Month: February 2009

Kevin Joe and California CCA events

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’ve been meaning to get this information posted but I guess I’ve been spending too much time hanging out on twitter and not checking  important e-mails like the one I received from Southern California chiropractor, Kevin Joe.

In January Dr. Joe sent me information regarding the Orange County Chiropractic District and some seminars that were taking place, featuring Dr. Eric Plasker.

We’ve written about Kevin Joe before, he had that awesome 2008 holiday chiropractic postcard. In December, I also posted a summary of CCA chiropractic seminars taking place during the 2009 continuing education cycle. All chiropractors in the state of California (at least those that want to maintain licenses to practice) have to complete continuing education courses regularly.

The CCA is hosting a continuing education program taking place near the Los Angeles international Airport (LAX) on a Saturday, the end of March 2009. Here are the details…

California Chiropractic Association
100 Year Lifestyle Weekend

Embassy Suites LAX  Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, March 28, 2009  8AM-5 PM   8 CEU’s available
Dr. Eric Plasker, DC for up to date info.
or CCA at (916) 648-2727 ext. 120 or 141

If you’re not in the Los Angeles County area there’s also going to be an event taking place in Northern California, San Jose to be specific. This one is also on a Saturday, April 18, at the Hotel Valencia in San Jose, California. Here are some details…

California Chiropractic Association
100 Year Lifestyle Weekend

Hotel Valencia, San Jose, CA
Saturday, April 18, 2009   8AM-5 PM   8 CEU’s available
Dr. Eric Plasker, DC for up to date info.
or CCA at (916) 648-2727 ext. 120 or 141

Address information for those hotels is as follows… Hotel Valencia is located at: 355 Santana Row | San Jose, California 95128. It’s a beautiful and luxurious location, should be great for a chiropractic Saturday.

The Embassy Suites near the Los Angeles airport is located at… 1440 East Imperial Avenue, El Segundo, California 90245. This one is not far from my chiropractic office in the Marina del Rey & Venice beach area. If you’re a chiropractor is going to be in town for this continuing education program, drop me a message, and perhaps a group of us can hook up for after education activities.

Get your other chiropractic seminars details on the event pages. If you attend either of these two California Chiropractic Association sponsored educational programs, let me know your thoughts, I like sharing the best events with our readers.

COCSA Adopts Scoliosis Awareness Program


WICHITA, KS – The Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA) today announced that it has adopted the Scoliosis Awareness Program produced and provided by the non-profit Scoliosis Care Foundation, as its newly launched national outreach project. COCSA’s board of directors voted to join forces with the Scoliosis Care Foundation in offering all chiropractic state associations access to educational materials from Scoliosis Care Foundation that have the potential to make a positive impact on the way scoliosis is treated in the United States.

Scoliosis - Spinal XrayThe mission of the non-profit Scoliosis Care Foundation is to increase awareness of the need for better detection programs and non-surgical interventions in caring for children and adults who have Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Dr. Gary Deutchman, the Foundation’s director and founder, believes that scoliosis is often being mismanaged by the current healthcare system. According to the Scoliosis Care Foundation, Idiopathic Scoliosis curvatures that might be detected early on in the condition are being missed by school systems that rely solely on the Adams test, which often is only performed once in a child’s life. In the event a curvature is detected, orthopedic surgeons offer few options. Marc Lamantia D.C., DACNB, Science Advisor at the Scoliosis Care Foundation, reported to COCSA’s board of directors that, “Most children diagnosed with scoliosis do not have any pain and will only exhibit minor postural changes in the early stages of the progression. This makes better screening procedures essential to early detection.” Further, he added, only 26 states currently mandate scoliosis screening in the public schools. This leaves literally millions of children without adequate screening.

Dr. Jeffrey Fedorko, COCSA President, sees a controversy around the currently accepted screening practices, because the Adams test, which is considered the gold standard of school screening, creates many false negatives and false positives. In many cases, this has led states to abandon school screening programs for scoliosis, effectively abandoning any chance of early intervention for those children who might otherwise have been identified in early stages of the disease. “Even in states that implement a school screening program, if it is done infrequently, the curvature may present itself either before or after a scheduled screening, thereby leaving the curvature undetected as it continues to worsen,” Dr. Fedorko observed. “COSCA sees this is as a great opportunity for the Chiropractic profession to partner with a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the well being of our children, and, together, to educate parents on the sometimes minor postural changes that could indicate a possible development of scoliosis,” Dr. Fedorko said.

The Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, formed in the late 1960’s, is a not-for-profit organization consisting of state chiropractic associations. The mission of the Congress is to provide an open, nonpartisan forum for the promotion and advancement of the chiropractic profession through service to member state associations.

The Scoliosis Care Foundation has provided at no charge an Adobe Acrobat file format presentation to all chiropractic state associations to distribute to their members. The slide presentation is designed for the chiropractor to present to the parents in his or her own community. The presentation will help teach parents how to become better observers of their child’s posture. For more information, visit the Scoliosis Care Foundation website at or call the Foundation at 800-391-8837. @ 7:56 pm | Article ID: 1235706994

Sciatica of the Atlas

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Sciatica is often referred to as inflammation of a large spinal nerve (known as the sciatic nerve) which is generally accompanied by agonizing pain. Sciatica is one of those terms commonly used by people presenting with low back pain to healthcare professionals. 10 different doctors will provide 10 different diagnoses, and there’s many times sciatica won’t be one of them. If there is inflammation of a spinal nerve other than the sciatic nerve, can it still be termed sciatica?

A major pain in your butt. Ask around your social circle and see who’s suffered from this so-called sciatica. Pain in the buttocks, pain in the hamstrings, pain behind the knee, pain that runs down the calf, pain in one’s heel, pain that runs down the lower part of the back all the way to the big toe, it’s all painful and it’s never fun, but is it the dreaded sciatica?

What pray tell is sciatica of the atlas?Painful private parts. Not all lower back nerve pain ends up running down the back of the leg and into the heel and or big toe. It’s not uncommon for chiropractors to hear people complaining about pain beginning in the lower part of the back, that radiates to the front of the upper leg, or quadriceps region. Unlike pain running down the back of the leg, or hamstrings region, this pain is frontal, but it sucks just the same. What I want to know… is it sciatica?

Should you take calcium to ease the pain? How about a better balance of sodium and potassium intake? Getting enough sun or is winter still hammering down the doom and gloom on your nervous system? Maybe your body is lacking in safflower oil, sunflower oil, vitamin D, vitamin F, alfalfa, or even sun exposure. I’m not giving answers, I’m asking questions. I bet there’s somebody somewhere preparing marketing material that the problem with low back pain is a shortage of ibuprofen in the bloodstream, but I don’t know that for sure.

There will be Chiropractors saying sciatica certainly is a chiropractic problem and others saying it is not something that chiropractors treat. Look around long enough and you’re sure to find a chiropractor that doesn’t offer to treat anything, as they are in the business of removing nerve interference, rather than chasing words made up to define irritated and inflamed nerves.

So this inflammation of the nerve, which may or may not be accompanied by swelling and/or pressure from vertebral bones in a far too close for comfort situation, could be the sciatic nerve, and then again it could not. What if the third lumbar vertebrae (with nerve transmission commonly supplying reproductive organs) was experiencing inflammation, or unnecessary pressure from local spinal bones? if the resulting effect was the dampening or shutting down of reproductive processes like being able to get pregnant or the ability to maintain an erection, would that still be sciatica? Perhaps sciatica of the third lumbar vertebrae? Not like anyone’s having any sexual dysfunction or reproduction issues or anything, I just thought that would be a good nerve to pick.

As we work our way up the spine, the realization smacks us in the face, with a reminder that spinal nerve pressure may be occurring at any outlet along the spine, and that’s not limited to the human species. A big fat nerve exiting the lower part of the spine and traveling through the buttocks (that padded thing you’re probably sitting on right now) down through the legs and into the toes can prove to be a pretty nasty situation when occlusion, inflammation, or unwanted pressure should occur. But I’ll ask you again, what if the nerve exhibiting such inflammation exists somewhere else along the spinal column? What on earth would we call that? What’s the diagnosis for nerve impingement, nerve inflammation, or nerve occlusion, that doesn’t involve the ever so famous fatty sciatic nerve?

Imagine if you will, the devastation and discomfort that takes place when spinal distortion, spinal decay, muscle imbalance, and numerous other precursors, occurs in the neighborhood of the nerve I continue to speak of? It’s a rather uncomfortable situation for anyone that’s ever lived through the experience. Let’s move up the spine as high as we can go, to the base of the skull, the million-dollar baby, the one and only body part named after the individual that held up the world, the first word in one of the most awesome books ever written (the second word happens to be shrugged), the great connector of God’s mouth (as it’s been referred to by ancient tribal lore) to the life force that moves through every cell of one’s being. Were talking about the Atlas, the big kahuna, the biggest idea I know vertebrae. Pray tell, what happens if the same kind of spinal distortion, inflammation, or other form of unnecessary misalignment and pressure is taking place in this region of the body? If you think sciatica sucks, sciatica of the Atlas can be so bad, you may be half dead and not even know it yet. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

I’m a biased guy, but in my experience the ultimate healing system, is something a handful of people I know call chiropractic. You may want to check it out. @ 10:36 pm | Article ID: 1235630230

Purging Advertisements and Moving Forward

By Daria Belov

2008 was quite a year for chiropractic classified advertising on Categories such as Chiropractor Practices For Sale and the Help Wanted categories had reached all-time highs for listings. More than 800 chiropractic offices were listed for sale across the USA and Canada and more than a thousand help wanted ads were placed during the year. In an effort to keep things fresh and allow for continued growth, we made some changes today on active classified advertising listings. For all of our visitors that have classified advertising accounts, we’d appreciate that you check in to see that your advertisements are current and accurate.

I decided to push the button today on the big purge, permanently deleting an estimated 2874 classified ads that were placed during 2008. Many of these ads are assumed to have expired but users had selected to not have the advertisements auto delete after the designated expiry period. We understand, chiropractic ads can be an odd game. A chiropractor seeking to do an associate may be looking for offices for several months. We felt it’s a better approach to let users moderate their own advertising, in case they haven’t yet found the results they were seeking.

subcategory ads postedThe same goes for those selling clinics and offices. There are cases where practices may be selling within days of being listed online. Other times offices may be listed for months on end while a prospective chiropractor is seeking out that perfect opportunity. Regardless if it be practices for sale, student chiropractors looking to associate, equipment for sale, deals on financing and leasing, we pulled the plug on many of the ads we considered to be expired.

So, if you have an active account for the classified ad system, check in and check up on your advertisements. If you’re browsing for chiropractic related products and office items, continue on as usual. At the rate new classifieds are posted each day, it won’t be long before another 3000 advertisements go live.

While you’re here, check out these related chiropractic advertisement news posts. Chiropractor businesses for sale in the changing economy, chiropractor income report November 2008, watch out for scams, newspaper industry suffering on classified advertising decline, Nigerian fraud scam attempts, chiropractors discovering jobs online, wraparound advertising and tips, a surefire way to separate you from your money, instructions for posting advertisements on Planet Chiropractic. @ 11:06 pm | Article ID: 1235459201

Before You Upgrade That Laptop

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

People are still talking about the economy and how it’s affecting the purchasing of new computer equipment. I love electronic gadgets like any other Internet geek but I’ve been paying closer attention to my spending habits since the beginning of 2009. I’ve kept telling myself I’m in the market for a new laptop computer but the reality is that my 2007 Dell laptop continues to work great, aside from one thing I felt could use an upgrade. The laptop battery.

I’ve talked about my Dell XPS in the past. Pretty sure I ordered it from Costco and I remember stripping out the operating system it came delivered with. I installed a version of linux called Ubuntu on it and dual booted both Windows XP and the Ubuntu operating system. This thing has worked great for quite some time. I’m actually surprised it’s still running considering how many times I’ve dropped in at conferences or in airports. A laptop covered with scratches, coffee stains and stickers wasn’t enough to get me purchasing a new one. Truth be told, I also don’t want to purchase a PC running Vista, I’d much rather prefer to wait until Windows 7.0 comes out. I’ll buy a new laptop at that time.

Dell XPS Jules Jordan Laptop
So aside from everything working great I’d noticed that my battery life just wasn’t cutting it anymore. What used to seem like five + hours of juice to run applications while on the road was more like two hours now. Making the investment to purchase a new battery seemed like the economically responsible thing to do. Bonus is that I now have two batteries for cases of long-distance travel (or conference centers with no power outlets).

Dell Long Life Laptop BatterySomething I like about older PC equipment is that you can always find related hardware online easily. For my laptop I purchased a new dell laptop battery from and I was surprised that I received it just shy of 24 hours later. That’s pretty awesome. Not much to say about new laptop batteries other than I removed it from the box, made sure it was the right fit, and charged it up. I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do but I like running my first few charges all the way down to see how long battery life actually is. I’m now set again for those long-distance flights from Los Angeles international Airport to Fort Lauderdale. Gotta have the full battery charge for those nonstop flights.

Okay, so I have purchased an almost laptop since I bought this one in 2007. I bought one of those 7 inch Eee PC netbooks because I thought they looked really cool (and would fit in my man purse). That’s been a great laptop for use in restaurants and such but I still prefer to use my XPS when the options are available.

If you’re in a similar situation with your laptop you may not need to go out and purchase a new one at this time. Besides batteries, consider upgrading things like the hard drive. Most laptops come with 5400 rpm drives but 7200 rpm drives are available (and they are not expensive). You may also want to consider external storage (which appears to be amazingly cheap right now). There’s always an option for upgrading memory, which has become more affordable over the years as well. I run two gigs of RAM on my laptop which is plenty for both operating systems I’m using. A laptop running 4 gigs of RAM and Windows 7.0 operating system would be sweet, but until they are on the market, I’m sticking with what I’ve got.

If you are up for it and know what you are doing. One of the best things I’ve found to do is backup your data, reformat your hard drive, and install your OS fresh (w/o the crap applets included when purchased new). Don’t do that though unless you have the experience to do so. @ 1:47 pm | Article ID: 1235080090

Radiographic View Box Chiro Classifieds


X-Ray stuff, Practices For Sale, Associate Positions, and lot’s more in todays chiropractic classifieds gathering of latest advertisements placed. Catch a summary of what’s gone online during the past few days or browse/search the pages for what suits your chiropractic business best.

mechanical traction machine components(photo: components and parts may be someones trash or treasure)

14 x 16 Radiographic View Box — American Medical Sales Inc. 14 x 16 Radiographic View Box. Table Top or Wall Mounting Option. Near new condition. $25.

Redondo Beach Practice for Sale — NSA/SRI practice one mile from beautiful Redondo Beach in California. 17 years NSA practice in this community. This is the only certified NSA/SRI practice in the South Bay Area. The reputation of the Center is well known for providing a unique service that has assisted thousands with wellness care.

Chiropractic Table for Sale — This table is a Living Earth Table, blue. It is 27 lbs. and folds in half with the face piece and the arm rest coming off seperately. I am asking $100. There is a small tear at the seam which I have repaired with tape. The height is adjustable and great if you are tall.

The Family Practice Systems Library –The Family Practice Systems Library, excellent condition and all manuals, cd’s and Dvd’s are included. Brand new on website store www.the is $999.00. I have everything! for only $599.

Associate Position – Downtown Seattle — High volume, well-established chiropractor in the heart of downtown Seattle seeks a talented, personable, intelligent, and diligent associate committed to making a positive difference in their patient’s health while growing their own practice. Applicants should be passionate about chiropractic, fitness and nutrition. Subluxation and wellness based, state of the art clinic with physiotherapy, massage, a highly energized staff, and great procedure systems in place. We specialize in sports and extremity care as well as great patient education and retention.

Downtown San Francisco — Need to sell my established practice due to unanticipated injury. This is a very nice, professional office with spacious private treatment rooms, reception area, and sink. Best part about it is location- nice downtown atmposphere with thousands of daytime workers down on the street. Decent PPO insurance in this area; and upper income people.

Lake Norman Practice For Sale — North Carolina, Mooresville/Lake Norman. 45 minutes north of Charlotte. State of the art practice for sale in the fastest growing section of North Carolina. 5 years established and highly profitable with low overhead. We are selling to move closer to family. Many lifetime patients with whole families. One DC currently seeing 200 visits/week. Touch screen computerized system with 5 computers in the office.

Looking for space in Denver — I am looking for space to rent or an Indipendant contractor arrangement in Denver or the surounding area. I have 15 years of practice experience and I am moving to Denver in February. Please call if you have space availavble.

Antique! Neurocalometer for sale — For sale. Neurocalometer. Walnut case is lightly scratched, but in good shape. Has original leather handle, slight to mild wear. Mechanism is in good working order. Has original cloth insulation on wire. Dual probe detector has serial number. Serial number on ID plate. Original certificate of inspection dated September 19, 1925 is still attached inside top cover. Asking $5000.00.

Chatanooga, TN — Immediate hire! Associate wanted for new personal injury office in Tennessee. Monday through Friday (9-1:30; 3-6:30). Full Spine adjusting is required. Treating young children to adults. Salary: 50K with percentage of collections. Paid vacation.

Chiropractor Wanted — We are searching for an independent chiropractor to start their own practice in partnership with our drug testing business to conduct DOT physicals and worker’s compensation. New graduates are welcomed to apply. We provide the office space and exam room in our testing facility. The office is located in an office condo with plenty of parking space, a few minutes from Trenton NJ.

Locum position avialable for April-May — Locum position available for 6 weeks in April-May. Practice is wellness, principled chiro in a multi-disciplined environment. Opportunity to stay on permanently if you impress!

Chiropractic Office, Stafford, VA — Stafford, VA Chiropractic Office Available for Lease – Doctor Relocating to Florida Due to family issues, I am relocating to Florida. I have been practicing out of this office for four years. Office is located in a very nice shopping center just off a major highway. The office is approx. 1600 sq ft (20ft wide by 80ft deep), completely built out and well appointed. There is a reception area, front desk and business office, two adjusting areas with half-height walls, massage room, consultation room, doctor’s office, dark room, exam room with x-ray unit, bathroom and storage area. I have consistently seen 100 pat visits/week out of this office. Walk by traffic is good and practice location is easy to find and most folks know where it is. Nice mix of white collar, blue collar and military patients.

2006 Axiom DRX9000 35k Global Decompression –What will you do with the extra $40k that you saved? Lumbar Decompression: 2005 DRX9000 – 25k 2006 DRX9000 – 35k Lumbar & Cervical Decompression: 2005 DRX9000C – 45k 2006 DRX9000C – 55k NAM Accu-SPINA – 56k

The above content is of a time sensitive nature. Individual advertisements may no longer be available if ad has expired or user has deleted their post. Visitors can browse and view all active classifieds and/or subscribe to the classified RSS feed, which updates with the latest advertisement posted, several times per day. @ 6:30 am | Article ID: 1234967468

Beta Testing Windows 7 on Main PC

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

From what I’ve been reading in news reports online, the public beta release of Windows 7 Ultimate, has been receiving some rave reviews. There have been articles related to security settings as well as those comparing functionality and aesthetics to Windows Vista. But the experience I’m relying on most has been on my own beta test PC, which has been running for nearly one month.

4 Display Digital Output on Windows 7 Beta(photo: 4 LCD screen output with Windows 7)

Now I certainly wouldn’t recommend any chiropractor (or anyone else for that matter) go installing the beta version of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system on a dedicated office PC. I mentioned previously in the Windows 7 Beta on Dedicated Test Computer that the operating system should only be tested on a computer not dedicated for primary activities. However, for myself, after nearly a month of testing, I was ready to dive in and see how much this operating system could handle.

Everybody’s going to have varying computer needs, and this setup is not likely one that would be used in a chiropractic office. The computer that I recently installed Windows 7 beta to is used in my home office, which I consider main uses include the creation of various multimedia, news articles, and blog posts.

There’s quite a bit under the hood for this new PC and performance hasn’t been at all an issue. The motherboard is using 4 GB of RAM and I went with the 32-bit operating system install. There is plenty of storage space but the big test for me was going to be display output. I began using a three monitor display more than a year ago, and like others that have done similar, I find it’s really helped my productivity significantly.

With this new set up I chose the motherboard that had slots for two video cards. I used GeForce video cards that have two digital monitor outputs on each card. That way I could run a four monitor display if desired. Well of course I had to test that, didn’t I? So for me, Windows 7 is running with three 24 inch Dell displays and a 42 inch plasma display (running on an HDMI output). The video quality is breathtaking. What’s even better is that Windows recognized all the monitors and both video cards without prompting me for assistance. I did have to organize the sequencing of displays (1 through 4) but that part was simple.

Applications installed include Google’s Picasa 3 (which is a free download), GNU Image Manipulation Program (aka GIMP and also a free download), and Firefox 3.0. I’ve collected thousands of photographs from chiropractic conferences, visits to chiropractic offices, and general photo taking. Organizing in accessing massive folders of images has been a breeze so far using a combination of Picasa 3 on Windows 7. I use GIMP for advanced image editing, and that program has been running without a hitch as well. I began using Firefox a few years ago, and I’ve been a big fan. Earlier versions did crash a lot on my PC set up, but I ran many open tabs. Currently I’m running about 25 open tabs on two separate Firefox windows and sailing has been smooth.

As I mentioned, installing a beta version of any operating system may not be a good idea for a primary PC, but so far in my experience this operating system has been rock solid. I’ll post an update in the next month or so. @ 12:31 pm | Article ID: 1234816312

Hearts of Love Chiropractor Classifieds


Nothing says “I Love You” like a chiropractic adjustment (well maybe a 2 karat diamond set in a gold atlas ring). We trust your Valentine’s Day was special and fulfilling. May you find great happiness, joy, love, prosperity, and a great deal on some xray equipment. in searching for those deals you can browse all recently placed chiropractic classifieds or get a gander at the latest ones included here.

dogs should be away from computers(photo: if you eat sandwiches while at the computer expect some investigating)

Lighted Sign – “CHIROPRACTOR” — Pan Channel letters spelling ” CHIROPRACTOR” + Cabinet sign that can be redone for your business. Letters are 13″ high. Cabinet is 10’3″ x 1.5′ high. Paid $4700. Asking $2000+ shipping.

Myovision 8000 with LAPTOP — SEMG static/dynamic testing unit from Myovision with Dell Laptop. Comes with durable carrying case, training CD, pack of brochures, partial container of conducting pads and set of new leads. All gently used and in good ondition. I no longer use it in my office. Pictures available on request. New Units are $5995. Asking $3550.

SpineMed Decompression Table 2005 — SpineMed Spinal Decompression Table (2005) $45,000. Model: S200B. Manufacture: CERT Health. Condition: Great.

Enthusiastic, Hard Working Associate Available — I am an enthusiastic, hard-working CT licensed DC seeking an associate position in Connecticut. I have experience working with professional athletes, PI/Worker’s Comp, well-care patients and children. I am comfortable discussing all aspects of health and wellness with patients, and I am confident I will be an invaluable addition to your office.

Vacation Relief Doctor — I am a female doctor, licensed in ohio with 8 yrs of experience. I am a people person and have a gentle touch. I am a graduate of National college and am based in columbus, ohio. If you need vacation coverage or temporary help please call me.

Spinal Decompression Table for Sale — We have a 2 year old cobalt spinal decompression table for sale. We paid $14,000 new, asking only $6,995. Similar to a Chattanooga table. Does cervical decompression as well. Works great, mint condition. Location is in Minneapolis Suburb! Please email for details.

Experienced Dr seeking Position — Seeking an Associate position to help with current patient load and to generate own patients. Looking for base salary plus bonus. Have Illinois & Missouri license, but willing to relocate for right position. Working as the sole Dr for Community Chiropractic in Downers grove since Last July responsible for all functions of patient care and practice management. PT certified. Working on CCEP and AK certification. Officer in Pettibon club. Work with whole body health including sports, fitness, PT. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Office equipment for sale — 3 Winco flat therapy tables, Dutchmanns bolsters, Earthlite massage table, and numerous massage items, Theraballs and wall mount stations, 4 weighted exercise bars, 8 ft. White therapy dividing curtains with track to hang from ceiling, Upright washer and dryer, 18 piece office furniture set (cushioned chairs with arm rest and end tables), Many other items available. All equipment is in excellent condition. Pics and full list with pricing available on request.

Zenith Flex/Distraction Table — 2003 model, one owner, color navy, flexion/distraction with elevation, c/t/l drops. Well maintained. Slight wear on one cervical face cushion. Excellent condition. $6000 pics sent on request.

Activator practice forsale/possible carry — 18 year practice in small Southcentral Kansas town of 13,000. Stand alone building. Complete turnkey buyout, or will carry the RIGHT person with $20,000 down. SERIOUS inquiries only. Proficiency rated in Activator required. Please don’t waste each others time.

Chiropractic Specific Billing — We provide personal and professional billing services exclusively to Chiropractors. We offer friendly service and the ability for you and your patients to talk directly to a live person to answer any questions. Call now and get a 1% discount for up to 6 months on all of your collections. We will not only bill and collect for your current patients but we will assist in collecting on old accounts also.

Impulse Adjusting Instrument For Sale — Impulse Adjusting Instrument by Neuromechanical Innovations for sale. Instrument comes with add-on additonal small and large dual prong stylus tips and a molded hardshell case. Color: Black. Cost of Instrument was $789 plus $175 for additonal dual prong tips. Asking $500 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Chiropractic Associate-Great Income Potential — Contemporary office in Midtown Atlanta is hiring an associate! Compensation arrangement is commission structure-top commission tier is 100% to the associate! Join a successful, team oriented practice that has an experienced doctor and its own Program Director for practice marketing and business development! Must be vitalistic in philosophy. New graduates welcome-learn, grow and prosper!

St Louis Practice for Sale — This is a great office in Fenton MO. It has all the newest toys. It is on the main drag of Fenton and has high visibility and low overhead.

The above content is of a time sensitive nature. Individual advertisements may no longer be available if ad has expired or user has deleted their post. Visitors can browse and view all active classifieds and/or subscribe to the classified RSS feed, which updates with the latest advertisement posted, several times per day. @ 3:22 pm | Article ID: 1234740149

Alternative Names for the New Depression

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Will the recession morph into an American Depression? While economic analysts everywhere are discussing the possibilities of the US moving from recession into a financial state of depression, folks on Twitter are having fun coming up with names to call the pending economic state of the nation.

My friend Reg Saddler (of The Drill Down and zaibatsu on Twitter) alerted me earlier that peeps on Twitter were working to come up with a name that would best describe the nation’s pending economic state. The request was made on the micro blogging service to post one’s best ideas along with the hash tag #NewDepression. You can check out those results in real time here (search: NewDepression), and I’ve created screenshots for some of the ones that have appeared so far.

What’s it going to be America? What would you name the New Depression?

The Big Shift = another name for #NewDepression

Dozens of people on twitter have already made their suggestions. Polly Washburn (Positronics on twitter) tweeted… The Big Shift = another name for #NewDepression, while KenPickard tweeted… “New Financial World Order” #NewDepression.

I liked the suggestion from Charles Martin (webcudgel on twitter) to call our nation’s economic situation a “Financial Reboot.” Other suggestions included “Elector Dysfunction” (from CrazyOnYou), and “The Great Restructuring” (from RoyalAntsJosh)

Stephanie Segel (stephanie2967) writes… “what do I call the current economic crisis? The Black Hole Where My 401K Disappeared 🙁 #NewDepression” and she follows it up later with “you could also call our current economic crisis “The Big Suck”, but that sounds like a cheap pr0n, yeah?”

Got any other suggestions? Use the hash tag #NewDepression and message me (@chiropractic) with your best suggestion. @ 9:44 pm | Article ID: 1234244684

Ultimate Man Purse for Valentine’s Day

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Ladies, if you have a geeky man in your life, consider a Man Bag (aka Man Purse) or any of the items that go in it, as the perfect 2009 Valentine’s Day gift. Trust me, most guys receiving any of these items, will love you long time.

I’m proud of my Man purse, even though my friends have made fun of it when out on the weekend. I’m not the metrosexual type, so maybe a man bag looks peculiar on my shoulder. However, I am a total geek, and when my manly nerd friends see what’s inside my bag, their comments turn to geeky envy.

Earlier this morning Loren Baker tweeted me a message saying “I wanna check out your man purse…” which got me thinking about the awesome collection of gadgets found in my bag. I realized have never posted anything regarding it, and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I thought this would be the perfect time.

man purse LOL

Okay guys, here we go with my man fashion show. There are tons of bags available, but this one worked perfect for me. With the popularity of netbooks growing, I think this size of a bag will continue to be a big hit. Ladies, looking for ideas for the man in your life that spends all day on Twitter and Digg? Any of these items should do the trick as a geek guys Valentine’s Day gift.


This particular bag I got from a TUMI store, which you can find in most high end malls across America. There are even TUMI outlet stores at some of the consumer outlet centers. I believe this particular bag is called “Ducati” and it comes in several different colors. Black worked fine for me. Looks kind of manly if I do say so myself.

It’s a nice bag, you can see the zippers and the hole where MP3 earbuds can pass through. But these bags offer much more for the on the go blogger, citizen journalist, or just basically geek guy that needs to have his technology available at all times. Girls, please understand (and I know some of you do), some of these items are as essential to us as lip gloss and whatever else it is that you keep in your girl purse.

Feast your eyes on what comfortably fits inside the typical Man Purse (you can add or remove items as you see fit). Click on the image (on Flickr) to get a selection of larger views.


I think that every man geek should have at least some of these electronics, and the woman that allows us to bring things like these to a Valentine’s dinner is going to have our hearts forever. You never know when you need to get online and tweet your friends. Maybe there’s an actor gong on a major rant or a plane landing on the river. With items like these in your man bag, you’ll be ready to capture all the action and share it with the world.

Okay, here’s a rundown of what’s in my bag. An Asus Eee PC 7 inch laptop (got mine at, which is perfect for checking Internet while on the road. I don’t recommend working with it all the time, but if you’re at a restaurant, bar, or out with friends, and want to surf the net, it’s the perfect netbook PC. Prices on these range from mid $200’s to mid $300’s depending on which options you get.

A Flip Video camera for citizen journalism. The new Flip HD mino is on my Valentine’s list, but I’m very happy with the one I have now. This is an essential Man Purse item, and it’s fairly affordable. Prices range from $89 to $250, depending on which model your purchasing. For those of you seeking some Valentine’s spice, you could even use it in the bedroom.

An iPod (I have the 16gb iPod Touch) or iPhone. Most Man geeks are already going to have one of these items, but the bag makes it easier for us to carry them around. Walking around showing off your iPhone is so 2008, time to keep it in a safe place.

Good-quality earbuds. I have a set of earbuds from Shure and they think they were around 150 bucks. Shure and other companies make some pretty high quality earbuds that range in price is from $50 to $450. I’m not a crazy audiophile, and I find the midrange earbuds work perfect for my needs.

What else is in the bag? We’ve got a laptop, cell phone (in the photo I used my LG Voyager), video camera, MP3 player and earbuds. I consider these the essentials. There’s still room for more stuff without putting a strain on your man’s neck (that wouldn’t be a good thing).

I also suggest getting a mini tripod, just in case you might need one for your video camera or digital camera. By the way, I also keep a Nikon coolpix digital camera in my bag, but I was using it to take photos, so it’s not in the picture.

Things like adapters for SD cards, USB memory sticks, and various cables, are also good items to keep in the bag. That’s not including other things like business cards, a good supply of mints and gum, and maybe a credit card or some cash tucked away in a side pocket. There’s lots of pockets in the bag I got from TUMI, and I checked out a lot of bags before I got this one.

OK, those are my ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for geek men. If you could think of any other essentials, feel free to add them in the comments.