Response To Your ITEM Posted For Sale

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I woke up to a forwarded e-mail this morning from a chiropractor that was contacted by someone inquiring about a piece of chiropractic equipment he had listed for sale. I’m thankful he quickly forwarded the e-mail to me so that the sender’s information could be investigated. While I’ve covered this topic in what feels like thousands of times before, I don’t expect the practice is ever going to go away completely, so I’ll continue to post reminders now and then.

Bottom line: always be weary of those contacting you online regarding equipment for sale, this is the area scammers target most.

chiropractic classified ad serviceFrom the activity I see online, it appears that nearly everyone using the classified advertising system is taking the time to read directions, and users are posting/replying responsibly. Still, some have either skipped over reading directions, or continue posting in a way that is not recommended (we do delete and ban accounts regularly). The other day I posted classified ad e-mail address tips for this very reason, since some users prefer to post their e-mail information in the body of advertisements. I strongly advise against this, and the text I’m going to share shows my reasoning why. The following is what was forwarded to me…

[email protected] wrote:

Items posted in Product Categories are frequent targets of Check and Money Order Scams.
We are working to reduce and eliminate fraud. Your assistance and support is appreciated.
If you believe this ad reply is fraudulent, simply forward it to [email protected] and then
delete it. Do not reply to any suspicious emails. It will only result in more SPAM.

Ad Number: XXXXX
Sender IP:

Ad Headline: Spinal Care 2000
Posted To: Chiropractic Classifieds

Hello Seller,

In response to your ITEM posted for sale. I am an agent interested in making an immediate purchase of it.

After several consideration over the advert placed on the website, my client who has really shown interest in it and would want to issue the payment.

But before I proceed on this transaction I will like to ask some question as follows.

1. Is the condition of the ITEM what you have describe it to be ?

2. What is the final asking prize you can go at last ?

3. Do you accept a certified check as a mode of payment ?

4,Can the picture send to me via email for proper view?

Also I would like to restate clearly that this item will be shipped to Australia and I have a shipping agent who would take good care of this. You are to cash the Check you will recieve and deduct the funds for the sales of your item and please have the excess funds sent to the shipping agent in order to schedule the pick up of the item.

All neccesary transfer papers will be dully signed by the shipper on behalf of my client when the shipping agents comes for the pick up of the item .

I will be willing to entertain more of your questions that might arise, please provide your


So that I can have it forwarded to my client for immediate payment issuance.Looking forward to hear from you.

Mr William Diehl
Fleet court ,
fleet st torquay
devon england tq1 1dr x

williams diehl
[email protected]

Thankfully the chiropractor using our advertising system relied on the built in contact form to be contacted regarding their equipment for sale. Using the form, we are able to capture the sender’s IP address, e-mail address, and other pertinent information. That information can be quickly forwarded to Internet Service Providers, state and local agencies, etc. We can also ban the sender’s e-mail address, making their scamming efforts slightly more difficult. The form also provides us with the information to create this post; so that people selling motorcycles, cars, household appliances, cameras, and all sorts of other items that appear unclassified add websites throughout the world, can be notified that this individual is a scammer.

To those that use the classified ad system, thank you for being a responsible member of the community.