Month: June 2005

My fellow brain owners – Why don’t chiropractors get it?

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

Thank God we only use 10% of our brains. I can’t imagine the chaos and suffering my life would contain with even more of it activated. And yet maybe I’m using the wrong 10%. Or maybe there are parts of the brain I’m not using that would otherwise balance the idiotic ping pong match that continually goes on up there. Maybe those other parts resonate with my heartstrings, so when 10 trillion things are tugging at my brain strings, the whole mess can come to harmony and I can remain a tuned note in the uni-verse. Yes, that would be good.

Or maybe I only use 10% of my brain because that’s all that’s been required to deal with the questions I’ve asked so far in my life. Especially since for the first 35 years of it I bought (I’ll have to ask Hillary how to get the ‘ugh’ out of that word) into the answers, the values, the myths and the ideas that have come skipping my way from society. Maybe that 10% has wrapped itself in a security blanket of answers that have come from my cultural indoctrination, remaining snug and warm within the closed circuitry of its fixed ideas and recycled opinions. Maybe the rest of my brain has been ready, willing, able and perhaps even anxious to open up and fire away in response to different, bigger questions. Maybe those other parts of my brain contain the keys to my true essence, my true purpose and my true relationship to God and all of creation.

That must be the deal, for it seems as if, thruout the ages, some people have become aware at some point that something within doesn’t rest easy with the easy answers. That happened with me about 14 years ago. Innate began nudging me with Its elbow, saying, “there’s something more.” And with that awareness came a restlessness from which myriad questions arose, to which very few answers were forthcoming. But it’s OK, because I have come to love the questions themselves. I’ve come to realize that life is not an equation to be solved but rather a mystery to be enjoyed, explored and experienced. The questions themselves helped me to break free from the artificial limits that my programming and my biology had apparently imposed, allowing me to recover my birthright to fully explore and embrace who I am.

Who, what, when, where, why. I notice that “why” is at the end of the list, and that, historically, was my brain’s favorite kind of question. Why me? Why don’t I have? Why don’t people get it? Why doesn’t the world get it? Why don’t chiropractors get it? Why, why, why? There are better questions. “Why” questions keep me in victim mode and keep me cruising down the Mississippi rivers within the same ol’ 10% of my brain. “Who” and “what” questions tend to serve me more. Who am I? Who do I want to be? What can I do in this moment to become the who I want to be? What can I do to become the change I wish to see in the world by becoming that who? As I explore these kinds of questions, I generally become too busy living the answers to ever ask why.

Our profession is stuck in 10% of its brain. Maybe that’s why we can’t seem to get past seeing only 10% of the population! Maybe by asking better questions, Innate will remind us thru our hearts that we are simply love. Maybe by asking better questions, chiropractic and I can explore those other areas of our brains that are attuned solely to the higher vibrations of love, of spirit, of healing and of oneness. In the meantime, I for one am OK with asking the questions, especially since I don’t seem to have much choice. Innate and I have been strolling together down the lane from my head to my heart for quite some time now, and the walk, tho bumpy at times, gets sweeter and sweeter. So if I’m still using only 10% of my brain, I know it’s the 10% that God wants me to use. For now. Any questions? @ 12:30 am | Article ID: 1118809832