Top 10 Reasons to get Chiropractic Adjustments

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Thought I’d share a top ten list we’ve used in our Los Angeles Chiropractic office for the past few years. It’s one of those things that took moments to create yet has been used and commented on nearly every day. People in our office love it!

You’ll want to modify the list for your practice and maybe change some terms, but be sure to keep #1 and #10 in order (I also have a top list below for straight chiropractors). The stuff in parenthesis are just ideas for you to build on.

Top Ten Reasons to get adjusted at ADIO Chiropractic! (edit for your office)

  1. You cannot lick your own elbow
  2. You have kids
  3. You are having kids
  4. You are a kid (kids get chiropractic too!)
  5. Your body feels 10 years older than you (signs of fatigue)
  6. You drive in traffic (who doesn’t)
  7. You drive on Lincoln Blvd. (pick street with most traffic in your town/city)
  8. You have insurance (Woo Hoo!)
  9. You don’t have insurance (No worries, our care is affordable)
  10. Your neck is sore from trying to lick your elbow

I can tell you that many times I’ve walked into the front office and someone was trying to lick their elbow. It’s very entertaining and a great way to open up conversation as to why we get adjusted.

Straight chiropractic top list for getting adjusted…

  1. You’re Subluxated

Have a great day!