Month: June 1999

Federal Trade Commission Attempting to Silence Free Speech on the Internet

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The Federal Trade Commission is at it again.

Americans are increasingly turning to the Internet for information related to their health. Thursday, federal officials announced stepped-up efforts to counter “fraudulent” online claims that promise to cure ailments from arthritis to AIDS. According to the FTC, more than 20 million Americans look to the Internet for health information — 70% of them before visiting a doctor’s office. Officials are concerned that people will not be able to make rational choices about their own health. As we have said many times at, research the facts and ask questions.

Jodie Bernstein, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection says “when information on Web sites is deceptive and untruthful, consumers are at risk.” (Kind of like what the drug industry and medical profession have done for years.)

The FTC said it is aiming to “put the quacks out of business” with tougher enforcement by federal and state authorities and a new consumer education campaign. The FTC recommends that consumers interested in gaining “medical” advice online start at U.S. government Web sites that provide links to reputable sources of information. (Sounds like a government filter to me.)

FTC Officials said consumers should stay away from sites that:
* Use phrases like “scientific breakthrough”
* Include impressive-sounding terminology to disguise a lack of scientific proof.
* Claim the government or other groups have conspired to suppress the product.

What ever happened to the internet and Free Speech? Don’t forget, Medicine is only a branch in the field of health care, not the trunk of the tree. A Kleenex is definitely a tissue yet a tissue is not necessarily a Kleenex. There is a difference between a “health condition,” and a “medical condition.” @ 10:23 | Article ID: 930324211

Upcoming Events at Planet Chiropractic

Planet Chiropractic is currently developing our mailing lists and database for chiropractors and students in the California area. Planet Chiropractic mailings will begin this week and will be sent on a bi-monthly schedule. There are many events coming to California this summer and we hope to see you at as many as you can attend. @ 07:16 | Article ID: 930053814

Planet Chiropractic News Service Begins

Planet Chiropractic has launched a news service for the California area. We will be bringing you information regarding upcoming seminars, conferences, and related events. The summer of 1999 is going to be a very busy time for chiropractic events in this area, we have many great speakers coming to both Northern and Southern California during July and August. @ 21:43 | Article ID: 930019428