Month: November 2001

The Adjustment by David Yoder

“The Adjustment”

A spiritual connection uniting you to the Universe through two
Hearts connecting. It has been here since the beginning of
Humankind. It is a gift to be received when you are ready for it.
It is a moment when two become one. A reminder of who we are and
why we are here. It was brought here to heal the world. It is a
sacred gift from the spiritual realm.

There are many physical adjustments in life as there are mental and
emotional adjustments. It is the spiritual adjustments however that silences
us and touches our inner core. Finding the Adjustment is your journey.
Gratitude is the path to finding the Adjustment.

It takes tremendous courage and humbleness to open your heart and touch
another’s soul. We are afraid of the unknown and so we hold back our love
to the world. We think how will the world judge my openness, my creative
expression, my love. Let it go. Trust your intuition to guide your hands.
Have faith that the Adjustment is love shared, pure light, and energy.

All humans recognize this source and will receive what they are ready for at
that moment. Be unattached to what happens after the Adjustment. Trust that
what is shared is pure unconditional Love. Be prepared and remain hollow.

Be patient.

Be silent.

Be Love and you will find the Adjustment. @ 10:57 am | Article ID: 1007060230

Smallpox and the U.S. Government Response

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Several articles have appeared during the past 48 hours regarding the Centers for Disease Control’s smallpox response plan. It is interesting to see the different ways that the same story is being represented by different groups and media outlets.

In most, the first paragraph reads…

Health authorities should not force people to be vaccinated against smallpox, even if the virus resurfaces, the government’s top bioterrorism adviser said Monday as officials released their response plan.

A similar article reads…

The plan does not call for mass vaccination in advance of an outbreak, because the risks associated with vaccination are deemed to outweigh the risks of exposure to the variola virus, which is used in the vaccine.

Apparently the issue of forced vaccination has stirred up concern amongst more than a few people. Most of the articles say basically the same thing as the two primary sources are either Associated Press or Routers news services. What is interesting to see however is that both sources include information regarding the risks associated with vaccination (at least they mention it). I don’t think that ten years ago and certainly not 20 years ago we would see something like this in the major press. That is something we should be thankful for and appreciative of. People like Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), and countless others, have worked long and hard to see that America is aware of the risks associated with vaccination.

If you have not yet read the “The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act” it is available online in its entirety. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s public health practice program office website at:

The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act requires an Adobe PDF browser which can be downloaded from:

It’s a good idea to install adobe’s Acrobat reader on your computer so that you can view the above and other PDF documents that are available on the Internet.

An article from the San Francisco Chronicle gives us another viewpoint at the smallpox issue. Look below for the link to their article.

From the SFC…

The administration wants all 50 states to adopt a law allowing public health authorities to take over hospitals, seize drug supplies, quarantine people exposed to infectious pathogens, draft doctors to treat them, force patients to be vaccinated, and order police to restrain residents from leaving contaminated areas.

Here are all the links:

Nando Media: Centers for Disease Control’s smallpox response plan issued
YourHealthDaily: Smallpox Response Plan Operational
ABC News: Aggressive Response – Feds Unveil Smallpox Plan
MSNBC: CDC details smallpox strategy Federal plan opts for isolation, targeted vaccinations
Yahoo News: CDC Releases Plan for a Smallpox Emergency

San Francisco Chronicle: Health bill endangers civil rights – Bush pushes plan to expand control in bioweapon attack @ 10:35 am | Article ID: 1006886148

Drugs Direct to You

A report from Wednesday’s Yahoo news tells us that direct to consumer drug advertising has been wildly successful for the pharmaceutical industry. According to a study released by the National Institute for Healthcare Management Research and Education Foundation (NIHCM), a handful of prescription drugs, which were advertised heavily to consumers, accounted for almost half the overall increase in pharmaceutical spending between 1999 and 2000 in the U.S.

According to the NIHCM, retail prescription drug spending in the United States jumped to about $131.9 billion in 2000, from $111.1 billion in 1999. Their recent findings indicate that the sales of the 50 drugs most heavily advertised to consumers accounted for 48 percent of this total increase.

Among the most heavily advertised drugs were Prilosec, Lipitor, Vioxx and Paxil. The study found that drug makers spent $2.5 billion on direct to consumer (DTC) advertising in 2000 primarily in the form of television commercials. This marks a 35 percent increase from 1999 and more than a 100 percent increase since 1997 when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration relaxed restrictions on prescription drug advertising.

According to the Yahoo article, Merck, makers of Vioxx, spent $160.8 million promoting the drug in the mass media in 2000. Vioxx generated sales of $1.5 billion in 2000, up 360 percent over 1999 sales.

The article does mention that there are concerns regarding DTC advertising and some people receiving inappropriate prescriptions although the director for NIHCM does not feel this is much of an issue while the drug industry’s leading trade organization, The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, flatly denies that there’s any direct relationship between DTC advertising and sales changes for prescription drugs. (sounds like the tobacco industry stating they had no knowledge nicotine was addictive)

A spokesperson for The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America stated that drug makers engage in direct to consumer advertising to “empower patients to learn about newer treatment options.” In essence, drug companies are saying that the millions of dollars spent in advertising their products on television are intended only to “empower” patients and not to sell more of their (unneeded) drugs.

Yahoo News: Report Links Consumer Drug Ads to Jump in Spending @ 9:45 pm | Article ID: 1006753535

Children’s Health in the Womb

New research suggests that a children’s immune system may be influenced in the womb. (And just what controls that child’s immune system?)

According to new research, a child’s immune system may already be developing before the child is even born. Researchers are saying that the prenatal environment may play a greater role as to whether or not an infant is more or less susceptible to health conditions later in childhood.

According to a Yahoo News article on the topic, previous research has shown that first born children or children with few siblings are more likely to have health conditions than those with many siblings. Many researchers have suggested that this may be due to something called the “hygiene hypothesis” suggesting that children with many siblings are exposed to more germs at an earlier age thus developing a stronger and more capable immune system. It is assumed that a first born or only children does not receive this benefit.

Let’s stop just for a moment here. The theory of germs tells us that germs cause disease correct? Yet if germs cause disease wouldn’t all of the kids in a family be sick? Why is it that the kids exposed to the most germs are assumed to have the most healthy immune system’s?

Now researchers are suggesting that the prenatal environment may also play a role in an infants developing immune system. Would it make sense to you that a mothers immune system will play a role in the effectiveness of an infants immune system as well?

More research is needed but if an unborn child’s immune system is controlled and coordinated by its nervous system, and that nervous system (and immune system) is controlled and coordinated by its mothers nervous system, wouldn’t it make sense for that mothers nervous system (and therefore immune system) to be in an optimal functioning state?

Yahoo News: Children’s Immune System May Be Influenced in Womb @ 2:48 pm | Article ID: 1006382905

Spinal Claus is Returning to Chiropractic College to Help Local Shelter

Life West News

HAYWARD, Calif., November 20, 2001 – “You better stand straight. You better not slouch. You better lie on your back, while napping on the couch. Spinal Claus is coming to Hayward.”

On Wednesday, December 5, from 4:00 to 7:30 p.m., Life Chiropractic College West Health Center will be holding its annual food drive for Hayward’s Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO). For just one (or more) canned or dry-food donation, participants will get their photos taken with-the one, and probably the only-Spinal Claus. Participants of all ages are welcome to this special event. The holiday photos with the jolly, yet well-postured, one (with a chiropractic theme, of course) will make excellent gifts and keepsakes, while at the same time you will be helping a wonderful cause.

“We really appreciate being the recipients of Spinal Claus food donations again,” reports Nancy Schluntz, executive director of FESCO. It’s a pretty important part of our Adopt-a-Family program. With the economic downturn, we have more people than ever asking for help this year-many of them have said they can do without gifts, just if they could get one of the wonderful food boxes we’re able to put together thanks to the donated food. Whatever Spinal Claus and the participants can generate toward that cause will be most welcome and very much appreciated!”

FESCO provides emergency shelter and extended supportive services to homeless families with children throughout Alameda County. The organization’s shelter houses approximately 75 families throughout each year, including over 200 children. At any given time, there are 15 to 18 children in the FESCO Shelter. In addition, FESCO provides supportive services to about 200 at-risk, formerly homeless families with children who are working hard to sustain housing in the community. Life West has been a long time active supporter of FESCO.

The Life West Health Center is located at 25001 Industrial Blvd. (at Depot Road), Hayward-plenty of free parking is available. The photos will be taken in the Health Center’s lobby. For more information about the Spinal Claus Food Drive, contact the Life West Health Center at 510-780-4500, ext. 4930. @ 2:51 pm | Article ID: 1006296673

Cocaine, Adderall, and Ritalin

Another report has appeared in the news suggesting that drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall are being misused by kids, teenagers, young adults, and even older adults. (an abusive drug for all ages)

An MSNBC article states that the drug Ritalin is, “popular on the black-market.” According to the article, many of the kids that are misusing the drugs are “grade schoolers” and they’re getting the drugs from their classmates.

Researchers have found that more than one-third of students being prescribed these drugs were being asked to sell or trade them, according to MSNBC. Researchers also found that more than half of students surveyed, not taking Ritalin or Adderall, said they knew students that were either selling or giving their drugs away.

A psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin stated that, “people don’t realize what these drugs are — and that the similarities between them and cocaine are much greater than the differences.” Even the makers of these drugs have began to launch educational campaigns hoping to curb their abuse, according to the MSNBC article.

MSNBC: Abuse of ADHD drugs common – Prescription stimulants popular on black market @ 2:16 pm | Article ID: 1006294593

Stepping Up To Help Rescue Workers

(ICA gets good press)

(NAPSI)-In response to the urgent needs of thousands of rescue and recovery workers, security and other personnel working at the Pentagon disaster site, the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) mobilized its local member doctors to provide round-the-clock chiropractic care.

Immediately following the news of the multiple attacks on September 11, the ICA contacted all the agencies that would be responding to the crisis, as well as volunteer relief organizations such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, offering chiropractic services to relief and recovery personnel. For ten days, 32 volunteer doctors of chiropractic worked in shifts to provide round-the-clock care to anyone who needed it.

ICA Chiropractors at Camp UnityThe police, fire and rescue chaplains of Greater Washington, DC area provided a tent at Camp Unity, the name of the relief village, set up in a parking lot near the Pentagon crash site. Patients included military personnel of all ranks and from all services, law enforcement, fire and rescue units as well as the hundreds of volunteers. According to the Department of Defense, by September 25th, the ICA had logged in more than 300 hours and seen nearly 1,500 patients.

“I am very proud of the response from ICA members to this tragedy and want to thank the many doctors for their willingness to serve their fellow men during this time of need,” said ICA President, Dr. D.D. Humber. “We will continue to do all we can as a profession and as an organization to provide needed care to those involved in the recovery effort.”

The International Chiropractors Association is the nation’s oldest national chiropractic organization. Established in 1926 it has approximately 6,000 members throughout the United States and abroad.

To contact the International Chiropractors Association, call 703-528-5000, write to 1110 N. Glebe Rd., Suite 1000, Arlington, VA 22201, or visit their Web site at

To help meet the health care needs of rescue workers at the Pentagon, doctors of chiropractic worked round the clock for nearly two weeks. @ 6:39 am | Article ID: 1006267154

My Chiropractic Family

By Stew Bittman, D.C.
(I think that’s the first time I have repeated a title but it applies.)

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving. I am filled with memories of Thanksgivings past that set me aglow with nostalgia and warm fuzzies. Every year, or so it seems, I’d run upstairs into my cousin’s bedroom and watch my favorite movie, “The March of the Wooden Soldiers,” and ritually march back and forth along with them. The music still brings a tear.

Later years found me still running up to the same bedroom (by this time I had discovered my cousin’s chocolate stash), now to watch something more in tune with my developing hormones- football. I can vividly remember Clint Longley, a quarterback no one ever heard of, before or since, coming in after an injury to the starting quarterback (Roger Staubach) and throwing about a 100 yard TD pass in the closing seconds to win the game.

Then of course there was the meal, in all its tryptophan and starch-ridden glory, to which I generally arrived already half stuffed from my cousin’s chocolate. In those days of my chubbiness (or so it was then politely called), it was heaven. And best of all, though my family never went in for conscious ceremony, and would invariably end up overeating, over-drinking, belching, farting, and snoring in the true American tradition, I could always detect a feeling, a warmth, a connection (before the belching and farting stage, of course), that was never present at any other family functions. It felt so good to bask in the safe and nurturing energy of family.

On Thanksgiving the beauty and the meaning of family entered into a much deeper realm for all of us. As this Thanksgiving approaches, I am blessed to report that I now experience that feeling more than once a year. That feeling of safety and connected-ness, of being part of something joyous and meaningful, of unconditional and unlimited support and love, is now a companion that never leaves me completely, even when I forget its presence. I rest in the knowing that the world is my home, and that I am at home in the world. And though I rarely get together with my family anymore on Thanksgiving, that feeling still connects us and binds us in tendrils of love.

Over the years, as I have explored my Self, my Innate, and have allowed my heart to open, my family has grown, and now includes all of you. You are an integral part of my feeling of belonging. A day never passes without at least a momentary awareness of our connection. Usually it is much more. When I am speaking, writing, adjusting, communing with nature, meditating, or whatever, you are often with me. I know that on some level, every particle of matter in me knows exactly what every particle of matter in you is doing, and vice versa. And more importantly, I know that our Innates are constantly dancing together, and always will be.

Knowing these things keeps me keeping’ on, and I am immensely grateful. Of the innumerable gifts I have allowed to manifest in my life because of chiropractic, my chiropractic family is somewhere near the very top of the list. Some of you have been there for every step on my journey, and knew me better at times than I knew myself. I have rubbed elbows and tushies while adjusting with some of you in Panama or Costa Rica, sharing the miracle of chiropractic in its purest form. Others of you I have met at seminars and workshops, and together we have been inspired and empowered and have evolved and grown.

Some of you I have yet to meet in the flesh, and we are still tightly and inextricably connected. We are all interwoven in this magnificent tapestry called chiropractic. We have all walked a warrior’s road together, and the Universe urges us to remain true to each other. And to our mission. On Thanksgiving, as I endeavor to buck the true American tradition, or at least to not explode, please know that I will also be sending you all love, and that I will be thanking God for the privilege of walking with you all on this glorious path. @ 10:29 am | Article ID: 1006194596

Synergy and Energy

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends, the last few weeks have been leading me to discuss Synergy and Energy with myself and others. Mainly in the area of Adjusting hours. Some of us are scheduling adjustments over way to many hours and it is making it difficult to stay focused and energized.

Two young doctors that I had discussions with during the past 2 weeks were scheduling adjustments out over way too many hours of the day. If you are adjusting less than a hundred patients per week, you should schedule only 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. That gives you the middle of the day to schedule new patients and go out and market yourself.

Here is an example schedule:

Doctors Adjusting Hours
Monday-Wednesday-Thursday: 8:00-9:00, 11:00-12:00, 4:00-6:00
Tuesday: 4:00-6:00
Friday: 8:00-9:00, 11:00-12:00

You schedule new patients and exams in between adjusting hours. You schedule Group reports one hour each day for new patients. You use the long lunch break to go out and meet people. You should hand out at least 10 business cards every day. You use Tuesday mornings and afternoon to catch up on office work and have weekly staff meetings and training’s.

The key is to adjust your patients like you do family (2 minutes). Talk Chiropractic only (that won’t last long). Learn how to do a Group report once a day with new patients (it is powerful). Allow patients to choose long term care or short term care (you and your family chose long term). Then allow for patients to pay for long term care at one time (paying every visit gets annoying).

I schedule 22.5 hours of adjusting each week and adjust 400 per week solo. Starting in January, I am synergizing down to 17.5 hours and my practice will go up from the increased focus.

I have talked hundreds of Doctors into cutting their hours back and their practices always went up due to the increased Synergy and Energy. So do it and don’t look back.

Hope to see you in Vegas in January for the 50th anniversary ( with 8,000 others. The Rio Hotel is already sold out, but most hotels are only a five dollar cab ride away or they have free shuttles. You can call 888-727-5338 for more information. Flights are extremely cheap right now, so come be with your family.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
If you don’t know how to do a Group or Financial report email Dr. Ray Nannis at [email protected] to get our 3 day ROF Video/Audio Set for $95.00. You can also call Ray at 972-671-2225. @ 8:31 am | Article ID: 1006187461

My Fellow Lovers of Chiropractic

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

From my vantage as a practicing chiropractor, I sometimes look upon the turmoil and in fighting within our profession with deep sadness. The world continually screams for our principle and our art, and millions of people are literally dying for what we have in our hearts and our hands. Yet for the most part we withhold our precious gift, and go on squabbling over techniques, procedures, politics, and other relatively meaningless frivolities.

We go on lurking in the shadows, choked with fears and doubts, endlessly trying to bury those fears and doubts with more science, more therapies, more education, more technology, more medical methods, and more money. More outside-in crapola. In a world desperate for ease and harmony, eternally looking outside for the answers, we hold a magnificent key, a divine vehicle, and it lies dormant, rusting, decaying, atrophying, and gasping for life.

I’m writing this with no agendas other than the promulgation of our place as standard bearers of a world-changing principle and paradigm. There is immense beauty and power in what we do. If you have ever been witness to someone’s heart opened, someone’s dream fulfilled, or someone’s life changed as a result of a chiropractic adjustment, please read on. If you resonate with the idea that helping to restore the connection between one’s heart and one’s head, between one’s Innate and one’s Twinkies, between one’s Spirit and one’s flesh is the primordial answer to the world’s ills, then I urge you to step fully into your power, right now.

Mahatma Gandhi urged us to become the change we wish to see in the world. It is time for us to be the change, to be love, to be ease, to be health, to be peace, to be balance, to be commitment, to be chiroprac-tic. It is time for us to overcome our fears. It is time for us to become so finely tuned that our mere presence empowers others to do the work for themselves. It is time for us to lend our unconditional support to each other as we all serve God in this mission together.

Chiropractic works from the inside out, and it will be saved, it will grow stronger, and it will assume its rightful place from the inside out as well. I don’t believe we can wait for our leaders or for the media or for the insurance companies or for anyone on the outside to do it. And it may not be easy, but it’s infinitely simple. We need only remember who and what we are. We need only align with the incomprehensible and interconnected perfection that already exists. We need only awaken from our worldly trances that keep us separate and fearful and small and self-pitying. We need only grab our illusions of lack and limitation and powerlessness by the scruffs of their necks and shake them until we see their unreality. We need only look within and allow our Innates to run the show. We need only do the work necessary to regain what we knew when we were children.

Every child’s life is an epic. Our lives are still epics; we just forgot. As we do the work on ourselves, we become as far removed from our trances as if we had guzzled a venti coffee of the day from Starbucks. And as we all become maximum expressions of that unlimited Power that flows in, around, and thru us, we will rise up and belt out our unique songs of truth, and reflect the light of that truth into the vast reaches of Creation. Will you join me? @ 4:18 pm | Article ID: 1005783511