Month: January 2007

What is your intention

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Monday Morning Message…

A few weeks ago we gave out pocket appointment books to the patients. We usually give them something to show our appreciation and this year we happened to give out these little books. I had one of my CAs print out gift certificates to insert in each book. The certificates are for $95. These certificates were given to the patient so they would give it to someone as their holiday gift. We gave it the patient for free. The $95 entitled the person to a consultation an chiropractic examination and an adjustment. We also noted that x-rays would be additional if necessary and we included an expiration date. We have had several of these certificates come back in new patients hands in the last few weeks. One of the patients asked if we could give her some extra certificates for all the girls at work. She has referred so many patients lately that I had my CA call the florist today and had flowers sent to her at her office.

I have done similar promotions before but this time it is really working. Is it because I expected it to work? Probably! If I believe it will work then it usually will work. The patients catch the enthusiasm. Somehow my intention comes through.

What is your intention? Is your intention to serve more people in a year than you ever have in the past? That is my intention. Now what are you willing to do to demonstrate to the universe that this is your intention? What footwork are you willing to do? Don`t waste any time wondering why things aren`t happening the way you want them to work. Get out there and make things happen. New Year – New Day. Use your past to your advantage not as excuse.


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Los Angeles chiropractic office remains open despite loss of power

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. staff writer

LOS ANGELES – Local residents are fortunate that chiropractic is a hands-on business, as one Los Angeles chiropractic office remained open on Friday, despite a loss of electricity to nearly the entire community.

Thousands of Department of Water and Power customers, as well as Edison customers, were left without electricity on Friday, after Thursday nights fierce gusts of wind knocked down or hurled tree limbs into electrical lines, blacking out areas of Marina del Rey, West Los Angeles, Westchester, Venice and Mar Vista.

Santa Ana winds blew hard all night Thursday and into early Friday morning, gusting with speeds of up to 70 miles an hour, ripping down power lines and tumbling trees throughout areas of Los Angeles. A neighbors palm tree was thrashing the side of our house and I thought it was going to crash through the bedroom window. Winds are common this time of year but these were wicked strong. First thing I noticed in the morning was the clock flashing three twentysomething a.m., a sign that the power had gone out in Venice Beach sometime in the night.

My office manager called my cell just after 7:30 a.m. to let me know the power was out at our chiropractic office. I was already on the way, experiencing the task of defensive driving since most of the traffic signals were out along the way. Call me an optimist (or a nut), I sensed it was going to be a spectacular and unusual chiropractic Friday.

Our office is located in a single-story strip mall setting on the edge of Marina del Rey and Los Angeles. In the center there are three restaurants, a mini market, hair salon, nutritional supplements store, Curves Marina del Rey (fitness for women), a dental office, and us, ADIO family chiropractic center of Los Angeles. (ADIO stands for above-down-inside-out)

When I arrived at about 7:45 a.m., power was out for the entire center. Traffic signals were also out along Culver Boulevard, which is the main street people take to get to our office. Employees and customers were showing up at the other businesses in our center but nobody was open.

I remember a chiropractor once telling me that if you want to succeed in chiropractic business you’ll have to unlock the front door. I remembered that as we got prepared. Fortunately, that task does not require any electricity in our office. It was a bit chilly in the office since there was no heat, but I figured once we all got moving everything would be fine. Anyway, we’re in Southern California, and it was going to be a nice sunny day after a night of such crazy winds.

Our office phones were getting power through the phone lines so even though we had no answering machine we could pick up the phone and serve whoever called. That was the added bonus that set the day in motion. The phone began ringing just as usual with patients calling to schedule and confirm appointments for the day. We lit candles, raised the window blinds, and turned the OPEN sign, ADIO chiropractic was ready for business.

As the energy of the day would have it, nearly everyone came in with cash or a check book in hand, prepared for their Friday chiropractic adjustment. Most of the patients throughout the day did not even realize at first that the power was out, not only in our office, but in the whole business center. As the morning when on I thought we didn’t need electricity, there was electricity in the atmosphere. People were excited that it was Friday, that they could get adjusted, and that there was plenty of parking (since everyone else was closed).

I heard comments all day about how cool it was that chiropractic care did not require anything but the hands of the chiropractor. We worked without music, without computers, without lights, without credit card processors, without a fax machine, and without x-rays, but other than those added luxuries it was pretty much business as usual.

The day was going great despite the girls in the front office being a bit cool from the lack of heating. We had no idea when the power would go back on and the word from other business owners was that it could be all day, or even Saturday before electricity was restored. We took a break for lunch as we always do on Fridays and I told the staff that if the power was not on at dusk we would likely close early, as the neighborhood was going to be really dark without any power.

The afternoon went just like the morning and the staff was doing an incredible job of serving everyone that came in. The lack of sunlight began really being noticeable around 4:30 p.m. and I made a decision to close by 5 p.m. if we didn’t get the power back. My staff said they were willing to go the distance and do whatever it took to see that everyone scheduled could get an adjustment before the weekend came and pushed me to keep going. “They don’t care about the electricity,” said my CA, “they just want to get adjusted.”

Since none of the other businesses were open I parked my car with the headlights facing the front office and turned the lights on bright. We also lit every candle we had in the office to get as much light as possible.

I began to get concerned, mostly since new patients continued walking in, and they’d have to fill out the office paperwork by candlelight. Our regular patients seemed unfazed and joked about the candlelight ambience in the office. There were firefighters and police officers on the street outside the center by six o’clock, setting off flares and directing traffic, since the neighborhood was now pitch black. I walked outside to greet one of our last scheduled patients and give her the news that she’d have to reschedule for Monday, as it was now just too dark, and I didn’t want her to risk walking into the furniture or something.

We were standing in the parking lot, while flares burned in the street, and the headlights from my car just barely directing light into our front office. That’s when it happened. The first thing I noticed was the buzz of neon lights powering up and I looked to see our big red neon sign read CHIROPRACTIC. “It’s a miracle” exclaimed the patient. I responded, “let’s go get you adjusted” and we headed inside.

It was bright and noisy even though the computers and music were not on and I could hear the buzz of electricity running through the office. We decided to leave the computers off and just finish up the day the way we started. Wouldn’t you know it, people continued to come in as if nothing was any different.

The lesson for me was that nothing was any different, I just needed to be reminded of a few things… Chiropractic is done by hand, and does not require electricity. Healing comes from the inside out, and does not require electricity. Lights, music, and computers are nice, but it’s the adjustment that people really desire. @ 4:01 pm | Article ID: 1168225304

Making Chiropractic Health Choices in 2007

by Michael J. Moore, D.C.

It’s official, 2007 is here. Below are some simple things to keep in mind while maintaining great health habits this year.

Health begins at the cellular level. Each portion of our body–our skin, blood, bones, and organs–is made up of cells (about 75 trillion of them!) Each of those individual cells has five fundamental needs.

Sympathetic Nerves and Maintaining Good HealthOXYGEN: The most important need is oxygen. If you want to test that principle, just to see how long you can hold your breath! Without air, you die very quickly – in just a matter of minutes. This, among other benefits, is why exercise is so important. The benefits may be hard to notice because many are preventative–such as the conditions that don’t manifest when you exercise on a regular basis. You can, however, see the evidence in people all around you of the adverse effects a sedentary lifestyle can have on an individual’s health.

WATER: The next most important need of our body is water. It is used to transport nutrients into the cells and to transport wastes out. As an infant, you are 85-95% water. By the time you are age 65, you are down to about 65% water. So, if most of body is water, it’s got to be critical. We eliminate water every day through excretion, perspiration, and exhalation. It constantly has to be replaced, and for an adult, that comes to about 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. The purity of that water will have a tremendous impact on our lives.

NUTRITION: The third most important cellular need is nutrition or food which brings in all of the nutrients, both macro nutrients (such as carbohydrates, fats, oils, and proteins) and micronutrients (such as amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals). All of these are required to make our body function correctly, not only allowing it to grow, but to maintain health. According to recent statistics, only about 8% of our population gets a balanced diet on a regular basis. That means that about 92% of our population falls either short in some nutrients or gets an excess of some nutrients. We are not talking about starvation as we see in some poverty-stricken areas, but a lack of balanced nutritional intake.

ELIMINATION: The fourth most important cellular need of the body is elimination. As cells work, they create waste byproducts, and those byproducts have to be taken out of the body. A good example of this is breathing. When we breathe in, we carry oxygen into the body. Through the normal metabolic processes inside our bloodstream, that oxygen is used and a byproduct is created called carbon dioxide. As we breathe out, we eliminate the carbon dioxide, as it would be poisonous to the body otherwise.

HOMEOSTASIS: The fifth most important cellular need of the body is the body’s need to maintain homeostasis (maintaining an even temperature and balance). Commonly we don’t think of that as being critically important, but that process is going on constantly in the body as it seeks balance and harmony.

None of these cellular functions, however, can be accomplished without communication from the brain to every tissue and organ in the body. The brain must send messages to the body’s cells (efferent transmission) and the cell must communicate its needs back to the brain (afferent transmission) through the nervous system. That is why all approaches to health care should begin with assurance of a healthy flow of nerve impulses to allow the body to function at its optimal level. If this flow of communication is impaired, all of our valiant attempts to eat right, take vitamins or herbs, exercise, etc., will be compromised. Including regular Chiropractic check-ups, combined with patience and perseverance, just may bring the results we seek.

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Michael Moore is a graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. He is a third-generation chiropractor practicing in the city of Redding, California. His office is located at 1484 Hartnell Avenue (between Victor Avenue and Church Creek Road). @ 4:39 pm | Article ID: 1167709189