Mission Life International 2009 Chiropractic Trips

Mission-Chiropractic is currently leading mission trips to Cuba, Haiti, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ethiopia and Ghana. Mission-Chiropractic brings chiropractic to third world countries and to places where chiropractic has no presence. Mission Life International is a 501-C3 non-profit organization providing donations, vitamins, minerals, eyeglasses, shoes and many other life essentials and humanitarian type relief to the poor and suffering people of third world countries We are adding chiropractic to their efforts and need your help.

My Educated Mind is Tired!

I had an awesome surprise. Chris and Patsy Sigafoose drove down from Sarasota. I’ve loved that man for close to 30 years now. As many of you know he is facing some health challenges. I should say facing up to them because all he wanted to talk about was getting well and getting back to work. After dealing in the medical arena for a few months he has become crystal clear that any encounter that we have with a patient is a blessing to that patient.

Chiro-Squad Super-Heroes Take Profession by Storm

Back in 1997 while still a student at NYCC, a new dad to his oldest son, Bryant (now 12), and a superhero fanatic, Dr. Vic Naumov,DC dreamed of creating and utilizing superheroes to teach the children of the world about chiropractic history and its’ healthcare benefits. Armed with nothing more than a pencil and a dream, Dr. Vic created The Chiro-Squad, Guardians of the 33 Chiropractic Principles! Specifically named for the three regions of the spine, Cervico, Thoracico and Lumbardo were born.

Meet a Chiropractor – Tim Swift of San Clemente

California is a popular state for practicing chiropractic (it’s the only state featuring four chiropractic schools) and you’re likely to find at least one chiropractor practicing in every coastal community found throughout the state. The city of San Clemente exists roughly halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, and it’s the surfing and adjusting location of choice for Dr. Tim Swift of Swift Health Chiropractic.

Mom Blogs and Chiropractic

There are a number of Planet Chiropractic articles authored by moms. Topics range from leadership and office management to providing chiropractic care for more comfortable pregnancies and safer births. There is also an abundant amount of blogs in the blogosphere, with topics for moms authored by moms. I put together a brief list of mom related articles and authors found on Planet Chiropractic and discovered a spectacular resource for nearly every mom centered blog in existence.

Web-based Photoshop Express Opens to Public

Adobe Systems opened Photoshop Express early this morning, a much-anticipated web-based image editor intended for a market of consumers that want to store, share, and edit photographs online. The web-based service, was made available with 2 GB of free storage, and offers users the opportunity to create a subdomain on photoshop.com, when creating one’s free user account.