Month: February 2003

Links on Life University from AJC

In the latest news, a federal judge has restored accreditation of Life University’s chiropractic program. Here is a group of collected links regarding Life University. All the below links point to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper website,

Additional links will be added if they become available. @ 6:29 am | Article ID: 1044973798

Life University Receives Injunction

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Life University today received a court ordered injunction that will continue to allow them to graduate chiropractic students. About eighty students that were in their final quarter and had not received their chiropractic diploma will be affected immediately by this decision. According to a Life board member, they may now receive their diplomas.

According to news reports, not only has Life University temporarily regained its accreditation status, but it has had it reinstated for the eight months it was revoked. Students that remained faithful to their school and stuck it out in Atlanta are back on track.

Life university contends that the CCE’s decision to revoke its standing is politically motivated. Various news reports have stated, “Life adheres to a philosophy that maintains a division between chiropractors and physicians.”

According to reports, the CCE claims its decision was not political and was based on academic and management deficiencies, including Lifes’ methods of instruction in diagnosis.

Several news sources reported, “The issues included diagnostic instruction — how students are taught to determine if a patient can be treated through chiropractic care or should be referred to a medical doctor…”

Any chiropractor, regardless of their philosophical or chiropractic educational background, knows that the issue of diagnoses in chiropractic IS political.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Chiropractic school given new life
Atlanta News: Life University Wins Temporary Respite @ 1:57 pm | Article ID: 1044914270

Smallpox: Recent News and History Repeats

Below are some links to recent Smallpox related news followed by an excerpt from a book published in the 1940’s regarding smallpox vaccination.

From the Washington Post & MSNBC: Smallpox shots cause worry – Experts startled by array of side effects (original MSNBC link no longer available)

As physical specimens, the Baylor University students were fit and healthy, the “créme de la créme,” in the words of researcher Kathy Edwards. Yet when she inoculated them with smallpox vaccine, arms swelled, temperatures spiked and panic spread.

IT WAS the same at clinics in Iowa, Tennessee and California. Of 200 young adults who received the vaccine as part of a recent government study, one-third missed at least one day of work or school, 75 had high fevers, and several were put on antibiotics because physicians worried that their blisters signaled a bacterial infection.

Even for experts such as Edwards, the Vanderbilt University physician overseeing the study, the side effects were startling. “I can read all day about it, but seeing it is quite impressive,” she said. “The reactions we saw were really quite remarkable.”

From a Doctor’s website: Smallpox
By Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano
Not too long ago Fox News showed us a picture of a man who was covered with smallpox pustules on his arms, face, legs and abdomen. The pustules were big, black, ugly, scaby and closely compacted. He looked like he was a monster from some other world. It was enough to scare me, were it not for the fact that I know that it was drug treatment that caused that ugly picture and not the disease at all. The cause of those ugly marks was carbolic acid that had been used to kill the supposed germ that caused the eruptive rash.

From CNN: Compensation concerns slowing smallpox vaccinations
State health officials said Wednesday that concerns over compensation for people injured by the smallpox vaccine are hampering the inoculation program, which has vaccinated just a few hundred people so far.

From the Star-Telegram: Vaccine-related redress unclear
Several weeks before Texas health officials plan to start administering as many as 40,000 doses of smallpox vaccine, employees have no assurance that any life-threatening reaction will be covered by the state’s workers compensation program.

From Working for Change: The Smallpox Threat
The chances of a terrorist group getting its hands on smallpox and being able to effectively store, transport, and disperse it in a biological attack are vanishingly small. But media loves a scare tactic and they’ve seized on this one. Vaccine manufacturers love it, too.

From finally a book about mandatory Smallpox vaccination, the Doctor Could Be Wrong, by Cash Asher – Circa de 1940

Propaganda is a powerful force in America. It discolors the fountains of truth. It fixes fantastic beliefs in the public mind. It is subtle and insidious. Its patterns are discernible in newspapers, magazines, and radio programs. It is so cleverly interwoven into actual news that comparatively few citizens are able to detect it. Only the propagandist can separate from facts.

Regrettable as it may seem, there is no way of keeping it out of the public press, for it infects and contaminates the very sources of information.

In the healing arts, practically all news is controlled and tainted by the most sinister and powerful commercial combine in the world. The $6 billion pharmaceutical trust reaches its tentacles into every avenue of public enlightenment. Epidemics are conjured out of thin air, fear is set loose, pressure is resorted to and discriminatory laws are passed abridging the rights of free citizens. @ 2:41 pm | Article ID: 1044571314

Dear Chiropractic Past, Present, and Future

By Travis Robertson

The following was written on August 8, 2002. Though the timing is late, having written this in August, I find it important to show my thanks and love as we begin the rest of our lives in this truly wondrous profession.

As I sit here, this night of August 8, 2002, reflecting on what was said at opening ceremonies I become inspired. Inspired by something deep inside of me. This inspiration, stimulated by tonights events caused me to think about where I am today. Not only in the physical sense but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally as well. So much has happened to me in the last two years I have been a student at this institution. Or better put a member of this family, this Palmer family. I would have liked to know DD, BJ, and Dave on a personal level, to interact with them, to bounce ideas off them. I would have liked to do all those things in a time when this profession was just starting out and developing. But alas those times have passed and those people, we are so proud of, passed as well. That which I would have liked can never be.

Instead of what I would have liked I get to do and be a part of what I love, chiropractic here and now. To help it to continue to develop now, but keep the big idea at the core, so that those down the road have even more knowledge to build off of. So that they have even more advantages. So that they have even more opportunities to promote this profession that we all owe a great deal to.

I feel that I pay a great deal of money to go to this school. However, the realization I came to tonight was that I, by what I have gained in just the two years, have already received far more, from Chiropractic Past and Present, then I will ever pay back in loan payments when I am done. In a time when students feel that they are paying too much I think about what I have received, what we all have received if we chose to accept it. I think about the fact that I am not just learning a profession to make ends meet, to pay the rent, to put my kids through school. That is not why I’m here. This is the way of life that I have adopted. It will forever influence my life and that of my family from now forward. I am indebted to this school, this profession, this lifestyle and not in a monetary way, as some see it. I am indebted in a way of deepest thanks that cannot be given a price. Long after the loans are paid off I will still be reaping the benefits of what I have learned. And for the candle of knowledge that was lit two years ago, and continues to burn stronger and brighter every day, it is for this that I am eternally grateful.

There’s a quote that says, “We inherit the land (Chiropractic) from our parents but borrow it from our children.” Treat it well present Chiropractors for one day you will have to return it.

Eternal thanks to Chiropractic,
Travis Robertson, present student @ 9:00 am | Article ID: 1044550822

The Other Side of the Needle

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It appeared in the New York Times, on Thursday January 30th, health-care leaders had serious doubts about the president’s smallpox vaccination program that would involve the very health-care professionals asked to administer or receive the vaccine.

How many people reading that article in the New York Times paused to recognize the massive paradigm shift that has occurred in just the past decade involving the practice of vaccination?

It was not long ago when those questioning vaccination policies were addressed as fanatics and/or overly religious zealots. That was certainly the case when mothers of schoolchildren questioned public health policy regarding smallpox vaccination in the 1900s.

Who is questioning the policies of smallpox vaccination today? According to the Times article, the health and safety director of a union that represents 350,000 health-care workers is. Chiefs of pediatric hospitals, and even some public health officials are also asking questions. And more than 80 of the countries 3000 hospitals, including some of the leading ones, according to the article, are requesting more information.

Chief concerns among those questioning vaccination are that vaccinated health workers could possibly suffer side effects and/or accidentally infect members of their own family or patients with the vaccinia virus. There are also concerns that if a family member suffered a bad reaction such as a life-threatening case of encephalitis they may not be covered by workers’ compensation.

Ask many a “fanatical mom” why they have been requesting more information when it comes to the vaccination policies and procedures involving their own children and they will cite similar concerns as mentioned above. Today, in part, thanks to the recent smallpox vaccination program, many health workers and their families are getting a glimpse of what life is like on the other side of the needle.

According to the article, when the vaccine was last in routine use, it caused up to 52 life-threatening complications and two deaths for every million persons vaccinated. How many moms were informed of those numbers in the 1960s when these vaccines were in common use? Did the nurse charged with administering the vaccine inform parents of the risks associated?

According to the article, a health and safety director asked that there be “a delay in the program until workers could be taught more about the risks, and until all the worries about compensation for those suffering side effects were worked out.”

Isn’t that similar to what moms have been asking for years? Inform us of the risks, show us the science, allow us to make informed decisions. I’d like to see the face of a health care worker that when asking about risks or compensation is told, “it’s for the good of the herd, now roll up your sleeve.”

The New York Times: Health Care Leaders Voice Doubts on Smallpox Inoculations @ 1:48 pm | Article ID: 1044395290

Police Force Says Yes to Chiropractic Care

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Recently, a U.K. website , Eastern Daily Press, featured a story about officers and support staff that work for the Norfolk police department and chiropractic care.

According to the article, the police are receiving chiropractic in a bid to decrease the amount of time they are off work as a result of injury or illness.

In the past, the police reportedly were receiving physical therapy, but since November of 2002 they have been receiving chiropractic care.

“Some people have been suffering for a year or two, been through traditional routes and not got very far, but with chiropractic treatment they have found a benefit. It’s working well and the staff appreciate it.” – Lee Murray, Head of Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare for the Norfolk Police Department

The article mentions that chiropractic is not just for back pain, but that the chiropractic approach is useful in many joint or muscle related problems. “From headaches to foot injuries,” according to the article. The added bonus of chiropractic care according to Mr. Murray is in, “keeping people at work or getting them back quicker.”

Helping people get back to work quicker and/or keeping them at work is an added bonus for any business. Check to see what chiropractic benefits are included through your employer and get on the path to better health today.

Eastern Daily Press: Aches and pains tackled by police @ 7:18 pm | Article ID: 1044328727