Life University Lawsuit Against CCE

The following are highlights from the filed lawsuit. Scroll down below for a link to the complete file.

FACTS: Background 9. Within the chiropractic community, there have long been two primary philosophies on the scope of chiropractic. Adherents to the conservative philosophy believe the scope of chiropractic care should be limited to the traditional diagnosis and adjustment of displacements of spinal segments or other musculoskeletal structures. According to this viewpoint, any form of allopathic or homeopathic pharmaceutical prescription or other ancillary treatment is the practice of medicine and, therefore, outside the scope of chiropractic. This philosophy is promoted by the International Chiropractors Association (“ICA”) and the National Association for Chiropractic Medicine (“NACM”). Life’s curriculum has traditionally been based on this conservative philosophy.

FACTS: Background 10. Proponents of the competing liberal philosophy based on a medical model, believe the doctor of chiropractic should go beyond the diagnosis and treatment of displacements of spinal segments or other skeletal structures and utilize ancillary treatment methods consistent with the role of a primary care physician (i.e., acting as a primary care physician but without any medical school training or residency). In this capacity, the doctor of chiropractic makes the preliminary diagnosis for all patient complaints and either treats the patient directly, or refers the patient to the proper branch of medicine for treatment. This latter philosophy is promoted by the American Chiropractic Association (“ACA”).

Foundation for the Current Action: 19. The 2002 CCE Standards, like those dating back at least to 1998, provide that “CCE does not seek to define or support any philosophy regarding the practice of chiropractic, nor are the CCE standards intended to support or accommodate any philosophical position. These are the responsibility of the profession and each educational program and institution, giving consideration to requirements of the jurisdiction within which the professional may practice, professional associations, and in the final analysis, the practitioner’s own philosophy of chiropractic.” In spite of CCE’s pledge not to seek to define or support any philosophy regarding the practice of chiropractic, CCE recently has adopted the stated goal of supporting “accredited programs and institutions as they educate and train a competent doctor of chiropractic who will provide quality patient care and serve as a primary care physician.” Goal 3-a, January 2002 Standards.

Link to complete filed lawsuit: Life University Lawsuit Against CCE @ 7:50 am | Article ID: 1044978623