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Superbowl Kickoff & 2008 Super Bowl Guide

by Michael Dorausch

If you’re looking for today’s Superbowl time, information about today’s Superbowl schedule, Super Bowl commercials (including Candace Michelle), or Super Bowl recipes, we’ve got it here in our Guide to 2008 NFL Football Super Bowl XLII. Check that article for nearly all the information you need related to today’s 2008 Super Bowl XLII game.

This post is about our behavior as humans and how we are using search engines to locate information. Did you know that more people search Superbowl as opposed to Super Bowl. Do you see the difference? According to research I’ve done this weekend, most searchers are using the one-word version of the term, when it’s actually a two word term. What does this mean to you? It means a lot if you operate a website and are looking to attract visitors.

2008 Super Bowl time

I took this screenshot earlier this morning on Google’s hot trends page. There were a hundred results but I’m only showing the top eight. Notice number two is for superbowl time, #4 is for superbowl kickoff, and numbers 5, 6, 7, and eight are all related to today’s game start time.

I’m fascinated by this stuff. With hot trends, we have an opportunity to see how large groups of people think. If you’re paying attention some of this information becomes predictable. If you’re an online journalist or a blogger, you can craft your posts in advance and increase the odds that your site will receive more traffic.

Don’t think you can just make a worthless post that doesn’t have any value. The 2008 Super Bowl guide posted to Planet Chiropractic yesterday was loaded with valuable and relevant information, and the article received a significant amount of traffic throughout the day Saturday. It still sits at the top of Google News results for many Super Bowl related terms at the time of this posting.

I’ve covered this topic before, with a trends post about election 2008. I’ve taken screenshots at Thanksgiving which showed almost every popular term being searched that day being related to cooking. So if you prepare news on a regular basis, or post regularly to your blog, you can tap into this collective thinking and begin to better anticipate what people will be searching for the upcoming months, weeks, days, and hours.

While yesterday and this morning people were searching for Super Bowl recipes and Super Bowl kickoff time, as the day goes on those searches are going to change considerably. People are going to be searching for more details related to the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. I’m already seeing searches appear for terms like New York Giants colors (which are Royal Blue, Red, Gray, and White) and New England Patriots colors (which are Nautical Blue, New Century Silver, Red, and White).

Depending on how the game goes it will begin searches for terms like the perfect season, 19 and 0, or 19-0. No doubt people will begin searching for the term Tom Petty after the Super Bowl halftime show. They’ll also be searching for the godaddy girl, not knowing her name is Candace Michelle. And even with millions and millions of people watching today’s game I think it’s pretty safe to predict that one of the top searches being made tonight will be: who won the superbowl which will be more popular than who won the Super Bowl.

If I had the answer to that prediction I’d be in Las Vegas.