Santa Monica Los Angeles Metro CCA Chiropractors October Meeting

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

California Chiropractic Association (CCA) member and non member chiropractors gathered on Wednesday, October 21st, for a combined Los Angeles Metro and Santa Monica District CCA meeting/presentation. The event, which featured chiropractic attorney Shawn Steel, was held at the world famous International Sport Science Institute, a facility owned by long time chiropractor, Dr. Leroy Perry.

Shawn Steel Leroy Perry
Chiropractor Attorney Shawn Steel and Chiropractor Leroy Perry
The opportunity to visit Dr. Leroy Perry’s International Sport Science Institute alone was worth the price of admission ($10 for CCA members and $20 for non-members). Besides providing a location for chiropractic care, the 2 story Cheviot Hills facility included an indoor pool, gym, yoga studio, and other lifestyle/rehabilitative areas.

Attorney Shawn Steel, of Shawn Steel and Associates, APLC, gave a terrific presentation related to chiropractic care and questions that may arise on depositions, mediations, and trials. It was a Wednesday evening, a work night for most of the chiropractors in attendance, so Shawn Steel kept the presentation under 2 hours, and it was rich with valuable information to chiropractors practicing in California.

CCA chiropractors provided pizza and beverages for the event and there was a good turnout of active LA region CCA members. It was mentioned that now is a great time to join the CCA (see Time to Join California CCA) and doctors gave mention to the benefits of CCA membership, including events like the CCA Hosting of the 100 Year Lifestyle Weekend, which features 12 Hours Free CE from the California Chiropractic Association. The CCA recently held relicensing events in San Diego and there’s a 12 hour event taking place in San Francisco in November 2009 (see San Francisco and San Diego CE Credits from CCA).

LA Metro and Santa Monica Chiropractor CCA Reps Bryen Bell and Michael Tebbe
LA Metro and Santa Monica Chiropractor CCA Reps Bryen Bell and Michael Tebbe
Combining efforts from the Metro Los Angeles and Santa Monica chapters helped make the night a success, that along with the hospitality of Dr. Perry and the skilled presentation by Shawn Steel. Even if chiropractors took away only one thing Shawn taught, the investment made would provide great returns on investment.

Like the enthusiasm shown for chiropractic by CCA reps like Dr. Kevin Joe (see Kevin Joe and California CCA events), the energy and passion for moving chiropractic forward was shared by elected CCA representatives on hand for the evenings event. Many thanks to chiropractors Michael Tebbe, Bryen Bell, Evan Berk and others for organizing this event.

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