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New Jersey, USA
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Chiropractor (DC) Dumont NJ. 07628 (15 miles North of Manhattan, New York, NY)

Adjusting Chiropractor
$60,000-$70,000/year plus bonus ($225/week - $300/week)
Techniques/ Specialty utilized:
Diversified adjusting, Flexion-Distraction, manual myofascial trigger point therapy, instrument adjusting using an arthrostim (KST), spinal decompression and, some SOT

We have a position available on our wellness team for an amazing chiropractor.
The right candidate has finesse and artistry to their diversified, manual adjustment techniques, knowledge of instrument adjusting, has good communication skills, and leads a healthy lifestyle by example.

No need to put attention towards hiring, firing, marketing, collections, any of the busy administrative hassles, just delivering amazing adjustments with genuine care, managing client care, documenting their progress and have a 40-42/hr workweek getting paid very would your family like that?

For more information, please forward your resume to [email protected]

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