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Posture, Balance & Motion in Adelaide AU – 12 CEU HRS


Posture, Balance, Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise
Dr. Weiniger will present 12 hrs CEU in Adelaide, SA Australia

Hosted By Australia Chiropractors Association

Who Should Attend?

MT – NCBTMB Approved Provider
CPEP® Posture Specialist – Approved Hours
DACRB – Approved Elective Hours
CPT, AT, Support Staff
By integrating posture rehab exercise with other motion-based therapies, professionals systematically build an identity as a posture specialist. As evidence-based insurers increasingly demand active care plans, the StrongPosture® protocols integrates active and passive care for improved results, compliance, referrals and retention.

Attendees learn strategies for creating posture awareness, and then strengthening posture using balls and other low-tech tools in a PosturePractice model integrating active and passive therapies. The seminar covers Monday morning action-steps to build the 3 dimensions of a PosturePractice:

Consciousness to create postural awareness
– Assessing standing posture and gait bio-mechanics
– Benchmarking a structural baseline with annual posture pictures
– Training posture-consciousness during activity and ADLs

Concepts for posture-centric communication
– Why “perfect posture” is a myth
– Assessment, PostureZones and Janda’s Cross syndromes
– The 3 Elements of Posture, and the 5 Posture Principles for teaching patient-friendly biomechanics

Control protocols to strengthen alignment and motion of the head, torso and pelvis.
– Individualized exercises train core muscle patterns and progress along 3 tracks: Balance, Alignment & Motion
– Balls, bands, foam and other tools engage forgotten motion patterns, targeting weak kinetic links for pain relief,
soft tissue rehab, improved function and performance.

Posture is a consumer concern which will inevitably grow as boomers age and see their posture degenerate and hunch over. People get excited when they see improvement, and educating patients with customized daily posture exercise encourages personal responsibility, and heightens appreciation of the kinematic benefits of regular care to move, feel and be well.

Hosted by Australia Chiropractors Association or call: BodyZone @ 770-922-0700

Cox® Seminars – Interdisciplinary Spine Conference – Spinal Stenosis

This weekend is designed to bring together spine care providers from all fields who care for spinal stenosis sufferers experiencing a myriad of issues: back pain, neck pain, sciatic leg pain, arm pain, chronic pain, depression, incontinence, balance and gait issues, and more.

This interdisciplinary spine conference is Dr. James Cox’s concept, a coming-together of spine care providers to discuss the growing incidence of spinal stenosis. Dr. Cox will open the conference with a discussion of the current status of research regarding spinal stenosis: its treatment options and outcomes. Throughout the conference, he’ll interject relevant clinical pearls and cases to share just how well interdisciplinary patient care optimizes patient clinical outcomes.

Dr. Cox invites spine care providers of all disciplines to join this exchange of ideas that can only benefit suffering patients with relief of pain due to spinal stenosis.

Schwarzenegger Most Chiropractic Connected Political Figure

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is likely the most connected political figure to the profession of chiropractic, certainly the best known. Earlier, I was preparing a news article for the International Chiropractors Associations 16th annual fitness symposium when I noticed a number of various articles on Planet Chiropractic referenced Schwarzenegger.

California Governor Arnold SchwarzeneggerThere was a February 2006 article regarding the appointment of chiropractor and bodybuilding legend, Franco Colombo, to the California State Board of chiropractic examiners.

There was an August 2007 news article regarding the signing of the California budget, along with news about new Google news features.

There was an October 2007 article (from the ICA) regarding Governor Schwarzenegger’s veto of Senate Bill 801, an attempt at limiting access to chiropractors for consumers.

There was an April 2000 article with Arnold Schwarzenegger delivering support for chiropractic, and stating… “Chiropractic is about health and fitness. Chiropractic is about natural, preventive health care. What you are doing, and I have experienced this for the last 30 years myself on my own body, means that whenever I have a problem-or even if I don’t have a problem-and I go to a chiropractor, my problems are gone for a long time.”

There was September 2006 article when Schwarzenegger signed the global warming bill in California, an October 2006 article with the governor saying no to an Asian massage and acupuncture bill, and a mention in the May 2007 news article regarding John Maltby and his ICA award as 2007 chiropractor of the year.

Schwarzenegger was even mentioned in a June 2001 article about Jill Brown, the world’s greatest stunt performer. Jill Brown recently did stunts in films I Am Legend, American Gangster, The Good Shepherd, and Enchanted. She is best known for her work as stunt double for Jennifer Lopez in the 2000 film The Cell.

Back to the governor, he is mentioned in a December 2007 article on hotels hosting conferences, as well as this November 2007 article on fitness seminars.