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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Spreading Among Kids

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

News reports from yesterday tell us that for the first time, doctors have documented a large-scale U.S. outbreak of antibiotic resistant strep throat – an episode involving schoolchildren. Notice this is the “first time,” it certainly will not be the last.

According to various news articles, in the past, antibiotics have easily killed group A Streptococcus, the bacteria that reportedly causes strep throat and other conditions. Doctors were reportedly, “startled by its sudden widespread resistance to widely used erythromycin.” Erythromycin is a commonly used antibiotic. Aren’t we supposed to be giving less antibiotics? Why are doctors surprised when a bacteria naturally responds by becoming antibiotic resistant? It’s existence has been threatened, surely it has the intelligence to eventually fight back.

According to news articles, doctors also suspect the strep bacteria are becoming resistant to other popular drugs in the same antibiotic family as erythromycin. While some are reporting that doctors should be giving less antibiotics, the use of such antibiotics is reportedly growing because they require only one dose per day compared with 3 doses a day for other antibiotics.

Here comes the opportunity for the makers of the “other drugs” to step in. I’ll bet you someone has a “miracle drug” in the pipeline and they want this information to be seen by the public so that when the hearts and minds of people are stricken with fear they can come along with “the cure.” That may sound far-fetched to you, but how often are we seeing news of antibiotics and antibiotic resistant bacteria in the press? While some doctors are recommending use of all of these types of antibiotics be limited, for some, the thought of pumping less drugs into our children is just out of the question.

According to an article, this is the latest evidence that widespread use of drugs is making them less effective in fighting infection. What is most interesting to me about the article, is the statement, “… the latest evidence of a growing danger the medical community has been warning about for years, with little response from governments.” Is the medical profession now blaming the government? Who hands out the drugs? Who, in the United States, prescribes antibiotics other than medical doctors?

And the kicker… Doctors reportedly need to be on the lookout for these antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria so that they can prescribe the “correct antibiotic.” RTFM, the “correct” antibiotic is what caused the problem! How long will it be before todays correct antibiotic becomes the leading cause of antibiotic resistant bacteria?

How long will you be sold this package of tainted goods? How long will you buy into this medical propaganda that drugs are the answer? And when drugs don’t work, the answer is more drugs, different drugs, stronger drugs, etc. Don’t you think that after all this failure, it may possibly be time for a different approach? Antibiotics-Resistant Strep Spreads Among Children
MSNBC: Strep superbug spreads among kids
NEJM Online: Erythromycin-Resistant Group A Streptococci in Schoolchildren in Pittsburgh @ 9:11 am | Article ID: 1019146316

Adjusting babies

News files are being updated. For now, check out this link…

Chiropractor says technique helps delivery; others question need for it

“Proponents say applying gentle pressure to correct misalignments in a woman’s sacrum can help avoid a breech delivery or make room for a baby who is about to breech to turn to the proper, head-first position.” @ 8:03 am | Article ID: 1019055792

Chiropractic & Children: A Natural Approach to Ear Infections and Other Childhood Problems

By Dr. James Gregg

Otitis Media or Ear Infections is a Primary Concern for Many Children. Disgruntled parents often report that Pediatricians are too quick to prescribe antibiotics and/or to perform surgery. There are many causes of ear infections, these include allergies, teething, fever, and viral infection. In the majority of these cases antibiotics are not indicated. In fact the government recommends that antibiotics not be the first line of treatment because of drug resistant diseases and higher rate of recurrence. A study in Europe (med. news, for Consumers) on tubes in the ear concluded about the results, “No benefit from the placement… actually created some complications such as scarring and permanent perforation…”

During the birth process the head pushing through the birth canal, and pulling and twisting the baby’s head can cause serious spinal trauma that can create spinal subluxation. A subluxation in simple terms is a misaligned vertebrae that can cause nervous system interference, thus leading to decreased immune function, lymphatic drainage and other so called “childhood problems.”

A study by Gutman in 1987 (Manual Med.) showed that in 1250 babies examined five days after birth, 95% showed spinal abnormalities. The authors stated that an unhealthy spine “causes many clinical features from central motor impairment to lower resistance to infections – especially ear, nose and throat infections.” The authors, who were M.D.’s, assert that all children should have their spines checked by chiropractors.

Chiropractors do not check and adjust a child the same as adults. This common misconception often makes people hesitant to see a chiropractor. The fact is that chiropractors have many different ways to adjust the spine. These methods are gentle, safe and are well explained before any treatment is given.

Chiropractic is not a treatment for ear infections. The chiropractor searches for and removes the subluxations that can be causing the nervous system interference, thus restoring the body’s ability to heal itself. Subluxations can interfere with the functioning of the eustachian tube, which leads to fluid buildup in the middle ear. A chiropractic adjustment stretches the soft tissue around the ear canal, ultimately allowing fluid to drain and thereby reducing the buildup of bacteria and risk of infection.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics (Oct.97) looked at 400 children ranging from infants to adolescents with a history of chronic ear infections. After receiving regular chiropractic adjustments, within a 6 month follow up including maintenance visits, close to 80% didn’t have another ear infection.

Chiropractors are trained to deal with many health problems. In an age where papers are loaded each day with the increasing ineffectiveness of drugs, it’s nice to know that there is a natural, safe, drug-free and scientifically proven alternative for better health.

Have Your Children Checked For Subluxations Today. It may be the best health move you will ever make!

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. James Gregg practices in Waterloo, Ontario and he is a board member of the Chiropractic Awareness Council.
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Ear Infections in Kids

By Dr. Ryan French

I feel compelled to share this story with you. I am as angry as I have been for a long time. Last week a young boy (we’ll call him Jack), age 6, was brought by his parents into our office to get checked for the first time. The little boy literally had pus oozing out of both ears associated with terrible ear infections. Here’s his story…

Jack has suffered with ongoing ear infections for about 4 years (more than half his life), has had 12 surgeries where they put tubes in his ears, had his tonsils removed (I guess they thought he was born with too many parts), and was prescribed… get this… HUNDREDS of rounds of antibiotics. And what does he have to show for all this high quality medical care… well he keeps getting more and more ear infections, is almost deaf because of all of the damage that the surgeries have caused in his ears, has the immune system of an AIDS patient because he has never been given the opportunity to fight off infections naturally since being on antibiotics so much, is delayed in his speech because he can’t hear our voices, and has suffered with tons of pain.

Here’s the part that I can’t believe… after showing the parents the scientific research that states that the use of antibiotics for ear infections leaves the child 2 to 6 times MORE LIKELY to get the infection again and that removing tonsils does NOT change the occurrence of ear infections enough to warrant this traumatic surgery, and that this surgery should therefore not be performed; the parents were NOT upset. They couldn’t see why I was so angry that Jack has suffered needlessly. They said that he was starting another round of antibiotics on the day that I saw him, and that it usually took him just under two weeks for the ears to clear out when on the drugs. So I had a little less than 2 weeks to show them the power of the human body.

After one adjustment (just one) Jack showed up two days (not 2 weeks) later with a smile on his face and ears that were COMPLETELY CLEAR. He also enjoyed two nights of deep sleep that he hadn’t enjoyed for months. Now I do not take credit for healing him (that was his innate intelligence) but I know that the subluxation in his neck was causing him to be unable to heal from the inside out. But here is the unbelievable part… even though his infection cleared up in two days instead of the usual two weeks, the parents are so blinded by medical advertising and the “gospel” which is the word of medicine, that they actually said “wow, they must have given him some new and improved antibiotics this time.” I hope I am not the only one who sees something wrong here?

This young boy is growing up having absolutely zero faith in his body and has suffered needlessly for years. What’s even worse, if I can’t help the parents understand the truth, he’ll likely be under the knife again and enjoy a life of complete deafness and sickness.

We need your help. I am only one person and one voice. Please tell others about the power of the human body so that kids like Jack are not the norm, but rather few and far between. @ 8:03 am | Article ID: 1018969431

Please, Hands Off!

By Ryan French, D.C.

The Importance of Having a Non-Invasive Birth Process
(Originally published in ICPA Jan-Feb 2002 Newsletter)

Most chiropractors encourage their pregnant patients to be well-informed and deal with the birth process with the least amount of interference possible. We do this because we care about the health of both the mother and the soon-to-be-born baby; and because it is congruent with the vitalistic philosophy that chiropractic is based upon. Moreover, scientific advancements are also showing why a non-interventionistic approach to birth is the healthier avenue to pursue.

Unfortunately for humanity, the medical ‘drugs and intervention’ approach to health does not seem to provide all of the answers as once was thought. I say ‘unfortunate’ because it is the philosophy of health to which the majority of persons in North America currently subscribe. In an effort to clarify the situation, patients should be told about the statistics that science has to offer. Research estimates that there are 2,216,000 adverse drug reactions per year in hospitalized patients. (1) That translates into approximately 185,000 reactions per month, or over 6,000 per day! And that’s just the ones that are actually reported. Properly prescribed drugs are also estimated as responsible for 106,000 fatalities per year, or approximately 300 deaths per day. (1) This ranks adverse drug reactions from properly prescribed drugs as between the 4th and 6th leading cause of death! And, this doesn’t even include human error, patients treated outside the hospital, nor reactions from over the counter drugs. The director of public health at Harvard estimates that iatrogenic injuries, that is, injuries caused by the doctor’s actions, result in 180,000 deaths per year; or approximately 500 every single day. (2)

When it comes to obstetric accidents, it is interesting to know that although obstetricians make up only 3% of all medical doctors, they account for 29% of all the costs and damages (3), and account for 30% of all claims of negligence against medical doctors. (4) This means that one-third of all mistakes made by doctors are made by those responsible for delivering our children. A 1993 review of literature by Marc Gottlieb determined that despite these statistics “birth trauma still remains an under-publicized and, therefore, under-treated problem.” (5) And when it comes to trauma from the birth process, we are generally talking about damage to the skull, spinal column, and brachial areas.

Knowing this information, it becomes clear why it is imperative for the chiropractor to assess for subluxation and tissue trauma in the newborn. Tissue trauma causes the release of prostaglandin E2, leukotriene B4, bradykinin, histamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine, (6) which sensitize and cause depolarization of local nociceptors, eliciting the perception of pain. Subluxation, due to the component of restricted joint mobility, involves a reduction of mechanoreceptive stimulation, (7) and sensitization of the nociceptors, possibly eliciting the perception of discomfort by the newborn. If this joint area remains immobilized for even a few weeks in a position of ‘comfort,’ “contractures will develop in the surrounding tissue and as a consequence, a normal range of joint motion will be impossible.” (8) Thus it is imperative that the newborn is checked as early as possible after delivery.

Furthermore, the study by Mitchell et al. on the anatomy of the upper cervical spine elevates the importance of upper cervical subluxation correction because of the direct physical attachment of the superficial muscle and ligaments to the spinal cord itself. In this study the authors describe “previously unrecorded attachments of the ligamentum nuchae to the cervical posterior spinal dura, and to posterolateral parts of the occipital bone.” (9) They discovered a fibroelastic ligamentous attachment running from the nuchal ligament to the spinal dura in the midline between the atlas and axis vertebra. This information is so important since the majority of subluxations from birth trauma tend to be in this upper cervical region.

This extremely brief commentary on the literature is in no way exhaustive of the research supporting these concepts. We as chiropractors owe it to our patients to elevate our level of certainty by owning the principles, understanding the science, and being able to deliver the service. In doing this we will move a step closer to our vision of mandatory chiropractic examination for every pregnant mother and newborn.

1. Lazarou, Pomeranz, & Corey. Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients. Journal of the American Medical Association, Apr 1998, Vol 279, No. 15, p 1200
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9. Mitchell B, et al. Attachments of the Ligamentum Nuchae to Cervical Posterior Spinal Dura and the Lateral Part of the Occipital Bone. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. Vol 21, No. 3, Mar/Apr 1998

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Orientación Para Pacientes Nuevos (En Espanol)

Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero (The following article is entirely in Spanish)

La clase de orientación para los pacientes nuevos debe ser uno de las cosas más importante que puede ofrecer el Quiropractico en su consulta. La razón es muy sencilla ya que el paciente nuevo no tiene la menor idea de lo que hace un Quiropractico filosófico. No todos los Quiropracticos ejercen de la misma manera y muchos tenemos un punto filosófico bastante distinto. El paciente nuevo debe de entender y saber que cuando entra a tu consultorio que tú eres distinto a lo demás Quiropracticos en la comunidad.

La orientación Quiropractica siempre se debe de presentar a los pacientes nuevos la primera semana que comienzan. Un Quiropractico muy querido y muy conocido compartió lo siguiente conmigo: La orientación Quiropractica se debe presentar el mismo dia del reporte de los resultados. De tal manera el paciente puede entender y reconocer la importancia de lo que queremos lograr para aumentar su salud naturalmente. Luego de que el paciente entienda este concepto es recomendable compartir los planes financieros. Nunca es recomendable explicar los conceptos financieros antes de darle el reporte de los resultados y la clase de orientación primero. Si no le explicamos y compartimos nuestra filosofia Quiropractica nunca lograremos que el paciente vea el valor de lo que estamos haciendo para ayudar a crear una harmonia interna cuando removemos las Subluxaciones Vertebrales a través de los ajustes Quiropracticos.

Muchos Quiropracticos tienen miedo de hablar enfrente a un grupo de personas. Pero es sumamente importante tomar todos los pasos necesarios para sobrepasar este miedo. El paciente solamente tiene un experto que le puede ayudar a entender la importancia de comenzar con los ajustes Quiropracticos. Tu eres ese experto. No dejes que el paciente salga de tu consulta sin escuchar la verdad de la filosofia Quiropractica. Te tengo una pregunta muy sencilla y muy importante, Sí tú fueras el unico Quiropractico en el mundo, Sobreviviria la Quiropractica y la Filosofia? Yo sé que la respuesta seria que si, pero debemos comenzar compartiendo con nuestros pacientes nuevos nuestra pasión, nuestro propósito y la importancia de lo que hacemos en nuestras consultas.

– – – – – – – – – –
El Dr. Edwin Cordero es un graduado de la Universidad de LIFE en Atlanta Georgia en el 1993. El nacio en Fajardo Puerto Rico y tiene licencias en Puerto Rico y la Florida. Su oficina esta ubicada en Lantana, Florida. Visite su website en:

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Disease Mongering & The Top 10 Non-Diseases

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This weeks online issue of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) is just fabulous. Here are some of the topics discussed… From the Editorial section comes an article titled, “Too much medicine?” The response? “Almost certainly” reads the article.

Most doctors believe medicine to be a force for good. Why else would they have become doctors? Yet while all know medicine’s power to harm individual patients and whole populations, presumably few would agree with Ivan Illich that “The medical establishment has become a major threat to health.” (Ivan Illich is the author of the book, “Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemenis, the Expropriation of Health”)

The article suggests that some forces, such as the internet and patients’ empowerment might lead to “de-medicalization.” However, others are encouraging even greater medicalization than we have today.

The following has been said in so many ways on this website by many different authors, but this sums it up well… “People are conditioned to get things rather than to do them… They want to be taught, moved, treated, or guided rather than to learn, to heal, and to find their own way.” The article was authored by Ray Moynihan and Richard Smith, here is a direct link.

Also from this weeks BMJ, an article titled, “When is a disease a ‘non-disease’?” The slippery slope of disease labeling, the BMJ conducted a vote and found the top ten non-diseases. No, you are not necessarily sick if you have the following and these are not diseases… ageing, work, boredom, baldness, freckles, gray hair (visit the site for the complete list).

Another article in this weeks BMJ, “Obstetricians have medicalized childbirth.” I am reminded of a story a chiropractor recently told me. He and his wife had decided to have their children at home (in the 1970’s) and when telling their friends the news they received the reply, “Isn’t that illegal?” Think about it.

Get this weeks BMJ before it is archived.
Links To Articles
BMJ Homepage Link
Yahoo News: Are Everyday Problems Being Dubbed ‘Disease’?

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Editors Note: Notice the trend? It may not be long before a larger group of them are doing what we do and a larger group of us are doing what they do. Unfortunately, they want to do what we do because what we do works. We want to do what they do because we don’t want to work. @ 8:43 am | Article ID: 1018626193

Step Eight to a Hundred a Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends, Success Principle #8 (Keep complete and detailed practice statistics) is one of the most easy to do, but surprisingly is not done by many doctors. Practice stats are the pulse of your practice. In other words you can check your stats to see if your practice is alive or dying. They can also help you see if your practice is just sick.

The basic stats you have to keep are Patient Volume, New Patients, Re-Opens, Charges, Income, Collection Percentage, and Patient Visit Average. You have to keep them daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. There are other stats that can be kept, but these are the absolute must.

Review your stats daily and compare them to the past. Compare Monday to past Mondays. Compare this month to past months. Compare this month to the same month last year. Compare this years stats to past years stats.

One thing to be aware of is that I have broken records every single month of the year. My first few years in practice it was important to me to prove that these success principles worked any and every month of the year. What goes on between the doctor’s ears determines the practice stats. The doctor is the captain of the ship, so the crew and ship follows the captain’s thoughts.

Don’t let your emotions get attached to your stats. In other words don’t get to excited or sad based on your stats that day, week, month, or year. Just evaluate them to determine where you are and where you are going. Hopefully you are headed toward your goals that you have written down and are reading every day.

Patient Visit Average (Patient Volume divided by New Patients) is one of the most important stats, because it tells you how well you are educating the patient. The average PVA in the United States is 12. That means that the average patient in USA clinics only gets 12 adjustments in their whole life. If you are doing all 21 success principles, your PVA should be over 30. I figure my PVA by adding New patients and Re-Open cases then dividing them into Patient volume. This PVA is less forgiving and keeps you on your toes. You can go to PVA Equals Knowledge and read my past message on PVA. We also discuss Practice Statistics in much more detail on our 18 CD set found in the Planet Chiropractic Online Store.

I have attached my stats from a “Sick” March a few years ago (sheet 1), so you can see how revealing stats can be. Then you can go to Sheet 1 (2) and fill in your stats from last march and see how healthy your practice looks. You will need Word Excel to open it and it will automatically figure your totals, percentages, and PVA’s once you fill in your stats. I would save a blank copy of sheet 1 (2) before you start. See you in Dallas next week ( Start making plans for San Diego in late June 2002.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher)
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21 Steps to a Hundred Per Day

Steps #2, #3, & #4 to a Hundred a Day
Step #5 To A Hundred A Day
Step #6 To A Hundred A Day
Step #7 To A Hundred A Day

MS Excel Stats Form
New Patient Appointment Form @ 10:08 am | Article ID: 1018458494

Life by the Mile is a Trial

By Sharon Gorman

“Life by the mile is a trial, by the inch it’s a cinch.”

When I think about changing something about myself it can be very overwhelming. A few months back I decided that I was ready to start working out again so I’ll use that as an example. Now why only a few months ago did I have to re-commit to working out? Why after starting new regimes so many times in my life did I have to decide to start over – AGAIN? Well maybe that is a topic for a whole different Monday. Suffice to say that if I got enrolled in that discussion than I wouldn’t have time to get to today’s discussion and probably would talk myself out of starting again. So let’s stop beating myself up about that and start looking at today as a new day. Follow this line of thought because many of us get frustrated and stop right here. This whole message is probably annoying you by now because this line of thought has gotten you nowhere before except frozen in your tracks. Think of any behavior that you are hoping to change. Some that come to mind to me is saving money, going on a food plan, praying daily, meditating, disciplining myself to stay away from negative thoughts or starting a more successful PR plan for my office. Anything that would be a change falls under this category. How do we take the thought to improve our behavior and make that a reality for ourselves in our lives.

The old slogan “one day at a time” goes a long way for me. I know I can do something different today. If I start projecting if I am willing to do it that way tomorrow or “forever” I might quit before I even get started but “today” I can do almost anything. I’ll give the example of eating sugar. I can go today without eating sugar yet if I thought of not eating sugar ever again my mind would go crazy. I would start worrying about how I’m going to get through a wedding I am going to in June. Why bother starting this now if I know that I can’t go through my birthday in July without eating a piece of my cake. See the logic? My mind can go on a field day. Yet I know that for today I can do my life a little different.

I can plan out my day to make a little positive change. That is the other place my mind can get stuck. I get these big plans and then I look at what I can realistically accomplish today and then I want to quit because I can’t get the whole thing done in a day and I might get frustrated and quit. I have to break down the goals in little bite size pieces. I need to set it up so that whatever I can accomplish today I can celebrate and feel good about my performance. So if my goal is to work out daily and I work out today than I have achieved my goal. Sounds simple but again my mind wants to change the whole big picture all at one time. It reminds me about the patient who wants to be cured in one visit. Now accomplishing one visit will reduce the person’s subluxations yet it won’t do away with all the years of not getting adjusted yet we have to celebrate the one visit. We have to set it up so they will win or they wouldn’t want to play.

This is your life. Only you can change you. You can’t change anyone else. As you change you, everything in your world changes. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Sit down right now and write down a commitment to yourself. Make it simple. It only needs to be a little change for today. Don’t sit and think about doing this and not do it. Nothing will change except you might get a little more disgusted with yourself. You might get a little more frustrated and sometimes the pain of those feelings is what you will need to motivate you. Think of how good it will feel when you take the first little step. Remember how good it felt that first day you started working out again. Remember how good it felt the first day you started doing staff meetings again. Allow yourself to feel that way again. Take the first step. Let me remind you that “Life by the mile is a trial, by the inch it’s a cinch.”

Thank you to those of you who shared this past weekend with me at Focus. It was such a fulfilling weekend for me and I feel “full.” I love and appreciate you. You guys amaze me.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Sharon Gorman Dr. Sharon Gorman is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College. Upon graduation, she associated with her mentor Dr. James Sigafoose. She opened her own practice in June of 1985 and in 3 months was seeing over 100 patients a day. Within 4 years, she had established four chiropractic practices seeing combined over 5000 patients a month. Now, married with 4 children, she still practices part time and manages 3 successful practices. She is a speaker at Dynamic Essentials, New Beginnings, Parker Seminars and is the founder and hostess of the Focus Philosophy Weekends. Visit her website at: @ 7:37 am | Article ID: 1018449440

Aumenta 1% Diariamente (Increase 1% Daily)

Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero (The following article is entirely in Spanish.)

Este es un concepto sumamente interesante pero muchos no entendemos como esta filosofia tan sencilla puede hacer cambios grandísimos en nuestra vida diaria, en nuestras clínicas y en las vidas de nuestros pacientes. Imagínate por un segundo la cantidad de personas que no están recibiendo un ajuste Quiropractico con todo tu enfoque cuando llegan a tu consulta.

Nunca te ha pasado que cuando vas a ajustar un paciente en vez de concentrarte en el ajuste Quiropractico tu mente comienza a distraerse y tu te envuelves en una conversación con el paciente acostado en la mesa de ajuste o peor todavía comienzas a tener una conversación con la otra persona en el cuarto de ajuste mientras estas dando tu ajuste. Yo sé que yo no soy el único que esto le ha pasado!! Yo pienso que muchas veces el Quiropractico no se enfoca por temor que el paciente valla a pensar que el Doctor no le esta dando la atención debida, sin embargo es todo lo contrario. Un Quiropractico que se enfoca mientras esta dando un ajuste Quiropractico esta estableciendo una comunicación con la inteligencia innata del paciente con la inteligencia innata del Doctor.

Cuando esto se logra el paciente recibe una bendición de su Creador ya que él Creador es el único que puede sanar al ser humano. Existe una inteligencia innata que Se encarga de que el cuerpo funcione adecuadamente al 100%. Nosotros los Quiropracticos somos los únicos profesionales de la salud que nos especializamos en retornar la harmonia del cuerpo cuando removemos las interferencias al sistema nervioso y la columna vertebral (Subluxaciones Vertebrales) a través del ajuste Quiropractico.

Por tal razón es sumamente importante crear conciencia de que lo más importante que hace un Quiropractico es ajustar al paciente y enfocar al máximo para liberar ese potencial humano llamado “VIDA” para que pueda reconectar el cerebro con el cuerpo y aumentar la salud del paciente naturalmente. Ha llegado el momento en que cada Quiropractico comience a tomar mas responsabilidad de dar el mejor ajuste Quiropractico posible cuando estamos ajustando a nuestros pacientes.

Ya que uno nunca sabe si ese ajuste Quiropractico quizás sea el ultimo que ese paciente reciba. Si comenzamos a mejorar en nuestros procedimientos, nuestra comunicación con el paciente, aumentar nuestra concentración cuando ajustamos a nuestros pacientes, aunque sea solamente 1% diariamente yo les garantizo que vamos a ver un cambio increíble en la forma que el paciente comienza a sanar mas rápidamente y comienzan a referir su familiares y conocidos a nuestras clínicas.

Hay un refrán muy conocido que dice: “No dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy.” Este es el momento Doctor en que tu puedes hacer unos cambio por vida en cada paciente que entre a tu consultorio explicándole sobre la verdad de la filosofia Quiropractica y ofreciéndole la oportunidad de aumentar la salud naturalmente usando los servicios Quiropracticos.

– – – – – – – – – –
El Dr. Edwin Cordero es un graduado de la Universidad de LIFE en Atlanta Georgia en el 1993. El nacio en Fajardo Puerto Rico y tiene licencias en Puerto Rico y la Florida. Su oficina esta ubicada en Lantana, Florida. Visite su website en:

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