Month: July 2001

A Strike Against Ritalin

The state of Connecticut has unanimously passed new legislature that prohibits teachers, counselors and other school officials from recommending ritalin, and other psychiatric drugs, for any child.

Many parents have often felt that the school system was trying to medicate their kids in order to make the teachers job easier. The state of Connecticut is the first in the nation to take such steps, a sign that parents and elected officials are beginning to fight back against those that are pushing drugs upon children.

According to the article, the law does not prevent teachers or school officials from recommending the child be evaluated by medical doctor, it is intended to see that the first recommendation for the use of drugs comes from a medical doctor.

The chief sponsor of the bill, state Rep. Lenny Winkler, an emergency room nurse, stated, “I cannot believe how many young kids are on Prozac, Thorazine, Haldol – you name it.” She went on to say, “It’s easier to give somebody a pill than to get to the bottom of the problem.”

According to the article, nearly 20 million prescriptions for ritalin, and other psychotropic stimulants were written last year in the United States – that is a 35 percent increase since 1996. Most of the prescriptions, according to a health care information company, were written for boys under the age of 12.

In some U.S. elementary and middle schools, as many as six percent of all students are taking ritalin and/or other psychiatric drugs, according to the federal drug enforcement administration. There certainly is a problem that needs to be addressed. Hopefully other states will follow Connecticuts lead.

MSNBC: Law: Only doctors to suggest Ritalin @ 7:35 am | Article ID: 995466904

The Woes Of Chiropractic

By James Sigafoose, D.C.

The greatest problem we have in chiropractic is the failure to have a clear understanding of chiropractic and ourselves. There are those who think chiropractic is a therapy to treat symptoms and disease, others think it ought to include the use of drugs, casting and sutures, as if medicine and osteopathy did not exist.

The principle and philosophy of chiropractic aren’t taught at all in some schools. And in others, it is barely touched upon. Thus, the major part of chiropractic is without direction, as to the reasons why chiropractic is different, and is considered a separate & distinct science, art and philosophy. Many young graduates are afraid to enter into practice, and many others are failing. As a result we have many management groups attempting to teach everything that should have been taught and mastered in school.

Chiropractic is not a therapy, nor is it to treat symptoms, and disease. It is to locate and correct vertebral subluxations that are interfering with the expression of principle, within the body. In reality, we prepare the body to receive the healing from God, of any disease known, and not known, if we are specific, loving with proper intent, and realize that only God does the healing ultimately.

The subluxation interferes with the nerve and reduces mental impulse. Because of pressure on the brain stem, the all or none law is executed and thus we have millions or trillions of fibers not firing to various parts of the body, and of course those parts are in a state of dysfunction, and can replicate abnormally, which is a bit more serious then the musculoskeletal problems chiropractors seem to have limited themselves to.

Education of the recipient of care is mandatory to get them to understand what and why we do what we do. Education of the chiropractor is mandatory, so that they may educate the recipient. Find a mentor and learn how to think correctly, and to apply the philosophy of chiropractic, with the clear understanding of the relationship of Universal Intelligence and Innate.

When we are careful whom we rent the upstairs to, and learn to make constructive choices, we can then improve our environment, and make great change. When we can have certainty in our principle, our technique, and ultimately ourselves, we can move on and have everything we want, we just can’t have everything. Procedure has to be based on education of the reasons why, and videos are a great help, then at least each week a short lesson, on what we do, what we don’t do, and why, thus we have a long-term relation with our people and can make lasting differences in their lives.

Spend Some Time With Sigafoose @ 6:48 am | Article ID: 995464083

Bugs In The Vaccine Machine

On Sunday, The San Francisco Chronicle featured an article about a monkey virus that had contaminated polio vaccine which was given to tens of millions of Americans and that it may be causing rare human cancers.

The virus in question is SV40. The SV stands for Simian Virus and the 40 represents the 40th simian virus discovered. According to the article, U.S. government officials have insisted for nearly 4 decades that there is no evidence of SV40 being harmful to humans. Yet recently, “dozens of scientific studies have found the virus in a steadily increasing number of rare brain, bone and lung-related tumors – the same malignant cancer SV40 causes in lab animals.”

Was mass polio vaccination responsible for introducing this virus and now these many types of cancers into the worlds population? The government has performed few studies since they first learned in 1961 that the SV40 virus had contaminated the polio vaccine and that it caused tumors in rodents. (That’s 40 years ago)

The Chronicle article authored by William Carlsen is well written and well researched. Click below to get the link and save it before it is gone.

San Francisco Chronicle: Rogue virus in the vaccine — Early polio vaccine harbored virus now feared to cause cancer in humans
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Subluxation, Stretching & Chiropractic

By Martha Collins, D.C.

A woman came in on Friday the 13th in agony–her spine was so subluxated that she could hardly get on the table for her adjustment. “I have been doing my stretches, I’ve been good–I don’t know what happened,” she said. In the interest of helping you stay away from this same fate the next Friday the 13th, we decided to devote this article to stretching and its relationship to your adjustments.

A common misconception that many people have is that stretches correct subluxations and can replace adjustments. Stretching allows your muscles to relax, allowing better range of motion, decreased tension, and a feeling of well-being.

woman stretching

This woman’s last adjustment was February 2000, and although she was diligent at doing her stretching homework, she had forgotten how important adjustments are for her nervous system to overcome the stresses she is under as she goes through the course of her life. Adjustments are designed to correct the underlying subluxations acquired through exposure to physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual stress. Adjustments remove interference from the nervous system so that we can be more connected in our body, mind and spirit.

Stretches can reduce the tension in the muscles of our bodies, but they cannot overcome the influence of subluxations once they are present. Stretches can help adjustments “hold” better, sometimes longer, particularly if you are in an occupation where you spend time doing repetitive movement patterns. This woman’s career necessitates spending most of her day in front of a computer–and over a seven or eight-hour period consider how much stretching is required to overcome and reverse that negative postural influence. It simply can’t be done.

When a subluxation is present for many years, as you know, it leads to underlying degenerative changes in the joints, discs and holding tissues of the spine–osteoarthritis. Think of degenerative spurs on an x-ray like stalactites and stalagmites in a cave–they take many years to form. For spurs to form in the spine and be seen on a radiograph, it can take anywhere from 20-40 years (phase 2). This is why when we review your x-rays we want you to understand how long the underlying problem was there–the subluxation–that was the seed for the progressive degeneration–before the damage is even perceived. The joints of the spine receive their nutrition through movement of the synovial fluid that bathes the cartilage of the joints with nutrition. If a spinal joint is locked, (or subluxated) not only does the nervous system shut down, but that joint cannot receive its proper nutrition. The end result is a public that believes a degenerative spine is due to the natural aging process over which we have no control.

Let’s say there is a door in your grandmother’s house that isn’t used much–our grandmother had one that went into the attic. If the hinges of the door aren’t used often, the lubricative effect of the oil in the hinge decreases. It begins to dry out, break down and the hinge becomes sticky and squeaky due to disuse. The joints of our body work much the same way–the old adage if you don’t use it you’ll lose it is certainly true in this regard. Regular adjustments help the joints stay healthy, arrest further degenerative change and in many cases, reverse it by allowing the synovial fluid of the joints to bring nutrition to the cartilage.

You see, in our culture, we were never taught how to take good care of our spine and our nervous systems. We learned how to look after our teeth, our cars, the stain on our decks, but not the lifeline to every cell in our bodies! Daily stretching, or yoga (even better because through breathing, it mandates present-time consciousness) helps the spine stay supple between adjustments, gives us an opportunity to relax and meditate and helps us feel better. Stretching is like flossing your teeth–the more we adhere to good dental hygiene between visits, the better report we get from our dentist and hygienist at our check-ups. With stretching between visits, the better your adjustments will be and the healthier you will be!

And in the end, that’s why I became a Chiropractor–to help you be well.

Let’s face it–here’s the bitter reality. No one ever told you to take care of your spine from birth to death. Correcting and better yet preventing the degenerative changes as a result of a lack of Chiropractic hygiene may not always win the popular vote in our culture (YET!). However, innately, it makes sense.

Dr. Martha Collins is a Family Chiropractor practicing in Kingston, Ontario with her husband Dr. Carl Weber. She is committed to spreading the message of Chiropractic around the world so we can all lead healthier, happier lives.

When Opportunity Meets Preparation

By Dr. Bruce A. Parker

I was always told that luck was when opportunity met preparation. The preparation part is easy, just prepare for what you want to do. But wouldn’t it take luck to meet the opportunity?

Well it is the original thought that has proven true for me, in fact there are so many parables regarding this that I can’t remember them all. “Build it and they will come,” is one that comes to mind. Another is, “when you are prepared providence moves in,” and “it seems things happen by magic.”

So then luck is not a case of happenstance in regular life, (winning the lottery is luck) it is preparation meeting opportunity. Think of times in your life that one event changed the direction you were headed. For me it was the persistence of one man that helped me decide to become a Chiropractor. That one decision has directed me for over 23 years. At that rate how many opportunities do you have to prepare for, or meet? Maybe just one will do!

Many have told me they don’t know what it is they want. If you don’t know how can you prepare. Will you ever have success? Well I don’t believe it. I think everyone has a mission talent and destiny within, they just have to be honest enough with themselves to discover it.

I never by lottery tickets, I just don’t feel lucky in those areas. While driving one day I got a feeling like I never had before. It was as strong an urge I have ever had. I could almost describe it as a voice from God telling me to buy a lottery ticket. I tried to ignore it, but the urge was intense.

At first I thought this must be it. I am going to win this thing and be on easy street the rest of my life. I stopped by the first store I passed and bought one ticket, a quick pick at that. I felt that I was on a mission from God and could not loose, so let it be totally a win by fait, let the computer pick the numbers. As I drove away, I had a feeling of knowingness within me that I had won. Then my thinking switched to the thought that I was to do something of importance with the millions that were about to be bestowed upon me. What was I supposed to do?

One of my favorite sayings is from Robert Schuller, “If you knew you could not loose, and money was no object, what would you do?” Well it was my time to answer that question, because I was about to have no money issues, I had to become accountable for my life. Was I doing what I loved, was there something better suited for me, should I go and lay on a beach for the rest of my life, and contemplate “why?” These were all good questions. Which would you choose?

I didn’t win the lottery, but in the process my life choice became very clear. I want the world to know what Chiropractic is. Everything about my daily work revolves around that mission. I am constantly preparing myself and others, for the ONE opportunity, that will arise, through either myself or a client, that will give us the opportunity to let the world know the importance of chiropractic.

Opportunities of this magnitude don’t arrive with labels on them so I never will know when the ONE will show. Therefore I must take every opportunity given to me to tell the Chiropractic story to as many people as I can.

Any patient you see could be the one, which gives your practice international notoriety. Are you telling every patient the message you want the world to know, or are you missing those opportunities?

You became a Chiropractor because you were preparing for greatness. Well today is the perfect opportunity to do something great. Tell the next patient you see the truth as to why they need to change the health habits of their entire family. Demonstrate to them how a Chiropractic lifestyle will increase their health and vitality. Just getting people out of back pain is boring. Change the direction of their lives – now that is exciting!

If I have said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, “the secret to success is to never be in business to make money (serving self), but to become obsessed with adding value to another person (serve others). You then will have everything you ever wanted, because within the laws of the universe you will be rewarded handsomely for the service you provide, because people will want to pay you for providing something they value so dearly, their health.

Although, there is a price for success. When others look at you they will probably say, “you were just lucky!”

Bruce Parker, D.C.
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Want To Be A Man of Vision?

By B. J. Palmer

How Can It Be Done?
Listen And I Will Give You The Ten Principles

1. Keep liberality in mind.
Maintain an open mind and a generous heart in all dealings
Neither be prejudiced against others nor be reluctant to assist those who need help.

2. When sinned against, keep patience in mind.

3. If a difficult job is before you, the sooner begun the better.
A task often seems more difficult in anticipation than in reality.
Putting things off loses the original impulse, enthusiasm dies.

4. Keeping humanity in mind attains high spiritual qualities.
Be more tolerant or lenient to their failings, for you once were where they are.
The higher the quality, the more inclusive is your view.
Compassion for humanity and gentleness of manner constitute real strength.

5. In assuming trust or responsibility, keep condescension in mind.
Be courteous and gracious toward “inferiors”.
What is lofty finds stability in its lowness.

6. Yield precedence to others.
If they deserve to pass you, they will and no effort of yours can stop them.
If they do not deserve to pass, they will fall back to where they belong.

7. If you have won fame, keep obscurity in mind.
Accomplishment is its own herald; it needs no boastful display.
Honestly won fame and simplicity go hand in hand.

8. When you are successful, keep humility in mind.
Those who experience success realize their short comings
He who is skilled, knows the lack of skill. He who is ignorant of skill does not realize the lack of it.
To know, and yet to think we do not know, is the highest attainment.
To know, and yet think we do know, is a disease.

9. In the midst of action, keep the end in mind.
Always hold to perfect mental concept the finished product.

10. In resigning yourself, keep EARLY in mind.
When you are no longer fit, do not let avarice or pride hold you to it.
Being unable longer to perform your duties adequately, you will betray your trust.

The man of VISION keeps these precepts in mind.

Thank you to Dr. Rick Wren for providing this piece of chiropractic history. @ 10:07 am | Article ID: 994957669

Bacterial Innate Intelligence

A recent MSNBC article takes a look at a recent study involving the evolution of drug resistant bacteria, particularly Staphylococcus aureus.

The website article opens with the statement, “The bacteria that cause serious and sometimes fatal staph infections are able to swap genes with relatives in order to adapt to new environments and cause even greater medical mischief, a study shows.”

That is the first sentence. Yet, just to the side in bright red text, the article reads… ” Staph is among the most common human bacteria. It is carried by about a third of the population. It can be picked up from countertops or door knobs, but is more frequently transferred through skin-to-skin contact, such as shaking hands.”

If “the most common human bacteria” was the cause of disease, wouldn’t “about a third of the population” have this particular disease? The article also states that Staph, “is a major cause of hospital-acquired infection.” Why is it that hospitals are not considered a major cause of hospital-acquired infections?

And just what is it that allows these bugs to comprehend and adapt to their environments so rapidly? Read the article for some clues.

MSNBC: Staph germs swap genes, study finds

Thank you to Dr. Stacy Larsen for supplying the above link. @ 3:35 pm | Article ID: 994890919

Heard It On The Radio

Today at 1:30 pm PST (4:30 on the East Coast) you can listen to Dr. Jeff Ptak interview Dr. Tedd Koren live on the internet! Join Dr. Jeff as he and Dr. Tedd discuss chiropractic and Freedom of Speech.

You are invited to call in and be a part of this program. Please call (during program hours) 1-887-885-7873 to express your comments. I have been listening to this program every Wednesday and it has been fantastic so far.

CLICK HERE to listen live!

You MUST have a RealPlayer installed to hear this broadcast. Visit for more details. @ 8:25 am | Article ID: 994865104

Pushing Unsafe Vaccines

An article from yesterdays Yahoo News suggests that UK vaccine manufacturer Glaxo Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline) was aware that children in the UK were being vaccinated with toxic whooping cough vaccines in the 1960s and 1970s.

According to a newspaper called the Observer, the company allowed thousands of babies to be injected with vaccines that had not passed crucial safety tests, which reportedly left some children with permanent brain damage. During the three years after the vaccine batches were introduced, “dozens of British parents believed their children suffered brain damage or even died as a result of the whooping cough vaccine,” according to the article. Their views were dismissed by drug companies and UK health officials.

Yahoo News: Wellcome Knew Vaccine Was ‘Unsafe’: Newspaper

UPDATE: Here are the links to the Observer special investigation articles…

Did toxic vaccines ruin lives?
“To think of the drug giants making millions while children’s lives lie in ruins makes me very angry. A chance that someone knew of toxic vaccines makes me even angrier” : The Observer reveals how deaths and brain damage could be linked to the release of thousands of doses of toxic vaccine. @ 7:42 am | Article ID: 994776153

Embrace Change

By Dr. Bruce A. Parker

There is no permanent security on earth. The only constant is Change. Begin to look at Change as opportunity. Many things in your life will change on your journey to success. I have watched the stock market during the past year do nothing but go down, yet the word of the forecasters seems to only speak of what great opportunities this correction has given us. Whether that is true or not, remaining and acting with optimism gives you a much more powerful “feeling” than pessimism, and your “feelings” will direct your actions.

I have learned to accept that there will always be change. I cannot think of a time in my career when there was not some sort of change taking place. Change in staff, insurance laws, adding or eliminating procedures. There is also change in your patients and how they relate to you. You’ve certainly had patients that you bent over backwards to help and they chose to thank you by refusing to pay their bill. You have also seen miracles, because you caused a change in their nerve supply. These are the ups and downs of life. How you choose to feel and act upon them will certainly direct your life.

The more action you take in the direction of what you want will cause the “ups” to out weigh the “downs.” Positive direction is not the result of standing still, but by growing in your “thots” and actions, moving, and being energized. Be secure in the knowledge that you can deal with whatever happens to you.

Have the courage to bet on your ideas, to take the calculated risk, and to act.

You’ll always be secure to the degree that you can accept change. Your security will come from being able to bend your insecurities. Realize that things may not always seem to be going the way you think they should. Realize that the laws of the universe are on your side. You cannot focus and act in a direction and get an opposite result. Change in physical circumstances may bring temporary challenges to your actions. Constant focus and action towards what your truly desire, is what separates those that get what they want from those that don’t.

There is truth in the saying, “when the going gets tough – the tough get going.” Your ultimate security is your understanding of this reality. What I have found is that no matter how hard practicing and life may seem at the moment, it is worth it!

Bruce Parker, D.C.
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