Month: May 2003

I’m feeling better, why must I still come in?

By Super CAs Jackie and Lynne

There may be things here you can use in your office.

I’m feeling better, why must I still come so often? This is a frequently asked question from a new patient.

The answer to that question is, healing takes time. For some patients they felt that a miracle happened after their first adjustment and for others they may say they felt the same or worse. This is all normal. It is the beginning of the healing process.

In the beginning stages of care, adjustments hold 24-48 hours. Your spine needs to be retrained back to where it really belongs. Who knows how long your spine has been misaligned. It could have been weeks, months or years. Your first spinal misalignment may have occurred during the birth process. Childhood falls, learning to walk, riding a bike, playing sports, car accidents, just to name a few, are physical stresses that caused damage to your spine and nervous system over the years.

Chemical stresses also cause spinal misalignments. Some are medications, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and aspartame, and the polluted air we breathe. You may not realize how emotional stress cause spinal misalignments. Yes, the things we worry about such as finances, spouses, children, jobs, watching the news and reading the newspapers.

Now, for the impatient patients. How about the two herniated discs you just found out about in your lower back, and the pain and weakness feeling down your leg from them? Well, do you think you got those two herniated discs today when you couldn’t move out of your bed? No, they probably have been there for years. That’s why we say be patient, you did not get like that over night, healing takes time! That is why it is important to get adjusted frequently when you are first under care. Follow the care schedule given to you, it’s all for a reason.

Relief Care = Out of discomfort and feeling better
Corrective Care = Re-educating the muscles and ligaments to hold the “bone” (vertebrae) in the proper position
Wellness Care = Maintain your spinal corrections, keep your nervous system balanced (tuned up)

Subluxation: one or more bones out of place putting pressure on the spinal nerves

Hope this helps! (Especially when you come across that negative friend or relative that wants to know, why do you keep going to the Chiropractor on a regular basis?) @ 7:39 am | Article ID: 1051886368