A Burning Desire

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I am chiropractic. Every waking minute of my life is consumed with A BURNING DESIRE. A burning desire to reach the dying people. There are millions of dying people out there and it is overwhelming. Each and every person that is subluxated is dying, some more slowly, some quicker, but all dying.

What more noble a cause, yet we sometimes downplay it because of its magnitude. I have no time to treat symptoms in my practice because I am too busy removing subluxations. Symptoms are easy to remove but they are there for a reason. Doctors treat symptoms. Symptoms are effects and subluxations are causes and subluxated people are accidents waiting to happen.

How can I reach more people with this message? Are people ready to hear it? I spend 50% of my time answering and fulfilling this first question. The second question is imperative to our success. The answer is yes and no. Some people are ready to take responsibility for their health and some aren’t. If I don’t like it, it’s tough. Because everyone is not ready yet, but some are and that’s the exciting part – – some are.

Click for Planet Chiropractic Audio!Am I reaching enough of them? No – I’m never satisfied and I hope you aren’t either. Until every sick and every non-symptomatic person hears about chiropractic, I’m not satisfied. I’m not done. I need to reach them. They are dying to hear what I have to tell them. Their babies are dying too. It is up to me. I have been charged with this honor. I have a purpose and it is not the mixers chiropractic physicians problem either. How sad, but true. They are so close to the truth – it can almost jump up and bite them on the nose, yet they too aren’t ready to understand the Life principle. The chiropractic principle and incidentally, that’s okay too. I don’t hate them, just like I don’t hate Mary when she comes back after a year with the same pain that she used chiropractic to remove last year. I love her and I love them and I thank God I’ve advanced beyond that level. The body heals itself. That spark of life uninterrupted which allows us to be and to create and to love. Inside out – the wisdom of the ages. This is what I get to trust. Combining man, the physical and man the spiritual. They are one while we are here. How can they be separate? How can I care more? I can never do enough, I can never touch enough people.

The most optimistic fact that man can know, the answer falls to the spine. All the tears and all the dying and all the treating and yet the fuse is blown. The light will never go on until you change the fuse. How simple, so elementary. The key to the cause of all disease – lowered resistance. Healing form within, So Simple, A BURNING DESIRE. All else is trivial. The fees, the office procedure, it transcends all this when you have a message.

The message, God can work better through a clear channel at 100%. The more you block the channel the less God {health} can be expressed. The less life. The physical, the bulb, the innate, the electricity. What a responsibility. A BURNING DESIRE to save one blue baby.

I hope your priorities are straight. I hope you are desperate to serve people for their needs, not yours. I hope you’re saving dying babies and dying grandmothers because they are worth saving. Who isn’t worth telling? An engineer, a business suit, can’t they hear it? Aren’t they worth it? A healthy 20 year old athlete – is he worth it? Or are musculo-skeletal problem patients only worth it? Yes, they might listen more readily because they are in a crisis state but no one ever said it was going to be easy. You only get out of life what you put in. Save one more dying baby.

Dare to be different. Don’t give them what they think they need. Don’t be an aspirin. You are a teacher – so teach. Back pains are boring – health is exciting! Excuses rob you of life. Treating symptoms is robbing you of the time you can be out there saving lives. Are we going to allow people to continue crisis care after crisis care, incident care after incident care? No don’t rock the boat – it’s too hard. Remember when you wanted to change the world? I am changing the world. Well, in the dream did you want to change the world by spreading an effective treatment for back pain or did you want to change the world by turning on life?

Not accidentally – planning, scheming, imagining how you could bring the chiropractic reality to more people. Introducing, educating, making a difference. My purpose – and any minute I’m not fulfilling my purpose, I am dead. A moment not being alive is a moment dead. But, Doc, what about the balance in life? What about it? Decide what the balance is for you and live it. Don’t be afraid to try. The only failure is not trying. A BURNING DESIRE – that is the key, all else is trivial. It will fall in place, innate handles that stuff. What matters is us on the inside. Us on the inside is the beginning. Do something right, do anything, tell someone about the miracles of the body. Tell someone you love them.

Do something with passion. Be alive, make a difference. Stop talking, and do. Be a fanatic – who cares what they think. Only those poor souls who don’t have enough to do or care about have time to notice, but I have something worth living for. I love and appreciate you. it’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness. Keep the faith.

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