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Bring neurofeedback into your practice and give the patient a full picture of their brain health
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SAVE $$$ NEW $18,000 . . . . MINE ONLY $5,500 PLUS: I have an extra electrode $500

Simply put the NeuroInfiniti is the single most effective instrument ever developed for creating lifetime chiropractic patients. Bold statement? Bold instrument.

What is the primary focus of Chiropractic? If you are like most chiropractors you will probably say the nervous system. And, like most, you stress the importance of the nervous system with your patients. Yet if we are going to be honest, you have never really had an effective method to quickly and clearly demonstrate for your patients how their nervous system is functioning, how it responds to stress, if it recovers from stress, and most importantly, how it responds to your care.

That is the state of the art Brain under Stress Scan called the NeuroInfiniti!

The Neuroinfiniti is an incredible system if you are interested in brain-based chiropractic/wellness. It is used as a an initial screening tool, as well as a means to evaluate patient's nervous system response to care. It measures EEG, EMG, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Respiration, Hand Temperature and Skin Conductance. In addition you would have the tools to perform both neurofeedback and biofeedback on your patients (and get paid for it!). If you're tired of just dealing with pain and really want to transform your practice to a brain-based practice, this is a great tool.

Here's what's included: The Neuroinfiniti unit and software with all the sensors and leads, additional set of leads

The basic unit (not including the Clinical Q and PIR sensor) sells for $18,000 new. I'm asking for $5500 OBO for the lot and I'll take care of the shipping. I've had this unit for 10 years but I haven't really used it in the past year as I have reduced my practice hours as I focus more on my PhD


1 Extra Brain Lead
2 Goiniometer
3 Manual muscle tester