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Daniel William Uncles Birthday Gift Classified Ad Scam

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Early this morning I was preparing for an awesome Wednesday at the office when I received an e-mail from a chiropractor questioning the validity of a reply he had for a piece of chiropractic equipment he was selling in the classifieds. On the surface the e-mail didn’t look quite as spammy and fraudulent as the many we’ve seen before, but it had all the key factors we see in classified advertising buyer scams.

To confirm, I always perform a search on the IP address to see if any unusual activity is appearing on the website. In the case of the e-mail I received this morning, the IP address had sent some 67 identical e-mails to sellers of chiropractic equipment in about a 40 minute period, undoubtedly a scammer.

As I’ve been doing regularly,  I like to post a copy of the e-mail that was sent (thanks to the chiropractors that alerted me) along with the e-mail address used and the IP address. I have received many e-mails in the past couple years, from folks using other websites for classified advertising that received similar e-mails from the same scammers, which has helped keep them from falling prey to 419 check and money order scammers.

Sender IP:
Posted To: Chiropractic Classifieds

Hello Seller,
I will like to show interest in buying your item,My name is Daniel William from Redlands CA .. I came across your item and i have really read all the description of the item and I’m very much interested to buy it.

I’ll like to buy the item for my Uncle as a birthday gift,i will like to ask you some few questions..

Q#1. How long have you owned it?
Q#2. Any available photo?
Q#3. How much are you asking for it?
Q#4. Do you accept a (Business Check/Cashier Check/Money Order)as a mode of payment?
Q#5. Get back to me with your Full name,address and Phone # to further our discussion.
Q#6.Do you accept a local pick up?

Note that you don’t need to worry about shipping as i have a private shipping company that will take care of the shipping and delivery of the item once payment is been received by you.

I’ll like to have the response to these question in your earliest convenience.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regard And God Bless,

Daniel William
[email protected]

The biggest change I see in this e-mail from those sent in the past, is the buyer identifies themselves as somebody that is local in the United States (in this case Redlands California). Their e-mail explains that they want to buy the item for their uncle as a birthday gift. Who buys their uncle x-ray processing equipment for a present? That should be a flag right there.

The bigger flag though, is that the item is not mentioned in the e-mail, which makes it much easier for the scammer to send out mass mailings using the template seen above.

I like the finishing touch of… God Bless That tends to be seen in nearly every fraudulent e-mail in this sort of category. Very simply, the above e-mail is an attempt to separate someone from their items for sale and/or their money. Here’s a long list of nearly identical blog posts regarding this kind of fraudulent online activity. You don’t have to read all the posts to get an understanding of what’s going on, but I’d recommend you read at least three of them, before posting any classified ads on any website online.

Classifieds Ad Fraud Attempt Today
Helene Dido Internet Classified Ad Scams
Mr Osram Slam oceanltd2000 Scam
Nigerian Scammer Loaded Martins
Martins Gilbert Woodland Property Investment Scam
Mark Nicholas mark_nicho95 Fraud Alert
Daniel Monday Scam Alert
Mr Benson Raymond Nigeria Scam
Constant Watch on Fraud and Scams
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I can haz ur money?

Maybe somebody wants to buy me a digital x-ray unit for my birthday?

Classifieds Maintenance Until Thursday Oct 4

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Below is an old post (from 2009). It’s just a place setting as we are working on some classified database speed issues.

This may take a few days (or more). We will be back!

I was just about ready to finish my two months blogging vacation when some schmo replies to a posted classified ad with fraudulent looking questions. Hmpff!

Fortunately, the chiropractor receiving the email was quick to stop the attempt of separating him from his xray item and he (the chiropractor) emailed me.

Here we go, another scam artist to add to the list (especially for those of you webmasters maintaining classified ad websites), this time the name is Cesar Diego.

Hello seller, how are you doing today? Got hold of your ad about selling your item and i am highly interested in purchasing it and will like you to get back at me with answers to this few questions;
Whats its current condition?

Whats your final asking price?

What are your preferred modes of payments?

Will be expecting your response in due time, have a blessed day.THANKS

Cesar Diego
[email protected]

Better writing skills than Helene Dido and many others, but still spammy scam send a check or money order scam nonetheless.

Helene Dido Internet Classified Ad Scams

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m posting this in the hope that someone potentially getting scam by an overseas buyer will perform a search and find this persons info. It’s similar to the dozens of other scam emails I’ve seen over the years, only the names and email addresses change (and sometimes the IP address). Here is info on the latest…

Helene Dido
Sender IP:

Ad Headline: Traction Table
Posted To: Chiropractic Classifieds

Sender replied to a Chiropractic Classified with the following…

hello i say you advert for sale and am willing to buy it i want you to give
me your best selling price for it and the present condition .. i will be
waiting to read from you ..

helene dido
[email protected]

OK, not everybody spells great or has proper grammer (myself included) but this is classic scam copy, similar to Osram Slam, Martins Gilbert, Mark Nicholas, Daniel Monday, Loaded Martins, and many others.

Regardless of where you are posting your classified ads, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a few minutes to do some research and find out who you are dealing with, BEFORE you even reply to email requests.

If you are not sure the email sent to you from some stranger wanting to purchase your item on behalf of a client using a shipping company and check or money order is a scam, the least you could do is perform a search for the persons name or email address. Many times it will appear on a 419 Scam Forum site or in a blog post like this.

Don’t be fooled, do your homework.

Mr Osram Slam oceanltd2000 Scam

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

With a name like Osram Slam, you have to imagine the e-mail you received is a scam, at least they’ll people figure that out when they receive e-mails like this one here…



My Name Is Mr Osram Slam. I Am Interested In Buying Your Item.And I Will Like To Know The Condition Of The Item With The Asking Price Including The Pics. I Will Be looking forward to hear from you
Osram Slam

Mr Osram Slam
[email protected]


Sorry Mr. Slam, we’ve reported you as a scam. Thanks to a rapidly sent e-mail by a chiropractor receiving the above message in reply to an item he was selling in the chiropractic classifieds, we picked up an IP address and some other information. According to the reply form, Mr. Slam had a Sender IP of That turned out to be a IP address in the United States, something we don’t commonly see with these sorts of scams.

The IP address comes from AT&T Internet services in Richardson Texas. An e-mail was sent to the abuse department. Hopefully they will take a look into it.

For those of you running for more classified websites, you may want to add the above IP address to your black lists. Here’s just a sampling of rapidfire replies that were recently sent to everybody selling products online…

This is up there with the other Nigerian scammer posts we’ve done (although this was a US IP address), like the one on Martins Gilbert, or the Mark Nicholas scam. Be on the lookout when you’re selling items online, regardless of the website you’re using, there’s always someone out there looking for ways to separate you from your merchandise or money.

Another Running Marathon Round Up

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you have been reading Planet Chiropractic news the past few months you may be wondering what’s been going on with all the marathon related content. Actually, we’ve had marathon related content for about four years now, but there’s really been plenty of marathons taking place in the past few months.

I love to run. Most people who know me know that I like to get out on the beach and run as a way to keep physically fit and mentally fit. I had been reminding myself that I’ve got to summarize some of the marathon related content that’s been appearing in the news, and then I noticed we did that in April with the 26 Mile Plus Sunday Running Marathons post.

Even though that was posted in late April, I noticed 10 marathon or running related articles appearing in news since. These marathons and running events have passed, so this is more of an additional summary archive for 2009 marathon events.


I’m excited about the Los Angeles Marathon coming up this Memorial Day weekend. I’m really excited that there’s going to be a two-day Expo, because I’m seeking out a few pairs of new running shoes. I’ve always found there are great deals on running shoes at marathon Expos. News regarding the LA Marathon Heating up posted today, and will have some news from the event. The run this year is on Memorial Day, which is a Monday, beginning in downtown Los Angeles.

The San Francisco Bay to Breakers 2009 12 K was a huge success. From what I heard via twitter, e-mail, and talking to some folks who participated, there was lots of fun to be had. Besides our mini guide for the 2009 Bay to  Breakers event, we published a San Fransisco 2009 Bay to Breakers Results and Photos article Sunday afternoon. It was a great run for taking photos and I may have to personally make the trip to San Francisco for the 2010 Bay to Breakers race so I can get some shots of my own.

The California Pasadena marathon really showed how twitter was bringing marathon action online, and we saw lots of social media action for the 2009 Boston Marathon as well. One thing that was great about the Boston Marathon, was the constant live coverage viewable over the web, and a constant stream of people tweeting information from the race. It was really easy to keep up on race day details and festivities. The 2009 Boston Marathon Results and Photos have a great summary of the race.

The live online coverage for the Boston Marathon was provided by Universal Sports, who also provided live 2009 London Marathon Video. They’ll be providing a live online feed for the Los Angeles 2009 marathon as well. The 2009 Country Music Marathon (also known as the Nashville Marathon) had  good live online video as well. For that marathon, video was only at the finish line, but it was neat to watch runners cross the line throughout the morning.

There was a marathon in Orange County Newport Beach and a marathon in Cincinnati (Flying Pig Marathon Cincinnati & OC Marathon Newport Beach) on May 3, 2009. It was a big day for marathons across the United States, and there were some races we didn’t get a chance to have news coverage on. The Green Bay Marathon took place this past weekend, and from what I hear the event went real well. It was their 10th year anniversary for a marathon that has a start and finish at Lambeau Field.

I found two archived articles related to the Los Angeles marathons, one for March 13, 2006 (Los Angeles Marathon & Chiropractic), and the other from later that week, March 2006 Marathon. I’ve heard so many stories of chiropractors running marathons that I’m almost surprised there’s not any major Marathon sponsored by chiropractic groups in the United States. Running is an event that it appears many chiropractors enjoy. I may be biased being a runner, and I realize there’s lots of chiropractors equally into cycling and swimming. Those chiropractors who are athletically talented in all three areas, in training for triathlons, are impressive. Especially so, since nearly all the more maintaining active chiropractic practices while managing rigorous training schedules.

The 2009 San Diego Marathon (Rock ‘n Roll Marathon) is still to come (that’s going to be in the end of May) and the San Francisco Marathon is scheduled for July 26, 2009. Also watch out for the Los Angeles triathlon in October, which begins right by my house in Venice Beach. Looking forward to cheering on athletes at that event.

Chiropractic is a great fit for marathons and triathlons (both in practice and as a client), at least that’s been my experience.

Nigerian Scammer Loaded Martins

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

As annoying as it may seem (I’m sure it’s no fun for you guys to see these posts over and over again) when scammers try to take advantage of chiropractic classifieds users, actually enjoy the satisfaction I get when we trace them down.

Were not even done with the investigation on Martins Gilbert and already there is someone else using the name Martins in a scam noticed earlier this morning. What’s cool about this one as it doesn’t look like the scammer bothered to use a proxy (the last one was using AT&T out of Texas) and the IP address was coming straight out of Nigeria.

Update: Forgot this info earlier. In case anyone is searching for someone pulling 419 scams…

[email protected]

Was the information being used. Branch Martins is quite close to Martins Gilbert and I suspect it could be the same individual.

It’s actually very easy to check up on who owns IP addresses. A chiropractor contacted me earlier this morning and forwarded an e-mail he had received from someone wanting to purchase his equipment. In that e-mail is a particular number I always look for, the sender IP address. In this case the address was which gave me enough information to do a simple lookup using domain tools (

Checking that number gave us the following information… Suburban Telecom in Nigeria Lagos. Sweet, looks like that’s our guy. I then went and checked the log files for Planet Chiropractic and luckily this guy had made it really easy for us to trace his activity.

He landed on the home page at 4:11 AM and at 4:25 AM conducted a search for classifieds directly from the home page. At 4:27 AM he visited the help page and it looks like he read up on the site scam policy. I found that pretty funny being that I thought most scammers went directly to the classified ads themselves.

At 4:31 AM he made his first attempt to contact somebody, sending a poorly spelled e-mail in an attempt to begin interaction with the  seller. This wasn’t an e-mail like we’ve seen in the past, it was a pretty simple attempt to make contact.

The person who was contacted e-mail me at what would have been 4:56 AM, which was only 15 minutes after the first scam attempt was made. Thanks to the individual paying attention and forwarding the message on to me, we were able to shut it down rather quickly.

I like that.

Martins Gilbert Woodland Property Investment Scam

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here’s the latest scammer sending e-mails to chiropractors that have chiropractic classified ads posted. The same e-mail was sent to about a dozen individuals that have products or equipment for sale. I’ve already been contacted by at least half a dozen different chiropractors that received the below e-mail at different times in the day. Scammers watch out, the chiropractic community is kicking butt and taking names.

The alias being used, and the company being used, is as follows…


Martins Gilbert
[email protected]

Sender IP:

Here is the e-mail that is sent…

Good morning
How you today and your family, Am interested in buying your item listed
for sale,Please let me know if you still have  this medical equipment
for sale and perhaps in good condition.I await your response and i will
proceed with purchase if its still available for sale and in good
condition….and i will like to know the last price.
i need to hear from you ASAP Thanks
God bless

After replying to the e-mail this is what comes in follow-up communication…

Thank you for the e-mail,Yes i am highly interested and just considered it sold to me…
Another favor i will request from you is,…. Please,  Kindly withdraw the advert  because after i receive the information below, it will immediately be attended to by Monday morning , Am sending payment through Fedex or UPS and  the payment will be issued ASAP.,and also be informed that i will be paying with a cashier’s check from my Bank.
The shipping cost will be dealt with myself.. so never mind about how it will get to my location, my Personal assistance will handle that..
I  will need the following details to mail the payment later in the day …
1.Name to be on the payment:…………
2.Home or receivable address Not P..O Box:…………………
4.Zip Code :………………….
5.State:……………………… ….
6.Cell phone #:……………………
8….last price …………………
I am completely satisfied with the advert and the payment which will be delivered within 2-3 working days.** I use a hearing impaired phone # and will receive your calls via email, and kindly keep it in a good condition..
My regard to your family..
God Bless

This latest scam is nearly identical to the Mark Nicholas scam posted on April 22, 2009. The individual tries to make their information see more legitimate by using an investment/consultant title and a Gmail e-mail address that appears like one from a legitimate business.

This is an old scam and nearly every single website on the Internet listing classified ads gets targeted by e-mails like these. Stay alert, and get specific requesting information from anybody wanting to purchase products or equipment, especially if they’re located overseas.

Mark Nicholas mark_nicho95 Fraud Alert

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Add another name to your list of Scammers and Fraudsters, Mark Nicholas of the UK is emailing people in hopes of separating them from their money.

Thankfully, the very active (love the emails sent our way) chiropractic classified advertising community came through this morning with multiple reports on suspected fraud and scams talking place.

This morning 2 arrived from a Mark Nicholas ([email protected]) in the UK.

mark-nicholas-fraud-scamThis email differs from ones we’ve seen previously but it still comes from the same region (see Daniel Monday Scam Alert).

It’s a form email sent to those posting Equipment For Sale classified ads. It’s a very common scam approach, and fortunately chiropractors using classifieds have been keeping an eye open and reporting suspicious activity as soon as they see it.

The IP address used in this case was which is registered to RETN Ltd. in London, England. They have been notified of the activity.

The form letter reads as follows (which includes spelling errors left unchanged)…


I am Mark Nicholas.How are you doing today and also your family,Well hope everybody is fine.Meanwhile,I came across your advert on the web for sale and will like you to know that i have someone(my boss) who is interested in buying something of this type  but dont have the time to search around,He deals in used item but i do the searches.So please get back to me if it is still for sale and with the following.

The last asking price.
The present condition..
The current Pictures.
Please i want you to get back to me once you finish reading this mail so that
i know what next to do.
Mark Nicholas
[email protected]


AFTER RESPONDING (something not recommended) to the email, the seller of items will receive the following…

Hello xxxxx,
Thanks for your mail response.
I want you to know one thing that he will pay with BANK CERTIFY CHEQUE OR INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER.He will like you to know that he will be responsible for the shipping and changing of ownership informations.Some  additional charges will be added to your last asking price which is for me and you will send it to me  via WESTERN UNION as soon as your bank has confirmed that the money has been credited into your account,the information that you will send it too will be given to you later on.If you are okay with this, i will like you to get back to me with the below informations;
Your Full Contact Name:
Your Full Contact Address:
Your Home Phone Number:
Your Mobile Phone Number:
Your Least least Price:
As soon as this is given to me, i will forward it to him so that he can issue your payment and send it to your address and also forward it to his lawyer for further preparation and for record purpose.Hope to read from you soonest.
Best Regards.


The above SCAM is similar to the Smith Matt 419 Scams and Fraud which has been mentioned a 1000 times. It’s important to keep a Constant Watch on Fraud and Scams because scammers know that someway, somehow, someone will eventually fall for them, and profits will be made.

If you’re going to sell items online (ON ANY WEBSITE) use caution and do your homework on who you are dealing with. I simple googling of someones email address or name can be an easy 1st step.

Chiropractors selling online should read these posts as well…

Watch out for Scams

Actual Email Attempt – Chiropractic Classifieds Scam

Use Common Sense When Buying and Selling Online

OK, have a great day!

Ad for Lifevantage and Protandim

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here’s a great example of how miscommuinication involving the chiropractic classified ads system keeps ads from getting posted. More than a dozen advertisements per day are posted on Planet Chiropractic classifieds. That’s 12+ ads per day, 7 days a week, for the past 3,285+ days.

Due to spam, 419 scams, fraud, and other suspicious activity, someone moderates each and every advertisement posted. Most webmasters I’ve spoken to follow a similar process. You can only moderate submissions using algorithms and tools to a certain extent, and most sites (forums, blogs, classifieds) involve an individual manually checking before content is cleared for viewing.

Unfortunately, this results in a significant amount of work for webmasters, time that could be utilized on more productive activites. We’ve tried to make things fairly clear in our classified posting guidelines, but there’s always room for improvement.

There’s 3 kinds of advertisements that will be axed nearly everytime they are posted.

  1. Work at Home, Type at Home, or Earn at Home ads
  2. Multilevel Marketing ads

It’s rare we see duplicate ads (some people are click happy) but those get deleted too. Aside from that, suspicous ads for things like free iPhones, factory farm equipment, and stuff that has no purpose on a chiropractic classified site, get deleted as well. That leaves real ads posted by real people with no intention to defraud or engage in illegal activity (at least we hope that’s the case).

Why do I bring this up? Because we receive emails daily from people having questions related to posting classifieds ads. We get questions as to whether we think the price listed for an x-ray unit is a good one, or questions on how much money down should be made on a practice for sale. While the questions are appreciated, we don’t get to all of them. It’s hoped that people understand why.

Today I was notified regarding a concern a chiropractor had involving the classified ad system. They had 2 ads placed that never made it past the moderator and as a result were deleted. Unhappy, they placed a 3rd classified ad which I’ve reposted here (name removed).

Why is it that I have tried twice to post and ad under Income Opportunities and yet nothing is posted. Why would you delete one ad that is from a doctor of chiropractic and keep (what I KNOW) is an ad from someone who is not? It is an ad for Lifevantage and Protandim. I am a distributor also so if you let one you should let all. That is only fair. You, I believe, should have the common courtesy to at least let people now why you deleted an ad even if it was a form statement sent to the member via e-mail. I would appreciate a response. If not I will pass on your website practices to others including many D.C.s. I look forward to you explanation.—-Thank you for your response.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is Lifevantage and Protandim Multilevel Marketing aka MLM? Looks to me that what happened is 2 MLM ads where placed and a 3rd got through. The one that posted went unseen by moderators (it happens) and now it’s been brought to our attention by another distributor of the same product.

I agree that it’s only fair so I’ve personally deleted other Lifevantage and Protandim MLM ads appearing on the site. I disagree on the common courtesy practice to send form mail to users when ads are deleted since many (the majority) come from bogus email accounts. I do however think we could include more language that clearly states why ads may be deleted. That way users are not left in the dark.

As to passing on our web practices to others “including many D.C.s” I’d say I’d gladly appreciate that.

Daniel Monday Scam Alert

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There is a chance you are reading this post because you’ve received an e-mail, by a person named Daniel Monday, who says they want to buy your stuff. After hosting chiropractic ads for the past 10 years, we’ve discovered that the same scammers visiting our website, go to many others as well. While these posts appear unimportant for our normal readers (my apologies) they’ve reportedly been very helpful in thwarting online scam activity.

It’s been a productive weekend that the planet chiropractic office. We’ve been working on some upgrades to the classified ads system, in order to provide better service to those using the website for selling and buying chiropractic equipment.

Thanks to an incredibly engaged classified ad community, we’ve been able to cut back significantly on fraudulent e-mails reaching our users. Below I am posting and actual e-mail sent by Daniel Monday from his [email protected] Yahoo e-mail account.

Take a look at posts such as those regarding Mr. Benson in Nigeria, Mr. Smith Matt, Tom Marley, and Mike Rapp. These are all expected to be the same group of individuals (or even one individual) using different names and different e-mail accounts to target unsuspecting people selling items online.

Here is a reply to someone’s classified ad, from Daniel Monday, with an IP address of

Reading the e-mail, you can see the telltale signs that this is a scam. #1 is that the sender asks whether cashiers checks or postal money orders are excepted as payment. #2 is that the sender mentions using a private shipping company to handle item delivery. Both of these are hallmark signs of online classified ads scams.

Sender IP:

Posted To: Chiropractic Classifieds

I came across your ad and I’ll like to know the following questions regarding
the ad.
Q#1. How long have you owned it?
Q#2. a) Have you owned
it from new? b) If not how many previous owner?
Q#3.Why are you selling it?
Q#4. In your opinion, what
sort of conditionis it?
Q#5. Any available photo?
Q#6. How much are you asking for it?
Q#7. Do you accept a ( Cashier Check / postal Money Order with cheque)as a
mode of payment.
Q#8. Kindly get back to me with ur FULL NAME,FULL CONTACT ADDRESS,TEL # so
that payment willbe issued and mailed to you.

Note that you dont need to worry about shipping as i have a private shipping
company that will take care of the shipping and delivery of the item once
payment is been received by you.I’ll like to have the response to these
question in your earliest conviniency.Hope to hear from you soon.


Daniel Monday
[email protected]

If you sell stuff online, and you’ve received an e-mail similar to this one, I would contact the webmaster of the site you were using, and forward them all sender information, so they can take action.