CLA Insight Subluxation Station 5-Tech + Lenovo Laptop

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Wired 5-Tech + Lenovo Laptop
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CLA Insight Subluxation Station 5-Tech + Lenovo Laptop
- Base Station
- Wired Thermal Scanner
- Wired Static sEMG
- Wired Heart Rate Variability / Pulse Wave Profiler
(these three above can be used to generate the "core score")
- Wireless Dual Inclinometers (ROM)
- Wired Algometer (
- Wired Footswitch

Will include a Lenovo Laptop at no extra charge. The cloud-based Software is pre-installed. This equipment has all been updated to use the new online software portal, and the yearly software subscription and support has paid thru June 2021.

Everything works perfectly! We have moved offices and we no longer need two of these units. This one was used sparingly and has not had any issues at all. Includes everything you need to start using it in practice right away. This is a great deal for a great piece(s) of equipment.

Paid 16,000+ for this new. Selling for 4000 + any shipping costs. We're located in Maryland/NOVA.
Feel free to send questions to: 202 six four four 2221 (sms) or andrew.w.boswell at gmail (email)