2007 Peru Earthquake Chiropractic Commentary

It was an incredible event. A little after 6pm, the windows in the house began to rattle. I was adjusting a patient but we thought nothing of it. I live in Peru, this is common. I have felt dozens of tremors over the past years and some rather strong. However this was different. This was no tremor. After a few seconds it got a lot stronger. The adjusting room opens out to a garden in the back of the house. So I told the young man on the table that he was welcome to come outside with me. As I went into the garden and looked up at the house, I could see it swaying. All the other buildings in the neighborhood were doing the same. In fact, most of the buildings in the entire country were swaying.

Life University Launches Wellness App

Life University announces the official launch of the first ever whole wellness app rooted in chiropractic philosophy – myLIFEplus. The free, multifunctional app is equipped with a wide range of features that promote a vitalistic view of optimal wellness and the role of chiropractic care in achieving it. The app is now available in the Apple App Store (the initial version is only available to Apple users).

Parker College Provides Chiropractic Care during South American Games

Seven Parker College student interns from the student abroad program in Colombia and their faculty chiropractor joined the Olympic health care staff in the 2010 South American Games by providing chiropractic care for the country of Colombia where they made history by becoming the champion of the games for the first time. The games which took place in March were held in Medellin, Colombia including 15 competing countries for two weeks in 42 sports.

First Ever Network Seminar in South America

On August 22-23 2009 Dr. Donald Epstein presented his newly revised Basic Care Intensive Seminar for Network Spinal Analysis for the first time ever in South America to a very receptive group of Chiropractors in Lima, Peru. Dr Epstein has completely revised his basic seminar in NSA to incorporate his recently published revolutionary model of health, Reorganizational Healing (ROH)1. In attendance were DCs from Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland and the United States.

Over 100 Chiropractors meet in Argentina – South America

From December 12th – December 15th, 2008 in an inspiring weekend sponsored by the two leading chiropractic groups in Argentina, the AQA and the Argentinean Chiropractic Foundation, over 100 chiropractors came from several countries to meet, discuss, and learn marketing, philosophy, and communication skills that will send them back to their communities with powerful new ways to communicate vertebral subluxation centered chiropractic with their practice members. The first graduating class of chiropractors in Argentina received their diplomas in a spirited ceremony on the night of December 13, 2008.