Month: January 2004

How Chiropractic Care Changed Christina’s Life

By Jackie Pepe-Tardalo

My friend would like to share her daughter’s Chiropractic healing story. She hopes that Christina’s positive experience will change someone else’s life too!

My 8-year old daughter, Christina, started Chiropractic care in July, 2002. At that time, when she started care, she had asthma and problems with her white cells. Christina would spike 105 fevers with no warning or other symptoms. Obviously she had a low immune system, which resulted in her always being sick. At age 2, Christina used a nebulizer for her asthma almost daily, and sometimes 3 treatments in one day were necessary.

Prior to Chiropractic care, when Christina would get sick, her white cells would reach abnormally high numbers. When her white cells reached 25 thousand, she had to be hospitalized. The doctors would then have to inject her with medication until her count returned to a normal range. Until Christina started Chiropractic care, she was on medication since birth. (I did not understand at the time how medication also lowers the immune system.) The doctors tried every medication there was on her, but eventually they stopped working because her body got used to them.

My daughter has gone through extensive tests, including MRI’s of the brain, spine, lungs, and chest, as well as bone scans and injecting dye in her veins. At that point, my husband and I refused to have her undergo a spinal tap test. We have been to many different doctors. The doctors were constantly poking at Christina and then telling us that she must be admitted to the hospital. Also, because we were always sent to labs for blood work, by the time the results came back it would be too late. Her white cells continued to rise higher and higher. The highest her count has gone was to 58 thousand. She also frequently suffered with pneumonia.

When Christina was 2 years old, she was hospitalized for 2 weeks because of her white cell problem. She was absent from Kindergarten for 40 days and hospitalized 2 times that year for the same thing. Christina also missed many birthday parties and most of her soccer season in Kindergarten and first grade because she was always sick.

Since Christina has been receiving Chiropractic adjustments, there has been wonderful – and I mean wonderful – changes in her overall health! In second grade last year, she only missed 2 days of school! She had a minor cold, which getting an adjustment helped her immediately. I always feared her catching all the germs that we know are in the classrooms. She was exposed all last year in her class to strep and other kinds of viruses. I was amazed how she was around these “sick” children and never got sick. Through Chiropractic adjustments, Christina’s immune system has grown strong. It was explained to me how Chiropractic boosts the immune system. Since starting Chiropractic care, the nebulizer has been very rarely used. Christina’s skin color has also changed from the pale little girl she was, to her pretty golden skin tone. She is able to attend all of her friends’ birthday parties and she is the all star soccer player for her team this year! I was a Mom who never in a million years could imagine how Chiropractic care would help with these health problems. (I thought it was just to get you out of pain.)

Thank you, Jackie for referring my family and me to Chiropractic care. Words cannot express our thanks and gratitude for helping Christina regain her health. She is now a normal healthy child. Without you and Chiropractic adjustments, we believe this miracle would not have happened! So as Super CA’s Jackie and Lynne requested, I am shouting from the mountain top: CHIROPRACTIC CARE CHANGED OUR LIVES, AND IT WILL FOR YOU TOO IF YOU LET IT!” @ 10:05 pm | Article ID: 1073369113