Month: August 2002

Sleazy Celebrity Drug Pushers

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Several media reports this week suggest that celebrities such as Kathleen Turner, Ann Wilson, Rob Lowe, and others are involved in stealth advertising campaigns to push drugs on unsuspecting TV viewers.

Yahoo! news reported yesterday that one thing viewers are not made aware of when Kathleen Turner discusses her arthritis on national television is that she is being paid big bucks by big drug firms to do so. She is not alone. Several other celebrity spokespersons are being paid big $$$ to do the same. According to the Yahoo! report celebrities make as much as six figures per day pushing drugs.

I collected several links to related articles (see below) yet none of them actually came out and said the practice was sleazy. I could not think of a better term so sleazy just seemed to fit.

Others have said it this way…

“There’s something fundamentally wrong with lining your pockets with money and coming out and speaking about something like this.” – Cinny Kennard, a former CBS News correspondent. “It has become a hugely grey area as to where the stars’ charitableness begins and where their financial interests begin.” – Barry Greenberg, Hollywood talent agent. “It is highly problematic and maybe even unethical.” – Dr. Joseph Turow, a professor at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania.

In the past year or so, dozens of celebrities, from Bacall to Kathleen Turner to Rob Lowe, have been paid hefty fees to appear on television talk shows and morning news programs and to disclose intimate details of ailments that afflict them or people close to them. Often, they mention brand-name drugs without disclosing their financial ties to the medicine’s maker.

According to various media reports, Kathleen Turner is sponsored by Amgen Inc. and Wyeth, two companies that market the arthritis drug Enbrel. Very simply, Turner is paid by both Amgen and Wyeth for her involvement in a campaign to educate people who are stricken with rheumatoid arthritis.

West Wing star Rob Lowe can be seen smiling on the front page of a new drug company-sponsored website for a chemotherapy cancer treatment. Rob will reportedly earn a million bucks for his role in the campaign. No wonder Rob is smiling.

Yahoo! News: Networks Crack Down on Paid Celebrity Drug Pitches Celebrity pill pushers
Guardian UK: Well, if Kathleen Turner says it works…
Red Flags Weekly: Celebrity Big Pharma Pushers Finally Get Unmasked By TV Groupies
Red Flags Weekly: Side effects of celebrity drug pitches debated
Amgens By My Side: Rob Lowe With His $ Million Dollar Smile @ 10:07 am | Article ID: 1030727234

Fellow Parts of the Universal Organism

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

We never play popular music in the office. It is extremely rare, amongst the eclectic mix of Celtic and Native American and other assorted stuff we do play, to even hear a lyric. That’s why it struck me as a tad unusual to hear Hillary playing the Jerry Garcia Band in the office a few weeks ago. It was even more unusual to hear it being played off and on all day long. Then, late in the afternoon when one of our younger folks came in, it didn’t strike me as so unusual to hear him ask if we were playing Jerry because it was the anniversary of his death. No, Hillary had no idea it was that particular date, or even close to it, but I suppose Innate was on the job.

Yes, what a long strange trip it’s been. At one time, I would have dismissed such an event as coincidental; an isolated occurrence that my mind would quickly discard, like an old sock that had lost its mate and therefore its meaning in my life. I’m sure Innate was on the job back then, but my ego made sure it was eternally out to lunch. Then, for a long while, after becoming aware of the possibility of another realm of existence, this kind of thing would not be dismissed as easily. It would tug at the sleeve of my consciousness, begging for recognition and acceptance, trying to get me to acknowledge its place in the rest of my life. Ultimately, of course, it would fail. I might even go so far as to say to myself, “sure, it would be nice if this One Mind and synchronicity stuff was on the level, but…” I would finally let it go as being too weird, too bizarre for my little brain that still wanted things separate, labeled, and “logical.” Innate was on the job, and yet ego was still not willing to give it full-time status or benefits.

Well, after years of whatever it is I’ve been doing, we’re working on throwing a retirement party for ego, and giving Innate the key to the executive washroom of my awareness. I surrender. My life is one synchronistic event after another. I no longer discard any pieces (much as I’d like to discard some of them!). This principle of chiropractic really does apply to every area of my life. It dances around and thru my physicality, my thots, my emotions, my spiritual awareness, my relationships, my career, and my finances. It not only applies; it works! This uni-verse truly is one song, and all the notes are maintained in connection and in coordination by the Supreme Composer, Conductor, and Choreographer. Coincidence is a brain function; Innate knows only connection. Logic is a brain function; Innate knows only wholeness. Separation is a hallucination that Innate sees only as one-ness. Principle #32 states, “Coordination is the principle of harmonious action of all the parts of an organism, in fulfilling their offices and purposes.” We are all pretty much aware of this principle as it applies to the body. But it also applies to the “organism” called the Universe. We have, whenever we’re ready to claim it, the unlimited ability to live out our offices and purposes, our actions always benefiting the other “parts of the organism”, in cooperation and coordination. And just like a tissue cell in a harmonious body, all our needs would be met. Such a sweet deal.

Is it possible for the chiropractic profession to finally, totally, and unequivocally embrace its own principle? Only if its members learn the principle, own the principle, communicate the principle, and live the principle. Only if we stop seeing the principle as something separate from our own lives, and something we only talk about with each other at seminars. Only if we acknowledge this magnificent governing principle as the guiding force in all our affairs. Then, and only then, we could never do, say, or think anything that would not affect millions tomorrow (excuse the double negative). Innate would then truly be on the job, and this world would become more of the beautiful song it was designed to be. Jerry used to sing, “whoa, oh, what I want to know, how does the song go?” Well, I’m not sure if we need to know how it goes, but we certainly can dedicate our lives to getting our individual notes in tune, we can know that those tuned notes fit perfectly in the song, and we can use our gifts to help others tune their notes. Happy note-tuning! @ 7:50 am | Article ID: 1030719004

Disease, Dogma, and Misguided Medicine

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Imagine you created a drug and you wanted to find as many ways as you could to get that drug into the hands of the public. You may create a condition, something that many people could relate to, and then you could market the drug to treat it.

If the disease was not real would the drug need to work? Would a placebo (sugar pill) work just as well?

Two articles appeared in different publications in late July that I found interesting. They were posted less than 24 hours apart and may not seem to have anything in common with each other. Read them both (links are below) and ask yourself… 1) are the conditions real? 2) are the drugs any better than placebos? 3) does anyone care as long as $$$ is made?

First, you market the disease…
The news is not new to us. We talked about it last year (see link below). If you can create a condition (like generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, etc.) and can market a drug to treat that condition your basically in like flint. Think about it. If the condition is not real wouldn’t nearly anything have an effect?

The first article, which appeared in the Guardian, is titled: “First, you market the disease… then you push the pills to treat it.” The Guardian article talks about the “ugly truth about doctors, PR firms and drug companies.” Not only are the conditions questionable, but the patient testimonials about the drugs (in this case Paxil) and even the non-profit groups associated with it, were suspect.

We jump over to the Washington Post and find… “a recent study unexpectedly found that antidepressants sometimes perform no better than placebos (sugar pills) in treating depression.”

According to the article, drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil were tested. The results showed that in most cases placebos performed “as well or better” than the antidepressants.

The Guardian: First, you market the disease… then you push the pills to treat it
Washington Post: Misguided Medicine – A stunning finding about antidepressants is being ignored.

Planet Chiropractic: Create a Condition, Create a Market @ 7:00 am | Article ID: 1030543214

Tu Salud Es Tu Responsabilidad (En Espanol)

Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero

Es interesante ver cuantos pacientes creen que la responsabilidad de la salud es del Doctor. Muchos no entienden que la responsabilidad del Quiropractico es de ayudar y asistir al paciente a entender como es que funciona el cuerpo cuando esta libre de interferencias a la columna vertebral y el sistema nervioso. La responsabilidad de su salud le corresponde a usted el paciente. Cuando existe comunicación entre el Quiropractico y el paciente usted comienza a ver los resultados positivos que la Quiropractica le puede proveer con ajustes no invasivos.

Nuestros cuerpos estan creados para auto-regularse y auto-sanarse constantemente cuando no existen Subluxaciones vertebrales (Interferencias a la columna). Por tal razon es sumamente importante que usted y toda su familia sea evaluado por un Doctor en Quiropractica lo mas pronto posible. ¿Por que esperar a que usted comienze a sentir síntomas de dolor?

Mas vale prevenir que lamentar. La filosofia Quiropractica dice que una columna libre de interferencia permite que la inteligencia innata dentro de cada ser humano llegue a todos los sistemas del cuerpo permitiendo salud optima. Es sumamente importante que usted entienda este concepto. El cuerpo no necesita ayuda externa para sanar, lo que necesita es no tener interferencias al sistema nerviosos. El sistema nervioso es el sistema mas importante que tenemos en nuestros cuerpos ya que su responsabilidad es de mantener harmonia y balance internamente.

No importa si usted tiene dolor o no, muchisimos pacientes Quiropracticos no siente sintomatología sin embargo pueden recibir los beneficios positivos que ofrece los ajustes Quiropracticos. Ya es tiempo que usted tome el primer paso un busque un Quiropractico filosofico hoy mismo para una evaluacion de su columna vertebral.

– – – – – – – – – –
El Dr. Edwin Cordero es un graduado de la Universidad de LIFE en Atlanta Georgia en el 1993. El nacio en Fajardo Puerto Rico y tiene licencias en Puerto Rico y la Florida. Su oficina esta ubicada en Lantana, Florida. Visite su website en: @ 6:58 am | Article ID: 1030543138

MMR Triple Vaccine – Pharmaceutical Companies – Autism

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I noticed three different articles in the news in the past three days associated with the issue of autism and/or the MMR triple dose vaccine.

On Friday, August 23rd, Reuters in the UK reported that US researchers have found “further scientific evidence” that the triple MMR vaccine does not cause autism. On Sunday, August 25th, UK news reported that parents are concerned about the personal and financial ties some “experts” have to the vaccine manufacturer. Also on Sunday, the Sunday Herald reported that a DNA test has linked autism to the measles virus.

Let’s look at the Reuters article first. According to the article, “government has insisted that the vaccine is safe and has presented repeated studies that it says prove there is no link between the vaccine and bowel disease or autism.”

The study, which was published in the British Medical Journal, is a retrospective study that relied on patient records for data. There were no actual test subjects. Several similar studies have been done all with similar results.

Now to the Sunday Herald. According to the article, the measles virus has been found in the blood of autistic children via a new DNA test suggesting that the condition was caused by the MMR vaccine. The DNA test is called a TaqMan PCR. The molecular pathologist who performed the test published a paper earlier in the year suggesting a link between the measles virus, autism and a related bowel disorder.

From the UK news article, parents are concerned with the many ties MMR safety “experts” have to drug manufacturers.

According to the article, significant numbers of members from both the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation have links with manufacturers of the MMR jab. You can’t blame parents for being suspect.

Fifteen of the thirty-six members of the CSM have either personal or non-personal links with companies cited in a class action being brought by parents who believe that the measles, mumps and rubella triple vaccine has harmed their children.

Some have personal share holdings in the companies, while others have received research funding. It was also found that, “a professor in charge of a department promised a government grant to conduct a study crucial to the MMR debate, is being paid to advise legal firms acting for GlaxoSmithKline on the safety of vaccines.”

One parent summed up his concerns by stating the following…

“The tolerance of potential conflicts of interest in the medical establishment has reached an extraordinary level, both in terms of the scale of the interests involved and the apparent complete disinterest of central government in this issue. Yet it is particularly critical when considering the safety of medical products that the people making those judgments don’t have any conflict of interest, indirect or direct. You have to ask yourself, do the conflicts of interest overwhelm the scientific considerations of safety.”

We have included links below as well as several related links.

Reuters: No Gastrointestinal Disorder Link to Autism: Study Says
Sunday Herald: DNA test links autism to MMR Parents unhappy with MMR safety experts’ links to drug firms

Planet Chiropractic: Doctors say MMR jab is safe, Critics not so sure
Planet Chiropractic: Vaccine Researcher is Forced Out of Job
Planet Chiropractic: UK News on MMR Safety Exposed: MMR experts’ cash link to vaccine firms @ 9:33 am | Article ID: 1030466036

Inappropriate, Possibly Dangerous and Wasteful Healthcare

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The title says it all. It pretty much sums up what you will get when going the traditional medical route in healthcare today.

Many, once thought effective, surgical and therapeutic drug approaches to some of the worlds most common conditions are not producing the intended results. To put it bluntly, people are dying by the hundreds of thousands each year and we have little to show for it other than yearly increasing health care costs and an insane idea of applying the same failed approach to solve the escalating problems we face.

The Washington Post today featured an article called, “Tired of Killer Cures?” There was nothing new mentioned that we have not discussed on Planet Chiropractic but I was pleased to see an article of this nature get the attention it deserves. I hope that readers understand that my pleasure is not with the state of US healthcare (or healthcare worldwide for that matter), but that individuals, groups, organizations, etc. are standing up and shouting out… there must be an alternative.

Quite frankly, I’d rather be running on the beach or playing with my dog than writing this article. However, I can honestly say that I sleep better at night knowing that I am “paying my dues” during the day. While there has to be balance, I know in my heart that someone will read this information for the first time and think… wow, I did not realize that was the case.

Enough of that, let’s look at this article. Please read it, print it, and share it with as many people as you can. A simple task, but in doing so you may just save someones life.

The intro reads, “The signs and symptoms of crisis in our health care system have become front-page news in recent weeks. Treatments that were routine — widely accepted by physicians and embraced by the public — have proven inappropriate, possibly dangerous and wasteful.”

As examples, hormone replacement therapy and the surgical treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee are mentioned. Both have been in the media recently and both fall under the category of “inappropriate, possibly dangerous and wasteful” approaches to health care. We’ll just call it “IPD & W.”

Just think for a moment, there are women in the US that have been taking HRT for years and have recently had surgical treatment of both knees for osteoarthritis. Their bathroom cabinets are full to the brim with drugs, they live the soon to be textbook IPW & D lifestyle, and the proposed solution to their problem which gets the most press is more drugs and more therapies but with a volume discount added.

I’m not trying to be funny, this is what is going on. At the same time there are millions seeking another approach but they have no idea just what that approach could be. Can we blame them when they choose something fairly familiar to what they were taught all these years? No we can’t, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

I don’t think it’s even fair to blame medical doctors. I’m talking individuals here, not the established practice of medicine. Can you imagine… you go to school almost as long as a chiropractor does, you’ve just put your second kid through college, you glance at your new Mercedes out of your living room window while watching your plasma flat screen TV, and the news anchor person reads a report saying… “when appropriately used, medicine is the fourth leading cause of death in our country.”

What if everything you are, everything you do, is based on a lie? If your like some, you’ll scream out and start pointing fingers at others (like the fingers pointed at chiropractors, other health care practitioners, and even patients). But remember, every time you point, there are three fingers pointing back at you. Am I saying that chiropractic has all the answers and there is absolutely no risk? Quite simply, no. But, how about some perspective? There is a very good chance that my professional liability insurance is less than the insurance on that new Mercedes. Are insurance companies in the business of being especially nice to chiropractors or could there perhaps be some logic there? And my health club, they wanted me to sign a waiver stating that I understand there is a risk involved. Again, perspective.

Back to what to do. If your courageous, bold, and have always had a deep desire to help and serve others; no matter how long you have been applying a failed approach (or utilizing a failed approach) there is still time to do the right thing. That is what more and more people are doing today. That is why the New York Times and the Washington Post are publishing articles like what we see today. Let’s face it, there may always be prescription drug advertising, just like we have cigarette advertising, but is there a person on this planet that does not know the dangerous effects of smoking?

Here is a summary from the article of what is wrong with our current approach…

  • Over the last several years we have learned that the routine medical approach, even when appropriately used, is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States.
  • While the argument continues whether or not prescription drugs should be provided through Medicare, Americas medicine cabinets are bulging with prescribed pills that are, according to many well-done studies, often unnecessary, redundant and dangerous, as well as prohibitively expensive.
  • In spite of tens of billions of dollars in cancer research and treatment — more than 500,000 Americans still die of cancer each year, and millions more who “do well” suffer terribly from the side effects of their treatment.
  • the percentage of obese teenagers has doubled in the last two decades, they are overfed and under-exercised, and often anxious and depressed. They are also falling victim to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and perhaps cancer at ever-earlier ages.
  • Americas newborns continue to die at rates significantly higher than those in a number of other developed countries.
  • US health care costs, already more than twice as much per person as those of any other developed country, are escalating out of sight.

Just as important, Americans (in unprecedented numbers) are looking for the following:

  • relief outside the current system
  • help with preventing and treating the chronic illnesses that threaten, disable and dismay them
  • a more intimate relationship with their health care providers
  • health professionals who will respect them as partners in their care and who see and understand them as whole people

Let’s do something bold and be there for them. I can’t think of a better way to serve my country.

Washington Post: Tired of Killer ‘Cures’? – It’s Time, Says the Author, to Rethink The Alternatives @ 5:21 pm | Article ID: 1029889265

Think Sick, Be Sick – The Nocebo Effect

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chances are you have heard of the placebo effect. The effectiveness of the placebo has been studied at numerous universities and has shown impressive results.

Recently, the placebo effect was demonstrated in a highly publicized study involving knee surgery. The operation, estimated to be performed about 300,000 times a year on U.S. patients with arthritis was found to be completely ineffective, as 100% of patients reported reduced pain and better knee function after a sham (placebo) procedure was performed.

The word placebo comes from the Latin verb “placere”, that means “to please.” Think you are going to be healthy, and experience better health. Believe that your operation will be a success, and it is a success. Simply put, it could be summed up as the power of positive thinking. A mind-body connection so to speak.

While the placebo is meant to please, the word nocebo, is Latin for “I will harm.” A recent article in the Washington Post referred to the Nocebo Effect as the “Placebo’s Evil Twin.” Less people are familiar with the nocebo phenomenon.

According to the Post article, it was ten years ago that researchers came across a striking finding. They found, “Women who believed that they were prone to heart disease were nearly four times as likely to die as women with similar risk factors who didn’t hold such fatalistic views.” It was pointed out that the increased risk of death had nothing to do with age, weight, blood pressure, etc. They found instead, “it tracked closely with belief. Think sick, be sick.”

Researchers have suggested that some people become convinced that something is going to go wrong, and indeed something does go wrong. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Robert Hahn, PhD, an epidemiologist at the CDC and an authority on the nocebo phenomenon, explains the concept this way: “The nocebo hypothesis proposes that expectations of sickness and the affective states associated with such expectations cause sickness in the expectant.”

For more information on the nocebo effect, take a look at the article and an earlier article I found archived on (links below)

Washington Post: The Nocebo Effect: Placebo’s Evil Twin
Hippocrates: The Nocebo Effect – Scattered studies suggest that negative thinking can harm patients’ health. @ 8:50 am | Article ID: 1029772251

Autism Link To “Geek” Genes

By Nicholas Regush

(Reproduced with permission from the Health News Analyzer #85)

This is what I dug up on the BBC News website today. I almost wish that I hadn’t looked. The weather is extremely hot in Montreal with smog and I didn’t need any additional aggravation.

You can find the BBC story at:

(If you can’t click on the above link, you can cut and paste it into your browser.)

This trashy story is an excellent example of how information viruses get launched that make it more difficult for reasonable people to raise questions about vital health issues.

The story has to do with the “upsurge in autism cases diagnosed in the Silicon Valley area of California.” The lead paragraph tells us that it “may be due to genes more common in its high-tech workers.” At least this is what is attributed to “experts.”

There is “also some evidence that a similar situation is developing in the ‘Silicon Fen’ of high-tech industry surrounding Cambridge in the UK.”


Please read the piece and marvel at the lack of scientific evidence and the flurry of speculation, including the notion that “some doctors now think that workers who have the complex analytical skills needed to succeed in high-tech industry, and who are perhaps slightly awkward socially – the classic profile of the ‘computer geek’ – may, while not fully autistic themselves, at least be carrying at least a few of the genes that contribute to it.”

Extraordinary! Where did this come from? Mars?

Was this a BBC joke? I mentioned it to my wife and she thought it was a joke.

Unfortunately not. This is modern medical journalism in full frontal assault on a complex issue. Anyone researching autism seriously should be appalled, not to mention anyone who is pursuing valuable clues about the possible links between autism disorders and vaccines.

Here’s another amazing bullet which is highlighted on the BBC page. It comes to us from Dr. Robin Hansen (a pediatrician), of the Mind Institute in Sacramento:

“If your father has four genes and is a computer whiz, and your mother has three genes, you might get all seven and get full-blown autism.” And he unfortunately disgraces himself further by adding:

“Clearly, there’s a sort of mating where you don’t like change and you are a little bit awkward socially and you meet a person who is a little bit awkward socially too.”

Did Hansen actually say these things?

If so, methinks he should be pulled in front of a medical review board and get stripped of his license for life.

On the other hand, consider the reporter who put this unbelievable, misleading, speculative, nonsensical jumble of a story together. In fact, I still cannot imagine anyone publishing something so incompetent.

It is also a huge insult to any parent with a child diagnosed with an autism disorder.

Ah well, it’s hot in Montreal and I’d better cool down a bit.

However, I’d like to give you the opportunity to take this Health News Analyzer and send it out to as many people as you want – I’m breaking my rule here about distributing it for this one time – but this kind of garbage on the BBC page needs immediate and widespread reaction. @ 7:44 am | Article ID: 1029422662

Interest Drives Start of Philosophy Diplomate

From the Palmer Institute for Professional Advancement

The philosophy that founded the profession continues to thrive in modern chiropractic! The Palmer Institute for Professional Advancement and the International Chiropractors Association proudly announce the formation of a Diplomate in Philosophical Chiropractic Standards (DPhCS).

In the history of chiropractic philosophy, the PhC degree stands out as the only clearly defined academic philosophical graduate degree ever recognized by the profession. This existed from 1911-1965, when the early Palmer School of Chiropractic, later to become Palmer College, awarded this title to those outstanding individuals who pursued excellence in advanced philosophical study. It included the writing of a thesis of at least 15,000 words. With the advent of CCE and the knowledge that some colleges were offering this degree non-academically as an honorarium, Palmer dropped their academic PhC in 1965.

Now, fully recognized as a diplomate program, an advanced course in chiropractic philosophy is back! This 320-hour DPhCS program is the only one of its kind and features 13 live weekends, an online component, self-study from texts, and the writing of a thesis. Theses are defended at a Grand Rounds challenge highlighted at Palmer Lyceum, a great event for all.

“This program was designed to span the course of 5 years, and affords the participants the luxury of a diplomate program without having to spend 30 weekends away from their family and office,” states Dr. Frank Bemis, Executive Director of the Palmer Institute. “We are extremely enthusiastic to be able to offer participants such a dynamic group of top speakers, along with pure academics that will invigorate and enlighten all in attendance. There is nothing else like it.”

Doctors may choose to take the 120-hour Graduate Chiropractic Philosophy Colloquium, or the full 320-hour diplomate, of which the Philosophy Colloquium serves as the first year of study. Graduates of the 120-hour program earn their LCP honorary award (Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers), and then may choose to continue with the remaining 200-hours. After completion of the program, doctors are eligible to sit for the Diplomate in Philosophical Chiropractic Standards (DPhCS) examination from the ICA Council on Chiropractic Philosophy.

For more details please call Tricia Jestel at the Palmer Institute, 1-800-452-5032. @ 10:18 am | Article ID: 1029345517

Peace One Day

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“Peace One Day is asking the people of the world to honour and celebrate the Day on the 21st September; with the vision of the Day extending far beyond the cessation of violent conflict and representing an opportunity for the people of the world to create a moment of global unity.”

A chiropractor, John Steigerwald, emailed to tell me about this movement. I asked Dr. John why he had gotten involved in Peace One Day. The following is his response.

I got involved because of a practice member of mine already participating in this grass roots movement and he invited me to a gathering explaining what the day is all about. I had no idea what it was but was willing to attend the gathering. It turns out that one man from England, a film maker, initiated the entire proposal to the United Nations for an entire day of Global ceasefire. This initiative was approved by every single voting country.

This established the United Nations International Day of Peace, now fixed on the calendar for September 21. He produced an eight minute video which shows how the process was initiated and what the overall magnitude of an event like this will produce. I was greatly inspired to do all that I can to spread the word and the consciousness of this Peace One Day. Of course, this will not be a major headline in the big papers or on the nightly news. So it is in our hands to spread the word through such great avenues as the internet and in our private practices and communities. In my small town of St. Helena, Ca. (pop. 5000), we will be contacting many city and county officials and community members to let them know about this day to spread the awareness.

I encourage all DC’s in their communities to do the same… spread the word and awareness. I believe that this will be a major stepping stone to more established days of global ceasefire on this planet. It all starts with one day. So, thank you to everyone who would like to spread the word and the very positive, peaceful consciousness that a day like this can create. In Health and Life, John Steigerwald, D.C.

Visit the website at: @ 7:30 am | Article ID: 1029335450