01/01/2021 Myovision 8000 Static sEMG and Laptop w/Validated Software Los Angeles Area. Shipping Available.

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For sale is a Myovision 8000 static sEMG unit with the wires, adapters, etc and a nice HP laptop with the validated myovision software installed on it. The laptop also has a good battery. The pictures on this listing are not of this laptop, but of one of my other laptops.

The laptop shown in the picture shows a wire plugged into the side and the software. The wire goes to something else and does not come with the Myovision. The CD does not come with it but I will burn you a copy, if you ask for one. You shouldn't need it with this laptop.

This is the most recent screen design for the Myovision 8000 that I am aware of. Older software versions show a much less cool screen display. Some of the ones you see on ebay can be early generation software and look quite primitive compared to this version.

It's not a bad idea having two Myovision laptops to hook your Myovision up to in case you or your helper drop the laptop at an event, or someone's kid is running thru the farmers market chasing another kid and knocks your computer on the ground and breaks it, and now your Myovision doesn't work. See my other listings to purchase an additional laptop for your Myovision with validated software.

Many doc's have purchased these units for doing shows, farmers markets or other events to show potential patients problem areas, in a quick check of their neck and back, to bring them in to get help. (See, you knew something was up with your neck as you've been feeling this way on and off for a while now, and there it is on the screen....)

I have used Myovision units regularly in my offices for exams, re exams, screenings, etc for close to 18 years.

You will once in a while see a Myovision unit for sale, however they are probably sold by someone who knows nothing about it or how it works. This one is being sold by a doc who actually uses them regularly, knows what pieces it should have with it so you can use it out of the box without having to locate parts out on the internet. Other sellers who may or may not be a doc, and have somehow gotten it somewhere (like in a storage unit contents sale), may have never used one, or the doc might not have used it in over 10 years. They would have no idea that they are not selling a functional myovision set up, and wires may be missing, or adapters, electrode holders, electrodes, etc. If you can find these pieces out there somewhere on the net they usually cost like hell. The seller may not have the software, and they rarely come with a laptop with the software installed and validated, let alone a nice laptop! You also need to have a port on your laptop, if installing the software on your laptop, that the myovision cord can connect to, and many laptops do not. A Myovision 8000 was designed to be used with an XP computer, with the correct port configuration. Some sellers successfully install myovision software on Vista or Windows 10 apparently, but since it wasn't designed for those operating system the readings, bar sizes, etc are likely to be corrupted and inaccurate. I wouldn't want to trust erroneous readings. I saw a Vista install with red and blue ovals on the sp's instead of bars!

Some sellers install the software on a laptop but it is not validated. This installed software is permanently validated. For those who are not knowledgeable in this stuff, if they do provide you the software, when they already installed it or you install it in your own laptop it's only is good for 30 days, then it locks up until you buy the code from Myovision and it's quite expensive. These laptops already have it installed, in good working order. I paid Myovision to validate it, and you can use this Myovision right out of my box when you get it.

As I said above, most doc's who buy it use it for events. This unit also provides a great addition to your exams and re exams if you wish to use it during them. The colorful graph print out, with your office name, address and number on it as well as the patient's name, will give you a much more powerful report of findings that they can take home with them to show others who might wish to be checked by you. I have regularly used the Myovision as part of my exams for years.

Sometimes doc's have heard of Myovisions and thought about getting one but haven't, due to not knowing how to use one once they get it. As part of the sale, I will include an icon on the desktop to watch videos on how to use it, how to set it up for use (what plugs into where), how to stick your office info on it, how to calibrate it, etc, and even a powerpoint that you can leave on for patients to watch in it's repeating loop at the event or in your office.

You use this static sEMG to check the whole spine with the patient standing still. It's used to examine how well the patient's muscles are doing the job of holding them up. Are they working just right, is that area not able to do it's job so other muscles must work harder to hold them up, are some areas working way too hard, etc.

There are different types of Myovisions out there. The newer ones which cost a heck of a lot more are wireless 3G or 4G. The Myovision 8000 I am selling is a wired unit. The wired units do what the wireless ones do, they just have wires attached to the electrodes. I suppose the wireless ones have more of a coolness factor, but if they both do pretty much the same thing, why spend thousands more? I have only used wired Myovisions in my offices and still do to this day.

You can pick this up in person in the Los Angeles area, or I will be happy to ship it to you after cleared payment is received, including to most other countries. I only take credit/debit cards, paypal, or cash.

As I said, this Myovision is ready to use right out of the box. Pull it out, click the icon on the desktop and watch the video on how to hook everything up in the proper spots and proper order. In about a half hour you are practicing how to use it on your friend or patient. It comes with the laptop and the various wires, adapters and other hardware components.

I hook this up and test it one last time just before mailing it out, so rest assured it will work great for you.

This is a great deal! Don't blink and miss it!