Month: August 2001

Define a Subluxation

By James Sigafoose, D.C.

I just returned home from Maine and I did not realize how beautiful it is up there, and how much the people in a small town approximated the Southern culture.

I talked to patients, and explained chiropractic to them, how and why it works, what a subluxation is and does, and what symptoms are and from whence they come. It went very well.

We had 10 chiropractors there and few if any knew what I was talking about, except the upper cervical people. An Attorney was so impressed he wanted my autograph. It is a great concern of mine as to how well we do understand this philosophy and the effect of a subluxation to the atomic level.

How many of you would be willing to write up in detail your understanding of all the above? Would it be a help to you and could you use that understanding in communicating to the people?

  • Define a subluxation
  • What are the total effects of same?
  • How does the upper cervical differ from other areas?
  • What causes symptoms and what is their value if any and why can they go away and the person is still losing potential?
  • How does the body stay together and have various densities?
  • Define life and how does it get disbursed in the body and what is the end product?

Is this a waste of time or should we be experts on the philosophy, and expert in correcting the subluxation after we find it?

Sigafoose @ 6:05 am | Article ID: 998312740

Heal This

by Madeline Behrendt, D.C.

I just returned from a first visit with a massage therapist. I was not looking for a healer, I was not asking to be healed, I wanted someone who could help my shoulder muscles recover from some monster rides in the foothills. I was looking for a massage. Very sincere and sweet, she thought of herself as a healer. I left more tense than when I went in, and dare I say, unhealed.

Grumpy, and still wearing my shoulders as earrings, I then went to pick up some food. Maybe my shoulders would not feel better, but I felt secure I could find some comfort to unwrap and devour, and I was ravenous.

I walked through the aisles looking for something to call out to me, and aisle after aisle I’m thinking — “Where did all the food go?” Item after item proclaims itself as some miracle substance, as food that “heals”, as a substance that will make me bigger, stronger, smarter, more female, etc. etc. I was not looking for edible healing substances, I was not asking to be healed, I was hungry and looking for food. I left hungry, and dare I say, unhealed.

Next stop was a yoga class. Oh yeah, I didn’t do any better here. Looking for some stretching and to be engaged and challenged a bit, I innocently arrive in class. How ignorant and ungrateful of me, why didn’t I realize they were offering gurus and healing. I left guruless, and dare I say, unhealed.

I made it home, safe at last I thought. I open up the mail, checking my monthly credit card statement… and there it was. Offering a free 30-day supply of Ginko Biloba, their pitch was “Forgetful? G.B. could help your mental clarity…” I pay my statements in full and on time, so I was really irritated that they didn’t at least target only their delinquent clients – And I was really wishing I could forget the day I just had (I suppose that offer will come next month).

What happened? When did it become not OK to be an awesome massage therapist, for food to be food, and for yoga to be yoga, etc… Why do so many need to proclaim themselves as “healers”? Why does everything now need to be pitched as “healing”? And why do so many people feel that they need someone or something to heal them? Narcissism? Are we broken? Or are we disconnected? Does anyone have a clue what real healing is and where it comes from?

I feel so grateful to have learned and experienced the distinction between external “healing”, and living naturally, Innately directed. I now live the chiropractic lifestyle.

Now more than ever, our culture needs to hear the chiropractic story, and to experience what it feels like to be subluxation free. Now, more than ever, as the culture moves from a medical mindset to an alternative medicine mindset, we are needed to clarify the spin on concepts that once had distinct value such as healing, natural, wellness, concepts today that have become almost superficial. External is external, when a tradeoff exists, a tradeoff exists. Alternative Medicine certainly has value, and there are many wonderful, sincere, effective professionals who offer treatment, but our culture continues to confuse health care with symptom fixes. Buy this, buy that, take this, take that. Healing? Hmm…

Chiropractors offer an essential, unique, irreplaceable, non transferable service beneficial to every human being with a spine. For over 100 years, we have been detecting subluxations so that each person can improve their internal healing capacity. A healthy, clear nervous system is primary, with inclusion of subluxation detection and correction key for complete health care.

I’m very happy I have that foundation, and will continue the big search for awesome nutrition, exercise, massage, etc in alignment with this foundation…

Dr. Madeline Behrendt is the author of A Woman’s Experience/A.W.E.(TM)
Reports On Women’s Health Topics. She can be reached at [email protected] @ 9:05 am | Article ID: 998064352

A Hole in One

By Harvey Fish, D.C.

Dear Friends,

Today, I had one of those rare experiences that I know I will talk about the rest of my life. Not every day, mind you, but in the right set of circumstances it will become a story that can be told and retold. I might even tell my grandchildren as they nestle in close to my blanket wrapped legs, (by the roaring fire with my trusty dog, Red, snoring nearby… you get the picture), when I get to the age in which one finds oneself in such circumstances.

Was it a life changing experience? Not in a major way but I stood witness to one of the rarest of the rare of sporting events. Namely a hole in one. Some golfers can go a lifetime without one. Kind of like a 300 in bowling. In today’s event not only was the golfer just a rank amateur but he sank the shot during a tournament with a $10,000 prize for anyone who could do just what he did. This golfer called his office and told everyone of what had happened. They didn’t believe him and some of the witness’ had to get on the phone to confirm it. He had trouble getting through to his wife so I don’t know what her reaction was.

What struck me was that rather than the people he called being congratulatory they were immediately in doubt. Rareness of an event translated to an impossibility in their life experience. A kind of statistical unreality. They weren’t there, didn’t see it, couldn’t imagine the person in question in that situation and therefore denied the simple communication of this man of “I made a hole in one and won $10,000.”

Can you see where I’m going with this? Everyday in my office a person has an experience which to some in the lay world is impossible. The “miracles” of chiropractic are often if not usually hard to have another being “get” based on their experiences, their background, and their assumption of an other’s ideas as their own (usually their MD’s or a well meaning aunt or uncle or friend: .”..they can kill you… they’re quacks… but if you go don’t let them jerk your neck around, you’ll get a stroke”). “I mean, really, can cracking someone’s back cure CANCER?!”

So I pondered how to get past this point of a lack of understanding or even an openness to a possibility. Communication is what most DC’s are best at. But how to get to the folks on the other end of humanity to understand? I’ve had people carried into my office, literally screaming in pain, get adjusted and get off the table as if nothing was ever wrong with them. And since I have an open adjusting room this has happened in front of other people. I mean there were actually witnesses to the “miracle.”

To hear some of those who were there talk on another visit, you’d think that what they saw was only an illusion. They’ll ask me if that person just had a low pain tolerance or if they were just a bit of a hypochondriac or a drama king or queen. For some reason they sought to come to grips with their experience, make it fit in with past experience, and since it didn’t fit then try and explain it away as some fluke thing that “really didn’t happen” the way it did. Sheesh.

It’s at times like these that a little bloodletting would be good for the soul. Like mine after beating my head up against a brick wall.

So I, as most of you do, go on. We persevere in the face of the incredulity of others. I wonder why we do it? Is it because we know deep down inside of the “rightness” of what we do? Is it because the common thread that binds chiropractors isn’t the subluxation but masochism? Have you ever found one true way to get past the reality of the people you take care of?

Well, I know you’ll keep on keeping on. I go to the office every day knowing that across this world there are thousands of you facing the same hurdles and struggles that I face and I find my self comforted by that thought.

Thanks for doing what you do. I know that even if the average lay person doesn’t “get it”, it’s true nonetheless. We couldn’t do what we do if it were any other way.

Warmest regards,
Dr. Harvey

Dr. Harvey Fish a is Magna Cum Laude graduate of Life Chiropractic College and a Fellow of the International Chiropractors Association. You can contact him at: [email protected] @ 7:02 am | Article ID: 997970547

Have a Little Faith (you may live longer)

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you have ever heard your chiropractor say, “I move the bone, God does the healing” and your response was to roll your eyes back in disbelief, it may be a good idea for you to have a little faith. For once again, researchers have shed some light on an idea many have believed to be true for eons… ye with little faith, hath little life.

According to a recent study titled, “Religious Struggle as a Predictor of Mortality Among Medically Ill Elderly Patients” researchers have found that those holding negative views about religion had an increased risk of mortality. And while the study focused on serious illness and religious faith, one may also wonder what effect that same faith has in our everyday healing capabilities.

Can a loss of religious faith leave one vulnerable to illness? “Yes” say researchers, who found that sick patients who became pessimistic about their religious faith were associated with having a higher risk of mortality.

A researcher pointed out that feelings of doubt towards one’s faith when dealing with a serious illness may be natural. However, I like how he stated, when people get “stuck” (in a place of no faith), “it creates stress… that interferes with the body’s ability to recover.” Sounds like a subluxation occurring above the atlas.

The results of the study (which are published in the August issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine) indicate that religious struggle was associated with an increased risk of mortality. Specifically, patients who said they felt “unloved by God” and “attributed their illness to the devil” were found to have a 19% to 28% increase in the risk of dying within 2 years.

One of the study’s co-authors stated, “Sick people need to have their spiritual issues assessed and addressed, otherwise it will have a negative effect.” Reading that statement, it makes sense to me that well people should have their spiritual issues assessed and addressed in order to avoid “a negative effect.” Chalk one up for all those “spiritually based” practices out there.

Archives of Internal Medicine: Religious Struggle as a Predictor of Mortality Among Medically Ill Elderly Patients
ABC News: Loss of Religious Faith May Increase Risk of Death
ABC News: A Prayer Before Dying? Some Patients Struggling With Faith May Have Increased Mortality Risk

You may also find this interesting…
Archives of Internal Medicine: Religion and Medicine @ 5:49 am | Article ID: 997793360

A THOT for a Monday Morning

By Dr. Bruce A. Parker

“Yesterday is History, Tomorrow will be your written Destiny, Today is a gift from God; that is why it is called… The Present.” What you do with this present is a matter of choice, and many times there in lies the challenge. What do you do today?

When I first heard the quote I opened with, it was written, “Tomorrow is a Mystery.” Though I loved the gift of God part, I never realized until recently as I heard it, what an inappropriate quote it was. It may be appropriate for the average and common who do not take responsibility for their lives, and who believe that life is what is handed to them, but it is inappropriate for those of us with mission and purpose. I don’t want to enter my future and hope that happenstance delivers something good. I want a deliberate plan now, which will manifest in the future. You actually are the author of your future. Write a great story, and remember you are the hero/heroine.

As you may have heard me say many times at seminars, scripts are a foundation for communication. But you have to be aware of your receiver. Without understanding context, having acute awareness of your patient, and applying good communication skills, you may say words to a patient (especially one who is subluxated), and they don’t receive your intended message. (Have you ever said something to someone and they acted totally opposite of what you intended? They may have heard the words of what you said, but they didn’t “understand” what you said? No wonder some say they understand, yet quit care a few days later.

It is possible to love your life and rejoice in it everyday. What a pity, those that wake up on Monday and think; OOOHHHH GODDDDD It’s Monday.

As I write this message it is noontime on Monday for me. I just returned from my morning martial arts work out and YAAAA BABY… IT IS GREAT TO BE ALIVE, AND IT IS ONLY MONDAY! WE GOT A WHOLE BUNCH MORE DAYS TO LIVE THIS WEEK. I’m not looking forward to Thursday or Friday, as the end of a miserable week, I’m in to my life today!

The coolest thing I heard this morning was from Sensei Lloyd. She spent the last two weeks in Hawaii and told me she missed being at the Dojo. Her Husband Keoshi Lloyd, (Japanese terms for their level of mastery Keoshi is 7th degree Don, or in lay terms “a guy you wouldn’t want to mess with, and one you want with you in a dark ally”) came back early and she stayed a week later. But the point is she said, “I didn’t really need a vacation, I love being here with my students and I missed them.”

Keoshi said while in Hawaii he looked for places to go and work out, and ended up teaching at a Maui Dojo a couple of days. He said, “I realized on this vacation martial arts is my life, I love it! That’s who I am, it’s what I love and I don’t want to get away from it!” They are blessed, their vocation is their vacation, they love what they are and what they do. What a concept!

We need vacations from business and routine, but do you love what you do so much you want to do it everyday, and aren’t always looking for ways to get away from it? How would your life be if you were ecstatically happy with what you do and who you are? If there are challenges in your life that take the fun away, identify them and learn how to handle them. That’s why they call it practice.

Your assignment for today and the rest of this week, is to write down the future you want. If you need help in thinking of a strategy to accomplish it, feel free to contact me. You can have the life of your dreams, so make that dream a reality!

Dr. Bruce Parker is a 1976 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College. He is a nationally recognized leader in the Chiropractic profession. Visit his Parker Professional Management website at @ 5:53 am | Article ID: 997707199

Chiropractors – Life Brokers

Stacy Larsen D.C.

In everyday conversation, chiropractors are referred to by a number of different names and luckily most are printable. Phrases like “I’m on my way to the bone cruncher” or “I’m off to get my back cracked” are often heard. I would like to introduce a new idea you might want to use the next time you head off to the chiropractor, “I’m off to see my life broker.”

Most people think of the pain-relieving aspects of getting your spine adjusted. Underneath the surface, much greater and bigger things are happening. As the spine is placed into a healthier position, your nervous system has less interference and tension on it. This has a profound effect on your entire body. It is now capable of performing at a higher plane, right down to the cellular level.

For example, what if the communication between your stomach and brain was fuzzy? Would all the great food and the vitamins you eat be used to their full advantage? Probably not. If there is interference on your nervous system, messages controlling digestion may not arrive on time or in the right amounts. You would not receive the complete benefit for the effort you are putting out. This would affect how well things function on the inside such as your spleen or your adrenal glands. This reduces the amount life your body produces.

Your nervous system also plays a key role on how well you respond to things going on outside you. Our nerves act as our glasses or eyes to the outside world. When they are seeing clearly, you can respond appropriately to the stress and activities going on around you. When the spine interferes with the nervous system, the “glasses” get dirty and you can’t see as well. Your body works too hard or not hard enough, not allowing you to be as “alive” as you could be.

We usually think of a broker as an agent or representative for a company that provides items such as homes, stocks or insurance. They enable you to get more of what you need. A chiropractor, by removing spinal interference from your nervous system, can give you more life. Less static on the line means the brain and body are better connected; you are more creative and perform at higher levels. This enables you to be full of life.

Before you stroll into the chiropractor for your next adjustment, tell your friends you’re going to your life broker for a fill up! Get yourself some more life.

Dr. Stacy Larsen practices at Larsen Family Chiropractic in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. He can be reached at (403) 340-0278 @ 5:54 am | Article ID: 997448084

CA’s Can Adjust People!

By Lynn Rivard, Principled CA

I am ecstatic to bring to you this message that came to me while witnessing a memorable and historical event – DE in Toronto, the first in Canada – EVER!!! I am glad I was there to experience this and once again have come home feeling renewed, refocused and refreshed. Let me first start by saying… “aaaaahhhhhhh isn’t life amazing?”

Now let me get to this profound realization that CA’s are adjusting people. At DE I was amazed at the passion and purpose shared by all. I left with just one question though… where were all the CA’s? Because I saw a lot of doctors, but not enough CA’s.

While sitting there listening to the message that the Chiropractic adjustment saves lives and reconnects us with our creator, it came to me. I don’t need to go to any Chiropractic college to be a Chiropractor because I already am adjusting people on a daily basis. I am adjusting their attitude and opening up their minds and potential to be the best people they can be. We, as CA’s, can adjust our patients and their families by telling the Chiropractic story to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. We can change lives, the same as any Chiropractor anywhere.

OK, so we can’t physically adjust, but mentally we are unstoppable! We can tell people that a bone out of place in their spine could be jeopardizing their quality of life and that once they are adjusted they are reunited with themselves and the God within them. The question we need to ask ourselves is… are WE ready to dedicate our lives to the Chiropractic principle? Are we ready to prepare people to receive the adjustment, by offering compassion, unconditional love and devotion to our profession? Are we ready to SURRENDER to risking what people will think of us, by telling the TRUTH to everyone we meet? This may involve taking the road less traveled, going out on a limb, going it alone – but can you imagine how humanity would be forever altered if CA’s were out there talking the PRINCIPLE up? Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkk! The thought gives me chills.

We need to take ownership for the principle and take pride in the impact that we have been chosen to make. We truly do need to be on a mission of love and intent, because we all know that were intent goes – energy flows! We have a lot of work to do and big things to accomplish.

The most thought provoking question that came up this weekend to me was: At the end of your life – what would people write on your tombstone? What a pivotal moment for me when I realized what I want mine to say – I hope mine says that I had love and compassion for my fellow human beings and that I made a difference in this world. What would you want yours to say and are you tapped into innate and your unique talents? Are you serving unconditionally so that you can fulfill that legacy NOW!? If not, CHANGE, because we need you, Chiropractic needs you, the world needs you and God needs you.

If you have never experienced Dynamic Essentials, tomorrow go into your DC’s office, put your hands on his/her shoulders, look deep into their eyes, shake them if you have to, whatever it takes to get their 100% attention and tell them that your office NEEDS to go to DE.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will empower you and embrace you. Tonight I have decided that I am no longer Lynn Rivard, CA. In honor of my intent to serve Chiropractic without conditions, I am Lynn Rivard, Principled CA. I challenge you – if you haven’t gone deep inside yourself to see if there is a Chiropractor in there, GO! GO DEEP, Reveal yourself for the wonderful marvel of design that you are, experience the beauty of being FREE, then see if you will ever be the same again!

Lynn Rivard is a Principled CA in Milton, ON @ 5:53 am | Article ID: 997448038


By Madeline Behrendt, D.C.

What I love about Chiropractic

  • Tableface
  • Walking into my office each morning
  • Forgetting names (oops!), always remembering their spine
  • The Big Idea
  • Seeing other chiropractors go big
  • A mom putting her newborn in my arms for her 1st adjustment
  • Palpating
  • Hugs
  • Chiropractic posters, t shirts, stickers, tattoos, postage stamps
  • Cash practice… insurance doesn’t dictate health or QOL
  • Great staff, your big heart and people skills blow me away
  • Feeling goosebumps after someone’s first adjustment and we both know their life has already changed
  • When a four year old first learns to say “Chiropractic!”
  • Practice members
  • Mentors – Bless you – thanks so much for being generous with your time, experiences and wisdom – I’ve learned so much
  • Life force
  • Walking around town, all my people shouting “Hey Dr. Madeline”
  • When they get it, offer more love when they don’t
  • B.J.
  • D.D.
  • Chiropractic “virgins”
  • Skeptics… watching their transformation
  • The tone of a healthy spine
  • I would love for chiropractic offices to lose the antibacterial soap, clean up contradictions – they do more damage than “germs”.
  • Lifetime care is a reality
  • When a practice member realizes they are subluxated and comes in between appointments
  • The Innate travel agency – when traveling and you meet other chiropractors, or people who need to hear the chiropractic story
  • Subluxation free
  • The Originals — those who paved the way, with passion, principles and perspiration, so that the profession exists for us to be able to practice — big thank you!
  • There’s something special about a new D.C. grad — go, go, go!
  • Spizz
  • We’ve gone global, connected to kindred spirits all over the world, beyond borders, boundaries or b.s.
  • The Adjustment
  • When my commute includes chiropractic tapes
  • Woman comes in, comes back with her husband, they come back with their kids, she brings her office and her sister and her cousin… and so on and so on and so on
  • Cool seminars
  • Research
  • When someone grabs me to watch them bend over and tie their shoes for the first time in 10 years
  • Sleeping well at night, knowing I made a difference
  • People watching and trying to pick out those under care
  • Those who are difficult to appreciate, they trigger me to reconnect with my values and priorities
  • Meeting new people who ask me what I do and are as excited as I am when I tell them.
  • Seeing my office from the street.
  • Flow
  • Chiropractic at the U.N, White House Commission, Congress.
  • Offering compassion to a colleague who is getting recharged.
  • Turning the Power ON.
  • Knowing there’s a monster open adjusting room in heaven.
  • When last years goal becomes this years starting point.
  • When a practice member becomes drug free.
  • Positive articles about chiropractic in the news.
  • Being the positive article about chiropractic in the news.
  • Being a chiropractor. Practicing chiropractic. Living the chiropractic lifestyle. My chiropractic buddies.
  • And… Planet Chiropractic – thanks Michael!
    Dr. Madeline Behrendt is the author of A Woman’s Experience/A.W.E.(TM) Reports On Women’s Health Topics. @ 6:32 am | Article ID: 997277573

    Are you thinking too much?

    By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

    A young man came up to me recently at DE to ask me a few questions about being in practice. After several questions over the course of the next 15 or 20 minutes it became very apparent to me that he was in his head too much. So I told him that he needs to stop thinking so much. He then told me that several people have told him the same thing over the course of his life.

    Well I felt pretty good that my diagnosis was pretty right on but as expected he had one more question. How do I do that? How do I stop thinking so much, how do I get out of my head. I often joke that I need to stay out of my head, because there is no adult supervision in there.

    Usually when I am spending too much time in my head the easiest way for me to remedy that problem is for me to get busier. The busier I am the less time I have to worry about why things aren’t working the way that I think they should be working. When I spend too much time thinking, I usually start second guessing every decision that I make.

    Thinking too much for me though is usually just a symptom. It is a symptom that tells me that I am not in close enough contact with my God. I am trying to figure it out on my own. I am trying to control my life rather than turning my life over to my higher power and relaxing more. When I am in my head I find it almost impossible to stay in the minute. I am reliving the past or trying to control my future I am not just being in the here and now. What a loss, when I am in my head I am wasting the minutes that I get to be living my life.

    In addition to feeling disconnected to God or should I say as a result of that disconnection I also am operating out of fear, not out of love that results from my faith. Life is much darker and scarier for me when I think that I have to be in charge. Every day before I leave the house (sometimes even before I leave the bed) I need to connect myself to my god (pray) and remember that there is a God and I’m not it. What a relief. I need to be less connected to the outcome and trust that all will work out the way it needs to if I stay on purpose and connected and am coming from a place of love and service to my fellow man.

    Not thinking too much doesn’t mean your not concerned or lazy. It means you are operating out of faith and you are willing to expend you energy and life on doing things that can make a difference. If worry would be productive to you I would tell you to do it, but it’s not. What is productive is to walk forward with a certain measure of certainty and confidence that not all decisions might not appear to be correct but what it all boils down to is that any energy you put out in the universe will come back. So get into action and watch the magnificence of your life unfold and know that we all make mistakes and that’s good too, that’s how life teaches us lessons.

    There is no such thing as failure, indecision and being in your head stops you from furthering the action. The only failure is in not being willing to move forward and that is usually what happens when you waste too much time in your head. Surrender and let your life unfold.

    Dr. Sharon Gorman is a Life Chiropractic College graduate. She associated with her mentor Dr. James Sigafoose, and opened her first practice in June of 1985. @ 2:01 pm | Article ID: 997218064

    Medication, Thots, Etc…

    By Travis James Robertson

    People may argue that drugs are essential to health. The reasons they believe this are many but the main one is this: The drugs make you feel better. Well, this is a true statement, I won’t deny that. What I will deny is the thought that the drugs restore the health of your body. This is simply not true. Drugs merely mask the body’s own warning signals that something is wrong in the body which it is trying to correct.

    If you take medication sure, the problem goes away, pain, fever whatever, but you did not correct the cause, thus the medical way of thinking, “Find the symptom – treat the symptom.” The chiropractic way of thinking is, “find the cause – correct the cause.” You can mask the symptom for a while and feel better but you are not healthier merely because you feel better.

    What this means is that whether you are healthy or not has nothing to do with how you feel. A person could feel perfectly fine and yet have a serious problem with their health without any conscience awareness of it. Cancer is a good example of this. Someone could have cancer, not know it, feel fine, and if you asked them they would say that they were healthy. If this is true as most of us would agree than the opposite must be true as well.

    Example: An individual could feel like crap, with aches, pains, a fever and so on and actually be considered healthy where as the person with cancer who feels fine is considered sick. Let me explain how the individual with all the aches, pains and fever is healthy. Aches, pains, and fever are just a few of the body’s ways of telling you that something has interfered with the bodies balance of health and that it is trying to correct the imbalance. Their body is working.

    In order to correct the imbalance quickly you would not want to take medication, which only further interferes with the bodies balancing act of health and makes it harder and take longer for the body to regain the proper balance. What would make more sense to me would be to first, instead of treating the symptom, correct the cause. After correction of the cause, one must free the body of any obstructions to the process of regaining balance. We need to remember that we are not just sick or well but we exist in a constant balancing act that is not static but dynamic. We all should realize that we live in a world, a universe, that is not static but very dynamic. We are a part of that system, that cycle, and are just as dynamic as the rest of it.

    The best way to keep this balance in its proper flux is through chiropractic care. It allows the body to enact the healing with the greatest amount of effect. It does this by affecting the nervous system which we all know is the system that has control over the rest of the body. If you don’t know that you can look it up in any Medical Dictionary. If the nervous system is not in optimum condition then the speed of the body’s cure can be obstructed. Usually the cause of this lack of efficiency of the nervous system is due to some physical compression or occlusion of a nerve that is sending important info somewhere throughout the body, spinal nerves especially.

    When a chiropractor frees your nervous system of these compressions or occlusions, he/she is doing two things at once. He/she is correcting the cause of the body’s inability to adapt to the change in its self or the environment which was improper nerve flow to the area. He/she is also removing an obstruction to the natural healing processes of the body. For the chiropractor these two steps are one in the same, they correct the cause and remove the obstruction to health all at the same time.

    Chiropractic works not only because people have faith in it or believe that it works but because it works. You can adjust a growling dog or a crying baby and get the desired results. And there is just no arguing with a person who is right and knows that they are right. And I would like to be so bold as to say that I am right.

    We as a species on this planet are so intelligent but our problem is that we are using this intelligence in totally the wrong direction. We need to start over with everything, not just the way we think about healthcare but everything. The structure of society, the energy sources we use, the way we produce food, produce products, they all need to be changed. We need to look at the world differently than we ever have before, we need to look at the potential that our species has to do things the way they were intended to be done and in order to find out these ways we need to start off with a clean slate with our existing knowledge behind us.

    The information we have acquired thus far is important but we need to build in a new direction, the one that we are building toward now is a dead end road and it seems every day more of us realize this. What better way to start than in the healthcare field. Let’s see that if we all can acquire the chiropractic lifestyle maybe, just maybe the rest will fall into place and it will all make sense.

    The truth of the matter is that the solution is so simple, so plain, so gosh darn obvious that most people don’t see it. I know that I have found an important part of that solution because I look at the world through different eyes then I used to. I see the connections between everything in the universe now. I have realized that everything you need you have right inside you because what you have inside you is the same thing that exists everywhere else in the world. You have an energy, a force if you will, that you share with the rest of the world and universe and it in turn shares it with you. We are all connected, all have our purposes, all have a reason for being. Do you catch what I’m saying?

    However you say it, you come to a revelation on completeness, like a circle, complete but ever changing, spinning, rotating within a balance, never static always dynamic but completeness just the same. I know that I have a passion for the Chiropractic subject matter and although I do not have the degree of D.C. yet, I am a doctor because of my strive to teach, to educate those that are willing to listen to me and to that point, teach the truth however you see to interpret it.

    Just remember a few quotes, “know thyself” – The Matrix, “When it comes to guiding your life you should never allow anyone else to be in charge” – Dr. Sid Williams, “Stand for something or you will fall for anything and be good for nothing” – Dr. E.L. Crowder. And finally a quote of B.J.’s, “Get the big idea and all else will follow” and two of mine, “Realize the simple truth and the result is freedom of the mind!” and “The body works, let it!”

    Travis James Robertson is a 3rd Trimester Student at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa @ 5:44 am | Article ID: 997101845