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Twiistup 3 Draws Geeks and Nerds in LA

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Nothing like a Wednesday night at the Air-Conditioned Supper Club in Venice Beach California, hanging out with some of West LA’s biggest geeks and nerds.

The digital media space in West Los Angeles has subtly been growning for the past few years now, and things are no longer as quiet as they used to be. I recall Brian Deagan, reporter for Investors Business Daily, commenting more than two years ago, that West Los Angeles will become a digital hub of Web 2.0 media. From the sold-out crowd I witnessed last night, I’d say Brian’s predictions are right on target.

Among recognizable LA faces I saw last night were Crystal Williams (who I met at wordcamp 2007, and hadn’t seen since barcamp LA 2007), Mark Jeffrey (CTO of Mahalo.com and author of The Pocket and the Pendant), Elmer Thomas (CEO of ThemBid), Nicole Jordan (who was an incredible host when I was at Vegas Pubcon), Marwan Soghaier (of Rubicon Project – I love these guys!!!) and Shira Lazar (who was busy interviewing lots of folks at the event).

Shira Lazar Elmer Thomas
Shira Lazar interviews Elmer Thomas, CEO of ThemBid

There was lots of conversation and excitement revolving around like-minded groups getting together in the coastal LA. While some companies and representatives drove in from places like Riverside in Burbank, many conduct business in the local area. Mahalo is in Santa Monica, the Rubicon Project is now in the Marina del Rey area, and Planet Chiropractic has been in Venice, since the office moved from their downtown LA location in 2001.

Rubicon demo
Representatives from the Rubicon Project gave demos all night long

I picked up a few pieces of new shwag (which I’ll likely be mailing to schwag addict Tamar Weinberg) and had a great time getting reconnected with the guys and girls of digital media and Web 2.0 in Los Angeles.