Arthrostim Vibracussor Educational Videos

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Creative Zen Vision W player with the following videos loaded on it to view. I bought this awhile back and now I'm passing it on. The video player has to be plugged in with the included ac adapter because the battery to be portable does not work. If you have a arthrostim and vibracussor you can expand your use of these instruments with these videos.

Dr. George Gonzalez
Quantum Neurology Videos
Cranial Nerves - 2 videos
Myotomes - 2 videos
Vertigo - 2 videos

Lymphatic Therapy - 2 videos

5 Minute Fix Series
Lumbar and Hip
Advanced Hip

Neuromechanical Innovations - Impulse Adjusting
Practical Application Protocol Video

Dr. Alan Creed
Boost Your Practice - 6 videos
Test Next Video
Dystonia Video
101 Uses for the Rib Attachment video

Dr. Jeff Rockwell
Therapy Edge - Upper and Lower Body - 2 videos
Carpal Tunnel

Thompson Terminal Point Technique
THOMPSON Technique 8 Video Series
Experience the THOMPSON TECHNIQUE from the 5 basic categories, through full spine and extremities.
Three different camera angles are used to emphasize the finer aspects of the technique. Be prepared for those difficult cases or use this as a preparation tool for the certification exam or instructors training program. The set includes eight full-length
videos and contains almost nine hours of instructions.
Dr. Rob Jackson has been a certified THOMPSON TECHNIQUE instructor since 1981, and traveled the world teaching with Dr. Clay Thompson for 17 years.

Dr. Solofsky - Principles 2 Adjusting Videos (13+ Hours)
This 13+ hour 3 DVD set is taken from a 2-day seminar. Dr. Solofsky demonstrates workflows and protocols he has developed from his years of experience integrating instruments and hands-only techniques. His synergistic approach helps reduce the amount of effort & force that is required for manual techniques and enables a practitioner to reduce ‘wear and tear’ on themselves.