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Keep Smiling, Keep Charging, and Keep Sharing Chiropractic

By Super CA Jackie

To all CA’s out there! Here is the “shortened” version of my chiropractic story. This is how I found my purpose driven life! I would love to hear your stories also. It’s our story that helps to change one life at a time! I would like to thank my dear friend, Super CA Lynne, for giving me the opportunity to be able to reach out to all of you. Without her realizing it, she has allowed me to fulfill a dream, which is to share a piece of myself with other Super CA’s all over the world! Keep Smiling, Keep Charging, and Keep Sharing Chiropractic with Others!

For many people who walk into a chiropractor’s office the first time, they really don’t know what to expect. We hear from time to time: “I don’t think this is going to work, but I’ll give it a couple of times.” Ok, so now you walked in with a negative attitude. Your chiropractor will take the time to explain if and how he/she feels chiropractic can help you. You still leave the office thinking that this is too good to be true.

The first thing to understand is chiropractic does NOT cure. It does not cure your pain, symptoms and diseases. A chiropractor will gently give you an adjustment, which will align your spine and remove spinal nerve interference. Proper nerve messages are now able to flow from the brain, down the spine and out to all the organs. Your body has now been given the ability to heal itself. Patients must follow the care schedule given to them by their Chiropractor. I cannot emphasize how important this is! How bad do you want to be better? I wanted it bad!

In 1980, at 18 years old, I had a nasty lower back accident. I slipped on water and fell in a sitting position straight on the tip of my coccyx impacting my spine. I couldn’t walk for two weeks. Orthopedics, physical therapy and drugs didn’t help me. In 1984, I had refused the Orthopedics suggestion of surgery on my L4-L5 herniated discs. I complained and suffered for six long years until I finally found chiropractic care in 1986. Before I started care at 24 years old, my body felt like I was 60 years old. (Now at 42, I feel 24) Chiropractic was my last hope!

When I walked into my first chiropractor’s office, I had no clue what chiropractic was about. He did educate me very well. I entered with a positive attitude that this was going to make me better. After my exam and first adjustment, I left his office and said, “I know chiropractic will help me!” In my case, I felt great after my first adjustment. To me it was a miracle; I knew I was going to get my life back.

After a month of getting adjusted 5 times a week, sometimes twice a day, I felt like my back accident never happened. I started to resume all my old activities. I knew my injury was healed, but I didn’t want to stop getting adjusted. I noticed the more I was adjusted, the better I felt. I asked my chiropractor one-day, “When do I stop getting adjusted?” He smiled and said to me, “You will know.” It is now 18 years later, and I am still “well adjusted.”

I was only under care a few months as I discovered besides getting out of pain there was a lot more to chiropractic than meets the spine! Now I began the road to wellness. I learned that the symptoms that started after my back accident were a result of me being so subluxated. I had so many bones out of place putting pressure on my nerves that my organs were not getting the proper messages.

After so many adjustments, my aches and pains were gone. I had sciatica so bad, that I had to wear a back brace quite often or I just crawled around my house when my leg gave out. Well, the sciatica and brace became history. Headaches were gone that lasted 3 days at a time, as well as my stomach and digestive problems. My allergy symptoms disappeared and so did the allergy shots. My spirit became high again. Due to the back pain I had to live with, I suffered depression at times. The best was learning how and why my immune system became so strong. I realized I wasn’t getting “sick” anymore. Until I started chiropractic care, I had chronic strep throat, tonsillitis and head colds. I was on and off antibiotics all winter, every winter. Medication also became the past for me. Now all the “medicine” I need if I don’t feel 100% is an adjustment. My power is always turned on! I had my answer: to stay healthy and keep my nervous system balanced, I would be adjusted for the rest of my life!

I started my crusade by referring everyone I knew to chiropractic care, and explaining why he or she should be adjusted. I would tell them how amazing chiropractic is and how your body has the ability to heal itself. I also told my story how chiropractic changed my life. When I talk about chiropractic to someone, I speak it with urgency, authority and from the heart. From one patient to the next, everyone has his or her own healing story. @ 8:34 am | Article ID: 1100277281

Flu Season Wellness Plan Should Include Chiropractic Care

Source: World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA)

The World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA) is recommending that people of all ages add chiropractic to their strategy for warding off and fighting the flu and its effects this season.

Spinal adjustments can have a positive effect on immune function, the WCA asserts, citing a growing number of researchers who are exploring the common denominators in disease processes, and the role of the nervous, immune, and hormonal systems in development of immune related illnesses.

Chiropractic corrects spinal abnormalities called vertebral subluxations that result in interference of the nervous system by placing pressure on nerves. Since the nervous system controls all functions of the body — including the immune system — chiropractic care can have a positive effect on immune function, WCA officials note.

“Contemporary research is beginning to shed light on the neurobiological mechanisms which may explain the outstanding clinical results chiropractors have experienced when managing patients with viral and infectious diseases,” stated Dr. Christopher Kent, WCA Vice President.

Dr. Kent explained: “A comprehensive review of the research literature reveals the current understanding that the brain and immune system are the two major adaptive systems in the body. During an immune response, the brain and the immune system ‘talk to each other’ and this process is essential for maintaining homeostasis or balance in the body.”

Since its inception, chiropractic has asserted that viruses and microbes don’t threaten us all equally and that a healthy immune system easily repels most invaders. The immune system protects us from the flu, as well as any other infectious disease, and strives to get us well again when we do fall ill. Our immune system, like every other system in the body, is coordinated and controlled by the nervous system.

Chiropractors are also aware of the importance of positive health life style practices (rest, drinking ample quantities of water, diet, exercise, proper food choices, use of high potency multivitamins and minerals, and stress reduction approaches) that can also positively influence the nervous system and immune response. According to a large study of the chiropractic profession recently conducted by the Institute for Social Research, Ohio Northern University (McDonald et al., 2003), chiropractors also customarily advise their patients as to the benefits of these other modalities in optimizing overall body function.

Chiropractors helping patients battle the flu is not a new occurrence either. During the 1917-18 influenza epidemic, which brought death and fear to many Americans, it has been estimated that 20 million people died throughout the world, including about 500,000 Americans. It was chiropractic’s success in caring for flu victims that led to the profession’s licensure in many states.

Researchers reported that in Davenport, Iowa, out of the 93,590 patients treated by medical doctors, there were 6,116 deaths — a loss of one patient out of every 15. Chiropractors at the Palmer School of Chiropractic adjusted 1,635 cases, with only one death. Outside Davenport, chiropractors in Iowa cared for 4,735 cases with only six deaths — one out of 866. During the same epidemic, in Oklahoma, out of 3,490 flu patients under chiropractic care, there were only seven deaths. Furthermore, chiropractors were called in 233 cases given up as lost after medical treatment, and reportedly saved all but 25. In another report covering 4,193 cases by 213 chiropractors 4,104 showed complete recovery.

“These results are not so surprising given what we now know about the interaction between the nervous system and the immune system” stated Dr. Matthew McCoy, WCA Board member and Editor of the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. “Through research we know that chiropractic has beneficial effects on immunoglobulins, B-lymphocytes (white blood cells), pulmonary function and other immune system processes.”

One such study, conducted by Patricia Brennan Ph.D and her team, found that when a chiropractic “manipulation” was applied to the middle back, the response of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (white blood cells) taken from blood collected 15 minutes after the manipulation was significantly higher than blood collected 15 minutes before and 30 and 45 minutes after the chiropractic procedure. This research demonstrated an “enhanced respiratory burst” following the chiropractic adjustment. This “burst” is needed for our immune cells to destroy invading viruses and bacteria.

Another small study of HIV positive patients was conducted to study the effects of specific chiropractic adjustments to correct vertebral subluxations in the upper neck on the immune systems of HIV positive individuals. Over the six-month period of the study, the group that did not receive chiropractic care experienced a 7.96% decrease in CD4 cell counts, while the adjusted group experienced a 48% increase in CD4 cell counts over the same period.

A large retrospective study conducted by Dr. Robert Blanks and colleagues studied 2,818 individuals undergoing chiropractic care – these individuals reported an average overall improvement, ranging from 7-28%, in a battery of physical symptoms including stiffness/lack of flexibility in the spine, physical pain, fatigue, incidence of colds and flu, headaches, menstrual discomfort, gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, dizziness and falls (Blanks et al., 1997, Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research).

More importantly, the incidence of colds and flu was reduced by an average of 15% in this large population who were undergoing regular chiropractic care.

According to Dr. Terry Rondberg, president of the World Chiropractic Alliance, “While we would love to say we (chiropractors) figured this out, the truth is we didn’t. We simply take advantage of it to help our patients.”

He added that, “In many ways this is old news since the relationship between the nervous system and the immune system was reported by the New York Times in 1993. According to that article ‘Scientists have found the first evidence of an anatomical connection between the nervous system and the immune system. Nerve cell endings in the skin and white blood cells of the immune system are in intimate contact, and chemicals secreted by the nerves can shut down immune system cells nearby.’ Our health care system needs to catch up with the research.”

“I would recommend to any person concerned about the upcoming flu season to add chiropractic to their list of things to do to remove interference to their nervous system, enhance their immune function and give their body every extra bit of security it needs” stated Dr. Rondberg.

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The World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA), an international organization representing doctors of chiropractic. WCA promotes the traditional, drug-free and non-invasive form of chiropractic as a means of correcting vertebral subluxations that cause nerve interference. The WCA is a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information.

For more information visit the World Chiropractic Alliance’s website at @ 8:14 am | Article ID: 1100189691

CNN Espanol Live Interviews Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractic Profession Holds Unique Opportunity

DALLAS, TX — The chiropractic profession has the unique opportunity to help its patients achieve a lifetime of healthy living. Dr. Fabrizio Mancini recently shared this insight with viewers of CNN’s Nuestro Mundo daily news program.

Dr. Mancini, president of Parker College of Chiropractic, was interviewed by Glenda Umana, anchor of Nuestro Mundo aired daily on CNN Espanol Live which is seen by an estimated 38 million viewers.

Dr. Fabrizio Manacini (left), president of Parker College of Chiropractic and Parker Seminars, recently was interviewed by Glenda Umana, anchor of Nuestro Mundo aired daily on CNN Espanol Live.“Chiropractors work on prevention, not just acute health care,” Dr. Mancini explained. According to Dr. Mancini chiropractors champion the health of their patients through treatment intended to remove interference with the body’s muscular, nervous and skeletal systems, especially the spine, which could reduce the body’s ability to resist disease.

Two basic premises support chiropractic care. First, the body is designed to heal itself. “Our bodies have a miraculous ability to heal themselves when they are functioning properly,” Dr. Mancini explained.

Second, the body is controlled by the nervous system, brain, the spinal cord and the nerves that go to all the cells in the body. “When the body has a subluxation – a nerve interference primarily in the spine – the body’s electrical system malfunctions. The cells do not get the proper nerve communication and a person may become ill,” he said. “It is through the treatment of the spine,” Dr. Mancini continued, “and by encompassing the many factors that affect health including fitness, nutrition, and self awareness, that Chiropractors help patients achieve relief from many conditions and ultimately maintain healthy lifestyles.”

Dr. Mancini also told the viewers that many Hispanics use a Doctor of Chiropractic as their primary health care provider because Chiropractic uses a natural, holistic and conservative approach to health care. He noted that supporting the growing demand for Chiropractic care by the Hispanic population will require more Hispanic Chiropractors.

“Not only is there a need for Hispanic chiropractors,” Dr. Mancini said, “but also for a continued addition of highly trained and skilled Chiropractors to meet the growing demands for Chiropractic care.” According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment of chiropractors is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2012. “Over 30 million Americans seek Chiropractic care on an annual basis. We need to make sure our profession is ready to help meet their health needs,” Dr. Mancini concluded.

The increased interest in Chiropractic is also reflected in the positive response to “Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul,” co-authored by Dr. Mancini, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Now in its third printing, the book contains stories that inspire readers and give hope to thousands who have been helped through Chiropractic care.

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About Parker College of Chiropractic

Parker College of Chiropractic, located in Dallas, is one of the country’s leading educators of healthcare professionals with an international student enrollment. Founded in 1982, this private, non-profit educational institution prepares men and women to become Doctors of Chiropractic. For additional information about Parker College of Chiropractic, visit the college’s website at @ 9:05 pm | Article ID: 1100149536