9 Tattoo Designs on Women

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Tattoo designs for women? What? On this blog? Hold on a minute, yes, and let me explain why.

I was looking through some searches the other day and noticed lots of visitors were looking at the sacral spine tattoo in this post. Apparently, there’s quite an interest and I was kinda surprised I hadn’t posted more tattoo related photos, but guess I never got around to it. I had some time over the weekend, so I gathered up a selection. If tattoos on women turn you off, you way want to not bother scrolling down. For the rest of you, hope you enjoy them.

tattoo designsI started going through my photo archives and noticed I have dozens of photos I’ve taken (mostly at Expos) of girls and their tattoos. Remember (I know you don’t) that I often do photography on weekends so I have a massive photo archive I’ve not even posted online. I’m posting this set for those seeking women’s tattoo designs. Hope you enjoy them.

bowtie tattoo girls legsThis girls bowtie tattoos went down her entire thighs to her ankles. I cropped the image so it would fit for this set. I would imagine back of the thigh tattoos would be painful, especially going down the back of the knees.

dragon tattoo girlLook at that, it’s the girl with the dragon tattoo, literally. This girls entire back was tattooed with flower art and writing (you can see a peak under her bikini strap). Stunningly beautiful woman too.

lower leg tattoo flowersWhen it comes to tattoos for girls, this one is kind of classy. She was posing for photos hence the red shoes and lace, it didn’t just happen that way. I’d call this an ankle tattoo but it’s a bit too high for that technically. Lower leg tattoo?

tattoo flowers stars tattooThis girls flowers and stars tattoo goes right across her external obliques. Great color but I imagine this would be a painful spot for getting a tattoo. Popular though on both men and women. I live in Venice Beach California and nearly everyone here under 30 has several tattoos.

tattoo designs womans heartThis womans tattoo of a flaming heart is right over her heart. She had quite a few others but they wouldn’t work for showing in this set. I may do another one, likely on my personal blog though. I like the colors, it’s a big tattoo but doesn’t stand out (imo).

so it goes tattooDo you know who’s celebrity tattoo this is? I’m not telling but she has several of them. She posed for a few different shots but I took this one from the side since I wanted a good view of the “So it Goes” tattoo on her left shoulder.

flower tattoos womenI think the above tattoo was on the same girl, fairly certain but I cropped images a ways back and would have to check originals. Love the colors on this one, especially the deep yellows. Speaking of color…

tattoo designs female chest shoulderThis is the same as the first image but it’s a close up photo. Quite intricate artwork, with hearts, and clouds, and what looks to be rays of light. Wonder if she customized her wardrobe to highlight her skin art?

girls belly tattoo flowersOne closeup on the tattoo of flowers on this girls belly. Star tattoos appear to be in fashion but I like these starred shaped flowers, and the mini stars surrounding them.

expo press passMy expo press pass. Not certain that all of these came from the same expo (I doubt they did) since I’ve been to many over the years. I don’t make a habit of taking tattoo related pictures but I did find quite a bunch besides these. If there’s interest, I may post another set.

Funny thing about tattoos and being a chiropractor is that I see them often. I suppose much of that has to do with the fact that I’m in LA, which seems to be a popular area for tattoos. I did ask some patients and they said other cities are even more known for their tattoo galleries than Los Angeles is. Learning something new each day.

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