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ChiroEurope May Extravaganza with Marc Hudson

Posting this for my friend Marc Hudson in Mallorca, Spain.

Empowering chiropractors to transform their communities!

ChiroEurope May Extravaganza!
Europe’s Premier Principled Seminar and Coaching Service

May 1-4, 2008
Porto Petro, Mallorca, Spain.
We are returning for the 3rd year to the 5 star hotel: Blau Porto Petro
Europe’s Biggest and Best Chiropractic Seminar is: “like water for a dry plant.”

Dear fellow Chiropractor,

It’s really easy to get off track in our profession, to lose the spark, to fall into a humdrum routine and begin to wonder why we ever became chiropractors in the first place. I’ve heard DC’s say that they wish they had become a pilot, or gone into the stock market, or real estate, or even worse, become a medical doctor. How sad that they fail to realize that they are in the most exciting, most rewarding, and most important profession in the world. Chiropractic.

  • If you have any doubt that chiropractic is the greatest profession in the world, then this seminar is for you.
  • If you are disappointed in practice, then this seminar is for you.
  • If you don’t wake up every morning and say, “great! I get to go adjust people today,” then this seminar is for you.
  • If you yearn for more in life, more depth, more meaning, more deep satisfaction, then this seminar is for you.
  • If everything in your life and practice is perfect and yet you still want more, then this seminar is for you.

Listen to what your colleagues are saying about ChiroEurope’s Mallorca seminar:

“I just want to say that this last May seminar in Mallorca was absolutely amazing!! Not only for myself but my staff too. I was deeply moved by the weekend because it reminded me of the deep love i have for my profession! One staff member told me, after the weekend that chiropractic had chosen her and that she loves her job! My practice jumped up from just one weekend!! Its a weekend to mark into your calendars and not to miss, year after year!!!” — (A.A. Spain)

“I am now focused on the Essence of chiropractic: Love, Gratitude, and Service.” — (A.M. Spain)

“Just before we attended the Mallorca seminar, my partner and I were about to move into our new offices. We were very excited, but also weren’t sure how things would go. The Mallorca seminar gave us just the most amazing boost we could ever have dreamed of. Simply amazing! After the seminar, and moving into our new premises, our practice immediately doubled. Yes, doubled. We have achieved success beyond our wildest dreams. If you want big growth and dynamic change, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity. See you in Mallorca in May!” — (B.K. Spain)

“All I can say about the seminar is that it gave me something essential. Something like water for a dry plant. I really can grow and my mind is focused! Thank you very much!!! Next year I will be there and my girlfriend too. I’m looking forward to that seminar! Yours in health,” — (M.K.)

“From this seminar I learned to trust myself, be brave, get out in the community to inform, educate and serve. Because there is something much bigger than me. Chiropractic!” — (F.D. Spain)

“I am taking back from this seminar love, friendship, happiness, and more self-esteem because now I know that I can be the best CA in the world.” — (E. Spanish CA)

“No matter how many seminars you have been to, or how much you already know, this seminar is a must. I didn’t know that I had let my spark run down and was functioning as a dull light bulb. This seminar transformed me and opened my heart and made me fall in love with my life and chiropractic once again. Even months after this seminar, not only do I have my shine back, but I have the energy and the strength to put actions behind my dreams and goals and am on a fulfilling path once again.” — (M.N. Spain)

“Thank you! The seminar was the spark I needed in my life and my intuition knew knew I would find something there. The stand out speakers for me were Joe, Cliff, Lynn and Stew. I needed Stew – that was my original direction but I have taken a beating in life in the last few years and dropped back into survival mode. Stew woke me back up. Thank you for the opportunity to visit your office in flow and witness you in the zone. Your practice was the rare thing – the REAL deal. Thank you. The no B.S. taken or given was a breath of fresh air. I needed to see that.” — (H.M. Ireland)

“Great stuff! Your words are very inspiring. You are a true chiropractic warrior. I will work hard to make the flame stay lit, I promise you. We have a Grand Opening of our new center today. We have spent 5 months and 35,000 rebuilding it so I can serve more people. You inspired me to write a speech. To set the stage for a new era in our life. Have an awesome day.” — (A.B. Spain)

“Like water for a dry plant!”
This chiropractor’s words really sum up the value of this amazing event.

If you are inspired or intrigued by your colleagues words, can you really afford to miss this incredible seminar?
Proven Benefits of Seminar Attendance:

1. Have more fun.
2. See more miracles.
3. Serve more people.
4. Work smarter and easier.
5. Increase patient satisfaction.

Our Track Record and our promise to you: The DCs who attend our meetings come from all educational backgrounds and countries. Our principles work anywhere in the world. People everywhere have spines. They are all looking for the same thing: to have a more fulfilling life. When you what chiropractic is and how to communicate the benefits in a way that inspires people:


You can do it too! It is a learnable skill!

Don’t delay. Sign up today. See you in May!

Marc Hudson, DC

ChiroEurope is the only seminar series promoting principled chiropracTIC to the European chiropractor. Over the last 10 years we have produced many seminars that have a proven track record of transforming and empowering chiropractors to build the practices and lives of their dreams. There have been few learning options in Europe for the principled chiropractor, or the DC exploring a new way of practicing. Lot’s of musculoskeletal, lots of technique, lots of “energy work” but no traditional principles being taught.. This is particularly ironic in light of the fact that cutting edge science is moving towards our principles while chiropractic politicians are abandoning the very principles on which we were founded and which served us so well for so many decades. The rest of the world is finally catching up with our message, and yet the politicians within our own ranks seem to find this message embarrassing and want to convert us into glorified physiotherapists.

At ChiroEurope we help and support: Students, starting on their journey. Don’t re-invent the wheel. The intelligent learn from the mistakes of others. Our community is warm open and supportive.

New DCs unsure of how to prosper in the “real world” who have passion, but are shaky in their self confidence. Let us show you how easy it really is to have and run a fun profitable practice.

Established DCs who have been in practice for years, are in a rut, burned out, tired and frustrated. Let us re-ignite that fire that you once had.

4 Days.
13 Speakers.
Pure unadulterated High Energy, High Volume, Principled ChiropracTIC!
Practice growth.
Fellowship and Community.

All our sessions are taught by real, practicing DCs with decades of experience, All of our speakers are more in love with chiropractic each day! They look forward to adjusting thousands, and do, instead of dreading adjusting the few people that are coming today. Want some of that? Then join the movement! Most of the chiropractors who come to our meetings are already hugely successful. They come because they want to come back, not because the “need” to be there. We come together for fellowship, support and to celebrate. You too can be part of our great tradition, and the new movement toward principled chiropractic in Europe. See you in May.

Enthusiasm is contagious!

Thursday May 1, 2008: 5-6pm: Marc Hudson: Chiropractic in Europe. The best profession in the world in the best place to practice it!
6:15-7:15: Andy Forelli: The art of listening.
7:30-8:30: Chuck Ribley: If not now when?
8:30-10:30: Dinner
10:30-Midnight: Philosophy in the Spa.

Friday May 2, 2008: 7am. Yoga with Francisca: Start your day with yoga on the beach.

The morning sessions are separate DC and CA classrooms.

DC sessions:
9:30-11:45 Lou Corleto: Gonstead from the heart! Osseous with something extra.
12-1 Adrian Wenbam: The Science of Chiropractic: Why our philosophy and technique are light years ahead of conventional medicine.

CA sessions:
9:30-10:30 Marc Hudson and team: Real world high volume office organization. How to smoothly and easily serve 100s a day.
10:45-1 Michelle Nielsen: Manifesting Matisse. A reproducible 10 step process to making miracles every day.

1-3:30 Lunch
(Bonus session with Lynn McAvenia for DCs and spouses: What you need to know to set up a practice in Spain. English only, no translation to Spanish)

For the rest of the day DCs and CAs are back together in the same room.

3:30-4:30 Bill Esteb: Decoding patient behaviors.
4:45-5:45 Ron Oberstein: Patient education: The new patient class.
6-7 Peter Amlinger: Certainty and Service.

7-9 Dinner

9-11 Special Surprise Presentation. First time in Europe!
11-12 Philosophy in the spa: Soak, bubble and discuss. Relax, learn and pontificate.
Saturday May 3, 2008: 7am. Yoga with Francisca: Start your day again with yoga on the beach.

The morning sessions are separate DC and CA classrooms.

DC sessions:
9:30-11:45 Andy Forelli: My Techniques. How, when and why I use Side-Posture Toggle Recoil, Knee Chest, Toftness and Diversified in my daily practice.
12-1pm Marc Hudson: When you build it, they will come. How to be ready for massive high volume growth.

CA sessions:
9:30-10:30 Bill Esteb: Healing at the front desk.
10:45-11:45 Adrian Wenbam: Non-specific wellness indicators. Big words for how to make your office a healing place.
12-1pm Chuck Ribley: Why we are here to serve and adjust people.

1-3:30 Lunch
(Bonus Session: Lynn McAvenia: How to hire a team of superstar CAs. Luck has NOTHING to do with it. English only, no translation to Spanish)

For the rest of the day DCs and CAs are back together in the same room.

3:30-4:30 Surprise Guest: Increase the effectiveness of your communication 1000%.
4:45-5:45 Hank Cousineau: Don’t suffer. Make your office work for you!
6-7 Stew Bittman: I am the change. One person makes all the difference.
7-9 Dinner
9-? Where do we go from here?
Questions and answers and declarations for the future. What I have learned and how I am going to apply it.
Sunday May 4, 2008
9-9:50 Ron Oberstein: 30 day path to change.
10-10:50 Hank Cousineau: The hardest working man in chiropractic. Why I love to get up in the morning!
11-12 Peter Amlinger: Taking it home.

Please note that we are now offering early registration discounts:

Register before March 30: DC: 400
CA/non DC Spouse: 250
Student: 50
English to Spanish Translation: 125

Register April 1-April 15:

DC: 450
CA/non DC Spouse: 300
Student: 75
English to Spanish Translation: 150

Register April 16-April 30
and at the door:
DC: 500
CA/non DC Spouse: 300
Student: 100
English to Spanish Translation: 150
(At the door we can only accept cash.)

To take advantage of these reduced prices for early registration send us an email with the names and job titles of all attending and if they need translation. We will send you back the bank transfer info.

The ONLY way to get the discount is by prepaying on time. Please help us make this process as easy as possible and register on time.

Simultaneous English to Spanish Translation: As in previous years we will be providing real time instantaneous translation from English to Spanish at a moderate fee. This is so our Spanish speaking staffmembers can fully benefit from the weekend. If you staff speak English then you save this fee!

Accommodation Info:

We have arranged 2 options: The seminar hotel (super luxury) and a very decent hostel (super cheap, 10 minute walk.)

Obviously you can also search the web, but these are the closest, easiest, most price negotiated options.

Seminar Hotel: Blau Porto Petro
5 star Blau Porto Petro Beach Resort and Spa. The hotel is on the south east coast of the island of Mallorca, in the Mediterranean Sea, off the east coast of Spain.

Go to the Blau Porto Petro hotel website to check it out: (Click on the Porto Petro tab on the left of that page.)

We recommend that if you can do it, to stay in the seminar hotel. The sessions are fantastic, but as much of the meeting happens at mealtimes as in the classrooms. The seminar hotel prices include ALL meals. To stay at the hotel call them directly (Monday to Friday 9-5) at: +34.971.64.8282 and speak to “reservas.” Tell them you are with the Chiropractic group. Or you can email us (be sure to type hotel info in the subject line) and we will send you back the registration form. For us to be able to offer these discounted accommodation rates, the hotel insists on receiving full prepayment on making the reservation. That is the only way they can guarantee the availability and the price.

The Hotel fees:
(This price includes lodging and all meals)

Full Room and Board.
(Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Buffet with Drinks Package included: Mineral water, white and red wine, national beer, soft drinks and coffees)

Room types
Double room for single use
243 per room per night

Double room (2 persons)
285 per room per night

Triple room (3 persons)
400 per room per night

One child aged 2-12 with 2 adults,
in any room: 50% reduction.
Babies under 2 free.

The Hostel: We have arranged a special price with two hostels. The first: Hostal Nereida is only a ten minute walk from the seminar site. The second: Hostal Condemar is 3km away. Between the two of them there are only 80 rooms. They have private baths, and are really clean and decent (and cheap!)

Double room: Around 50 per night. It depends on which one you stay at. ( 25 per person per night when you share. I told you it was cheap!)

These rooms will go quickly as there are a number of students coming, so if cost is a factor for you, do not delay!) The owner of the first hostel, Toni, will handle the reservations for both hostels. When his fills up, he will forward the request on to his cousin who owns the second one..

Call Toni at (+34) 971.657.223

(Be sure to say you are coming for the chiropractic meeting to get the special rate.)

Babysitting and Childcare: We encourage you to make this a family outing. There is a great family feeling, and the kids have a blast! For the younger ones there will be babysitting and childcare available.

Because babies and infants have been too distracting for people in the seminar room, we are in the process of arranging sitters with the hotel.The kids are happier (they are not being forced to listen to boring old chiropractors,) the parents are more relaxed and everyone can enjoy the speakers more. Remember this a beautiful resort hotel and there is lots to do.

Please click here: babysitting and tell us the names and ages of all children attending, and we will send you all the details.

So….What now?

Call if you have any questions:
Marc Hudson (+34) 971 619 168.

Book your flights NOW.
You will fly into Palma airport (PMI).

ChiroEurope | San Miguel 63, 1 | Palma | Baleares | 07002 | Spain