Month: July 1999

Vaccines not immune to criticism

In what may be a paradox of success, many physicians are finding that some patients are more afraid of vaccines than of vaccine-preventable illnesses.
“Mothers are beginning to wonder what else these substances might be doing to their children’s bodies.” “Is this manipulation of the immune system setting children up for chronic illnesses later in life?” Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Center

Source: American Medical News
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California Considering Mandatory Chickenpox Vaccinations

Federal health officials recommend that all youngsters be inoculated against chickenpox before entering child care, but only 35% of California’s children receive the vaccine, according to the latest national survey. California is considering mandatory use of the vaccine, which has been available since 1995, to combat the highly contagious disease.
Source: Los Angeles Times – July 27, 1999

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Vaccination Exemptions allowed

Medical: All states allow medical exemptions. Usually applies to those who are immunocompromised, allergic to vaccine constituents or have certain illnesses. Physician documentation of the condition is required.
Religious: 48 states allow exemptions based on faith.
Other: 15 states allow “philosophical” or “personal” exemptions.
Source: Salmon et al.; JAMA, July 9 @ 11:02 | Article ID: 933091340

ICA Executive Committee Drafts Statement on Koren vs. FTC

By Tedd Koren, D.C.

Here is the news we’ve all been waiting for. The ICA has come out with it’s support for the FTC battle. And very nicely too! The importance of this cannot be underestimated. This is very good news and strengthens our already strengthening case. This does not mean we have won of course, only that a major national chiropractic organization recognizes the danger inherent in an FTC victory and that the FTCs actions are a threat to ALL chiropractors in the US and ALL chiropractic education, whether written or verbal (remember, they said they could regulate lay lectures and violators could face a $10,000.00 fine for each violation.)

After a considerable period of study, investigation and intense discussions with the attorneys involved in the case, ICA*s Executive Committee has drafted a strong statement on the recent actions of the Federal Trade Commission to extend its authority to communications between health care professionals and the public.

At their June 9, 1999 meeting, the ICA Executive Committee authorized the release of the following statement:

Statement on Koren vs FTC: The International Chiropractors Association is deeply disturbed by the recent actions on the part of the Federal Trade Commission to restrict the free communication of a doctor of chiropractic with the public. ICA holds that the actions of the FTC should be opposed and that the chiropractic profession should unite in an effort to support any doctor who is prosecuted for truthfully communicating with the public about the chiropractic profession.

ICA encourages all DCs to support Dr. Ted Koren in his case. ICA believes that the profession must watch the actions of the FTC very carefully and develop meaningful efforts to stop their anti-chiropractic orientation.

ICA’s efforts to fully understand the implications of the recent FTC actions have included high level, face-to-face meetings with FTC officials, a careful study of the statues and regulations from which that agency draws its authority and a meeting between ICA’s Board of Directors and James S. Turner, the lead attorney representing Dr. Koren. “This case represents somewhat of a fishing expedition on the part of the FTC.” said ICA President Dr. Bob Hoffman. “There is reason to dispute their being involved in matters like doctor-patient communication at all and ICA is committed to an on-going process to help in the fight to keep the FTC out of these kinds of issues.”

While the exact outcome of the Koren case is yet to be determined, the greater matter of FTC policies and procedures needs to be addressed to keep that agency from extending its on-going activities to doctor-patient communications. This is not a situation that lends itself to immediate Congressional or grass roots pressure at this time. ICA anticipates further meetings with FTC officials, close coordination with Dr. Koren’s legal team and participation in efforts to better educate FTC decision-makers about the science and practice of chiropractic. ICA will keep you fully informed of developments in this vitally important matter. @ 10:16 | Article ID: 931274195

Washington to mandate coverage of alternative therapies

WASHINGTON, Jul 02 (Reuters Health) — Washington state would be the first state in the US to require managed care plans and insurance companies to allow their customers nearly unfettered access to practitioners of “alternative medicine”, under draft rules expected to be adopted by July 15.

Highlights of the rules include:

— No health plan provider networks may exclude any category of healthcare professional licensed to provide care for a condition covered by the state’s Basic Health Plan.

— Carriers cannot refuse to let subscribers select between providers where the condition is appropriate to both and where both are licensed.

— Coverage cannot be used to discriminate against particular categories of healthcare professionals.

— Decisions not to cover certain treatments must be supported by evidence usually considered by the plan to decide whether treatments are effective.

“There is no bigger issue in healthcare than choice of provider.” – Deborah Senn @ 17:37 | Article ID: 930955050