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We have an immediate opening for a Chiropractic Physician in our Alpharetta facility. For the right candidate, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Who We Are

We are an integrated healthcare company that is revolutionizing the Chiropractic industry.

From a healthcare standpoint, we operate out of a vision of care that allows us to achieve remarkable patient outcomes. That vision of care is comprised of 4 Quadrants:

1. Structural Manipulation (Chiropractic care + Massage Therapy)

2. Functional Movement Training (Muscular + Connective Tissue)

3. Laser / Decompression Therapy (Inflammation + Spinal Disc Support)

4. Functional Medicine (Bloodwork, Internal Organ Support + Healing)

This vision of care allows us to address 80% of all disease, pain, and dysfunction experienced by patients. Our doctors learn more and experience far more than the average Chiropractor ever will.

From a business development standpoint, we build marketing systems around our doctors that allow us to build remarkable practices.

We currently have two seven-figure doctors on our staff. That kind of success is not accidental nor a fluke. We have the skill set and ability to book out a doctor the first Month of employment with our firm.

Our doctors routinely receive 20+ New Patients their first month, with some receiving as much as 40 new patients their first month. We have the systems in place to do this at scale.

It's not just about new patients though. Our heart is world-class healthcare that delivers results. We get what drives a practice, and that will always be a patient experience that is effective, unique, and empathetic.

When you combine:

- Advanced, innovative marketing systems

- Compassionate healthcare that addresses 80% of all health dysfunction

- A motivated doctor that is hungry for success

Then you get something very special. Right now, we need that last component - another motivated doctor that is ready to experience success unlike they have ever had before.

Our model is very unique, in that we can pay a doctor just 5% less than what a doctor would make in their own practice. At the same time, the doctor gets to avoid spending $150k on building out their clinic, and dealing with the hiring/firing of front desk and ancillary personnel (we handle all that).

In other words, a doctor avoids all the risk, all the shenanigans of owning their own practice, and gets to earn just 5% less than if they were to take on all those responsibilities and risks. This allows our doctors to be DOCTORS, and focus on providing incredible care and building a practice, instead of training front desk people how to talk on the phone.

If you've read this far, then you probably "get it". This is a very unique opportunity. This isn't a lame franchise opportunity, this isn't a junky 1099 deal - this is a W2 employment opportunity that can pay like no other, support you like no other, and help you achieve remarkable success very quickly.

We're not looking for just any doctor though. This isn't for everyone - in fact, it's not for most. We're looking for a very specific kind of Doctor of Chiropractic.

What We Require:

- Motivation. If you're looking for a 4 hour workweek, we're not interested. If you want to take 9 fishing trips a year to Panama while your patients wait around for you to return, then we are not interested in working with you. This position is for someone who wants to change patients lives, and wants success. We expect 40-60 hours per week, week in and week out. We expect a doctor to bring a real work ethic to making their dreams come true. If you're not willing to work hard for your dreams, do not apply.

- Teachable Spirit. We provide coaching, and we have very specific proprietary systems that work. Whatever your experience may have been in the past, we need you to be teachable. We are not interested in working with someone who thinks they "know it all" or have it all figured out. If you are teachable, we can help take you to the next level. If you think you're amazing, and your results up to this point in your career are not amazing, it means that you need development. We can offer that development, and we need doctors who are humble enough to accept it.

- Impeccable Character. We have very high standards of character. We will expect you to be honest, prompt (on time), and have a great, energetic attitude. We will expect you to tell the truth 100% of the time. We will expect you to be authentic and transparent with both your strengths and weaknesses, and be willing to adapt and improve both.

The way we do things is not the way you have done things - therefore, you will need to adapt to our system and philosophy if you want to experience the results our doctors enjoy. And if you do not want those results, then please do not apply.

If you bring these characteristics to the table, then it's time to talk.


Send email to [email protected] with current resume, and explain why you would want to be part of our team. We will get on the phone, and I'll then explain the selection process and how we interview our doctor candidates. If you do not convince me within the first 10 minutes of conversation that you have the 3 qualities we are looking for, then it will be a brief conversation. If you do convince me, then you may get the opportunity to participate in a remarkable career path that less than 1% of your colleagues ever get the chance to participate in.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $48,000.00 to $456,000.00 /year