Month: January 2001

Your Patients Are on the Net

A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive found that the majority of Internet users believe the Internet will help them in reducing or eliminating frustrations associated with visits to their doctors. The study also found that a whopping 81 percent of those surveyed would like to receive e-mail reminders for preventive care, and 83 percent would like follow-up e-mails after making visits to their doctor.

According to the study, many healthcare consumers often are frustrated for forgetting to ask questions when they are with their doctor. They are also frustrated for having to go see a doctor if the question could be answered by e-mail.

Interestingly, the study found that physicians tend to resist using the Internet when communicating with patients for several reasons. If the numbers in the survey are accurate, your folks would like to communicate with you more frequently online. Rather than shy away from the technology, doctors should be paying closer attention to what their patients are saying. Get online and get familiar with the basic task of communicating with your patients as well as with your colleagues. Learn to use the proper techniques and protocols, so that you are not forwarding your professional mail to your patients and patient intended mail to your colleagues. Take the time to find out what kind of communications the people in your practice would appreciate and benefit from most. After all, we are here to serve.

A complete article written regarding the Harris interactive survey can be found on Links to both web sites are below.

Patients Look to Net to Help with Medical Care @ 6:07 am | Article ID: 980172432

Chiropractors on the Planet

This article is a little bit technical and hopefully a little bit fun. I put it together in an effort to teach you about something called a Web log, and how you may use that Web log to see how effective your chiropractic web site may be.

Did you ever wonder if someone else was visiting Planet Chiropractic while you were on the site? Ever wonder if someone else was listening to chiropractic audio or reading the exact news article at the same time you were? Thanks to something called a Web log, we can get some basic information that tells us a little bit about a typical day or period of time on a web site.

Taking a look at the Web logs, a feature available to nearly any web site, it’s easy to see that you have a hunger for chiropractic news as well as for the streaming multimedia this site offers.

In this article I will refer to data gathered on Wednesday January 17th, 2001 so we can capture a look at one day. Let’s first take a look at how many of you came to visit the site that day. Total visitors for Wednesday tallied up at 4,911. (Always try to use visitors as a measurement for your web site activity and not hits, since hits can be very misleading when trying to figure out how many people are actually using your web site) It was a busy day for this site, as are most days that our newsletters are sent, but it was not the busiest ever. Certainly not a busy day when comparing to a site like which can average more than one million visitors per day. But then again, this is not a multibillion dollar funded health-care site. (I wonder if we looked at all the Web logs for all the world’s chiropractic sites, how many visitors would there be? Have a big vision gang!)

So what do most of you like to do while you’re on this site? The vast majority of you head right for the News headlines, scanning for the news of the day. A rapidly growing second choice is the multimedia page, which is increasingly becoming a source of this sites daily traffic. (Traffic is something that’s a good thing if you’re a Webmaster) Although there are only a few featured articles as of yet, you have indicated that you like them and would like to see more. My goal is to have an average of two new featured articles every month, covering particular articles in much greater depth than you currently see on the news pages. OK, back to this Web stuff.

Where are you coming from?
Well first of all, the overwhelming majority of you are in North America, primarily the United States. For nearly any web site, you could look at the Web log to find out what geographic regions people are coming from. It may not always be accurate but it’s neat to look at. So here are the regions that you came from on Wednesday:

North America, Australia, Western Europe, Asia, Pacific Islands, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Middle East, Central America, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa

Most Active Countries
If we look further, we will see what countries you were visiting from. Again, this isn’t an accurate science but it sure lends some credibility to the title “Planet Chiropractic.” These were the 20 most active countries on Wednesday in order from most popular to least popular.

The United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, New Zealand, Denmark, Japan, Spain, France, Costa Rica, Brazil, Belgium, Israel, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Hong Kong, and Egypt.

In the United States, chiropractors from the state of California came in at No. 1 for visits. That was followed by Georgia, Florida, New York and Michigan. Other states in the U.S. provided pretty much the same numbers but what is interesting to see, and telling if you know what you’re looking for, were the cities you are in and not merely the states.

Among the most active cities for Wednesday, were Hayward California, Marietta Georgia, New York New York, and Troy Michigan. Two of those cities are the homes of chiropractic campuses, and the feedback I am getting from students suggests that the media files on the multimedia page are being transferred around at a rapid pace. That’s great news as the bulk of our audio is strong in chiropractic philosophy.

As far as Internet providers go, you guys use everything from America Online to UUNET. While America Online is popular, so are MindSpring and as well as Seeing and is a good sign since it suggests that you are beginning to use cable and DSL modems. (You can’t watch the video on planet chiropractic without them)

Well, that’s a little bit about a day on the planet. While you might not get very specific information, the Web log for your web site can be a valuable tool in helping your patients find what they’re looking for. For example, if you noticed they were looking at pages with certain articles more than others, you may want to increase the number of popular articles or find new ways to show them articles you’d like them to view. If you have questions about your Web logs, feel free to e-mail me and I’ll see if I can better explain what you can use them for. Also, let me know if you’d like to see some more semi technical articles that have a chiropractic focus.

And if nothing else, remember, when you’re on Planet Chiropractic, there is a very good chance that one or more of your colleagues is right there beside you, even though they may physically be thousands of miles away. @ 6:06 am | Article ID: 980172363

Chiropractic Classified Ad System

In just a few days the doors will be opening on the Planet Chiropractic Classified Ad System. After an extensive period of development and continual input from chiropractors in the field, this baby is ready to rock!

Please take the time to read through this and don’t hesitate to leave your comments or suggestions. Here are some of the categories that will launch next week.

– Associates Wanted, Associates Available, US, Canada & International

– Chiropractic Products: Commercial
Audio Tapes, Posters, Educational Products, etc…

– Chiropractic Products: Personal
Used stuff, office items, moving, more…

– Computer Related Equipment
Office Computer Systems, Software, PDA’s, etc…

– Employment Opportunities
CA’s, Chiropractors, other job and career opportunities

– Equipment For Sale: Commercial
Tables, Surface EMG, X-Ray, and more…

– Equipment For Sale: Personal
Tables, Surface EMG, X-Ray, and more…

– Financial Services
Billing, Coaching, Malpractice Insurance, More…

– Internet & Web Related Services
Web Hosting, Site Design, Newsletter Services, etc…

– Office Space for Rent

– Practices for Sale
Practices for Sale, US, Canada, International

– Referrals
Looking for a DC referral in… List your practice!

– Substitutions & Locum Positions
Looking for someone to cover your practice.

Are you excited yet? Well, that’s not all. With the new system you will be able to post your own ads from your home or office, and even upload photos so people can see your face, chiropractic practice, products, etc…

There’s more, such as “Auto Notify”
The “Auto Notify feature provides you with a powerful tool to keep up to date on the newest ads posted to the Planet Chiropractic Classified Ads System. Using AutoNotify, you predefine specific search criteria for ads which may contain the information you have specified.

For example, if you are looking for an associate in New York to come join your practice, you could setup the Auto Notify Search criteria to notify you whenever an ad posted to the system contains the keywords “associate” and “New York.” If a new ad is posted which meets this criteria, you will receive an email providing you with a link to the ad. It’s a great tool!

There are so many other features such as having the freedom to email ads to friends, reply to ads online (you don’t need to be at your computer), listing your chiropractic practice for referrals, and more.

Nearly every DC has certain criteria that they and their staff use in finding referrals for their folks. You want the best for your people and so do we. So, when posting to certain categories, users will have to meet specific criteria in order to post. For example, the following fields are available when promoting your practice on Planet Chiropractic.

Office Type: Subluxation Based or Musculoskeletal
(you’ll have to choose one or your ad will not post)

Mission Statement: People want to know what it is.
Office Sees Children: They want to know that too.
Patient Education Program: Every Tuesday night at 7 p.m., etc…
Office Uses X-ray: A simple yes or no will do
Office Uses Surface EMG: This one is optional but is still helpful.

Office Uses Physiotherapy: You’ll have to explain this or you will not be able to post. Simple statements such as “no modalities are used in this practice” or “therapy used in acute care phase only” will satisfy most viewers.

Web Site: You get to link directly to your website! Aren’t we great!

Information such as techniques used, school the doctor graduated from, and others can be added as well. There’s lots of freedom to tell the world about yourself.

So, now you may be wondering two things, when can I post and how much does it cost?

Since there is no information posted yet, if you just want to browse, you may want to wait. Several “test_ads” will be posted so you can get an idea as to how to best go about it. By Wednesday, there will be a link here but for now, send an email to: [email protected] and you will receive further instructions so you can post your information.

There is currently no cost to use the system. However, a minimal fee will likely be added in the future depending on whether someone needs to be hired to manage the ad system. Fees would only apply to those that have not paid their annual membership. Not yet a member of Planet Chiropractic? Click Here and join today!

More updates on the Classified System next week! Have a fantastic and abundant weekend! @ 9:01 am | Article ID: 979923712

Drug Interactions Worry Chiropractors

An article from today’s Yahoo News suggests that more than half of all Americans are taking at least two different medications daily, and therefore, should be made aware of possible drug interactions.

It’s very simple, the more medications you take, the greater your risk for unwanted side effects. All medications have side effects and if side effects are something that you don’t want, wouldn’t it make sense to choose a lifestyle that relied less on drugs and medications? Just think about it, the less medications you take, the lower your risk of suffering from side effects. If you’re healthy enough that you don’t require any drugs or medications, your risks of suffering from the side effects of those medications disappears.

According to the article, it is recommended that people keep a list of all the drugs they take and they should be showing that list to their health care providers. Let your chiropractor know what medications, supplements, and vitamins you take. You may be surprised to find out how many of the “symptoms” you are experiencing may be related to things you’re putting in your body.

Don’t forget that chiropractic care is not for symptoms. Your chiropractor’s primary goal is to remove any interference that is keeping you from being all that you can be, allowing you to reach your full health potential.

The article states that people should be aware of the brand names, dosages, and such, of the medications they are taking. If you’re taking medications, take the time to find out what side effects may result from their use. Take the time to find out what the risks are when taking such medications. And most important of all, take the time to be healthy. Because the healthier you are, the less need you’ll have for taking drugs.

Yahoo News: Drug Interactions Worry Pharmacists @ 2:41 pm | Article ID: 979857688

Chiropractic Pioneers in Costa Rica

If you have not been out of the U.S. to see how others in our profession practice, you should. Open your hearts and minds to each other, we are all in this together. – Michael

From two chiropractic pioneers in Costa Rica

We have an urgent message that I would like to get out to Chiropractors in order to find those who might be interested. We are looking for a young, energetic D.C. interested in a working adventure in Costa Rica.

The requirements are as follows:

– Must be available to leave immediately (before the end of January 2001 in order to be trained properly and introduced to the patients)
– Must speak semi-fluent to fluent Spanish
– Interested in making at least a 1 year commitment
– Philosophically based and open to learning & using a specific upper cervical technique along with full spine adjusting; Activator knowledge required
– Able to do weekly health talks in Spanish with passion and intention!
– Able to take care of a high volume practice (~200 to 250 patient visits per week)
– Possible interest in working to eventually purchase the clinic (the clinic is up for sale and our commitment to our patients is to find someone of like philosophy & technique who is eventually looking to stay)

Information about the clinic:

– Our patient base consists of middle to upper class Costa Rican’s from San Jose and surrounding areas who are interested in wellness and family care
– About 60% of our practice are wellness patients who come at least 1-2x/mo.
– Our practice was started in April of 1998 and has prospered as one of the top Chiropractic Clinics in Costa Rica.
– Every week, without fail, we do in-house education with our health talks and we stress the importance of infants and children under care
– Our clinic is All Cash. We have high collections (never lower than 90%) and very low overhead
– Housing and transportation is available if needed (the office is very close to the clinic in San Jose)
– This clinic is our Dream! But… for personal reasons, after almost 3 years, we both have to leave. We are looking for the perfect person or people to come in and carry on what we started.

If you are interested and meet the requirements, please contact:

Dr. Lara Long @ (206)780-4071 / email: Longchirocenter @ AOL

(Costa Rican time is 2-3 hrs ahead depending on where you are calling from in the U.S.) @ 7:45 am | Article ID: 979832708

Chiropractic Road Trip

Have you ever been on a chiropractic road trip? If not, maybe you should plan one soon, especially if you’re a chiropractic student. When I was a student, myself and several other classmates used to plan local trips to chiropractic offices frequently. We began doing this within the first few months we were in school and the lessons learned were always beneficial. As I came closer and closer to graduation however, the road trips began requiring more travel as they were much farther away from home. (I was seeking out some of the best-known chiropractic offices in the U.S.) Those faraway office visits were beneficial, and some were exceptionally so.

Where to begin?
Local is good if you don’t have the opportunity to travel much. If you’re a chiropractic student, hook up with one or two of your classmates and plan a few days a month that you’ll spend visiting chiropractic offices. In my opinion, visiting any chiropractic office is better than visiting none at all. You can learn a lot from nearly any office you go into. You really should try and find some of the most successful offices in your area. It’s always a good idea to contact the office first by phone and let them know who you are. Ask to speak to the chiropractor and ask when it would be convenient for you to come by. Some doctors will allow you to come by on a regular basis so you can observe adjusting technique and/or office procedures. If the chiropractor or the office staff is not friendly over the phone, well then you’ve already learned something about that chiropractic office too.

Long Distance Road Trips
You can do these either on your own or with friends. My plan when I was a chiropractic student, was that every time I traveled I would visit a chiropractic office in the area I was in at the time. One summer several years ago, I went to see my family in New York. Before I left, I mapped out a group of offices in the Long Island area that I planned to visit while I was there. One of those offices was the chiropractic office of Dr. Bob Hoffman (current President of the International Chiropractors Association) and Associates. The experience in Dr. Hoffman’s office was a very solid one all-around. I had called ahead, and was invited to spend an entire day in the office with Dr. Bob and his staff. Everyone was part of my great learning experience.

Don’t think that just because the chiropractor is very well-known, or is a high-volume practitioner, that they won’t have time to see you. I often found just the opposite. Patsy Sigafoose once told me that chiropractors would come to visit her husband’s home office all the time and hide behind the doors so they could watch him work with his folks. (He was seeing as many as 500 people per day and still had time for people to come and observe his work.)

So where to go?
I found Long Island, New York, is actually a great place for a chiropractic road trip. If you’re in Southern California like I am, it may not be your first choice for some obvious reasons. The state of Florida is also another great location for a chiropractic road trip. You can travel down U.S. Highway 1 and visit scores of chiropractic offices. Places like Long Island and Florida would be great if you’re attending school on the East Coast, at New York Chiropractic College, Life University, Palmer Chiropractic College, or Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic.

The state of California is also another great place for a chiropractic road trip. There are four chiropractic colleges in the state and that makes for many chiropractic offices. I’ve had several friends over the years come to the Los Angeles area and either drive up the coast towards San Francisco or down the coast to San Diego and then back again. There are a lot of great chiropractic offices that are not far from the major highways along the coast of California.

If you’re attending any of the schools on the West Coast such as Life West, Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles, or Palmer West, thousands of chiropractic offices are right in your own state and you should take advantage of that. Actually, there should be plenty of chiropractic offices for you to visit where ever you’re at in the U.S.

So get out your maps, get on the phone, plan yourself a chiropractic road trip and get an early start on your post chiropractic education. And enjoy your journey in this great healing profession. @ 7:16 am | Article ID: 979830962

Chiropractic Vision & Unity

By Dr. James Sigafoose,

Having just returned from Parker in Las Vegas, I want you to start preparing for the 50th year anniversary for Parker Seminars in 2002. The goal is to get 8000 chiropractors together under the same roof.

Look for the date and place, and make it a point to be there. I spoke to the entire crowd of 2000 plus in Las Vegas, and concluded we are all the same. This labeling of straight, mixer, ICA, ACA, etc… is foolish, and should be stopped.

Sigafoose Sunday Parker Las Vegas

I grant that many don’t understand chiropractic as well as we would expect, but that is more of a reason to be friends, and share. The real subluxation among mankind, is separation from God, and since we work with bodies, made up of intelligence, and vibration, we need to be more in love with all, and to help as many as possible, by teaching them, loving them, and adjusting them.

Many of us don’t understand the principle, don’t understand the adjustment, or don’t understand ourselves. Lets come together, and be tolerant of one another, visualize, meditate, and be expressions of innate, or the personification of God.

Come be with me at our one day seminars in York, Pennsylvania. Come to the Gatherings, and join with me in the systems mentoring program. Stay up and serve God by serving man chiropractic. Give yourself away to all, and enjoy abundance, peace, and happiness, along with perfect health.

Tune into the voice of chiropractic,, for all the news and advice, chiropractic seminar locations, etc…

See you on the red road.
Love Sigafoose

Editors Note: I’d like to thank Dr. James Sigafoose for his continued support and friendship. I’d also like to thank Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, the President of Parker College for his support as well. Let’s all get together in 2002! @ 2:12 pm | Article ID: 979683175

Double Whammy Chiropractic Movie News

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The film “Double Whammy” starring actress Elizabeth Hurley, is being presented this month at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival in Utah. The film, which was filmed this past summer, is a comedy that also features actors Dennis Leary and Steve Buscemi.

In the film, Denis Leary plays a detective, Ray Pluto, who is suffering from a low back problem. After a police situation goes wrong, his partner convinces him to see Dr. Ann Beamer, a chiropractor played by Elizabeth Hurley. Romance blossoms between the detective and the chiropractor as the detective works to get back on the job.

The movie was filmed in New York City, New York, and the chiropractic scenes were filmed in a Manhattan chiropractors office.

You can get more information on this film by visiting the Sundance Film Festival web site at:

More information on this film to come as we get it. Looks like it should be in theaters this summer. @ 12:59 pm | Article ID: 979678776

Vaccines, Autism, and the IOM

WebMD has recently published an article regarding the MMR vaccine and it’s possible connection to autism. It looks as though the autism question in vaccination is beginning to get increasingly more press. This is the second time in two days that we have seen article headlines regarding the measles/mumps/rubella vaccine and possible links to autism in children.

The vaccine issue is being investigated by the Institute of Medicine, the same organization that reported on medical death and error in the United States in 1999. The IOM has been asked to find if there is a causal link between the MMR vaccine and autism. While several medical experts say that there is absolutely no relationship between the vaccine and autism, many parents in the U.S. and around the globe believe otherwise. Concern has now grown enough for the IOM to begin its investigation.

WebMD: Medical Institute Set to Determine if Vaccines Really Cause Autism

Commentary from PROVE
This research is being funded by the CDC and NIH, so the million dollar conflict of interest question is, how much government funding do these so called “independent” scientists get? How likely will those who are heavily funded with federal grant money be willing to bite the hand that feeds them with an honest critical look at the MMR/vaccine connection? There are a lot of very smart parents with autistic children who fear vaccination is a contributing factor who will be watching this research very carefully… the saga continues… It is great that WebMD is running the story. @ 6:15 am | Article ID: 979654520

Ontario Flu Vaccine Program Debate

Forwarded by several DCs in Canada. Commentary by Gerry Bohemier D.C. of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

To All Government officials and friends:

It has never ceased to amaze me how the arguments for and against vaccine campaigns are endless. This one is published in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association and is debated by two experts.

Dr. Schabas, works as a part-time consultant for Aventis Pasteur Ltd., a manufacturer of the influenza vaccine. He is with Schabas Associates Inc. and GlycoDesign Inc., Toronto, Ont. Dr. Demicheli works for the Regional Epidemiology Unit, Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy. He has no ties to the vaccine manufacturer.

Proof to me that one’s opinion on the use of any vaccine is directly proportional to his or her ties to the industry profiting from the use of the product. This observation is every bit as scientific as the evidence available that supports the use of these drugs.

The following links are the whole debate in four separate articles.

Mass influenza vaccination in Ontario: a sensible move
Mass influenza vaccination in Ontario: Is it worthwhile?
Dr. Schabas responds to Dr. Demicheli
Dr. Demicheli responds to Dr. Schabas

I hope you will enjoy the debate and also hope it will make you say “hmmm”?

Gerry Bohemier D.C. @ 9:14 am | Article ID: 979578883