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Photos Increase Classified Ad Views

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Did you know that photographs placed in classified advertising posts results in far greater views of those posts? Imagine shopping for a preowned car on a classified ad site, and not getting to see any photos, those advertisements don’t get much action. The same goes for major auction sites. I can’t even recall the last time I visited an auction site that didn’t include at least one photograph related to the item being sold.

The same rule applies for chiropractic classified ads, if you include photographs, you’re going to increase significantly the amount of viewers looking at what you are selling. Let me show you some examples, starting with this Elite Chiropractic Table recently listed for sale in Boise Idaho.

elite chiropractic table

This Elite Chiropractic Table gets more views than similar adjusting tables listed that do not include a photo. The picture you see above is a screenshot from the actual ad. When a user browses the ad page, they get a thumbnail of the image that they can click on. The expanded size image appears directly over the advertisement without taking the user off the page. That’s a new feature recently added.

Not only did the seller of the above chiropractic table include a good quality photograph (you can tell it’s Burgundy by looking at the picture), they provided a fairly good description of the table being sold. We’re told it has manual flexion, electric traction, and both lumbar and cervical drops.

Lets take a look at this Tytron C-3000 scanner being sold. What I like is that the individual selling this unit is showing a picture of it in what appears to be the chiropractic office.

Tytron C-3000 Scanner

This tytron scanner is located in Vista California (always include the location) and the seller explains that the item includes manuals, software, a carrying case, and instructional DVDs. I am unclear as to whether that laptop is included, which brings me to the reminder that if you’re going to list items for sale, include as much detail as possible.

It may seem silly, but we see it in commercials on television and in print, oftentimes we’re told about things that are not included. In the case of this advertisement, I’d state clearly “laptop not included” or “laptop included” just to be safe. If the laptop were included, there should be a lot more detail in the post.

Let’s take a look at this 16 x 18″ x-ray viewbox, it’s a great example of something people may not think to take the time to take a photo of. Personally, I appreciate it.

16x18 viewbox

This 16×18 inch x-ray viewbox was listed for sale by a chiropractor in Canada. Even though that is mentioned in the location, I would clearly mention in the advertisement that the viewbox is in Canada. It’s a good idea to mention a location more than once within the post.

I like that the chiropractor selling this viewbox took the time to unplug it and take a photo. I would go one step further by neatly rolling up the power cord so that it can be seen in the photograph. If I was buying a viewbox for my office, I’d actually like to know how long that cord is, since some of my power outlets are quite a ways from each other.

I’m not certain if this was made of metal or wood or a combination of both. If it’s wood framed, be sure to mention it. If it’s white aluminum framed, tell us. Basically, share a little bit more detail, and you’ll likely increase the odds someone’s going to purchase your item for sale.

Including photographs of items for sale probably makes sense to you, but in my opinion it’s critically important when selling practices as well. As an example let’s take a look at this just advertised chiropractic practice for sale in Utah.

Utah all-cash practice for sale

This Utah all cash practice for sale has a photograph included in the advertisement. First off, the ad is terrific, as it includes great detail about the practice being sold. You may even notice that he formatted his e-mail address so that it wouldn’t be stripped. Read my thoughts on that.

What I really like is that the photo shows pretty much what to expect from this chiropractic office. I can see the plate glass window and traffic right out on the street. I can see that chiropractic poster peeling off the wall too. That happens in my office, especially when it gets hot, so we use a blue sticky substance to keep posters firmly mounted.

My point is that if you’re selling a chiropractic practice, I’d strongly advise you include a photo (of either the outside or the inside) so we can get a good visual.

What about hiring associates? That is a category where you may not think a photograph would be important. Personally, I think it would be a great idea to include a photo from inside the office, so that your potential new hires could see what kind of chiropractic practice they’d be working in.

If the chiropractic seminars I’ve been to during the past year are any indication, I’d say it’s pretty clear nearly every chiropractor I know, owns either an iPhone, a Blackberry, or an Android phone. It’s quite easy to use those devices to get good quality photos of items you’re selling, or of your practice environment. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer for classified advertising.

If you’ve got any thoughts or suggestions please let me know.

Selling My Sexy Red Dress

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This may seem like the oddest title ever for a classified advertising related scam post, but when you see the e-mails chiropractors selling x-ray equipment and adjusting tables were receiving yesterday, you’ll maybe understand why I chose this title. No, I don’t have a sexy red dress for sale, but I’ve taken more than my share of photographs of women wearing them. Being a photographer has its privileges.

beautiful blonde in sequined red dressWhen you’re done looking at the blonde woman in the red dress, look back over here so I can share the rest of this post with you. It’s actually important information if you ever post classified ads online (on any website).

Yes, I’ve covered this topic of classified ad fraud, classified ad scams, fraudulent e-mails, many times. I always get reminded of the guy who almost shipped his motorcycle overseas, to someone who turned out to be a classified ad scam artist, until he did a simple Google search and discovered one of my posts. As long as these perpetrators of fraud continue, I’ll keep posting their information.

Classified ad scammers are notorious for poor spelling and really bad e-mail templates, here are a few examples. What I thought was really funny about the following one, was that the e-mails were sent to chiropractors selling clinical equipment. Here’s what they received.


Hello seller,

I am John Spencer, i’m interested in this dress,i would like to know the condition of this dress and the final asking price because i am buying it as a birthday gift for my Daughter.i want you to know i can only make payment through paypal.I have a shipping agent that will be coming for the pickup in your location. So kindly get back to me with your direct email and paypal email address and phone number so that i can contact you. my direct contact email address is([email protected])

Pls get back to me as soon as possible so that i can proceed with the payment. Best regards

John Spencer

[email protected]
IP Address: <- Russia


John Spencer ([email protected]) is obviously a classified ad scammer. According to the IP addresses  being used ( and he’s operating out of Russia. Something tells me his name’s not actually John Spencer.

If you’re selling a piece of x-ray equipment and someone e-mails you wanting to buy your dress, things become pretty obvious. It’s not so easy when you’re selling an adjusting table (or even a motorcycle) and someone sends a similar e-mail saying they want to buy your ‘product.’

Here’s the thing, two days prior, a chiropractor  selling a piece of equipment received a similar e-mail. Take a look at this one.



I am Amber Portwood, i’m interested in this item,i would like to know the condition of this item and the final asking price because i am buying it as a birthday gift for my Dad.i want you to know i can only make payment through paypal.I have a shipping agent that will be coming for the pickup in your location. So kindly get back to me with your direct email and paypal email address and phone number so that i can contact direct contact email address is([email protected]) Pls get back to me as soon as possible so that i can proceed with the payment. Best regards

Amber Portwood

[email protected]

IP address: <- Russia


What a coincidence that someone named Amber also has an IP address based out of Russia and they’re sending nearly the exact same e-mail request (a birthday gift for a family member). Unfortunately, people do fall for these scams, so I don’t expect the fraudsters are going to stop anytime soon.

If you use classified advertising sites anywhere (not just on planet chiropractic classifieds) be especially aware of individuals seeking to separate you from both your money and your items for sale. Always a good idea to use caution when selling and buying online. Heck, it’s good to use caution and common sense even when selling locally face-to-face.

Many thank you’s to the chiropractors that take the time to forward  me these e-mails so I can get posts created and get IP addresses blocked. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Response To Your ITEM Posted For Sale

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I woke up to a forwarded e-mail this morning from a chiropractor that was contacted by someone inquiring about a piece of chiropractic equipment he had listed for sale. I’m thankful he quickly forwarded the e-mail to me so that the sender’s information could be investigated. While I’ve covered this topic in what feels like thousands of times before, I don’t expect the practice is ever going to go away completely, so I’ll continue to post reminders now and then.

Bottom line: always be weary of those contacting you online regarding equipment for sale, this is the area scammers target most.

chiropractic classified ad serviceFrom the activity I see online, it appears that nearly everyone using the classified advertising system is taking the time to read directions, and users are posting/replying responsibly. Still, some have either skipped over reading directions, or continue posting in a way that is not recommended (we do delete and ban accounts regularly). The other day I posted classified ad e-mail address tips for this very reason, since some users prefer to post their e-mail information in the body of advertisements. I strongly advise against this, and the text I’m going to share shows my reasoning why. The following is what was forwarded to me…

[email protected] wrote:

Items posted in Product Categories are frequent targets of Check and Money Order Scams.
We are working to reduce and eliminate fraud. Your assistance and support is appreciated.
If you believe this ad reply is fraudulent, simply forward it to [email protected] and then
delete it. Do not reply to any suspicious emails. It will only result in more SPAM.

Ad Number: XXXXX
Sender IP:

Ad Headline: Spinal Care 2000
Posted To: Chiropractic Classifieds

Hello Seller,

In response to your ITEM posted for sale. I am an agent interested in making an immediate purchase of it.

After several consideration over the advert placed on the website, my client who has really shown interest in it and would want to issue the payment.

But before I proceed on this transaction I will like to ask some question as follows.

1. Is the condition of the ITEM what you have describe it to be ?

2. What is the final asking prize you can go at last ?

3. Do you accept a certified check as a mode of payment ?

4,Can the picture send to me via email for proper view?

Also I would like to restate clearly that this item will be shipped to Australia and I have a shipping agent who would take good care of this. You are to cash the Check you will recieve and deduct the funds for the sales of your item and please have the excess funds sent to the shipping agent in order to schedule the pick up of the item.

All neccesary transfer papers will be dully signed by the shipper on behalf of my client when the shipping agents comes for the pick up of the item .

I will be willing to entertain more of your questions that might arise, please provide your


So that I can have it forwarded to my client for immediate payment issuance.Looking forward to hear from you.

Mr William Diehl
Fleet court ,
fleet st torquay
devon england tq1 1dr x

williams diehl
[email protected]

Thankfully the chiropractor using our advertising system relied on the built in contact form to be contacted regarding their equipment for sale. Using the form, we are able to capture the sender’s IP address, e-mail address, and other pertinent information. That information can be quickly forwarded to Internet Service Providers, state and local agencies, etc. We can also ban the sender’s e-mail address, making their scamming efforts slightly more difficult. The form also provides us with the information to create this post; so that people selling motorcycles, cars, household appliances, cameras, and all sorts of other items that appear unclassified add websites throughout the world, can be notified that this individual is a scammer.

To those that use the classified ad system, thank you for being a responsible member of the community.

Classified Ad Email Address Tips

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

For quite some time now, it has been the policy on planet chiropractic, that users of the chiropractic classified ad system don’t include their e-mail address in the body of their ads. The reasoning behind this was that scammers, scrapers, and con artists, were grabbing those e-mails and contacting unsuspecting chiropractors. For the most part, the filter that we’ve put in place, has worked just fine. Even better, the majority of users know better than to post their e-mail addresses (for all the world to see) within the body of advertisements. I wouldn’t recommend that on any publicly available website anywhere. That being said, I’ve received several e-mails from those that want to include their e-mail address in the body of ads, primarily so they can receive curriculum vitae’s and resumes for job-related ads. In that case, there are some workarounds, but the user posting does so at their own risk.

send chiropractic resume to

Send resume to… screenshot

The screenshot shows the clipped body of a classified advertisement that includes a users e-mail address that has been filtered out. The red arrow shows where people visiting the site can click and send a reply to ad postings. I still strongly suggest that users rely on this system when contacting the posters of advertisements. Personally, I wouldn’t send out my resume or curriculum vitae, until I had a chance to know more about the office or individual I was sending it to.

If you want to post your e-mail address in any way shape or form online, and want to decrease the chances that it’s going to be picked up by a spamming scraper, you may want to do any of the following.

The most common methods are removing the @ symbol and . symbol, and replacing them with something else. As an example let’s use the e-mail address for >> [email protected] Here are some alternatives…

DrMikeDorausch[the squigley sybmol]worldsmostawesomebloggingchiropractor(period)com
DrMikeDorausch$at$worldsmostawesomebloggingchiropractor (dot) com

You can pretty much do anything you want, and from what I’ve seen online, there is little problem arising from being creative. Seriously, in 2011, if someone can’t figure out your e-mail address when changes like those above are made, maybe they don’t have any business communicating with you anyways.

Kellee Chee Khiong Financial Officer at Malaysia RHB Bank

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Been a while since we’ve had a classified advertising scam update. Thankfully, the community has really gotten awesome in spotting fraud and has been seriously kicking butt on emailing updates likety split. Not long ago a chiropractor received an email from someone claiming to be a financial officer at a bank in Lumpur. Looked and smelled like a scam and the IP address used was from an AT&T account in the USA. Great job by the chiropractor for spotting and forwarding it on to me.

IP Location

I like when I get informed with info like this since we take the time to post it online and get the name and IP address showing up in search. Many times now I’ve had emails from others saying they see these same activities going on elsewhere. Great to keep track of the names and IP addresses so they can be reported to internet and email providers.

This particular case involved the responding to an ad placed for chiropractic equipment. The reply read…

Ad Number: 27454
Sender IP:

My name is Kellee Chee Khiong, the financial officer at Malaysia RHB Bank Berhad in Lumpur, and I am getting in touch with you regarding a business deal worth $US37 Million in my control which will be executed under a legitimate arrangement. I am contacting you independently and will intimate you more about myself and details of the project if and when I receive your response. Kindly get back to me via my private email if you are interested in partnership with me on this project. Contact me via my private email.

Kellee Chee Khiong
[email protected]


Wow, 37 million dollars, I’m surprised the chiropractor didn’t first try and secure a deal. Haha. OK, we’ve seen this and other types of email and contact form scam/spam hundreds of times so it’s nothing new. The only reason we still post the info is so that the address and IP data gets made public. You never know when someone is going to not be so sure it’s a scam (it happens) and just to be safe, performs a search of the senders email address and/or name. It’s not yellow pages type dishonesty, but it’s still important to get the word out.

Daniel William Uncles Birthday Gift Classified Ad Scam

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Early this morning I was preparing for an awesome Wednesday at the office when I received an e-mail from a chiropractor questioning the validity of a reply he had for a piece of chiropractic equipment he was selling in the classifieds. On the surface the e-mail didn’t look quite as spammy and fraudulent as the many we’ve seen before, but it had all the key factors we see in classified advertising buyer scams.

To confirm, I always perform a search on the IP address to see if any unusual activity is appearing on the website. In the case of the e-mail I received this morning, the IP address had sent some 67 identical e-mails to sellers of chiropractic equipment in about a 40 minute period, undoubtedly a scammer.

As I’ve been doing regularly,  I like to post a copy of the e-mail that was sent (thanks to the chiropractors that alerted me) along with the e-mail address used and the IP address. I have received many e-mails in the past couple years, from folks using other websites for classified advertising that received similar e-mails from the same scammers, which has helped keep them from falling prey to 419 check and money order scammers.

Sender IP:
Posted To: Chiropractic Classifieds

Hello Seller,
I will like to show interest in buying your item,My name is Daniel William from Redlands CA .. I came across your item and i have really read all the description of the item and I’m very much interested to buy it.

I’ll like to buy the item for my Uncle as a birthday gift,i will like to ask you some few questions..

Q#1. How long have you owned it?
Q#2. Any available photo?
Q#3. How much are you asking for it?
Q#4. Do you accept a (Business Check/Cashier Check/Money Order)as a mode of payment?
Q#5. Get back to me with your Full name,address and Phone # to further our discussion.
Q#6.Do you accept a local pick up?

Note that you don’t need to worry about shipping as i have a private shipping company that will take care of the shipping and delivery of the item once payment is been received by you.

I’ll like to have the response to these question in your earliest convenience.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regard And God Bless,

Daniel William
[email protected]

The biggest change I see in this e-mail from those sent in the past, is the buyer identifies themselves as somebody that is local in the United States (in this case Redlands California). Their e-mail explains that they want to buy the item for their uncle as a birthday gift. Who buys their uncle x-ray processing equipment for a present? That should be a flag right there.

The bigger flag though, is that the item is not mentioned in the e-mail, which makes it much easier for the scammer to send out mass mailings using the template seen above.

I like the finishing touch of… God Bless That tends to be seen in nearly every fraudulent e-mail in this sort of category. Very simply, the above e-mail is an attempt to separate someone from their items for sale and/or their money. Here’s a long list of nearly identical blog posts regarding this kind of fraudulent online activity. You don’t have to read all the posts to get an understanding of what’s going on, but I’d recommend you read at least three of them, before posting any classified ads on any website online.

Classifieds Ad Fraud Attempt Today
Helene Dido Internet Classified Ad Scams
Mr Osram Slam oceanltd2000 Scam
Nigerian Scammer Loaded Martins
Martins Gilbert Woodland Property Investment Scam
Mark Nicholas mark_nicho95 Fraud Alert
Daniel Monday Scam Alert
Mr Benson Raymond Nigeria Scam
Constant Watch on Fraud and Scams
1000 mentions of fraud and phishing
I can haz ur money?

Maybe somebody wants to buy me a digital x-ray unit for my birthday?

Classifieds Maintenance Until Thursday Oct 4

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Below is an old post (from 2009). It’s just a place setting as we are working on some classified database speed issues.

This may take a few days (or more). We will be back!

I was just about ready to finish my two months blogging vacation when some schmo replies to a posted classified ad with fraudulent looking questions. Hmpff!

Fortunately, the chiropractor receiving the email was quick to stop the attempt of separating him from his xray item and he (the chiropractor) emailed me.

Here we go, another scam artist to add to the list (especially for those of you webmasters maintaining classified ad websites), this time the name is Cesar Diego.

Hello seller, how are you doing today? Got hold of your ad about selling your item and i am highly interested in purchasing it and will like you to get back at me with answers to this few questions;
Whats its current condition?

Whats your final asking price?

What are your preferred modes of payments?

Will be expecting your response in due time, have a blessed day.THANKS

Cesar Diego
[email protected]

Better writing skills than Helene Dido and many others, but still spammy scam send a check or money order scam nonetheless.

Helene Dido Internet Classified Ad Scams

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m posting this in the hope that someone potentially getting scam by an overseas buyer will perform a search and find this persons info. It’s similar to the dozens of other scam emails I’ve seen over the years, only the names and email addresses change (and sometimes the IP address). Here is info on the latest…

Helene Dido
Sender IP:

Ad Headline: Traction Table
Posted To: Chiropractic Classifieds

Sender replied to a Chiropractic Classified with the following…

hello i say you advert for sale and am willing to buy it i want you to give
me your best selling price for it and the present condition .. i will be
waiting to read from you ..

helene dido
[email protected]

OK, not everybody spells great or has proper grammer (myself included) but this is classic scam copy, similar to Osram Slam, Martins Gilbert, Mark Nicholas, Daniel Monday, Loaded Martins, and many others.

Regardless of where you are posting your classified ads, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a few minutes to do some research and find out who you are dealing with, BEFORE you even reply to email requests.

If you are not sure the email sent to you from some stranger wanting to purchase your item on behalf of a client using a shipping company and check or money order is a scam, the least you could do is perform a search for the persons name or email address. Many times it will appear on a 419 Scam Forum site or in a blog post like this.

Don’t be fooled, do your homework.

Mr Osram Slam oceanltd2000 Scam

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

With a name like Osram Slam, you have to imagine the e-mail you received is a scam, at least they’ll people figure that out when they receive e-mails like this one here…



My Name Is Mr Osram Slam. I Am Interested In Buying Your Item.And I Will Like To Know The Condition Of The Item With The Asking Price Including The Pics. I Will Be looking forward to hear from you
Osram Slam

Mr Osram Slam
[email protected]


Sorry Mr. Slam, we’ve reported you as a scam. Thanks to a rapidly sent e-mail by a chiropractor receiving the above message in reply to an item he was selling in the chiropractic classifieds, we picked up an IP address and some other information. According to the reply form, Mr. Slam had a Sender IP of That turned out to be a IP address in the United States, something we don’t commonly see with these sorts of scams.

The IP address comes from AT&T Internet services in Richardson Texas. An e-mail was sent to the abuse department. Hopefully they will take a look into it.

For those of you running for more classified websites, you may want to add the above IP address to your black lists. Here’s just a sampling of rapidfire replies that were recently sent to everybody selling products online…

This is up there with the other Nigerian scammer posts we’ve done (although this was a US IP address), like the one on Martins Gilbert, or the Mark Nicholas scam. Be on the lookout when you’re selling items online, regardless of the website you’re using, there’s always someone out there looking for ways to separate you from your merchandise or money.

Another Running Marathon Round Up

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you have been reading Planet Chiropractic news the past few months you may be wondering what’s been going on with all the marathon related content. Actually, we’ve had marathon related content for about four years now, but there’s really been plenty of marathons taking place in the past few months.

I love to run. Most people who know me know that I like to get out on the beach and run as a way to keep physically fit and mentally fit. I had been reminding myself that I’ve got to summarize some of the marathon related content that’s been appearing in the news, and then I noticed we did that in April with the 26 Mile Plus Sunday Running Marathons post.

Even though that was posted in late April, I noticed 10 marathon or running related articles appearing in news since. These marathons and running events have passed, so this is more of an additional summary archive for 2009 marathon events.


I’m excited about the Los Angeles Marathon coming up this Memorial Day weekend. I’m really excited that there’s going to be a two-day Expo, because I’m seeking out a few pairs of new running shoes. I’ve always found there are great deals on running shoes at marathon Expos. News regarding the LA Marathon Heating up posted today, and will have some news from the event. The run this year is on Memorial Day, which is a Monday, beginning in downtown Los Angeles.

The San Francisco Bay to Breakers 2009 12 K was a huge success. From what I heard via twitter, e-mail, and talking to some folks who participated, there was lots of fun to be had. Besides our mini guide for the 2009 Bay to  Breakers event, we published a San Fransisco 2009 Bay to Breakers Results and Photos article Sunday afternoon. It was a great run for taking photos and I may have to personally make the trip to San Francisco for the 2010 Bay to Breakers race so I can get some shots of my own.

The California Pasadena marathon really showed how twitter was bringing marathon action online, and we saw lots of social media action for the 2009 Boston Marathon as well. One thing that was great about the Boston Marathon, was the constant live coverage viewable over the web, and a constant stream of people tweeting information from the race. It was really easy to keep up on race day details and festivities. The 2009 Boston Marathon Results and Photos have a great summary of the race.

The live online coverage for the Boston Marathon was provided by Universal Sports, who also provided live 2009 London Marathon Video. They’ll be providing a live online feed for the Los Angeles 2009 marathon as well. The 2009 Country Music Marathon (also known as the Nashville Marathon) had  good live online video as well. For that marathon, video was only at the finish line, but it was neat to watch runners cross the line throughout the morning.

There was a marathon in Orange County Newport Beach and a marathon in Cincinnati (Flying Pig Marathon Cincinnati & OC Marathon Newport Beach) on May 3, 2009. It was a big day for marathons across the United States, and there were some races we didn’t get a chance to have news coverage on. The Green Bay Marathon took place this past weekend, and from what I hear the event went real well. It was their 10th year anniversary for a marathon that has a start and finish at Lambeau Field.

I found two archived articles related to the Los Angeles marathons, one for March 13, 2006 (Los Angeles Marathon & Chiropractic), and the other from later that week, March 2006 Marathon. I’ve heard so many stories of chiropractors running marathons that I’m almost surprised there’s not any major Marathon sponsored by chiropractic groups in the United States. Running is an event that it appears many chiropractors enjoy. I may be biased being a runner, and I realize there’s lots of chiropractors equally into cycling and swimming. Those chiropractors who are athletically talented in all three areas, in training for triathlons, are impressive. Especially so, since nearly all the more maintaining active chiropractic practices while managing rigorous training schedules.

The 2009 San Diego Marathon (Rock ‘n Roll Marathon) is still to come (that’s going to be in the end of May) and the San Francisco Marathon is scheduled for July 26, 2009. Also watch out for the Los Angeles triathlon in October, which begins right by my house in Venice Beach. Looking forward to cheering on athletes at that event.

Chiropractic is a great fit for marathons and triathlons (both in practice and as a client), at least that’s been my experience.