see who you’re working with. Number two, they are in your community! You’re now supporting a business that tends to rely on promoting their products and services by promoting work they’ve done for you. This is the complete opposite of what most chiropractic web hosting companies are doing. They (the chiro hosts) typically promote themselves using you, not the other way around.

Your local web designer will likely have their own homepage and there’s a very good chance they’re going to provide a link to your web site from their home page. They are also going to likely provide links to other businesses in your community and you know every business owner is going to check every other businesses web site.

Who you want your web site visited by? Different chiropractors from around the world that want to “borrow” your content, graphics, and videos to use on their web sites? Or would you like people in your local community visiting your web site? There’s no question, Go Local for Web Design!

Don’t use patients to build websites unless they are a professional design agency and you’ve got a really good relationship with them. While going the patient route can be easy, you lose some of that juice you’d get from going with somebody completely new in your circle. Think about who’s going to be hungrier, your existing patient or the web designer that wants to prove their product works?

Go Basic
What do you want your web site to do? Do you want to be educational? You want the whole world to know about DD Palmer and the first chiropractic adjustment on Harvey in 1895? Save yourself some trouble, I’ve already been down that road.

Most web sites have this information and it had better be on your checklist. Your phone number, your location, who you are. By that I mean are you a chiropractor (or are you something or someone else)?

What about my office hours, what about photos, what about where I went to school, what about the types of insurance I accept? Hold on Sparky, you can include all of those but they are not basics. The most basic successful local business web site will have a phone number, the name of the industry, and general location. Name, phone number, address.

John Smith, Chiropractor
Mount Washington, Nebraska

This is my million-dollar secret and I don’t want you to share it with anyone else. Look at the above information and tell me what you see. I’ll tell you what I see…

1) Existing patients finding you online because you’ve included your name and your profession. They will specifically type “John Smith chiropractor” when seeking you out (I have volumes of research on this). They will not be looking for a DC or D.C. in fact, many don’t even know what those letters mean.

2) New patients finding you online because you’ve included all three ways they will do so. The Terms Chiropractor Mount Washington, chiropractor Nebraska, chiropractor 12748 all come back to you (if you’ve done your work right – topic for another article).

3) Other chiropractors and often times also attorneys finding you to refer patients for the same reasons mentioned in #2.

I’ve helped chiropractors gets boatloads of new patients just by utilizing the basic information above.

You’re so bright that you figure you’ll use the methods above but will make it “even better” by including your e-mail address, complete business address, and office hours. Those are options but I’ll tell you what will happen, so make your choices accordingly. 1) You will receive e-mails as follows… Do you take my insurance? I have an itch near my rectum is that something chiropractic can help with? What are your fees? 2) Including your complete business address will allow someone to search you on a map, discovering you are “too far” for them to travel. 3) Office hours are great way to tell people you’re not available.

Be Unique
Express yourself but don’t be a lunatic, unless of course you are. Seriously, there are many things about you that people probably don’t know. They are often things that will allow you to bond with the people you serve.

As examples, I’ve been running long distance for years, mostly along the beach in Venice, California. I receive a steady volume of long-distance runners simply because we share common interests. If you’re a tennis maniac, soccer mom, active in a local church, computer guru, have young children, driving in traffic (finish this list yourself). In my experience, people are bored with seeing professional business photos that just show you sitting there like some sort of run-of-the-mill person.

I love seeing stuff like this on chiropractor’s web sites. They tell me something about the chiropractor.

If you’re a soccer mom, mention it on your web site, and mention it in detail. Talk about the league your kids are in, how you take time off from the office to get them to practice and games (mention locations such as Playa Vista field). If you provide chiropractic care to all the kids that are on the team include that information online. Your human, you are unique, tell us something about yourself! We can learn about BJ Palmer and DD Palmer in the office or a Planet Chiropractic.

Pages or new patients?
If you want hundreds of pages of duplicate content that will kill you in the search engines, almost ensuring that your web site will never appear for the most common search Terms in your community, go use a chiropractic template that has “hundreds” of pre written articles.

Photos not to use
I’ve done this so I am talking from experience. I’m still even guilty of it today as I have many hundreds of chiropractic photos floating around the Internet (they even appear on others’ web sites – nice if you folks sent me some link love). Don’t show photographs of empty adjusting tables, empty front offices, empty hallways, empty parking lots, and really bad pictures of yourself. The last one is subjective but it’s really important to your online image. I know you took the pictures when the office was closed because you are busy seeing patients during the day. What we are seeing though are pictures of an office we will never experience, unless we are coming in when you’re closed.

chiropractic office pennsylvania

I’ll post some examples of photos we found to be successful in our chiropractic office but I’ll likely put them into our blog and we’ll just link to that content from here.

I had about a thousand other things to discuss regarding chiropractic web site design but this article should at least have stimulated you to do some thinking. There are two places you can get regularly updated chiropractic web site tips authored by me (and some others). The chiropractic homepage project is a web site that focuses specifically on design, coding, meta tags, scripting, PHP, mysql database projects, and all sorts of intricate details that will help you improve your web presence.