Testing Drugs On Children

From Foxnews.com comes an article titled, “In New Policy, FDA Mandates Drug Testing On Children.”

Thanks to the FDA, thousands of medical experiments will take place now that they are “forcing pharmaceutical companies to test drugs for children on children.”

According to the article, medical doctors are using children to test new pediatric drugs and now in some medical clinics, what may seem like “a routine doctor’s exam may actually be a medical experiment.”

Sound like these kids are guinea pigs? Actually, yes. A parent in the article had this to say about her child, “its like they’re guinea pigs, but somebody has to be the one to help kids in the future.”

The article states that “drug companies are desperately trying to find enough kids for experiments” and that some are “even offering parents cash rewards of up to a thousand dollars.”

According to the article, children making the most visits to a medical doctor are “among the most vulnerable human beings there are.”

What about the risks, are the tests safe? A mother in the article stated that “sometimes her children have bad reactions to the new medications, and that she often doesn’t know what will happen.”

Parents are just looking for the best options for their childs health. If children making regular visits to medical doctors are the “most vulnerable,” which children would be the least vulnerable?

Fox News: In New Policy, FDA Mandates Drug Testing On Children

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