Ground floor opportunity for a very limited number of qualified doctors.

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This is a very limited opportunity for several doctors to join us at the Lyme Laser Centers INC. We are searching for several Doctors in each state to join us in a very rewarding and lucrative business venture that gives Lyme patients a valid scientifically based solution to their disease. A 100% natural protocol that has the highest success rate for Lyme Disease.
Here are some highlights:
These Lyme Patients are searching for a solution that you will become the expert in your area.
This is an all inclusive package that is prepared for each individual patient and for the doctor as well
100% staff driven with very little doctor involvement and Chiropractic is not a necessity
CASH only, no insurance or medicare AND paid up front

There are so many benefits to the Patients AND Doctors to list here. If you want to help patients and yourself without any boundaries then call us to see if you qualify to join us.

Call me personally, Dr. Douglas Wine at 508 982 2308