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Work Stress Subluxates Your Body

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There was an article on Wednesday’s BBC news page about work stress causing changes in the body. The news coverage was of a study that showed findings indicating that a stressful job has a direct biological impact on the body and raising the risk of heart disease.

405 freeway Los Angeles Don’t believe stress causes physical changes? Spend a few hours a day sitting in traffic on the Los Angeles 4o5 freeway, and then another eight to 10 hours at work, spending a couple of more hours in congested traffic, on your way home. That results in some serious physical manifestation of stress, which often presents itself as a chiropractic vertebral subluxation.

Stress is no foreign term to the practice of chiropractic. San Diego County chiropractor, Dr. Darrel Crain, wrote an article about stress management and freeway driving. In it he talks about the body and how it adapts to stress, thanks to the expression of the body’s innate intelligence.

Chiropractor Sharon Gorman authored an article about being too blessed to be stressed. She talked about focusing on one’s blessings, and the good that comes from what we focus on.

In December of 2006 I author an article about stressed college students seeking chiropractic when preparing for final exams. Midterms and final examinations can bring on some major stress for college and university students.

Stressed-out worker Kristin Sheimer authored an article in 2006 about why all workers need regular chiropractic care. She talked about her misfortune of being one of over 50 million people in the US that suffer from chronic pain, and the one thing she found that helped manage it.

Darrel Crain also talked about stress on the immune and nervous system when ingesting the wrong foods, like hormone saturated bovine glandular secretions, a.k.a. cow’s milk. Crain asks does milk do a body that much good?

There are a zillion things you can do to help decrease emotional and physical stress. Find a chiropractor and get to work on a critical component to being healthier.

WGA Strike Affecting Stress Levels

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m not the only chiropractor in West LA that has been effected by the writers strike. I’ve spoken to a number of my colleagues and have heard similar reports: an increase in office visits the first two weeks of the strike, a decrease in visits to studios and filming locations, a growing number of stress related complaints from those working in the industry (not necessarily writers).

adjusting with poodles

In the beginning several of our patients were excited about the time off, with some even bringing their poodles along for visits, since they were out doing errands instead of working 16 hour days.

Last week many of those that work in the film industry began telling me they were leaving Los Angeles for the holidays and would not be returning until the strike was over. These are the welders, painters, property masters, prop makers, and others that own homes and/or have family in places like Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and other nearby states.

I did not realize how many people lived in LA for work only who had primary residences in other states. That’s got to be affecting businesses that relied on traffic from those who have left town for the holidays (and after).

I wrote about it last month but it’s more apparent now, many LA based businesses are intertwined in the industries of entertainment and media, and we are beginning to feel the effects.

I had someone this morning use the term Holiday Stress Allergy Syndrome as she was feeling the stress of less work, preparing for the pending Christmas week, cleaning the home for guests, and shopping in the rain (two days of rain now in SoCal).

One of our patients from the Local 44 mentioned that some may not get enough hours logged to qualify for health benefits in 2008. For those with families, that can mean additional stress.

It’s easier said then done but if you are in the film industry, rely on the film industry, or have family/friends in the industry, getting stressed is not going to help your situation.

I’m about as biased as you can get on visiting your chiropractor regularly to unstress your spine so you know I’m giving a thumbs up to that activity. Beyond that, I’d suggest you do something that’s productive, does not increase your stress levels, and gets you in good spirits. Make the most of this time and enjoy the holiday season.

All the best!