Month: August 2013

How to Publish a Chiropractic Associates Announcement

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I received an e-mail this morning from a chiropractor that recently graduated chiropractic school and they wanted to know how to post an announcement that they were available for hire. While hundreds of chiropractors and chiropractic associates have posted “chiropractors available” and “chiropractors wanted” to the classifieds, it had not occurred to me that not everyone may know how to go about doing so. This post is intended to help new chiropractors (and those seeking employment) post announcements for chiropractic jobs wanted.

The e-mail I received could have been from any recently graduated chiropractic student, it read… “I am recently graduated from the Franco-European college of Chiropractic. I wanted to know how I could publish an announcement on PlanetC1 to offer my services.”

My first recommendation is to read a how to post I created in December 2008, it is titled Instructions to post an ad on planet chiropractic. While it’s an old post, it includes the basic information for getting started posting chiropractic classified advertisements, which includes posting announcements from recent school graduates. In the screenshot shown here I’ve highlighted the “post ad” tab and the Associates category, that’s the section that we are focusing on.

chiropractic jobs associates ad
chiropractic jobs associates ad
After you have read the post on how to create an account, have read through the “do’s and don’ts” of posting classifieds, and have created your account, you’re ready to begin posting your announcements. This next screenshot shows the Chiropractic Associates category in detail. There are currently six categories, with Associates Wanted in the United States being the most popular subcategory. If you’re seeking chiropractic employment in the United States, this may be a good category to set up an auto notify on (more on auto-notify below).

chiropractic associates available
chiropractic associates available
I’m not going to get into great detail as to what should be included in the perfect announcement post (perhaps we’ll cover that another time) but I’d like to offer a few suggestions you may not have considered.

Include a Photograph – Post a recent professional looking good quality photograph of yourself. I’ve noticed that classified ads that include photographs get viewed significantly more than those that don’t.

Include a Link – Link out to your website, your Facebook profile, your Linkedin profile, your Google+ profile, or whatever page (site) you prefer to use to display your professional chiropractic bio. Remember, you are posting an ad seeking professional employment, best to link to a page that shows you in a way you’d want other healthcare professionals viewing.

Include the Small Stuff – Use detail when posting your announcements. If you have them written down (you should), share your goals with what you’d like to accomplish being a chiropractor. Those seeking to hire associates will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to share information beyond the basics (like what school you attended and what year you graduated). If you are a former Pilates instructor, a former bodybuilding champion, or an avid mountain climber, I would mention that. Personality is important.

I would also recommend setting up an “auto notify” in your chiropractic classifieds ad account. Using auto notify, you can set up an alert where you will receive an e-mail for keywords of your choice.

For example, if a chiropractor posts an Associates Wanted ad for Los Angeles, and you have “Los Angeles” selected as a keyword, you will receive an e-mail moments after that advertisement has been approved and posted live. The downside is when selecting numerous keywords you may receive more e-mail than desired (you can always modify your settings) but the upside is you will receive e-mails for all advertisements you may be interested in.

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