Month: March 2005

Thinking Like a Chiropractor

by Sharon Gorman, Chiropractor

Monday Morning Chiropractic Message

We had our third monthly Focus Philosophy Night Saturday. It was awesome. The featured speakers were Jim Hilston and Peter Lawrence. Peter spoke with incredible enthusiasm about the mission trip he just spearheaded to Tobago. Jim did a good portion of his talk on how he thinks like a Chiropractor.

He sees the Chiropractic principle almost everywhere he looks. He spoke about many of the current news stories and showed how these stories demonstrated the strength of the human spirit. He also talked about some of the signs of spring that he is already seeing and spoke about how these signs demonstrated the intelligence of innate. He then gave several instances of people in his practice who had symptomatic changes both good and bad and how ultimately these changes demonstrated the wisdom of innate and the beauty of being a Chiropractor and being able to witness these miracles. He sees Chiropractic everywhere he looks. Do you? Are you a Chiropractor or are you living a Chiropractic life? Are you into Chiropractic or is Chiropractic in you?

It isn’t hard to see the miracles of life wherever we look. It is a little harder to trust that intelligence when it comes to our own body and our own health. So much of our job is to convince others of this intelligence and have them rely on that Life Force to keep them healthy and well. The surer you are about Chiropractic and the tighter your Knot is the bigger your practice will get. There is one other trick to it too. The trick is to share this truth without having people know that you think so differently than them. The trick is make a soft easy conversion without them even noticing the changes that they are making because people resist change. We have to become a walking example of what we hope them to be changing into. Chiropractic needs to ooze out of our pores. We get stronger in our understanding by selecting our thoughts wisely and choosing to see the miracles of Chiropractic everywhere we look.

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Focus Philosophy Night with Sharon Gorman, D.C.
Future Schedule

April 16, 2005
David Smith, Chris Trainor, Leo Beloyianis & Paul Roses
Optional: 1-5 p.m. PA Insurance Seminar “The Rules” presented by David Smith

May 21, 2005
Tonianne Roses, Brian Solofsy & Kim Stetzel
Optional: 4-5:30 p.m. Chiropractic Career Night

June 18, 2005
Adam Nogrady, Tom Sidoti & Howard Werfel

Marilyn Shore, Diane Tellier, Dean Sottile, Kevin Jackson, Selina Sigafoose

Howard Johnson
Route 611 Bartonsville, PA
Just off I-80 at Exit 302
formerly the Holiday Inn and the home of Focus Philosophy Weekends
For reservations ca.. (570)424-6100 and ask for the focus rate ($75)
(July’s room rate will be $129 due to Seasonal Rate Change)

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