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Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research Receives Federal Stimulus Funds

Palmer Chiropractic News

NCCAM Awards Stimulus Funding to Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research for Low Back Pain Study Focusing on Muscle Function

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), has awarded a supplemental grant to the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research (PCCR) for its clinical study on the relationship between back pain and possible abnormal function of the supportive muscles in the back. The PCCR is located on the campus of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Totaling $578,853, the grant was awarded to Palmer by NCCAM through its funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, otherwise known as federal stimulus funds. The money will create at least five new jobs at the PCCR’s research clinic facility on the Palmer College of Chiropractic campus in Davenport, Iowa.

This latest award will assist the PCCR in its efforts to improve the care provided to patients with low back pain through clinical research. “We are pleased to be able to bring federal stimulus dollars into the Quad-City area, especially since these funds will allow us to create new jobs while also building our research infrastructure,” said Palmer’s Vice Chancellor for Research and Health Policy Christine Goertz, D.C. Ph.D. “We are now able to accelerate the progress of our clinical studies by recruiting patients more quickly.”

The Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research is the largest institutional chiropractic research effort in the world, supplemented increasingly by federal grant funding. These funds, totaling nearly $30 million in the past 10 years, have been instrumental in expanding PCCR programs in research education, clinical science, translational research, experimental biomechanics, neurosciences, and health services and policy research.

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Santa Monica Los Angeles Metro CCA Chiropractors October Meeting

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

California Chiropractic Association (CCA) member and non member chiropractors gathered on Wednesday, October 21st, for a combined Los Angeles Metro and Santa Monica District CCA meeting/presentation. The event, which featured chiropractic attorney Shawn Steel, was held at the world famous International Sport Science Institute, a facility owned by long time chiropractor, Dr. Leroy Perry.

Shawn Steel Leroy Perry
Chiropractor Attorney Shawn Steel and Chiropractor Leroy Perry
The opportunity to visit Dr. Leroy Perry’s International Sport Science Institute alone was worth the price of admission ($10 for CCA members and $20 for non-members). Besides providing a location for chiropractic care, the 2 story Cheviot Hills facility included an indoor pool, gym, yoga studio, and other lifestyle/rehabilitative areas.

Attorney Shawn Steel, of Shawn Steel and Associates, APLC, gave a terrific presentation related to chiropractic care and questions that may arise on depositions, mediations, and trials. It was a Wednesday evening, a work night for most of the chiropractors in attendance, so Shawn Steel kept the presentation under 2 hours, and it was rich with valuable information to chiropractors practicing in California.

CCA chiropractors provided pizza and beverages for the event and there was a good turnout of active LA region CCA members. It was mentioned that now is a great time to join the CCA (see Time to Join California CCA) and doctors gave mention to the benefits of CCA membership, including events like the CCA Hosting of the 100 Year Lifestyle Weekend, which features 12 Hours Free CE from the California Chiropractic Association. The CCA recently held relicensing events in San Diego and there’s a 12 hour event taking place in San Francisco in November 2009 (see San Francisco and San Diego CE Credits from CCA).

LA Metro and Santa Monica Chiropractor CCA Reps Bryen Bell and Michael Tebbe
LA Metro and Santa Monica Chiropractor CCA Reps Bryen Bell and Michael Tebbe
Combining efforts from the Metro Los Angeles and Santa Monica chapters helped make the night a success, that along with the hospitality of Dr. Perry and the skilled presentation by Shawn Steel. Even if chiropractors took away only one thing Shawn taught, the investment made would provide great returns on investment.

Like the enthusiasm shown for chiropractic by CCA reps like Dr. Kevin Joe (see Kevin Joe and California CCA events), the energy and passion for moving chiropractic forward was shared by elected CCA representatives on hand for the evenings event. Many thanks to chiropractors Michael Tebbe, Bryen Bell, Evan Berk and others for organizing this event.

For more CCA information or to find a doctor of chiropractic supporting the California Chiropractic Association, visit the official website at: @ 11:21 am | Article ID: 1256408503

Parker Alumni Awarded for Contributions to Chiropractic Profession

Parker College of Chiropractic News

October 22, 2009 (Dallas) — The Parker Alumni Association recognized alumni who have made a tremendous difference in the chiropractic profession during the Parker Annual Homecoming and Class Reunion in Dallas, Texas.

“Our alumni association members give so much to the chiropractic profession,” said Timothy Gunn, director of Alumni Relations. “It’s nice to honor them and show our appreciation for everything that they do.”

Parker Award Recips 2009

Dr. Marco La Starza ’04 was honored with the Young Alumni of the Year award, which is given to a recent graduate because of his/her passion and dedication to chiropractic and Parker College. While at Parker he made deans list, was a part of almost every club possible, and participated in Chiro Games. Shortly after graduation he returned to Florida to open his own practice in Rockledge. He has focused his marketing on his community by getting involved in numerous non-profit, civic, and government organizations. Not only did he receive patients from his involvement, he received state-wide press when a local news station ran a feature story on him called “Good Guy Chiropractor Volunteers Time.”

Dr. La Starza is a member of numerous chiropractic organizations such as the Florida Chiropractic Association, American Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractors Association, World Chiropractic Alliance, and Florida Chiropractic Society.

The 2009 Alumni of the Year award was presented to Dr. Patrick Bodnar, assistant professor at Parker College of Chiropractic, for his devotion to giving back to Parker College. He is a very well-known entity at Parker due to his commitment with the students and all members of the Parker family. Dr. Bodnar is also a team teacher for Parker Seminars, where he lectures on a variety of topics including business methods, patient communication systems, functional assessment and treatment protocols, and advanced patient rehab. “The Alumni Association is so proud to not only have him as a member but have him as an advocate,” said Dr. Camille Reagan ’01, vice president of the Parker Alumni Association. “We feel his contributions will truly make this profession stronger by strengthening our communication and business skills.”

The James W. Parker Award was created by the Charter Class to recognize individuals who live the principles our founder left to guide us. He was a man who had a vision greater than himself and lived to make this world a healthier place for all. Dr. Michael Hall ’90 was given the 2009 James W. Parker Award. For more than 11 years he has taught the students enrolled at Parker College. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Parker Alumni Association and practices at Hall Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center in Dallas, Texas. He has a background in neurology and has been a diplomat in chiropractic neurology since 1993. Dr. Hall is also certified in spinal trauma. He is a member of the International Association of Chiropractic Neurology, American Chiropractic Association, and Texas Chiropractic Association.

The annual Homecoming and Class Reunion event also included entertainment, a chance to reconnect with classmates, and meet others who walked the graduation stage before or after their graduation year. This year is the reunion year for graduates from classes 1989, 1994, 1999, and 2004.

For a list of upcoming events please visit or to contact the Parker Office of Alumni Relations e-mail [email protected]

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Parker College of Chiropractic, located in Dallas, is one of the country’s leading educators of healthcare professionals with an international student enrollment. For additional information about Parker College of Chiropractic, visit the college’s website at @ 9:17 am | Article ID: 1256228302

Chiropractic Industry Leaders Award Chiropractic Students

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

October 15, 2009 (Dallas) — Parker Seminars partnered with several of the chiropractic industry leaders to present Parker College of Chiropractic students with 10 scholarships totaling 37,250 dollars during the Dallas Parker Seminar. Scholarship recipients were chosen by the Parker College of Chiropractic scholarship committee. Students who applied for the scholarships were required to write an essay about what they have learned from speakers during Parker Seminars and Parker College assemblies.

Parker College of Chiropractic student scholarship sponsors and recipients
Chiropractic Industry Leaders Award $37,250 to Parker College of Chiropractic Students during Parker Seminar

Chiropractic Economics gave Janna Cottingame and Taryn Lowery 5,000 dollars each. Lowery revealed how she will be using the scholarship. “I am opening a practice after graduation in December,” said Lowery. “This scholarship is going directly to the ‘practice fund.’ I have waited three very long years to fulfill this dream of not only owning my own business, but of serving the lives of the loving families in my community.”

Also sponsoring a scholarship, Standard Process gave 5,000 dollars to Carol Watkins. “This scholarship will allow me to further my chiropractic education by providing the financial ability to attend seminars, including 2010 Parker Seminar Las Vegas,” said Watkins. “This furthering of my education will allow me to provide better care for my patients.”

Chiropractic Leadership Alliance allotted Jacob Hansen and Mary Sue Branch 3,750 dollars each. “My family and I can’t even begin to express how grateful and blessed we are for their generosity,” said Hansen. “I don’t think it is possible for them to understand how much this means to us. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank them for their support and for this incredible gift.”

Performance Health presented Lindsay McIinnis with 3,750 dollars. “I am very appreciative to Dr. Dana Mackison and Performance Health for their generosity,” said McInnis. “Companies that put money back into the profession by investing in students really make a difference. This scholarship has alleviated some financial burden and allowed me to focus more on my studies which will in turn greatly enhance the care of my patients.”

Additional scholarship sponsors included Pro Solutions who gave 3,750 dollars to Paul Stadler, Erchonia who allotted 3,750 dollars to Erin Spindler, Douglas Labs designated 2,500 to Dan Sullins, and B&D Enterprises gave Ashley Posa 1,000 dollars.

A reception followed the presenting of scholarships providing time for the students to thank their sponsor and the opportunity for the sponsors to meet the recipients face to face. Tremendous appreciation was shown from the scholarship recipients.

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Parker College of Chiropractic, located in Dallas, is one of the country’s leading educators of healthcare professionals with an international student enrollment. For additional information about Parker College of Chiropractic, visit the college’s website at

Source: Parker College of Chiropractic @ 1:10 pm | Article ID: 1255637437

Daniel William Uncles Birthday Gift Classified Ad Scam

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Early this morning I was preparing for an awesome Wednesday at the office when I received an e-mail from a chiropractor questioning the validity of a reply he had for a piece of chiropractic equipment he was selling in the classifieds. On the surface the e-mail didn’t look quite as spammy and fraudulent as the many we’ve seen before, but it had all the key factors we see in classified advertising buyer scams.

To confirm, I always perform a search on the IP address to see if any unusual activity is appearing on the website. In the case of the e-mail I received this morning, the IP address had sent some 67 identical e-mails to sellers of chiropractic equipment in about a 40 minute period, undoubtedly a scammer.

As I’ve been doing regularly,  I like to post a copy of the e-mail that was sent (thanks to the chiropractors that alerted me) along with the e-mail address used and the IP address. I have received many e-mails in the past couple years, from folks using other websites for classified advertising that received similar e-mails from the same scammers, which has helped keep them from falling prey to 419 check and money order scammers.

Sender IP:
Posted To: Chiropractic Classifieds

Hello Seller,
I will like to show interest in buying your item,My name is Daniel William from Redlands CA .. I came across your item and i have really read all the description of the item and I’m very much interested to buy it.

I’ll like to buy the item for my Uncle as a birthday gift,i will like to ask you some few questions..

Q#1. How long have you owned it?
Q#2. Any available photo?
Q#3. How much are you asking for it?
Q#4. Do you accept a (Business Check/Cashier Check/Money Order)as a mode of payment?
Q#5. Get back to me with your Full name,address and Phone # to further our discussion.
Q#6.Do you accept a local pick up?

Note that you don’t need to worry about shipping as i have a private shipping company that will take care of the shipping and delivery of the item once payment is been received by you.

I’ll like to have the response to these question in your earliest convenience.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regard And God Bless,

Daniel William
[email protected]

The biggest change I see in this e-mail from those sent in the past, is the buyer identifies themselves as somebody that is local in the United States (in this case Redlands California). Their e-mail explains that they want to buy the item for their uncle as a birthday gift. Who buys their uncle x-ray processing equipment for a present? That should be a flag right there.

The bigger flag though, is that the item is not mentioned in the e-mail, which makes it much easier for the scammer to send out mass mailings using the template seen above.

I like the finishing touch of… God Bless That tends to be seen in nearly every fraudulent e-mail in this sort of category. Very simply, the above e-mail is an attempt to separate someone from their items for sale and/or their money. Here’s a long list of nearly identical blog posts regarding this kind of fraudulent online activity. You don’t have to read all the posts to get an understanding of what’s going on, but I’d recommend you read at least three of them, before posting any classified ads on any website online.

Classifieds Ad Fraud Attempt Today
Helene Dido Internet Classified Ad Scams
Mr Osram Slam oceanltd2000 Scam
Nigerian Scammer Loaded Martins
Martins Gilbert Woodland Property Investment Scam
Mark Nicholas mark_nicho95 Fraud Alert
Daniel Monday Scam Alert
Mr Benson Raymond Nigeria Scam
Constant Watch on Fraud and Scams
1000 mentions of fraud and phishing
I can haz ur money?

Maybe somebody wants to buy me a digital x-ray unit for my birthday?

Now You Know Launches Digital Office News Service

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractic waiting rooms are being transformed into patient education rooms thanks to a new service launched by Now You Know (NYK). The chiropractic website and Internet educational service, Now You Know, has created an in office chiropractic news service that streams information from online to television screens in chiropractic reception areas.

I met up with chiropractor BJ Harman (one of the company’s founders) recently while in Phoenix Arizona for a chiropractic conference. While in Phoenix, I had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Harman and learn more about this new service. I really like it.

First off, the service is free for those that already use NYK for chiropractic website Internet services, and I believe they’ll be rolling out a monthly subscription package for those that don’t have websites hosted with them. Through their service a chiropractic office can connect an LCD flatscreen monitor to a computer connected to the Internet and play live streaming news information that is chiropractic centered.

watch the Internet on your TV
Chiropractic News coming to your office TV soon

The process is fairly basic and chiropractors can use a flatscreen monitor television that’s connected to a computer with Internet connectivity. Using the Internet browser Firefox, chiropractors will be able to login to an account that allows them to manage the various aspects of the chiropractic news service, which will allow them to display the news on the TV full-screen.

The folks at NYK are probably most excited about the value the service is going to have for chiropractors in the way of patient education. I think that’s fantastic but what I really find terrific about what they’re doing is that they’re pushing technology adoption on chiropractic offices everywhere. How many chiropractic offices have their LCD screen TVs (or plasma screens if you like) showing content full screen from the Internet?

What happens as a result of more chiropractors combining the use of online and visual displays through technology in the office is that increasing numbers of practitioners become geek aware and tech intelligent. This leads to increased use and development of continually improving and readily accessible chiropractic educational materials for the office. That’s good for all chiropractors as well as the patients they serve. @ 8:57 pm | Article ID: 1255492663

Google 7 Box Map Data Results

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It was mentioned yesterday on Search Engine Land that in the United States, Google would now be providing their own map data, instead of using data (as they did in the past) from a company called TeleAtlas. While local search expert Michael Blumenthal provided details in a blog post regarding the changing of map data, I wondered how the changes may affect results when using Google to search for local chiropractors.

twitter cities local chiropractic blog postAs not to be too biased in selecting cities, I went to my chiropractic twitter account and asked “name a random city please.” Replied results included New Orleans, Knob Lick, Denton, Defiance, and Poteau.

This is a good random selection of cities because it shows that when it comes to searching for local businesses and services, google map results aren’t always going to be displayed, especially in more rural areas.

I started my search with Defiance, Ohio. I failed to get local map results for search terms like Defiance Chiropractor, Defiance Pizza, Defiance Restaurants, Plumber Defiance, or Dentist Defiance (thanks to Michael Gray for the city suggestion).

My first thought when no Google Maps results were returned was that there wasn’t enough information on local businesses to serve up a Lucky 7 local maps listing. There were traditional organic search results for each business category, many of them being from sites that provide large amounts of city data, but no maps.

I did the same searches (chiropractor, dentist, etc.) for Poteau, Oklahoma and had similar results. No map data was displayed for any of the business categories I searched in that area. Thanks to Serena Ehrlich for the city suggestion.

Chiropractor Adam Tanase suggested Knob Lick, Missouri and I was fairly certain I’d get the same results as I did in the previous two city searches. The area is south of Farmington, along Highway 67, and it appears to be quite rural.

WordCamp LV guy, John Hawkins, suggested Denton Texas. This is more what I was after, but I did ask for random cities, and I like how it shows the results are varied.

chiropractor-denton-texasChiropractor Denton Texas map results

I performed a search for Denton chiropractor and got back the results I was looking for. The screenshot above shows map data is provided by Google and if you count the red markers you’ll see that there are 7 (A – G) with a choice to view more results as the last selection. It looks to me like selection E is nearest to the centroid for the city (notice where it says Denton on the map) but it’s not the first listed result. Interestingly, when searching Dentist Denton, the top result (A) was nearest to the centroid. The results vary when searching pizza or plumber. Let’s take a look at one more Metro area.

chiropractor-new-orleansChiropractor New Orleans map data

The city of New Orleans was suggested by Michelle Robbins, and like the results for Denton, there were seven businesses listed on the map when including the term chiropractor in the search. In this case, selections A. and E. were closest to the city centroid, with E. being slightly closer.

I can’t recall what the data looks like for every city, but in many areas I’ve looked at, it appears that the local map results being served up by Google has changed from what was appearing when 10 Box or 3 Box (remember those?) local business results were being displayed. I may not be ecstatic about every result, but I like the looks of the Lucky 7 Box, it’s easier to read than 10 provides more results than 3. Change is good.

California Chiropractic Credit Union 1943

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

From what I’ve gathered by researching chiropractic publications, journals, historical archives and other sources from around the golden state, Chiropractic as a profession in the state of California, experienced a significant amount of activity in the 1940s, especially in Los Angeles. In 1943, the year Warner Bros. won Best Picture Academy Award for the film Casablanca, chiropractors in the state of California got to be part of a federally insured state credit union.

National Credit Union Administration Chiropractic
National Credit Union Administration screenshot showing California Chiropractic Credit Union (CCCU) chartered in 1943

According to the National Credit Union Administration (, a chiropractic credit union was chartered in the state of California in 1943. From documents I’ve viewed online and off-line, I found a significant amount of historical information regarding the credit union, which operated in the state through December 31, 1990 (nearly 50 years).

Charter Number: 64494
Year Chartered: 1943
Credit Union Type: 2 – Federally-insured State

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is the independent federal agency that charters and supervises federal credit unions throughout the United States and its territories.

Why was the credit union merged out? I haven’t yet found the answers to that, but the more I look at documents from early times of chiropractic in California, the more I understand how it is we got to where we are today. Just the other day I had another historical post that was from the same era, a check for chiropractic research funding, written in 1945 and presented at an Elks Temple in what is now the MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles.

California Chiropractic Credit Union Another dot gov website,, shows the Corporation number C0191903 for the California Chiropractic Credit Union, which was reportedly filed on January 21, 1943 in the state of California. By the time the credit union was merged out, a P.O. Box in the city of North Hollywood is listed as the address for the credit union. I suspect that around the time of filing in the 1940s, the credit union office location was somewhere around downtown Los Angeles.

A 9 page PDF document (from the NCUA) shows a complete statement of financial condition for the California chiropractic credit union after its closing in December of 1990. During the near 50 years of the credit union’s existence, chiropractors in the state of California were able to receive unsecured loans as well as new and used auto loans. 450 total loans were made through the CCCU (I’m assuming that’s from 1943 to 1990), which provided many chiropractors in the state of California with opportunities to finance new offices, equipment, automobiles, and more.

While news about a credit union in California may not seem as exciting as some ultra secret formula to grow your chiropractic practice, the reviewing of chiropractic history plays an important role in understanding what accomplishments (and what defeats) have taken place during the past 110+ years. Somebody found it significantly important to create a credit union for chiropractors in 1943, let’s take the time to appreciate their efforts, as we move forward. @ 10:50 am | Article ID: 1255024236

COCSA Annual Convention November Saint Pete Beach Florida


Have you registered for the COCSA Annual Convention November 12-14th, 2009 in St. Pete Beach, Florida? We are getting closer to white sandy beaches, cold fruity beverages, and the COCSA Convention!

Have you met the General? – Thursday November 12th – Join us for dinner with General Becky Halstead – “Steadfast Leadership and Life Principles for you, your practice and your profession”

COCSA Annual Convention November 12-14th, 2009 in St. Pete Beach, Florida

Dinner sponsored by Florida Chiropractic Association, Palmer College and National University: General Halstead sponsored by F4CP

Eight Critical Steps to Getting Member (and Future) Members’ Attention! Taking Your Association to a New Level of Marketing & Communications Competence. Join us Friday at 10:15am for Melynn Sight’s insight!

Most times, we don’t see things as they are; we see things as WE are. When associations communicate with members, it is almost always from the association’s point of view. AEs are frustrated when members don’t seem to pay attention, read, or respond to their mail! You will leave this upbeat session with eight specific practices to make your members pay more attention to and act on the services you offer. Learn first-hand about association mistakes and successful communications makeovers. Learn the new rules of communication to successfully market to your members.

Please join us for Rita Emmett’s presentation: “Blast AWAY Procrastination” – Author of The Procrastinator’s Hand Book; Manage Your Time To Reduce Your Stress: – Recovering Procrastinator & Professional Speaker, (as seen on the Today show with Katie Couric) November 14th, Saturday at 2:15pm

STAND TALLER – LIVE LONGER — Dr. Steven Weiniger, author of Stand Taller~Live Longer, presents the concept of Posture Expert as a path for chiropractic cultural authority and acceptance. Dr. Weiniger will describe how strengthening posture is an achievable target for chiropractic “branding” by bridging the gap from the broad public health initiative of COCSA endorsed Straighten Up America to an in-office, individualize clinical program.

Mary Bushman — HIPAA and Beyond – The New ERA of EHR – Real World Claim Attachments Experience – Overview: This presentation will provide some background on Claim Attachments, the Claim Attachments pilot and the first steps to Electronic Health Records. The adoption rate for the electronic standard solution for automating the claims attachments process remains low, however those who have implemented have enjoyed not just efficiencies, but significant ROI. After today’s session you will better understand the advantages to implementing this solution and preparing for implementing a total Electronic Health Record System.

For Convention registration visit Register for TradeWinds Grand Island HOTEL by OCT 11th for your ROOM DISCOUNT: 1-800-808-9833

COCSA Main Office 316.613-3386
Fax 316.633.4455

HAPPY 40th COCSA! — Please join us for a fabulous Celebration of 40years of COCSA! Enjoy a Wonderful Evening on the Beach with Magic, Dinner and live Music! Networking Reception Sponsor – Core Products — Dinner Celebration sponsored by NCMIC PAYDC — Entertainment Sponsor – Parker College @ 12:54 pm | Article ID: 1254945298

Historical Chiropractic Research Funding and Los Angeles Hospital

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you followed along any of the chiropractic writing I’ve done in the last 12 years or so, chances are you’ve read about mentions I’ve made on numerous historical chiropractic events. While everyday is a day of chiropractic history, some events are better publicized than others, and many don’t receive any press (inside or outside of chiropractic) at all.

los angeles hospital chiropractic check$2250 Chiropractic Research Funding check in 1945

The above is an image showing a photottatic copy of a check for $2250 marked pay to the order of  Chiropractic Research Funding by Los Angeles Hospital, Inc. in December of 1945. It is an excellent example of possibly forgotten chiropractic history in the city of Los Angeles. Like an example I showed in July of this year, of a historical chiropractic mailing address, the above image serves as a reminder of chiropractic related activities taking place in one particular city many years ago.

While the city of Davenport Iowa tends to get most of the attention when it comes to historical chiropractic stories (as it should), it behooves us not to forget even maybe more recent historical chiropractic events. It doesn’t matter if these things took place locally, nationally, or internationally, every story has its place.

The 2004 Chiropractic Expansion trip to Russia was a very big deal to the chiropractors that made that monumental event happen. Mission trips and chiropractic expansion projects are under works around the globe and many chiropractors have dedicated their lives towards moving the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic care forward.

Chiropractic history includes stories of chiropractic schools that once existed in Manhattan as well as stories of chiropractic educational expansions in places like Hayward California with dedications of new colleges (captured on audio) by former presidents of chiropractic colleges like Dr. Sid Williams.

chiropractic research funding los angelesClose-up displaying address for Los Angeles Hospital Inc on Westlake Park Blvd.

Even non-chiropractic historians may find images like this of interest. If you look at the address above for Los Angeles Hospital Inc. you may notice that the address is listed as Westlake Park Blvd. 2024 W. 6th St., Los Angeles 5, Calif. FEderal 4819. The city of Los Angeles has undergone many changes in the near 64 years since this check was written. There’s no longer a Westlake Park Blvd. in Los Angeles (I believe it’s been renamed Wilshire Boulevard) and mailing addresses now use postal codes instead of divisions of cities into zones. I believe the “Los Angeles 5” identified a particular area within the city and the “FEderal 4819” was the precursor to the use of United States postal codes.

When I think about my own chiropractic experiences I can’t go back much further than the early 1970s. Most of the stuff that I’ve had available to share online has come from my personal collecting of books, photos,  audio recordings, and whatever also come across during the past 15 years or so. Basic things like chiropractic photos from when I was in school (I had some of the most awesome chiropractic classmates) and 1999 chiropractic blogging histories are fairly abundant in my collection of “stuff” I’ve accumulated.

security first national bank west 6thSecurity First National Bank of Los Angeles

As if someone intended for me to publish more information related to historical events in the industry of chiropractic, earlier this summer my historical collection grew considerably, mostly related to the history of chiropractic in the state of California. An old-time chiropractor had passed on and, and afterwards his widow delivered to me stacks of chiropractic textbooks, publications, journals, radiological guides, and other chiropractic related documents.

As I mentioned above, some of these documents may even bear interest to those not seeking history regarding chiropractic, but those seeking historical topics in general. I found that the Security – First National Bank Los Angeles is now Bank of America. Today, if you drive along S. Alvarado St. or W. 6th St. near MacArthur Park, you’ll pass a BofA branch located at 2101 W. 6th. Today the postal code for that area is 90057.

If you’re interested in viewing a much larger version of the check shown above, use this photo link to view it in an expanded size. The $2250 check was reportedly presented by the president of the Los Angeles Hospital, Inc. Dr. George Taylor, to Chiropractic Dr. J. Ralph John. The presentation took place during a dinner meeting at the Los Angeles Elks Temple on January 3, 1946. The Elks later became the Park Plaza Hotel and they have a historical page showing photos.

I can’t help but be reminded by what Dr. Ian Grassam said regarding the price of greatness when I think even seemingly little events in chiropractic history. There’s so much to be remembered and still so much to do while moving forward.