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Following Twitter Tweets Beyond 10 Pages

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This post is for my friends and followers on Twitter (my profile).

Have you ever woken up late and wondered what the people you’ve been following on Twitter have been up to? Maybe not, but I live on the West Coast and by the time I check in many UK and East Coast conversations have already passed me by.


Your twitter homepage displays 20 of the past tweets made by those you are following. If you scroll down to the bottom of your homepage you’ll see there’s a button that says “older” which allows you to view another page of 20 tweets.

For some, that’s enough to catch up on conversation, but others may want to go back a few hours more. The way the Twitter pages are currently set up, you can go back about 10 pages by continuing to click the “older” tab. Depending on how many people you’re following, that could be several hours of conversation.

twitter-olderClicking the “older” button provides you with as many as 200 tweets, 20 per page with 10 pages of access. But what if you want to go even further back than that?

You may have already noticed that when you get to page 10 the “older” button is no longer displayed, giving you only the option to view newer pages. Fear not, there is an easy way to view up to 48 hours of missed twitter posts, you just have to make some manual adjustments on the displayed URL. Let’s take a look at some more screenshots and I’ll explain.

This screenshot shows the URL of your second page of tweets (after you’ve clicked on the older button).


For the next 10 pages you’ll have two options at the bottom of the right hand side of your browser. You can view newer pages or older pages.


When you get to page 10 the URL looks like the one shown below…


and your only displayed an option to view newer twitter posts…


Okay, so the URL on page 10 reads like this… http://twitter.com/home?page=10

To view page 11 simply change the string in the URL to this… page=11. Follow that same procedure to go back and view up to 48 hours of posts. When I checked this last night I was able to get as far back as to page 54, which would appear in the URL as follows… http://twitter.com/home?page=54

This morning I was able to go back 60 pages. How many pages you can go back will depend on how many people you’re following on Twitter. Either way, it appears that you can get a total of 48 hours displayed using this method.

Happy twittering!

PS: I have found references to both tweet and tweat when describing twitter posts.