Integrated EMR Practice Management Touchscreen System

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractic software, I haven’t discussed billing or practice management suites in some time. Still no news on any practice management software running on Linux (unless using VMware). Wow, back in November of 2007 I had a practice management software post with questions about products on the chiropractic market at that time. Also briefly in November of 2007 there was a software and attorney mail post regarding the same topic, management and billing software for the chiropractic office, and my interest in getting software running on operating systems like Ubuntu.

Many chiropractors I’ve spoken to have switched to touchscreen chart note and billing systems. Without promoting any particular brands of software I made a list of some things that would be beneficial for chiropractic clinics.

A complete system, with chiropractic specific EMR information, that’s customizable but ready to use without much customization (out-of-the-box so to speak). Should definitely be touchscreen but system should run across network of computers and function whether using touchscreen monitor or standard monitor mouse and keyboard.

Bonus if software functions on portable tablet PCs as well as in adjusting room workstations. I’ve dealt with too many practice management systems that only run well on the main computer the installation is on. That’s a major negative in my book.

Practice management software should be integrated with EMR and designed specifically for chiropractors, not just physical therapy type chiropractic offices, but real-world high-volume chiropractic practices using techniques such as Gonstead, diversified adjusting, or those that use modalities and acupuncture.

Software should be able to produce high-quality and accurate SOAP chart notes. Charting shouldn’t slow down the doctor or staff. A user-friendly and customizable SOAP system is essential, since practices vary from one to another. It should be easy for a chiropractor (and or staff) to manage the entire clinic using one efficient and effective software package.

From when a patient walks into the office, until they leave, there should be detailed beginning to end patient flow information available. Also to be customized, since chiropractic offices use different practices and procedures, when it comes to collecting payment, having people sign in, and moving to and from adjusting areas.

Electronic claims filing is an obvious essential, as are past due tracking of claims. Analytics on insurance carrier performance would be a bonus. Analytics with charts and graphs on nearly everything you can think of related to practice, such as cash income versus payments made on American Express cards, should be viewable in a graph like fashion.

What else? Who’s producing the best practice management any electronic billing claims management software out there? I know the chiropractic software companies will say their product is best, but I’d prefer to hear from chiropractors in the field (especially those chiropractors seeing large volumes of clients regularly).

6 thoughts on “Integrated EMR Practice Management Touchscreen System”

  1. This will probably sound like a sales pitch because I work for a Chiropractic PM Software company. We have clients that see well over 100 patient a day. We have a slick check-out process for the front desk. The front desk person can check out a patient in as little as one click to record, save, exit, and move on to the next task. If the doctor is not using a tablet PC then it takes the front desk person 5-10 seconds to enter the charges and get the copay. If the doctor IS using a tablet PC then the charges are accurately and immediately sent to the front desk which only requires 1 click to accept the doctor’s charges and check the patient out when no copay is collected.

    Yes, this might sound like a sales pitch, but the truth is always the best policy in the long run.

    If you are looking to hear from chiropractors ‘in the field” then check out our website because we have more testimonials than any other PM Software company.

    1. I’m fine with that Glenn. Good to hear from makers of software too. There’s some expensive junk out there so feedback is appreciated. I’ve been asking docs in the field what apps they like/don’t like and we’ll publish a feedback report shortly.

  2. We have doctors using this system that see 1500 patients per week (No joke) and taking compliant SOAP notes at the table with touch screens. I you are in the market, go to our website to see more, then get a demo. You can also see video testimonials of these doctors and if you need references you can call them.

    This is a sales pitch. I am passionate about helping chiropractors level the playing field against insurance companies at any volume.

    Many thanks to Dr. Lloyd.

  3. Just wanted to point out that Billing Precision does work on Mac as well as Linux systems. In fact, we develop our product exclusively on Linux OS. Go Linux!

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