Month: February 2003

Chiropractic and Pregnancy: Greater Comfort and Safer Births

By Jeanne Ohm, D.C.

How can chiropractic add comfort?
Chiropractic care in pregnancy is an essential ingredient to your pre-natal care choices. A large percent of all pregnant women experience back discomfort/pain during pregnancy. This is due to the rapid growth of the baby and an interference to your body’s normal structural adaptations to that growth.

Pre-existing unnoticed imbalances in your spine and pelvis become overtaxed during these times. The added stresses lead to discomfort and difficulty while performing routine, daily activities. Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can relieve and even prevent the common discomforts experienced in pregnancy. Specific adjustments eliminate these stresses in your spine, restore balance to your pelvis and result in greater comfort and lifestyle improvements.

Comfort for your baby, too.
As your baby develops, your uterus enlarges to accommodate the rapid growth. So long as the pelvis is in a balanced state, the ligaments connected to the uterus maintain an equalized, supportive suspension for the uterus. If your pelvis is out of balance in any way, these ligaments become torqued and twisted causing a condition known as constraint to your uterus.

This constraint limits the space of the developing baby. Any compromised position for the baby throughout pregnancy will affect his or her optimal development. Conditions such as torticollis occur because a baby’s space was cramped in utero.

If the woman’s uterus is constrained as birth approaches, the baby is prevented from getting into the best possible position for birth.

Even if the baby is in the desirable head down position, often times constraint to the uterus affects the baby’s head from moving into the ideal presentation for delivery. The head may be slightly tilted off to one side or even more traumatically, present in the posterior position.

Any baby position even slightly off during birth will slow down labor, and add pain to both the mother and baby. Many women have been told that their babies were too big, or labor “just slowed down” when it was really the baby’s presentation interfering with the normal process and progression. Avoidable interventions are implemented turning a natural process into an operative one.

Doctors of Chiropractic work specifically with your pelvis throughout pregnancy restoring a state of balance and creating an environment for an easier safer delivery.

Preparing for a Safer Birth
Dystocia is defined as difficult labor and is something every woman wants to avoid. In addition to the pain and exhaustion caused by long, difficult labors, dystocia leads to multiple, medical interventions which may be physically and emotionally traumatic to both you and your baby.

Some of these interventions are the administering of pitocin, the use of epidurals, painful episiotomies, forceful pulling on the baby’s fragile spine, vacuum extraction, forceps and perhaps even c-sections. Each of these procedures carry a high risk of injury to you, your baby or both. However, all of these procedures used to hasten the delivery process can be avoided if delivery goes more smoothly to begin with.

When reviewing the obstetric texts, the reported reasons for dystocia are caused by pelvic imbalance and its resulting effects on your uterus and your baby’s position. Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy restores balance to your pelvic muscles and ligaments and therefore leads to safer and easier deliveries for you and your baby. Additionally, the chiropractic adjustment removes interference to the nervous system allowing your uterus to function at its maximum potential. Published studies have indicated that chiropractic care does in fact reduce labor time.

This pregnancy, offer yourself the best! Include the many benefits chiropractic offers in your prenatal care choices. Give you and your baby the opportunity for a more comfortable pregnancy and a safer, easier birth! @ 5:35 pm | Article ID: 1046223308

Monday Morning Message — Make The Connection & Balance

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

There is a side of me that just wants to isolate. I want to be left alone. I don’t want to have to make any decisions or to please other people. Why am I like that? I so enjoy people and life and yet there is part of me that pulls back. I don’t get enough time to myself these days so that is probably why I feel like that.

I guess that is easier to understand than when I am in relationship with someone and I don’t let them too close. I want to keep the relationship from getting too deep. I want to control the relationship. I am scared of being hurt by that person. I do it sometimes with the people that I want to be close to. I shut down. I can be sitting in a middle of a restaurant and I am isolating and getting lost in my own thoughts. Life doesn’t always have to be deep. It doesn’t always have to be intense.

When you are practicing in a high volume practice it is intense. You have to be as close to 100% all of the time or as you shut down the practice will shut down too. In the practice I am in service. Practice is how I serve God by serving man. I have to make sure I am in good condition in order to do that. I have to be “on” all of the time. I can’t be on if I don’t feel my needs are being taken care of.

There is 100% of me. I get to chose how I am going to spend that 100%. So many of the great chiropractors of our era have burnt themselves out by breaking one of God’s rules of the universe. Balance. They gave until there was nothing left to give and then they lost their love for giving. They burnt out and they couldn’t give what they didn’t have anymore.

I have to be sensitive to the feelings I get that tell me that I might be in danger. If a listen to my feelings when they are whispering than I don’t have to wait until they are screaming. When I get out of whack I usually get sick. That is a scream. I think I am doing someone else good by breaking the rule but I am using this as an excuse to not be at my best. I need to be responsible for my condition and act, not always react. What am I going to do today to make my life more balanced?

Remember if you are not having fun and creating a life full of happiness than you are limiting yourself and your own potential. When you want to be around you than other people will want to be around you too. I have tried to cover up when I have been “off” and yet the truth always come through. In the past it wasn’t as obvious and now as I become more aware of myself I can’t get away with it as much. I am grateful for this though.

This morning I was playing tennis. I was playing with another woman who is about as good as I am. She suggested we play a game rather than volleying. I had played for a couple of hours last night and I wasn’t playing real well but I said yes because I didn’t want to disappoint her. I wanted to go with the flow. The first two games I won real easy. The next two games she won. My fatigue was showing. It was about time to leave so I thanked her and was ready to collect up my stuff and she suggested that we had time for just one game. I agreed for the same reason I agreed to play in the first place. I served. She wiped up the court with me. After the game I apologized to her for playing the last game even though I didn’t feel like it. I lied to her earlier because of my pride and because I didn’t want to make waves. She said no big deal and I’m sure she respected my honesty (finally). What was really gained by me saying yes when I wanted to say no. This is just an example but I cringe to think about all of the times in life I said yes when I should have said no. I need to be true to my own feelings and respect those innate messages that I get instead of always thinking that I know better and I’m in control. When I don’t do what I really want to someone usually has to pay and it is usually is me. By paying I mean that when I am not true to my feelings than I usually punish myself. It’s not worth it yet it is habit. People pleasing. Doing what I think that other people want me to do. It not only hurts me but it hurts my relationship with the people that I think that I am trying to please.

I need to honor my innate. I need to listen to my God within and be internally motivated in my expression to the world. For years I listened to people that I respected instead of trusting my own voice. It wasn’t their fault for being there and telling me what they thought yet I stifled my own expression of God if I impose my will and fear on that expression. Life is too beautiful to live it through anyone else eye’s than my own. I am prone to get more boo boos that way but that is life. The good, the bad and the ugly. I can’t blame others for my decision and for my life yet that is the only way that I can be a full expression of life.

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The Focus Philosophy Weekends in 2003 will all be held in the same hotel in the center of downtown Stroudsburg at the Best Western Hotel – $89 night. Please call or e-mail if you need information on any of these events at @ 7:35 am | Article ID: 1046187322

Health Care Workers Say NO to Smallpox Shot

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Despite recommendations from the highest authority in the land, many U.S. health-care workers are saying no to the smallpox vaccine. Health-care workers report being “worried” about the side effects associated with the vaccine and they are also reportedly unconvinced that the threat of bioterror justifies the risk.

How much does this really differ from government recommended guidelines to vaccinate children for diseases such as hepatitis B or chickenpox? A U.S. government body recommends that a vaccine be taken in order to protect individuals that may be exposed to a particular disease. Should parents be given the freedom to choose whether the potential benefits of a particular disease outweigh the risks involved in receiving vaccinations? In the past, many have labeled parents that have made such decisions, radicals and even religious zealots. Now we get to see another group of Americans stand up and say NO to vaccinations. Do they have a voice? Will they be allowed philosophical exemptions? There are many questions to be answered.

According to recent news articles, about only one percent of the 450,000 health-care workers intended to be vaccinated for smallpox during the federal inoculation program, agreed to receive the vaccine. Safety of the shot and compensation if an injury should occur are among the greatest concerns health-care workers have.

MSNBC: Many say no to smallpox shots
Wichita Eagle, KS: Hospitals refusing smallpox shots @ 7:16 pm | Article ID: 1046142978

Young Chiropractor Passes Away

On February 17th, 2003, Dr. Peter Figueroa, a recent graduate from Life University (September 2002), passed away. He was 32 years old.

9.14.1971 – 2.17.2003

Arrangements & Viewing:
Tillman Funeral Home
2170 South Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33415

Wednesday 2.19.2003 7pm-9pm
Thursday, 2.20.2003 2pm-4pm, 7pm-9pm

Service: Friday, 2.21.2003 at 11am

Holy Name of Jesus
345 South Military Trail
West Palm Beach

Burial following Service (please call above for address info)

Address to contact the Family:
Millie, Angel Figueroa
Tanja Springer
1508 Carriage Brooke Dr.
Wellington, FL 33414
561-308-2879 @ 8:55 am | Article ID: 1045760156

Antibiotic Misuse and Public Misunderstanding

by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is hoping to cut down on the use of unnecessary antibiotics by mandating warning labels on prescription packaging, according to recent news reports. The inappropriate use of antibiotics has been a major contributor to the problem of drug-resistant infections worldwide.

According to several articles, antibiotic packaging will soon bear a “big new warning” that states that the overuse of antibiotics makes them less effective. Oftentimes, according to news reports, medical doctors give antibiotics to children suffering for earaches caused by viruses, or adults suffering from colds.

Even though antibiotics reportedly have no effect on viruses, the U.S. government estimates that half of the 100 million antibiotic prescriptions written each year are unnecessary. The FDA also wants doctors to be teaching patients about the appropriate use of antibiotics. For instance, individuals should not be sharing prescribed pills with friends and family.

Another recent article involves a new study that has reportedly uncovered “two troubling trends” involving the use of antibiotics. According to the article, not only are medical doctors still over prescribing antibiotics, but patterns of prescribing these drugs vary greatly depending on geography and other factors, such as the prescribing of more expensive and powerful drugs.

According to the articles and the surveys, the general public mistakenly believes that antibiotics are effective in treating viruses such as colds, flu, and viral ear infections. A press release from the Save Antibiotic Strength New York Coalition (SASNY) states, “antibiotic resistance is a much more significant problem than most people realize.”

Ultimately, your health and the health of your family, is your responsibility. Invest the time and become better educated about the many misconceptions involving antibiotics and their use/abuse.

MSNBC: Antibiotics to carry warning labels – FDA hopes to cut down on unnecessary prescriptions
Sun Times: Antibiotics will get labels warning against misuse
Health Central: Doctors Still Prescribing Too Many Antibiotics
Yahoo! News: New Survey Shows One-Third of Americans Use Antibiotics Inappropriately @ 12:51 pm | Article ID: 1045601469

Monday Morning Message — Why do we accept things…

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Why do we accept things that we don’t want in our lives?

I remember when Tony Robbins came on the scene many years ago and I bought his stuff like many of you did too. The message that became more clear to me than any other in his tapes is that we are often motivated by pain. When the pain of a situation gets greater than the accompanying payoff than we often change. So many times we know that the situations should be changed far before we do anything about it yet I’m thick and I have to wait for the pain instead of just give in and do it.

I’ve seen that in past associates. They want the practice to grow while they are there and sometimes they get stuck, very stuck. They seem to say they want it so bad but they aren’t doing what they would need to do to make the changes occur. Then something happens and the practice grows. Usually when it grows it doesn’t grow by just a few visits it grows exponentially. What changed? They changed. They hit that point. If they had to go into the office and see X amount of patients tomorrow instead of the amount of people that they desired to serve they would simply throw up. They get mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore. They become passionate about keeping their word to me and to themselves and they finally do the things that they have to do for themselves to show the world that they are ready to serve more. Unfortunately that is what it takes to get them moving.

The change starts when we change what is acceptable to us. Sometimes we accept less than we think we would want because we have low self esteem and a low deserving factor. Sometimes we can’t visualize our lives the way would want them with the changes and some of us are just simply terrified of change.

Remember this is your life. No one else is doing it to you anymore (unless your still 5 years old maybe). Get together with your God and create the strength necessary to get what you want and then leave room for God’s plan in there and don’t get high expectations so that you can prove yourself a failure. Prove yourself a winner and express your passion for life and Chiropractic and have fun.

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The Focus Philosophy Weekends in 2003 will all be held in the same hotel in the center of downtown Stroudsburg at the Best Western Hotel – $89 night. Please call or e-mail if you need information on any of these events at @ 8:10 am | Article ID: 1045498235

CCE Challenges Judges Decision on Life University

According to news reports, the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) is appealing a federal court order made by Senior U.S. District Judge Charles A. Moye Jr., that had immediately restored Life’s accreditation.

According to news reports, Moye found merit in arguments made by attorneys for Life University, who said the peer review process was unfair because it included representatives of competing chiropractic schools. An Atlanta news article mentions Moye cited “conflicting economic financial interests” in the decision to revoke Life’s status.

This is going to be some legal battle as Life makes some very strong arguments in their suit against the CCE. More news is certainly to come. Accrediting Agency Challenging Life U. Decision
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Chiropractic group appeals court ruling
Metro Atlanta News: After surprise ruling, Life critics oddly quiet @ 7:13 pm | Article ID: 1045278823

HIPAA, Incidental Uses and Disclosures, & Sign-in Sheets

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Disclaimer: The information contained here is provided free of charge. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or a substitution for obtaining legal advice from an attorney licensed in your state.

Using sign-in sheets in the front office, incidental uses and disclosures.
It is my opinion that sign in sheets will be fine as long as the standards below are met. Chances are your sign in sheet has the day, date, place for a signature, and maybe a place for time on it. I don’t see any reason why that would not be satisfactory as a sign-in sheet does play an essential role in ensuring that individuals receive prompt and effective health care. However, if your sign in sheet also requests additional information such as why an individual is in the office (sciatica, herniated disc, subluxated C1, hemorrhoids, etc.) you may be crossing the line. Read the information below to get a better understanding of how your office may be effected.

Background: Many customary health care communications and practices play an important or even essential role in ensuring that individuals receive prompt and effective health care. Due to the nature of these communications and practices, as well as the various environments in which individuals receive health care or other services from covered entities, the potential exists for an individual’s health information to be disclosed incidentally. For example, a hospital visitor may over hear a provider’s confidential conversation with another provider or a patient, or may glimpse a patient’s information on a sign-in sheet or nursing station whiteboard. The HIPAA Privacy Rule is not intended to impede these customary and essential communications and practices and, thus, does not require that all risk of incidental use or disclosure be eliminated to satisfy its standards. Rather, the Privacy Rule permits certain incidental uses and disclosures of protected health information to occur when the covered entity has in place reasonable safeguards and minimum necessary policies and procedures to protect an individual’s privacy.

How the Rule Works
General Provision:
The Privacy Rule permits certain incidental uses and disclosures that occur as a by-product of another permissible or required use or disclosure, as long as the covered entity has applied reasonable safeguards and implemented the minimum necessary standard, where applicable, with respect to the primary use or disclosure. See 45 CFR 164.502(a)(1)(iii). An incidental use or disclosure is a secondary use or disclosure that cannot reasonably be prevented, is limited in nature, and that occurs as a result of another use or disclosure that is permitted by the Rule. However, an incidental use or disclosure is not permitted if it is a by-product of an underlying use or disclosure which violates the Privacy Rule.

Reasonable Safeguards A covered entity must have in place appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards that protect against uses and disclosures not permitted by the Privacy Rule, as well as that limit incidental uses or disclosures. See 45 CFR 164.530(c). It is not expected that a covered entity’s safeguards guarantee the privacy of protected health information from any and all potential risks. Reasonable safeguards will vary from covered entity to covered entity depending on factors, such as the size of the covered entity and the nature of its business. In implementing reasonable safeguards, covered entities should analyze their own needs and circumstances, such as the nature of the protected health information it holds, and assess the potential risks to patients’ privacy. Covered entities should also take into account the potential effects on patient care and may consider other issues, such as the financial and administrative burden of implementing particular safeguards.

HIPAA: INCIDENTAL USES AND DISCLOSURES Document is in .PDF format. @ 12:19 pm | Article ID: 1045167548

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Disclaimer: This is not intended as legal advice.

We have received lots of emails regarding HIPAA as it pertains to the practice of chiropractic.

There have been all sorts of rumors and misinformation floating around such as DC’s will no longer be able to have open adjusting or open door adjusting. After reviewing the information I see no reason why one could not continue with the practice of open adjusting (as long as proper guidelines are followed). In reality, it looks as though HIPAA regulations will cause far less headaches for chiropractors than it will for multi-disciplinary clinics, hospitals, medical offices, etc.

If you have specific questions you can email me. They are probably questions others are asking as well.

I’ll do my best to get into the topics that concern many of us, such as open adjusting, sign in sheets, referral boards, advertising, postcards (such as monthly mailers and birthday cards), and other related subjects. Many of the things we will discuss just require some common sense and are not terribly difficult to implement into one’s practice. Please be patient, I’ll get the information uploaded as soon as I can. – Dr. Mike

For now, here are some HIPAA links…
Office for Civil Rights – HIPAA
Am I a Covered Entity? @ 11:22 am | Article ID: 1045164144

Life University Lawsuit Against CCE

The following are highlights from the filed lawsuit. Scroll down below for a link to the complete file.

FACTS: Background 9. Within the chiropractic community, there have long been two primary philosophies on the scope of chiropractic. Adherents to the conservative philosophy believe the scope of chiropractic care should be limited to the traditional diagnosis and adjustment of displacements of spinal segments or other musculoskeletal structures. According to this viewpoint, any form of allopathic or homeopathic pharmaceutical prescription or other ancillary treatment is the practice of medicine and, therefore, outside the scope of chiropractic. This philosophy is promoted by the International Chiropractors Association (“ICA”) and the National Association for Chiropractic Medicine (“NACM”). Life’s curriculum has traditionally been based on this conservative philosophy.

FACTS: Background 10. Proponents of the competing liberal philosophy based on a medical model, believe the doctor of chiropractic should go beyond the diagnosis and treatment of displacements of spinal segments or other skeletal structures and utilize ancillary treatment methods consistent with the role of a primary care physician (i.e., acting as a primary care physician but without any medical school training or residency). In this capacity, the doctor of chiropractic makes the preliminary diagnosis for all patient complaints and either treats the patient directly, or refers the patient to the proper branch of medicine for treatment. This latter philosophy is promoted by the American Chiropractic Association (“ACA”).

Foundation for the Current Action: 19. The 2002 CCE Standards, like those dating back at least to 1998, provide that “CCE does not seek to define or support any philosophy regarding the practice of chiropractic, nor are the CCE standards intended to support or accommodate any philosophical position. These are the responsibility of the profession and each educational program and institution, giving consideration to requirements of the jurisdiction within which the professional may practice, professional associations, and in the final analysis, the practitioner’s own philosophy of chiropractic.” In spite of CCE’s pledge not to seek to define or support any philosophy regarding the practice of chiropractic, CCE recently has adopted the stated goal of supporting “accredited programs and institutions as they educate and train a competent doctor of chiropractic who will provide quality patient care and serve as a primary care physician.” Goal 3-a, January 2002 Standards.

Link to complete filed lawsuit: Life University Lawsuit Against CCE @ 7:50 am | Article ID: 1044978623