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Palmer West President receives APHA Lifetime Achievement Award

Palmer News

The Chiropractic Health Care (CHC) Section of the American Public Health Association (APHA) honored Palmer College of Chiropractic’s West Campus President William Meeker, D.C., M.P.H., for more than 20 years of “outstanding service and leadership” to the CHC by presenting him with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition, held Oct. 27-31 in San Francisco, California.

Founded in 1872, the APHA represents a broad array of health providers, educators, environmentalists, policy-makers and health officials at all levels working both within and outside governmental organizations and educational institutions. The Chiropractic Health Care Section of the APHA was founded in 1995. The CHC’s multidisciplinary membership reflects a diverse cross section of health care professionals in addition to D.C.s, and it has maintained a critical role in public health issues such as wellness, health promotion and disease prevention in the context of chiropractic policies and practices.

West Campus President Dr. William Meeker, D.C.
Lori Byrd, M.S. (left), chair, APHA Chiropractic Health Care Section, and Bart Green, D.C., M.S.Ed. (right), present West Campus President Dr. William Meeker, D.C., M.P.H. (center), with the CHC’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 APHA Annual Meeting, Oct. 27-31, in San Francisco

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes outstanding service and leadership in relation to chiropractic and public health, and requires membership in the CHC section for at least 15 years. Dr. Meeker has devoted much of his 30-year career to advancing chiropractic’s presence and elevating its voice in the oldest and most diverse organization of public health professionals in the world.

“I am very proud of this award because of what it symbolizes,” said Dr. Meeker, who has been involved with the CHC since 1985 and received its Distinguished Service Award in 1997. “This award represents the collective efforts of many dedicated people, who worked so hard for so many years and shared a common goal of giving the chiropractic profession its well-deserved status as an APHA Section.”

Dr. Meeker received many accolades from his colleagues in conjunction with this prestigious award. “Dr. Meeker has served as a role model for younger members of the Section, and through his leadership and collective contributions, which include co-editing the first public health textbook specifically for chiropractors, has inspired other D.C.s to recognize the importance of getting involved in public health,” said Dr. Bart Green, chair of the CHC awards committee.

“Dr. Meeker’s mentorship has led to positive career trajectories for many scholars and researchers within the chiropractic profession, particularly within the CHC,” Dr. Green added. “He continues to support the efforts of researchers and other scholars, not only at Palmer’s West Campus, but at other institutions, due to his interest and commitment to advancing the chiropractic profession.”

Before chiropractic earned its current status as an official section, Dr. Meeker was involved with helping to facilitate the profession’s initial involvement with the APHA via creation of the Chiropractic Forum. At one point, this special primary interest group, chartered in 1983, topped more than 500 members, making it one of the largest special interest groups in APHA history.

“Every practicing chiropractor can feel proud that he or she has a voice in the health care conversation that will, once again, dominate much of President Obama’s second term in office,” said Dr. Meeker. “While many other health care disciplines are embracing wellness concepts with greater frequency, wellness has been the domain of the chiropractic profession for more than a century.”

Any chiropractor or chiropractic student may join the APHA Chiropractic Health Care Section; for additional information: AHPA Member Groups @ 10:07 am | Article ID: 1354288027

Online Social Media Training Specifically For Chiropractors

Life University News

Marietta, Georgia — Life University (LIFE) has partnered with Dr. Jason Deitch to create the Chiro Social Media Academy, a free, easy-to-follow instructional series that allows chiropractors to use social media, such as Facebook, to spread the chiropractic message in a way never before possible.

LIFE President Dr. Guy F. Riekeman’s passion throughout his career has been about patient education and the Chiro Social Media Academy is his latest project. The goal is to provide chiropractors with the education and training necessary to thrive in today’s marketplace by connecting with existing and potential patients to spread the chiropractic message of health, wellness and living a vitalistic lifestyle.

Life University Press
Life University Press

Dr. Jason Deitch, a 1997 graduate of Life University, heads up the venture as LIFE’s social media consultant. Deitch’s wife was Facebook’s first Director of Marketing, so his knowledge and inside expertise of social media make him the most qualified person in Chiropractic to lead the Chiro Social Media Academy.

Says Deitch, “Our vision for Chiro Social Media Academy is for chiropractors to learn how to use Facebook as a tool to creating a movement in their community. When used correctly, Facebook is becoming chiropractors’ number one new source of referrals and new patients. Our free 7-Day Facebook Training teaches chiropractors exactly how to do it.”

The Chiro Social Media Academy is perhaps the most important training the chiropractic profession needs at this time. All chiropractors can register for a free 7-day Facebook training on how to use the world’s number one social network and learn how to share the world’s best-kept secret.

To register for the free 7-day training, chiropractors can go to: For more information about Life University or the Chiro Social Media Academy, please contact Craig Dekshenieks in the Marketing & Communications Department of Life University at (770) 426-2833.

About Life University
Founded in Marietta, Georgia in 1974, Life University is a health sciences institution most known for its chiropractic program, the largest in the world. Life University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to award four-year undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of health care, science, business and general studies fields, and also has programmatic accreditation through the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) and the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND). The mission of Life University is to empower students with the education, skills and values necessary for career success and life fulfillment, based on a vitalistic philosophy. @ 1:42 pm | Article ID: 1354214526

Palmer College Develops Clear Identity For Doctors of Chiropractic

Palmer College Chiropractic News

There is growing value and acceptance for conservative approaches to health care. Given chiropractic’s conservative, vitalistic and patient-centered approach, chiropractors are well positioned to assist patients in improving their spinal health and overall well-being. Unfortunately, too many people are not aware of what chiropractic can do to improve their health. At least some of the public’s poor understanding of chiropractic stems from the lack of a clear identity for the profession and description of what chiropractors do.

Palmer College of Chiropractic
More than three years ago, Palmer College of Chiropractic Board of Trustees Chairman Trevor Ireland, D.C., decided to begin a project designed to increase clarity and unity in chiropractic’s public messages. As an outcome of this project, Palmer College hopes to promote better understanding of chiropractic, leading to greater utilization and better health through chiropractic care.

In June 2009, Dr. Ireland initiated a Board of Trustees-directed project to review and update Palmer College of Chiropractic’s guiding documents. He appointed Board of Trustees Secretary General Vickie A. Palmer to lead an ad hoc committee, which ultimately developed a relevant and marketable identity that explains the role of the Palmer Doctor of Chiropractic, specifically, and all chiropractors, ultimately.

“Ever since the founding of chiropractic by my great-grandfather, D.D. Palmer, Palmer College has had the distinct role as leader in this profession,” Ms. Palmer said. “I think my father summed it up quite well with his statement, ‘Palmer is to chiropractic what sterling is to silver.’ And we continue that tradition today.”

The Palmer Identity Statement for chiropractors is: The primary care professional for spinal health and well-being. It is supported by a number of documents, all of which are available on the Palmer website at This web page also includes a video that explains the development process and benefits of the Palmer Identity. The development process included several rounds of surveys, focus group discussions and committee refinement before taking the penultimate drafts of the language out to a wide-scale audience as a final test in spring 2012.

“We reached out to thousands of people in our target audiences including our faculty and staff, students, alumni, patients and the general public during our research phase,” said Dr. Ireland. “In the end, more than 3,500 individuals provided feedback on our language proposals. So we feel that we have a good sense of what people think about chiropractic, what we think about it and how we can merge the two.”

The Palmer Board of Trustees unanimously approved the Palmer Identity Statement, Chiropractic Pillars, Mission, Vision, Values, Philosophy Statement and Practice Paradigm in June 2012. The identity was then introduced to faculty, staff, students and alumni during Palmer Homecoming 2012 on the Davenport Campus in August 2012, and through the College’s alumni magazine, Insights, in October 2012.

“I don’t want this important work on identity to be misconstrued,” said Palmer Chancellor Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D. “Palmer is not in mission drift. The College knows who it is and we know what we’re about. This identity project is really an initiative to explain and to communicate to those outside the Palmer community about the unique experience and benefit of chiropractic, and specifically Palmer. We have something special here at Palmer and we’re excited to clearly communicate it to the world.”

The benefits of widespread acceptance of the Palmer Identity Statement by a majority of chiropractors are far-reaching. With chiropractic firmly established as the third-largest form of health care in the U.S., behind medical doctors and dentists, Palmer’s identity efforts are intended to preserve that core identity while building greater collaboration within the national health care system. The language approved by the Board reinforces that direction by providing not only an identity, but a description of what chiropractors do.

“I feel very strongly that we have the catalyst now in place to bring about a unity message to our profession with our core identity still intact,” added Dr. Ireland. “We appeal to the mainstream, which also includes the scientific and the academic communities. We can give these messages to a medical doctor, a legislator, an attorney, a teacher or anyone else and they can get a true understanding of what we’re about.”

While the Palmer Identity documents were intended to provide an identity for Palmer doctors of chiropractic, College administrators hope that the statement and supporting documents, because of their simplicity and clarity, will be embraced by the entire profession. “Right now, we’re claiming this identity for Palmer,” added Dr. Marchiori. “But clearly our hope is that this work generates a larger effort for all chiropractors in the profession to embrace their role as the primary care professional for spinal health and well-being.” @ 1:44 am | Article ID: 1353393841

Sherman College Board Names Edwin Cordero 5th President

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Sherman College of Chiropractic has named Edwin Cordero, D.C., as the college’s fifth president, effective January 1, 2013. The announcement was made today by the chair of the Sherman Board of Trustees, Peter Kevorkian, D.C., on the campus in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Edwin Cordero Sherman Chiropractic President“I firmly believe the college has found in Dr. Cordero an outstanding leader who possesses not only vision and passion, but also an individual who has demonstrated over the years his commitment to the chiropractic profession and the vitalistic tenets upon which the profession was built,” Kevorkian says. “I am confident that Dr. Cordero will lead the college and its students to face the contemporary demands and health care needs of the public while holding steadfast to the traditional values upon which Sherman College was founded. We look forward to all we will accomplish under Dr. Cordero’s leadership and guidance.”

Dr. Cordero is a 1993 graduate of Life University’s College of Chiropractic, and he’s a practicing chiropractor in Boynton Beach, Florida. He was also my moms chiropractor for several years. I personally couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather see become president of a chiropractic college than Dr. Ed Cordero. He is motivational, inspirational, and has demonstrated years of dedicated commitment to the principles and practice of chiropractic.

Read more about the announcement on the Sherman College of Chiropractic blog.

Congratulations to Dr. Edwin Cordero and everyone at Sherman College of Chiropractic, wishing you all the best! @ 12:22 pm | Article ID: 1352827322

Parker University Holds Homecoming Event Celebrating 30 Years

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

DALLAS — Parker University held Parker Homecoming 2012 on its campus in Dallas, Texas, on October 26 – 28. Doctors of chiropractic and massage therapists attended customized education tracks while earning continuing education credits. Classes covered numerous topics, including combining nutrition and chiropractic, multiple causes of vertebral subluxation and disease, decompression, Medicare, treating sports injuries, the neurology of stress, orthopedic testing for upper extremity injuries, and much more.

The homecoming gathering marked the university’s 30 year anniversary and was comprised of numerous events, luncheons, and get-togethers including the annual Oktoberfest celebration where attendees reconnected with old friends, classmates, professors, and mentors.

Dr. Liam Schubel presents during Parker Philosophy Fest
Dr. Liam Schubel presents during Parker Philosophy Fest

“It’s great to see all of the familiar faces again and so nice to have everyone back on campus,” said Dr. Gene Giggleman, long-time professor of Parker University.

Along with the festivities, the Parker Alumni Association held an Alumni Awards Luncheon as well as 5, 20, and 25 year class reunions. Alumni had the chance to relive memories and catch up with each other.

Saturday’s all-day Philosophy Fest provided attendees the opportunity to refine and develop a stronger understanding of the chiropractic philosophy. Some of the professions’ greatest minds presented including Dr. Arno Burnier, Dr. Jay Morgan, Dr. Francis Murphy, Dr. Shawn Powers, Dr. Liam Schubel, Dr. Tracy Wilson, and more.

“There are so many people that have a need for what we do, but not an awareness of it,” said Dr. Shawn Powers.

Speakers presented inspiring and motivating messages as well as provided tips on how to become leaders, how to communicate effectively with patients, and how to create awareness of chiropractic and its benefits.

Homecoming attendees in a class instructed by Dr. Nicole Lederman
Homecoming attendees in a class instructed by Dr. Nicole Lederman

“Imagine a world where every man, woman, and child is checked for cerebral subluxations and is adjusted from birth,” said Dr. Liam Schubel. “All I’m asking is for each of us to step up and take over by leading.”

In addition, chiropractic, massage therapy, and other health and wellness exhibitors presented cutting-edge products and technologies.

Parker University held additional homecoming festivities throughout the week including a 30th anniversary party, a student fitness competition, a pumpkin carving contest, and a scholarship dinner recognizing scholarship recipients and donors.

About Parker University – Dallas-based Parker University, formerly known as Parker College of Chiropractic, is one of the world’s leading educators of health care professionals. Founded in 1982, this private, nonprofit, educational institution prepares men and women to become doctors of chiropractic. In addition, Parker University awards additional wellness-focused degrees including a bachelor of science with a major in anatomy and a major in health and wellness, massage therapy certificates, and continuing education specializations and certifications. Parker University also includes Parker Research Institute, which provides sound, scientific evidence supporting health and wellness; three chiropractic wellness clinics in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex; Parker Seminars, the largest chiropractic seminar organization in the world, and Parker SHARE Products that provide innovative, high quality products, and current information on chiropractic wellness. For additional information about Parker University, visit the website at

Source: Parker University @ 12:32 pm | Article ID: 1352395940