30 Watt Class IV Cold Laser with 4 WaveLengths

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One of the World's Frist 4 Wavelength
Class IV Cold Lasers
with 30 watts of power

Retails for $15,000. I have a barely used demo unit for $8,000. Comes with an extra handpiece, case, accessories and more.

I used it a few times for personal use. Like new. Located in Arizona.

Dual Wavelength: 980nm+810nm
Max Power: 30W
Spot Size: Φ30mm
Working Mode: Pulsed or Continuous Wave (CW)

This laser offers up to 30 w of continuous power, 15w per wavelength making it one of the strongest lasers on the market.

State-of-the-art Software
Comes with state of the art software full of pre-programmed protocols.

Effective for difficult conditions — Treat plantar Fascitis, chronic knee pain, & difficult shoulder conditions
Speed Up Your Decompression Results
Fast treatment times — 6-8 minutes for most conditions
FDA Cleared

Increase Cash Based Revenue
Staff driven, no doctor time needed
Provides a treatment modality to help attract referrals
Provide an alternative or supplement to drugs and surgery

Get an Analgesic Effect at 980nm AND a Deep Healing Effect with 810nm In the Same Treatment!
810nm Infrared Wavelength
The conversion of ATP through molecular oxygen has the highest saturation using the 810 wavelength. 810nm has also been called the “therapeutic wavelength” as it penetrates deeper and affects more cellular activity. By using 8w of power, you can be assured that maximum saturation of energy will be delivered.
980nm Infrared Wavelength
Oxygen that is released by way of the 915 wavelength needs a transport system, and that system is H20. Along with oxygen transport, water helps in the elimination of waste, thus being a two mode carrier. Photon absorption is converted to heat. This heat creates a controlled thermal environment at the cellular level. All of this activity triggers such responses as microcirculation and the transport of O2 to the cells in need.
Many of the higher powered lasers only work at the 980 nm wavelength..... NOT RenuvaLaze 2.0
Many doctors like to treat in pulsed or continuous wave modes. Pulsed laser therapy is often associated with the 980nm wavelength and is used more as an analgesic treatment. Continuous wavelength has the beam turned on for the duration of the treatment. Continuous wave is most often used for biostimulation, healing and recovery. Continuous wave works well in the 810 and 980nm ranges. The RenuvaLaze 2.0 utililizes the wavelengths that fall into the therapeutic windows of 810 and 980 wavelengths so not only is photobiomodulation achieved and deep healing, but pain control and an analgesic affect with the 980 nm wavelength. Many of the higher powered lasers only work at the 980 nm wavelength and in pulsed mode only and are only one wavelength, not two.