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Take over this practice for the total cost to you of $1,000/mo rent payment.

Father/daughter practice set up as separate entities.

Daughter is leaving, and her practice needs a gentle, caring, broad spectrum doctor to take over her patients.

Techniques have been primarily Activator and Flexion/Distraction, coupled with Graston, and nutrition

counseling also.

This is not a high-volume "run them through and collect the cash" type of practice. Our patients are very loyal

and very well cared for.

A fair mix of cash payers, Blue Cross, other insurances, and Medicare. You can expect to net over $100,000

easily, and boost that if you're an energetic person.

Father works about 3 1/2 (partial days) per week, and daughter has a full schedule.

My daughter started this practice the week after graduating Palmer and never looked back. She stopped

advertising after the first year, and it's been referrals since then.

Father is looking for someone to come and step into her shoes - new graduates are very welcome! You will

be a separate entity (billing, taxes, etc.), will need your own table, treatment items, software, and any

furniture you want in your two adjoining rooms. We will share the reception, kitchen, and bathroom areas.

You will get as much rapid fire direction on how to create and manage your own practice as you can handle

and want. If you're an experienced doctor, you can get as much independence as you want, also.

What's it going to cost me? That's what you should be asking. And, yes this is very close to being "too good

to be true."

New doctor will take over the whole practice. Monthly total rent expense is $1,000.

Yes, that's about it. Instead of moving into a town, finding your space, paying the monthly lease payment -

AND finding your patients and building goodwill - you will immediately have a practice. All for the same

"paying the monthly lease payment". Yes, really. First week you should have a full schedule. Just do as good

a job as she does, and you're on the way to the stars.

How does this compare to a associate's position? If you become an associate of a practice, you will receive

a salary and possible bonuses. There is nothing wrong with that. But, with you own practice, you will be

your own boss, accept the responsibility for that, and... net all the profit! Which one are you, the boss or the

employee? This opportunity is for the person who wants to be the boss, and who is smart enough to see that it

is not necessary to purchase a practice, or build it from scratch.

Oh yeah, when I leave I may sell my practice, or maybe just turn everyone over to you.

Female chiropractor would be the best fit, but not required.

Send me an email and we can connect.

[email protected]