Month: November 2002

Step #15 To A Hundred A Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Step # 15 to a Hundred a day is actually Advanced Success Principle #5 (Always stay on time). Staying on time applies to both in and out of the office. Many of you make a habit of being late to everything you do. This is a habit of a “Loser” not a “Winner.” Start being on time to everything you do in life, especially the office.

You should get to the office at least 30 minutes before you see patients to start preparing yourself mentally for each and every visit of the day. You should study the schedule and start visualizing each and every visit. You should also visualize the things that are not on the schedule, such as walk ins.

When your patients can get in and out the front door for a regular visit in 20 minutes or less, the practice is ready for growth. When it takes longer than 30 minutes to get in and out the front door the practice is shrinking. So staying on time with each and every visit is very important for growth.

I encourage you to start timing how long each patient is in your office. What we do is put the #7 in front of the time on each fee slip as the patient signs in. For example the time now is 5:34 PM so the number on the fee slip for the staff to review is #7534. The staff and the Doctor knows what the number means, but the patient should not be conscious of time any where in the office. The Doctor should review the time before each adjustment and see if the patient is going to get out in less than 30 minutes. I was shocked on how long the patient was in my office, when I started this about 20 years ago. You will be surprised too at first. Your staff will not be surprised, because they have been looking at those disgruntled faces out front all along.

We also have patients sign out, so they too pause for a few seconds at the front desk. This allows us to interact with the patient before they run out the door, if we need to. On the sign out sheet, we also mark the times with a #7 in front beside the patient at each hour on the hour. For example the last patient seen just before 5:00 PM, will have #7500 written beside his name. This allows us to see how many patients we are seeing each hour and to review periodically how long patients are in the building.

I would say that 80% or more of you are consistently late. This makes for mediocrity, so lets stop being “Mediocre.”

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LLL, Dr. Rick Wren ( Founder of the Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher) @ 6:05 am | Article ID: 1037973925

Fellow Administers of Love and Healing

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

Back home from a mission in the Dominican Republic, and so far I haven’t had a tremendous amount of time to reflect, as we’ve launched directly back into our “normal” routine (that and the fact that I’ve been dealing with an array of really interesting gastrointestinal phenomena – it feels as if there are a couple of new flexures in my colon!). Yesterday was one of those first-day-back-after-a-mission kind of days, with everyone asking how the trip was, and me barely overcoming the desire to respond, “no comprendo.” What was interesting was the number of questions I received about the value of one adjustment. I don’t recall getting that question after any of the other missions. I realized that was the theme of this particular experience for me: does one adjustment really make a difference? Well, over the past 10 years of speaking and writing, I’ve been endlessly declaring that it does, perhaps mostly to myself. I’ve worked long and hard to get to the place where I could deliver one adjustment, without attachments to outcome or personality or symptoms or reward or whatever, and feel absolutely fulfilled simply thru the giving away of my gift. This Dominican mission was a tremendous test of how securely I really stand in that place.

The mission was different and quite hard for me, for a number of reasons. First of all, I adjusted in the same school every day. Nine hundred kids, ranging from kindergarten thru high school. I usually prefer to be out in the community, adjusting families, hearing about the miracles, interacting somewhat with the people, and being blown away by the sheer numbers of folks who flock in. “No problema”, I told myself in my best Spanish, “I’m being asked to serve, and this is where I’m supposed to be.” And it was fun for about the first day and a half: having the students all stand and say, “buenos dias”, adjusting them right at their desks, watching the power come on in their eyes, etc. But I lay awake in bed after the second day, wishing I didn’t have to go back, concocting ways to trade sites with someone, pleading with God to use me more, or at least differently. I felt perfectly justified in this whining, too. It was pandemonium in the classrooms, especially with the older kids, with noise levels approaching that of your typical airport runway. My back was begging me, in its usual subtle way, to stop leaning over all those foot and a half-high desks. I was sick of the [relatively few] kids that were fooling around, hiding under their desks, trying to impress the girls, and generally being kids. The other groups were reporting experiences closer to what I thot I should be having. God didn’t answer, or so I thot, and off we went the next morning back to the school. My upper lip remained stiff, and I summoned up my mantra of, “every adjustment changes lives.”

Something shifted that day. Some of the kids didn’t need to be adjusted. Many of them were clearly more relaxed. It was noticeably quieter in most of the rooms (I only had a headache afterwards for 2 hours instead of 4!). I started to get thot flashes, after a particularly beautiful adjustment, about that student perhaps making a different choice, perhaps taking a different path as a result of our encounter. And when we got done at the school, we were unexpectedly whisked off to the barrio to adjust in a new site. To an area of indescribable poverty, degradation, and filth. It looked like an explosion at the city dump. Tiny cardboard shacks, dirt and rock floors, barefoot kids picking thru the rubble, people openly carrying weapons of all shapes and sizes. Unbelievable. Please don’t send a video of this to my mom, I remember thinking. We set up in front of some kind of clinic and people came, seemingly right out of the rubble. We began to adjust and my mantra came back to me. Judging from these conditions, is it even conceivable that something could change for these people? Perhaps not conceivable, but certainly possible, came my answer. I remembered Jim Parker always saying that chiropractic was about possibilities, not probabilities. I remembered the story about the guy, when asked why he was throwing a few of the thousands of starfish that were littering the beach back into the sea, saying, “it makes a difference to this one.” I realized that this one person is oh so easy to lose sight of while observing the landscape, and I wasn’t going to do that. I realized that this was someone’s mother or grandmother or sister or whatever. I realized that this person’s life and health makes a tremendous difference to him or her. And I realized, more than I ever had to that point, that one adjustment truly does change lives. I remember feeling very grateful for that knowing, and thinking that if I didn’t really believe that, I would give up chiropractic.

At one point I stopped adjusting because I became aware that a few pieces of the last guy’s face had come off in my hand. I went in to wash my hands and kept adjusting. The guy came back a while later, took both of my hands in his and thanked me for helping him. He thrust out his forearms for my inspection, looking immensely happy and proud, albeit somewhat grotesque. They looked terrible to me, but I assume he was showing me how much better they were. He said he was healed. Did he have leprosy? I don’t know. All I know is that he most assuredly was not a maximum expression of Innate, and that now he was a little closer.

The next 2 days I was back to the school (which, by the way, was attended by Sammy Sosa, but I think they’ve now named it after me). It was still hard, but incredibly wonderful. By the last day, you could hear a pin drop in a lot of the rooms. It was almost sacred. Many of the kids were clear. I adjusted each one with maximum presence and all the love I could muster. It may be the last time they ever get adjusted, I told myself, so let’s give it that little something extra. Me. When it was over, my lesson was complete, and now there is not a shred of doubt remaining about the value of one adjustment. I hope you all remember that and own the truth of it. No one can ever take it away from me, and I don’t believe I will ever again be tempted to take it away from myself. Thank you God! @ 7:17 am | Article ID: 1037891840

News Briefs For Wednesday

Chiropractic Students are Heading to Sherman
According to news reports, more than 200 potential students are now on a waiting list to enroll at Spartanburg’s Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, one of only 16 accredited chiropractic schools in the nation.

TheCarolinaChannel: Chiropractic College’s Waiting List Grows – Students Come To Spartanburg After Troubles At Atlanta-Area School

Chiropractors Honored for work at Ground Zero
Joel Heer, D.C., of Heer Chiropractic, Galena, was one of the rescue workers and volunteers who served at Ground Zero and was honored on Friday, Nov. 15 aboard a Yacht Charter cruise around Manhattan. Firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians, ironworkers and volunteers from the Red Cross were acknowledged for their untiring efforts during the most challenging time of the nation’s history.

According to news reports, within minutes after the horrific events of Sept. 11, doctors of chiropractic were on hand to provide sorely needed chiropractic care to relief workers and volunteers who worked 12 (or more) hour shifts for weeks and months on end. Chiropractic care was present at either the Red Cross respite sites or St. Paul’s Chapel 24 hours a day, seven days a week until the end of May.

The Galenian: Heer honored for Ground Zero efforts

Chiropractor to Donate Adjustments and Food
On Thursday, Nov. 21, Casitas Chiropractic will be sponsoring H.O.P.E. day, a day dedicated to Helping Other People Eat. Dr. Gordon Spurling and Dr. Edward Jansen of Casitas Chiropractic want to extend a helping hand to families during this joyous and demanding time of the year. (It has been inspiring to see how many chiropractic offices have been doing this and/or similar events through the months of Oct, Nov. and Dec.)

Costal View: Donating chiropractic care and food @ 6:26 am | Article ID: 1037802410

U.S. Air Force is Hiring Chiropractors

Since 1995, chiropractic services have been available at several U.S. Air Force facilities thanks to Congress directing the Department of Defense to test the feasibility of such services. Now, those findings are directly resulting in placement of chiropractic as a “permanent benefit for active duty military members,” according to the director of the Air Force chiropractic program.

According to an article that appeared in Air Force Print News, eight Air Force facilities have now added chiropractic to their list of services. “Over the next five years we will gradually increase the availability of chiropractic services across the Air Force,” said Lt. Col. (Dr.) Robert Manaker. Similar chiropractic services are being added in the Army and the Navy.

According to the article, the eight Air Force facilities that currently offer chiropractic services to active duty members include facilities at Lackland AFB, Texas; Offutt AFB, Nebraska; Travis AFB, California; Scott AFB, Illinois, Keesler AFB, Mississippi; Andrews AFB, Maryland; Langley AFB, Virginia; and the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado.

The Air Force is reportedly working to increase the number of facilities offering the chiropractic throughout the U.S.

In a statement, Lt. Col. (Dr.) Robert Manaker said, “We wanted to get this benefit out to the most active-duty members that we could. We are looking at places where there are multiple bases or where there are the greatest number of active-duty members, and putting chiropractors there first.” Eight bases add chiropractic services to medical facilities @ 12:34 pm | Article ID: 1037738058

News Briefs For Friday

Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida gets accredited
Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida has received accreditation from a regional agency for the first year of its degree program in Port Orange.
News-Journal: Chiropractic school receives 1-year accreditation

49ers’ chiropractor offers reward for serial burglar
Dr. Lance Miller, a chiropractor who serves the San Francisco 49ers, is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of a burglar who hit his practice three times in the past two years. Among the items stolen were a signed Jerry Rice jersey, a Joe Montana helmet and a football signed by Rice.
Contra Costa: 49ers’ chiropractor offers reward for serial burglar

Strokes Tied to Vaccine
ABC-NEWS reports that a vaccine, a once-promising therapy for Alzheimer’s disease, tends to double the risk of stroke. Strokes Tied to Vaccine

John Stockton not thinking of retirement (Thanks to Chiropractic)
News link below on John Stockton of the Utah Jazz. The chiropractor not mentioned in the article is Dr. Craig Buhler, an incredibly talented DC.
N.Y. Times/TODAY: John Stockton not thinking of retirement @ 7:01 am | Article ID: 1037372482

Not So Excellent Health

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A recent nationwide US study found that “nearly one in every five US workers claims to be in excellent health–despite being overweight, smoking, drinking too much or never exercising.”

The nationwide study which was released on Monday by Oxford Health Plans Inc. found that 17% of those surveyed, “described their health as excellent but displayed not-so-excellent habits.”

Among that group, individuals reported behaviors such as being at least 25 pounds overweight, smoking, drinking three or more glasses of alcohol daily, drinking at least four cups of coffee or tea daily and never exercising.

In a statement, the executive vice president of Oxford said, “Denial is dangerous when it comes to your health. It exacts a heavy toll down the road.”

While denial may be dangerous to ones health, I don’t think it is all about denial. I believe many people honestly feel they are “healthy” as long as they are absent of any major symptoms. I say major symptoms because often symptoms come on slowly and most just reach for the medicine cabinet or learn to live with it. Is there not a pill for nearly every ill?

How many people know the World Health Organizations definition of health? It reads, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” You don’t see that broadcast on television do you. What you see is the peddling of cures from the outside in that do little or nothing to better ones health. Many of these pills, procedures and potions just delay one from seeking out truly good health.

While denial may be dangerous to your health, procrastination is the thief that robs your life force along the way. Greater health requires greater responsibility. You must take action. You owe it to yourself and your family, see your local chiropractor today!

Yahoo! News: Americans with Bad Habits Claim ‘Excellent’ Health
MSNBC: Americans with Bad Habits Claim ‘Excellent’ Health @ 9:21 am | Article ID: 1037121695

Law Number Six For Practice Growth

By Shawn Powers, D.C.


A dear friend of B.J.’s Elbert Hubbart, author, inventor and philosopher, and not to be confused with L.R. Hubbard, said “The line between failure and success is so fine, that we scarcely know when we pass it; so fine that we are often on the line and do not know it.”

Think about that, have you ever stopped doing something because you thought it wasn’t worthy? Many times people give up too soon, the procedure, the strategy, the action you stopped could have brought you over the line to success. All great accomplishments are due to perseverance. The best way to decide if you are lacking perseverance in any area is to take time and reflect, gain some perspective, analyze. Review what your goals and dreams are and more importantly why you want to achieve them, and if you are achieving them.

The truth about practice growth and success is that if you consistently apply the law of persistence, in other words, keep on going, keep on taking effective action you will accomplish anything you desire.

Success Tips

1. Ask yourself… What is the next step or action I need to take?
2. What is in the way of taking that step?
3. Remove, ignore or disregard that obstacle.
4. Take the step or action.
5. Go back through steps 1-4, and don’t forget as B.J. said, “the glory of tomorrow is rooted in the drudgery of today.”

– – – – – – – – – –
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Statement by Dr. Sid E. Williams, Founder and former President of Life University

I have refrained from offering any public comment until this time on the matter of Life University and its accreditation struggle with the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE). Today, in my capacity as a private citizen with no connections whatsoever to the school, I feel compelled to offer my observations on the unfortunate developments over the past few days.

It was my most sincere hope that the accrediting body would, in the end, see the wisdom, indeed the justice, of extending the accreditation of what was, and I hope will again one day be the world’s largest and most well known chiropractic educational institution. I am shocked and saddened beyond words at the decision to deny Life its chance to continue as an accredited institution. I believe that this decision was made for a host of complex reasons, many of which are highly suspect and demand further investigation by those organizations and agencies concerned with fairness in the marketplace, and most especially in the marketplace of ideas.

I believe that their decision to deny Life’s appeal is a revealing message to the world of chiropractic education and to the chiropractic community at large from those in power in the CCE, that there can be only one way to approach educating chiropractic professionals; their way. The flexibility and tolerance that such bodies are supposed to display to differing philosophies has died under their drive to eliminate those principles with which they do not agree. This is a true American tragedy for which those responsible, while probably smug in their moment of victory should, in the quiet of their hearts be deeply ashamed.

In the end, it will be the students, who in their thousands embraced the vitalistic principles enshrined at Life, who will suffer the greatest loss. The elimination of the opportunity to receive an education anchored in the unique values and philosophy of chiropractic at Life will close an important frontier in health care. They will not be able to follow in the footsteps of the nearly 12,000 doctors of chiropractic who have already gone forward throughout the world as Life graduates to practice the powerful healing methods unique to chiropractic. The greatest legacy to the world of health care and to the chiropractic is the tremendous record of healing, love and service Life graduates have established, and will continue to display as they give of themselves to those in need.

I am most deeply disturbed at the cavalier manner in which the accrediting body cast aside what should have been priority concerns about the Life student body and the disruption, cost and hardship their uncompromising stand has caused. Likewise, the harm to the community and the inevitable blow to the local economy are no small consequences of the CCE’s behavior.

I want to express my very grave fear that the CCE’s efforts to shape chiropractic education in their limited direction will not end with Life. Those schools who base their educational focus on the subluxation and the chiropractic adjustment will now be forced to re-configure their educational offerings to include less chiropractic-specific training and more common domain procedures, intruding into the realm of medicine. If they do not, they will face the same exclusionary actions confronted by Life. The argument will go forward that in order to serve the public, doctors of chiropractic must have a broader, more medical education so that they can offer themselves as “primary care physicians. In the mind of the public, in the minds of most public policy makers, and in the letter of the law in the State of Georgia, “primary care physician” means medical doctor.

I understand that the CCE and others will try and offer a definition that seeks to qualify this notion, offering a revised and enhanced role for the chiropractor. I say that there should be clear, precise lines between the professions and that the public is entitled to such clarity. Those who aspire to primary care physician status owe it to the public to qualify at the highest level of attainment, by seeking a medical education and obtaining a medical license. Likewise, those educational institutions seeking to educate such providers should seek medical accreditation. Anything in between is presumptuous and, possibly even of danger to the public.

Honesty, objectivity and above all, an understanding and embrace of what chiropractic is, and it is not the practice of medicine, is the only way out of the danger zone that the pursuit of this status, without going the full route to a true medical qualification, can only drag the chiropractic profession.

This is a battle that is far from over. Over the coming months and years, I intend to devote all of my energies to the public policy processes, both state and federal that regulate the activities of organizations like the CCE. My decades of dedication and experience in chiropractic education will, I believe, provide a unique vantage point from which to act to make fundamental changes in the system that has dealt so arbitrarily, callously and, I believe unfairly, with Life.

I am excited about the period of re-definition and challenge ahead and believe strongly in American justice, both formal and informal. I believe that in the end, the quality of education at Life will be vindicated, in the policy process, the court of public opinion and in any and all venues where such issues are debated and decided. I know that I am not alone in this belief. @ 8:37 am | Article ID: 1036687073

Antibacterial Soaps are a Waste

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

According to news reports, buying non “antibacterial” soap in the United States may be virtually impossible even though such products are, “a waste of time,” experts say.

Not only may the products be a waste of time, but heavy use of antibacterial soaps may contribute to a new breed of “hard-to-kill superbugs,” researchers say.

Researchers studying the soaps found that antimicrobial or antibacterial soaps provided “no added value over plain soap” as plain soap and water works by literally washing away germs. For daily hygiene, hand-washing with regular soap is reported to be just fine for removing germs, making the antibacterial type unnecessary.

According to the CDC, antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria that cause infection are not killed by the antibiotics taken to stop the infection. Antibiotics create an environment where resistant strains of bacteria can proliferate. Overuse of antibiotics is cited as a cause of this resistance. CDC researchers suggest that some 50 million of the 150 million outpatient antibiotic prescriptions each year are unneeded.

Take charge of your families health. Look for products that do not contain antimicrobial or antibacterial agents. Go “natural” whenever possible. Remember that the “antibacterial” strategy is more about marketing than it is good health.

Maintain proper alignment of your spine and optimal function of your nervous system, creating an environment where bacteria are naturally less likely to proliferate.

ABC NEWS: Antibacterial soap a waste of time
MSNBC: Antibacterial soap a waste of time @ 8:20 am | Article ID: 1036686017

If I Were Feeling Good, I Wouldn’t Be Here!

By Dr. Stacy Larsen

When people come into a doctor’s office, most comment on how they are feeling. The responses can range from “doing well” to “I feel like crap!” One of the more interesting statements is “If I were feeling good, I wouldn’t be here!” From that person’s perspective, chiropractic care is useful when they are in pain or experiencing symptoms. They wouldn’t need to see someone if they were feeling good. You only work on your health when you’re sick or don’t have it.

If you own a car or truck and I asked when you should change the oil, most people would say every 3,000 miles or 3 months. They might mention when that sticker on the windshield says so. Why do you do that? Is it because there are “symptoms” coming from your car, the engine starts running rough or the oil light goes off on the dash? It is because someone told you that it extended and improved the life and performance of your vehicle. Let’s think about your spine in the same way.

A spine needs help to perform at its best even when it doesn’t hurt. So does your health. You have been taught that exercising on a regular basis is good for you. You don’t need to wait for a symptom like an increase in pant size to start working out. You do it because you want to be healthier, have more energy and to release stress. By seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis, whether you “feel good” or not, you can receive similar benefits.

Your spine is your main support for your nervous system. Your nervous system is the lifeline for your body. The messages that run and manage your health originate and travel over it. Low-grade misalignments of your spine that don’t cause pain can disrupt those messages, causing a downward spiral in our health. Regular chiropractic adjustments take care of the low-grade misalignments so you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Next time you think about your spine, don’t use symptoms as your only gage. Put a sticker on your windshield or mirror to remind yourself when it’s time to get your spine checked. Because feeling good is a reason to go to your chiropractor, so you can be even better.

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Stacy Larsen practices in Red Deer, Alberta. Visit his website at: @ 9:39 am | Article ID: 1036517944