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Den Haag, Voorburg, South Holland, Netherlands
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65 euros per treatment
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Easy practice with low overhead.

The clinic

Total overhead per month 300. And nothing more. You can not find a place with such a small commitment. Its just right for the Doc who wants to create their own scenario with an already 7 years clientele base. Many are monthly to 6 week Maintenance based from an area of Den Hague which caters to the affluent well educated, and well insured Dutch and Expat community. Mostly families with 2- 3 children. Safe for raising a family while still a stones throw away from the International courts, KPN, Huwawei, and countless other industries nearby, like the European Patent Office and Shell. 10 minutes bike ride to the city center.

They are literally biking past on the way to Rijswijk and Den Haag to work. This small Village of Voorburg houses some of the greenest and most affluent areas outside of the Haque. Its on the main bikepath and shopping area of the well known Huygens Quartier. Ads in the local area paper run from 450 for a quarter page to 600 for a half page. There has been no new promotions amd now exists on word of mouth.

It was a practice that has existed on 2-3 day Cluster booked patients who were educated thuroughly for years on Preventative Chiropractic and most are not reactionary pain patients. Average load varies from 25-40 plus patients consolidated on 3 half days for a total of 10 hours. We use the Crossuite system of scheduling, billing and notes which works better for the Chiro who likes to go it alone and schedule on the fly from their available phone app. The system still good until October and paid in full for 2018. Costs vary depending on the needs but its roughly 50 per month and I have never feelt the need to hire an extra staff since implemented 1year ago . Patients are great! and are used to 5 to 10 minute adjustmets and No More. Doc must be easily adapted to cluster booking to avoid wasted time in the days schedule. This practice is great as a second practice which seems to be the norm in Holland. With dedicted time and energy if promoted well can be open 5 days plus.

The System existing.

Its been a system of 3 phase care which is already inplemented for 7 years and continues to treat patients based on pre bought Treatments and solutions based on individual needs. Therefore, the chiro stepping in must be aware that there are sessions still existing based on prepayments. Therfore I have reduced the price considerably to make this more attractive

Actual Location and occupants.

The Building has Yoga classes, Mindfullness training as well as Massage and many other alternatives. No manual therapists physios or Osteopaths only Chiropractic. Its a well diverse scenario and with the right intent can make referrals between colleagues very accommodating to growth potential.

Equipment in clinic is enough for practicing solo without the need for staff. Billing is sent automatically and emails are sent direct for payments and reimbursments of insurance. Statistics are also traceable for compliance and monthly billings to make life that much easier for the solo practitioner whom likes to keep things simple.

Why not continue in such a great Chiropractic country?

Curently pursuing a change of atmosphere in career and weather as the body has been through some recent health issues. I am Physically unable to give them the follow ups they deserve. These patients are great and will need a good and competent chiro who does full body Subluxation checks, Complete Palmer workup with mostly Palmer Package and some occasinal Activator and rare dry needling for stubnorn cases. Some upper Cervical depending on case by case I have always maintained 200% intent to correct, based on 3 phase Chiro plans for helping assist them in todays hectic Stressed out world.

If this sounds good to you and you are looking for a way to just walk in and hang your credentials. This would be te ideal practice. Regular paient base is making it essy to earn 5-6K per month woth 300 a months overhead.

Please do not bother with questions that do not pertain to officially buying a practice in The NL.

Language requirements and working situations for Visa's and such can be researched online and can be found at: